Monday, June 28, 2021 - 19:02

A long overdue update: all of the Flash elements of the site have been updated to HTML! Wooooo! There were a ton of character profiles to re-do, so this was no small task! This update also fixes the pixel art gallery and the Character Q&A pages. If you stumble upon any errors with the updated profiles, please let us know! At this point, probably getting in touch with us on Tumblr or Twitter would be most effective. We've also updated the fan-art gallery with any pieces done since the last update, or that we'd missed!

We would also like to take this update to remind you that the character profiles on this site are meant only as supplementary material to the story. As a rule we do not allow people to use and/or copy the Reboot characters and Digimon. If you are running a Digimon RP and see members using any of the Reboot (or Sleepers) characters, know that they are doing it without permission. Please respect us as creators and do not steal/copy our characters.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 11:55

Happy Odaiba Day! But also, August 1st is Reboot's anniversary as well! Eight years ago this massive project launched, can you believe it's been that long? :O To celebrate, all the screenshots have had a go-over and been updated to be... less bad! The final PSDs have since been lost to time, so most were tweaked with some gentle Liquify tool-ing. Some were beyond saving with that, so a few faces were completely re-drawn. Why not have a look-see through the series to check out the changes? Maybe you'll find yourself reading it all again hehe~

Monday, February 13, 2017 - 14:55

The site is finally not broken! :D We switched the comment system over to Disqus (and manually copied over all the old comments because we didn't want to lose them ♥). The header doesn't rotate anymore, it'll be stuck on Rose and Hunter for everyone for now, but we'll be updating it with a new one soon :) Content-wise, we updated both the fan-art and creator art galleries with whatever's built up in the mean time!

As usual, let us know if you come across anything that's still broken! We've got all sorts of social media channels linked in the footer of the site, and can be reached through all of them.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 21:05

Mini update time! :D

Hey guess what's finally done? Gaiusmon's evolution sequence! (Har haaaar that only took like half a year or something...) Anyway, that can be found in his premiere episode. Now all the videos have been added to the Video Gallery! And the thumbnails are smaller, so there's less scrolling back up to the video player. Also, the Card Gallery also has had its final update! All the cards are there now :D

We've also updated with whatever fanart was added since the last time we updated that gallery! And some older stuff that wasn't added until just now~ Go check all that out! It's good stuff!

Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 21:32

IT'S FINALLY HERE, IT'S FINALLY HERE! The Reboot finale is online for your reading pleasure! It's been split into both parts for length. If this were an animated series, you could consider this episode a movie! So what are you waiting for? Run, don't walk! Episode 51 starts RIGHT HERE!!!! Don't hold back on your feedback, it is the end of Digimon Reboot after all ;D If you've got any (constructive) criticism, we'll definitely take it to heart for our next project, Digimon Sleepers! (Haha yes the date on that website is old... August 1st 2013!)

There's been some profile updates in accordance with what's happening in the episode... but you'll have to read it first to know where to check! Also a new evolution video, posted on the debut page (there's only one left after this one, so we'll let you guess this time where it is).

This website isn't going to die now that the story's over :) We'll still post any fan art we get, as well as our own illustrations. We've still got the last set of Cards to upload, as well as one more evolution video. In any case, it's definitely not going offline, and we'll still be reading new comments! So don't be discouraged by the end of the story :D

Saturday, April 6, 2013 - 13:05

Hello again! We've got the next episode up and running! Go check out episode 50!! Feedback is appreciated and very much loved &heart; We're so terribly close to the end! It's the final countdown!

A few other updates! We've got a handful of new pieces in our Fan Art Gallery, as well as a new piece by Silveritis in the Art Gallery. In addition to that, we've got a new evolution video completed, posted on the debut page of that form~ (hint: orange!)

Saturday, February 23, 2013 - 22:25

Well, well, well. Who do we have to blame for this agonizingly long two-month break between episodes? Xuza, that's who :P She wanted to get the next evolution video done for the same update as this episde (three videos left, three episodes left), but that just wasn't happening. And time flew, and flew, and here we are. So, since it's just been way too long, there's no new evolution video, but much more excitingly so, Episode 49 has finally been uploaded!!! READIN' AND REVIEWIN' TIME~!!!!! ♥

And one or two profile tweaks to go with it, but you'll figure out where to find those once you finish reading :) Oh, and we had to get rid of the music player because for some reason it was interfering with the Lightbox working in the Galleries. Ah well. Website functionality is more important than little extra features!

