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Digimon Reboot is a joint project combining the efforts of Zuza J., Keisha P., and Rebekah L. The story is written by both R.L. and K.P. The profile and layout art, as well as CD covers and Digivices, are done by Z.J. and K.P. Other art on the website is either a collaboration, or otherwise specified.

  • 2010+ Rebekah L: Piper Swift, James Parker, Hunter Divine, Caesarmon (+ Digivolutions), Odocomon (+ Digivolutions), Bondyemon, Knaagdimon, MetalKnaagdimon, Marie Parker, Chloe/Andrew/Jesse Swift, General McTyre, Eleanor Carrington-Hughes
  • 2010+ Keisha P: Frankie Pitel, Reyez Louis, Rose Divine, Bella Divine, Ailurmon (+ Digivolutions), Satyressmon, Ms. Lynn, Eric Lynn, Lora Pitel, Blaire Louis, Miles Walker
  • 2010+ Zuza J: Eva Jarvis, Irbimon (+ Digivolutions), Poemon (+ Digivolutions), Hatimon (+ Digivolutions), Skollmon (+ Digivolutions), Taranimon, Logan Divine
  • Tom Ley is to himself (with a slight spelling change)
  • Siberimon and his Digivolutions were designed by Zuza, and all of his profile information was done by Keisha. So he is 2010+ to both of them.
  • Hannah Kelley and Auramon are Halie
  • Ruby Castaliano and Ciermon are Setsuna-Yena

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