Episode 1: Hectic Electrics

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The day always seemed to start like this: the alarm blaring from the bedside table at six thirty on the dot. A lone hand and wrist would struggle out from under the covers, turning the irritating noise on to snooze, and the bulk that the hand belonged to would roll away from it, snuggling into the warmth of her bedfellow. He, of course, wouldn’t complain; he was as bad as she was when it came to mornings.

Uncimon found humans strange in that sense. As soon as the alarm went off the first time, he was awake, finding it too difficult and troublesome to get back to sleep. Often he was awake minutes before the alarm, his body programmed to its timing. He would sit in his makeshift bed, warm and cozy in the blanket he had, and wait for Eva to finally crawl out from under the covers, after about the third blast from the alarm clock.

Today was no different. She, the plum haired girl, left the warmth of the bed she shared with Tom and slowly wandered through the small living area to the bathroom, where she brushed her teeth and washed her face. She sat down to breakfast next. Cereal and tea, with the morning newspaper and bread burning in the toaster for Tom. Always, Uncimon hopped around from his bed to the table and joined Eva as she sleepily read the paper. She poured him a bowl of Corn Flakes, as she did every morning, and lightly stroked his spotty grey fur until she needed to turn the page. Corvimon joined them after a short while and eventually, so did Tom.

Tom was blond, an inch shorter than Eva, with a stubbly chin. Uncimon couldn’t see the attraction, but Eva liked him. He was alright – for a human – though Uncimon would never admit that to him or to Eva. Plus it was nice being able to be out in the open and not hidden away. Tom had Corvimon, a Digimon like Uncimon, so there was no secrecy. In the same way, there had been no secrecy between Eva and her family when it came to the phenomenon of Digimon and how Uncimon existed. They just accepted it. It was part of normal life for them. For other people though – not so much. Which was why Uncimon was forced to travel in Eva’s purse wherever she went.

So that morning, nothing was different. Everything was as it always was, from the clock to the cereal and the discussions at the table. Tom and Eva often talked about what needed buying when the appointed shopper went to the local market. They were making a verbal list. It was Tom’s turn. Uncimon had no doubt that he would forget everything and come back with the non-necessaries. Corvimon was pecking at her small plate of cornflakes, and watching the shine from Eva’s spoon as if hypnotized, and Uncimon was on his third bowl.

But things felt different. The moment he had awakened, Uncimon had felt as if he was charged with energy. Like any moment he might bounce from one spot to the other and hit the ceiling because of how energetic he felt. The feeling was one he did not recall, and while he was excited by it, it unnerved him somewhat. Anything new and unexplained took some getting used to. When Eva and Tom bought new furniture for the apartment they shared, both Uncimon and Corvimon would take some time to get accustomed to it. Uncimon wriggled on the table, feeling as though a shock of electricity had shuddered over his round body, making his fur stand up on end.

Then things happened all at once. Tom pushed his chair out to put his dirty dishes in the sink. At the same time, the door from the microwave pinged open on its own, slamming back against the wall with enough force to send it slamming shut. Corvimon leapt up off the table, shocked and surprised by the sudden noise, and Uncimon was immediately growling at the microwave. Corvimon yelped as she hit the floor and tried to flap her ear-wings in a futile attempt to decrease the speed she fell at. She bounced twice on the floor and stayed where she eventually landed: on her side, tiny grey feet wriggling in the air.

“What the hell happened there?” Eva was stroking Uncimon’s head, trying to calm him down from the surprise of the microwave door. Tom had picked up Corvimon, who continued to wiggle in his hands. He dusted her feathers off carefully, examining her for any damage.

“You look okay. Just a bit of a surprise.” Tom was smiling a bit, and he placed Corvimon carefully on his shoulder while he went to the microwave. On closer inspection, the machine appeared to have reset itself. The digital clock it usually showed was now flashing 00:00 in bright green light. “Weird,” Tom commented. He scratched his chin.

“Power surge?” Eva suggested. Uncimon had calmed down significantly, but still had his bright eyes on the microwave, staring at it with distrust.

“Maybe.” Tom shrugged. Corvimon hopped from his shoulder onto the top of the microwave and kicked it with her tiny foot. She then continued on her way, wandering over the counter top to the oven, also equipped with a digital clock.