Thursday, December 20, 2012 - 22:00

Haha well it looks like our bi-weekly updates have turned into monthly updates. BUT WE'RE SO CLOSE! Episode 48 is online now!!! GO READ IT! YEAHHHH!!!!! And again there's a new Mega video online (hint: purple). We're going to try real hard to get all these done before the end of the series!

And as always, we really really appreciate your feedback ♥ It's a major boost for getting through this home stretch :3

Sunday, November 18, 2012 - 00:34

Hello again you totally awesome Reboot fans! ♥ Today we bring you episode 47! Things are really starting to ramp up! There's been a few profile updates - but you'll have to read the episode to know who to look for ;) And we've also got a bit of an update to the Fan Art Gallery! Oh, and we may or may not have a new Mega evolution video floating around in a debut episode... (obvious hint: blue).

We also added a music player to the site! (After getting permission from Academy, who had the brilliant idea of adding one!) Don't worry, it's not set to auto-play! It's located at the very bottom of your screen, so if you can't see it, it might not be working in your browser. There's a playlist button at the far right. The songs are in the same CD order as the sub-menu on the side, except we did not include the Christmas Soundtrack. Some songs have a "Youtube Error 150" depending on country/embedding allowance, but there's nothing we can do about those :(

And once again, we've got a new fan-series added to the Delta page: Digimon Origins launched their website recently, and you guys should go check them out! :D

Sunday, October 14, 2012 - 22:02

Oh man, oh man! We actually managed a two-week update like we always used to! CELEBRATION! Well, for the meat of this update, episode 46 is now available! Hurrah, hurrah! Click, read, enjoy, review, receive love ♥

We also have new outfits for all the Reboot gang, since they're finally home and have a chance to shower and change! Also we added a little box beneath each outfit that lets you know which episode bracket it's featured in. It made sense if you were following along from the start, but flipping through them now might have seemed a bit confusing, so we thought we might add that :)

And last but not least, we had a new link added to the Delta page: Digimon Academy! Go give them a visit and a nice long look-see!

Sunday, September 30, 2012 - 15:00

Haha, oh wow, we definitely did not expect to be away from here for so long! Really sorry! Real life got a hold of all three of us and, well, that's more important.

So first thing's first, we finally got that intermission episode done, the one that was the promised prize to our first place winner, Setsuna-Yena :D We'd actually recommend reading that one first, because even though it's an intermission, we tried to keep it in place with location and timeline, so it would make more sense to start there.

Afterwards, we have episode 45 online! Yaaay! Go have a read, and don't forget to leave feedback! We may have been gone a long while, but we definitely still love hearing back from you guys ♥

So to go with those updates (well, really just to go with the intermission), we've added new Extras profiles for both Ruby and Ciermon (as we did with the last contest winners). As well as new outfits for the main eight, because... we wanted to. They're the second-click outfits though, not the ones that show up right when you load them. So give their profile pictures a click to flip to the new outfit :B Oh, and we also finally added Reboot Evolution to the Info page. Just a short blurb, but it's there now.

Saturday, July 28, 2012 - 14:30

Yayyy we're still alive! Well of course we are. And episode 44 is now online! Alas, we've broken our chain of new profiles and there haven't been any added this time around.

We did, however, add a new feature to the episodes! A while back we heard some grievances that the light-on-dark theme of the website was hard on some people's eyes, and particularly on mobile devices. So now every episode has a Dark and Light button beneath the episode title, allowing you to choose which way you'd rather stare at the screen for longer :) This feature is only available on the episodes themselves, not the rest of the site. Still, we hope it helps those of you who had trouble staring at the old layout! ♥

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 22:00

Heyyyy everyone! So sorry about the delay - life and other unexpected complications happened. But don't worry, episode 43 is finally available!

There's been a new profile added (again, hahaha), as well as an updated one. But you'll have to read the episode to find out who that is :D

Our update schedule is going to be a little random for a while. We won't warn of delays to save the repetitive messages, but if the next episode isn't on time: don't panic. And don't ask us when the next episode will be up. I think at this point in the series you can have faith that Reboot will be continued and completed. There's just been a lot going on for all three of us. But we'll always let you guys know when the new episode is up.

Saturday, June 16, 2012 - 12:25

Awwww yeah hello again! To start things off, episode 42 is online and ready to read!!

Man we've just been adding one new character after another here - there's a new one added, but it's more fun to read the episode first :P Silver also made some really awesome animated evolution gifs; they're over in the Pixel Art gallery!

Oh, and it's come to our attention that Facebook is a bunch of money-grubbing jerks and now fanpage owners are expected to pay money to get all of their posts seen by their fans :| So if you haven't been noticing updates popping up on your feeds, that's why. However, the posts are always mirrored on Twitter, and we update DeviantART with the episode news every time, so at least you won't be missing them :)

Friday, June 1, 2012 - 19:24

Alright, most important bit of business first: episode 41 is now available!! We have one new profile added for this episode, as you may have guessed from last week's teaser. We also added a lovely pile of Fan-Art and Reboot Team art to the galleries :D So go check that out! And as we were teasing a little bit since the last update...

Episode 41, as a number, is a huge and somewhat terrifying milestone for us - it means that there are only ten episodes left of Reboot. It'll run like the other canon seasons, the same amount of episodes. So we'd like to take this moment to, once again, thank you all for your constant support and encouragement! Without you, I doubt we would have made it this far :) So without further ado, our big announcement... is right here.

Friday, May 18, 2012 - 22:24

Hey hey Reboot fans~! An earlier-than-normal update this weekend ;) Episode 40 has been uploaded!! And some new profile stuff; a new character was added to extras~! A short update overview, but don't think that means the episode is any less awesome ;D

Sunday, May 6, 2012 - 14:30

Alright, here we go! Episode 39 is now online!! Hey, that kind of rhymed! Thanks again for everyone's feed back last time ♥ A shame that Marquismon was received with mixed feelings, but hey, can't please everyone :) We love her and a lot of other people do as well.

Also, Silver made a really lovely opening video to Reboot! x3 So that's been added to both the Videos gallery, and the first episode of the series! Go check it out :D

Sunday, April 22, 2012 - 19:01

Hello again! :D As per schedule, episode 38 is avilable for your reading pleasure!! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to review after our little plea last update ♥ We really appreciate it and always look forward to hearing from you! We hope you enjoy this week's episode! x3

As a side note, we wanted to mention that the remaining Mega videos are going to be quite delayed... Though we had initially hoped to release them right away with their corresponding debut episodes, it's just not possible anymore. Xuza - the one who works on them in their entirety - has a whole lot going on, including a shiny new full-time job, so unforunately the animations have to be put on the back-burner. But rest assured, they'll be done eventually, and Reboot's regularly scheduled updates will not be affected ;) The videos are just icing, after all.

Sunday, April 8, 2012 - 15:17

Alright, let's see here... first thing's first, episode 37 is online!! Give it a read, and don't forget to leave some feedback :D It keeps our writers going! Feedback is basically the only "payment" we get for all the hours we spend working on a fan story like this, so it's always much appreciated and cherished ♥

We also posted the entries from our last contest into their respective galleries (fan art and fiction), as well as one non-contest piece of fan art, and a second chapter to one of the fan fics. Oh! And Hatimon's reboot evolution sequence is finished, you can find that in episode 36.

Sunday, March 25, 2012 - 23:10

Hey everyone, sorry about the late-end update this weekend! Some delays came up, but don't worry: episode 36 is now online! There also may or may not be a new profile added, and there may or may not be a profile updated. But we'll let you figure out what to look for once you've read the episode ;P

There's also a ~*~shiny new Digimon fanproject website~*~ that you all should check out! You may already be familiar with it from DeviantART, but Digimon Advent now has their own homepage! Go give them a visit and check out their awesome story |D

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - 16:20

As you may have noticed, the Reboot website is now redirecting to digimondelta.net rather than notzuza.net. We decided to move the website to a new domain/subdomain in order to better represent Reboot as a group project. Having it at notzuza.net drew too much attention to Xuza, and she's already frustrated enough with people forgetting/not knowing that there is a team at work here, not a solo project.

Please let us know if you find any issues with the site :) We hope the move went smoothly, but there may have been something we overlooked, which doesn't work anymore...

So please update your links/bookmarks to the new URL of http://reboot.digimondelta.net. The old URL will still work, it will just re-direct here. It's just smoother overall to update links, if possible :) Oh, and what's Digimon Delta? It's our new team name! And we made a homepage to house all our current and future projects, as well as to link to other FDD websites.

Friday, March 9, 2012 - 20:20

Hey all, just as we promised (well, just as we implied, at least), episode 35 is online! That's all for this week, as we're updating sooner than normal ;) This shifts our scheduling over a wee bit - we'll see you all with the next update in two weeks! Enjoy!

Friday, March 2, 2012 - 22:15

Hello again everyone~! Episode 34 is now online for your reading pleasure! There's been two new profiles added to go along with this episode. It's a bit of a special episode, in a way, and it just might be in your best interest to check back in a week, rather than in two weeks, this time... Just sayin'!

And for those who don't know, we tend to post teaser quotes and screen shots for the next upcoming episode on our Facebook page! So if you want access to little previews like that, give us a Like on there! ;D We've got a tease of a header right now, too~!

Saturday, February 18, 2012 - 18:05

Episode 33 is now online! Woo yeah party time! There are also some new and updated profiles to go along with it - there's a big update for the main humans: they all got new outfits! But you should read the episode first, we insist! ;D

There's also a couple of new pieces in the Fan Art gallery. :3 That's all for this update, until next time!

Friday, February 3, 2012 - 22:42

First, and most importantly: episode 32 is now online! We figured we'd try hard to update at the beginning of the weekend to make up for our late update last time ;)

We've got a nice new batch of Fan Art over in that gallery, go and have a look-see~! There's also been pixel art mugshots of the Champion levels added to the Icons Gallery (which is Flash, and may require a hard refresh/cache clear to update). And finally, another Gallery update, we've got the cards done for all the Ultimates :) Those can be found in the Card Gallery, of course!

Sunday, January 22, 2012 - 15:21

Here we are again! Episode 31 is online! Everyone has a new outfit, but it's listed as the second one in the profile, one click away. If you didn't know that you could click the character picture to see additional outfits, I guess now you know! A hard refresh or a cache clear might be needed for your flash files to update (they seem to like not doing that).

There's also two new Extras profiles, for both Richard and Mason (they're listed alphabetically by last name, now).

And what many of you have been waiting for: the contest results have been decided! You can get a full read of those on the Contest page :)

That's all for now~ Until next time!

Saturday, January 7, 2012 - 18:21

Woooohooooo we're finally back! Did you miss us? ;) Before we dive into what's new, a reminder, the contest deadline is TODAY! And by today, we mean around midnight/whenever we wake up tomorrow morning-ish. Since Silver's furthest ahead in timezone, that's morning-ish England time :P

First thing's first, check out our new layout! 8D The header changes! It's exciting! *ahem* Anyway, if anyone finds any glitches or missing pages, please let us know! We tried to check everything over, but, well, we're only human.

As for content, episode 30 is online! Profile-wise, we've just got a (long overdue) one for Eleanor up. There's a few new things in the Fan-Art Gallery. All the character soundtrack covers have been turned into wallpapers, at varying resolutions, so those can be found in that Gallery :3 The last two Proxy Evolution sequences are finally done, and can be seen both in the debut episodes for Kinnarimon and Mistresmon, as well as on the Video Gallery. All the Proxies are now available in that Gallery (and there most likely won't be a Compilation video for them. And definitely not one for SkullSkadimon).

We've also got a new OST, with a whole tracklist of new songs :D Go and have a listen, there's a link to a YouTube playlist on its page, just like the other CDs! Oh, and all the old screen shots have been upgraded to the newer "high definition" format that we started using in the newer episodes.

Hope the return was worth the wait! A lot of the work we had to do was behind the scenes. It won't be seen for a while, but it'll make updating much, much smoother for us, now that it's done and out of the way.

We missed Reboot and we're glad to be back! :D Here's to regular bi-weekly updates once again!

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