“This one too,” she pointed out, and Tom came to investigate, followed by Eva. They checked all other electrical appliances they owned. Their Internet router had reset itself, as had the DVD player, VCR and all electronic clocks.

“One hell of a power surge,” Eva commented. She checked the only analogue clock in the house, a small bedside clock that had been a gift from her mother. “Aw no, I’m going to be late!” Immediately Uncimon found himself on the messy duvet on their bed as Eva raced around searching for clean clothes. Corvimon joined Uncimon moments later as Tom sauntered to the bathroom to have a shower.

Eva scurried around finding clothes, muttering to herself. Knowing she was distracted, Uncimon turned to Corvimon, who was making a makeshift nest for herself in amongst the bed sheets. He shuffled over the covers and settled on the softness.

“That was no power surge,” Uncimon commented. He was sure of it, and also sure that Corvimon knew it too. She regarded him, her green eyes bright and interested. “I mean – it looked like it was, but I don’t think it was.”

Corvimon snuggled down into the covers, “What do you think it was then?” she asked.

“Something different. Powerful.” Uncimon was speaking, his words coming in a rush. He felt excited. “It was different! We’ve seen and experienced power cuts before, that was nothing like a power cut, or a power surge. Didn’t you wake up today feeling weird?”

“Weird…?” Corvimon repeated. If she’d had eyebrows, she would have quirked one and stared at the fluffy Digimon quizzically.

“Yeah. Weird. Wired. Excited. Energetic. Different!”

Corvimon was silent and thoughtful for a few moments, while Uncimon stared at her expectantly, his light blue eyes wide and watering as he kept himself from blinking. Eventually Corvimon made a motion, like a nod. “Now that you mention it. I thought it was just static electricity or something.”

Uncimon’s mouth spread into a large grin. “I’m telling you, something is going to happen today! Or soon!”

“Like what?” Now Corvimon was excited, and she edged closer to her friend.

“I don’t know,” Uncimon admitted, though his tone lost none of his excitement. “But something!”

At that moment, Eva completed her ensemble: beige trousers and sneakers, with a striped pale-and-darker-pink dress. Over that, a grey hoodie, and to keep her hair back she had wrapped a black band around it. She was pulling on her purse as Tom came out of the shower, rubbing his hair with a towel. She hoisted Uncimon off the bed and held him over her open purse. Uncimon made a face, but hopped from her hand into the purse none-the-less and shuffled around in it to make himself comfortable in the confined space.

“I’m meeting Frankie after work,” Eva was telling Tom while he tidied where Eva had strewn clothes in her search for clean ones. “Girly catch up. Probably won’t be back late.”

“Okay,” Tom confirmed. He dried his hair vigorously and then dropped the towel on the bed. “I’ll get the groceries. Have a good day.”

“Will do!” Eva was out of the door a moment later.


“Almost quittin’ time,” James Parker muttered to himself, glancing over plans of the new house that the construction company he worked for was currently building. It was going to be a piece of artwork, more than a home. Owned by a fat-cat who had recently moved into the city, it was going to be floor to ceiling windows letting in as much light as possible, a basement, and then three floors over a twenty meter by fourteen meter space. The backyard was going to have a pool and a pond – probably filled with Koi Carp – and around the house, yard and the drive, there was to be a large imposing wrought iron fence erected.

James checked his watch and carefully wiped the sweat off his brow, brushing his russet hair from his eyes as he did so. He’d been working since eight that morning; it was now nearly five o’clock. The day had been sweltering, and now, despite it being the evening, it was still uncomfortably warm – but he still kept his hooded jacket on despite the heat. After finishing here, he would have three hours to shower and eat before getting to his evening job at the eatery, where he waited tables.

“Parker – these screws ain’t going to screw themselves in!” The call came from the foreman and James quietly rolled his eyes to himself.

“Coming!” He knew better than to complain with Mr. Winch – he’d be forced to stay late without pay if he didn’t get what Mr. Winch ordered done on time. He crossed to the pillars of steel that would eventually make up the wall corners and foundations of the house when it was completed, slipped his safety glasses over his eyes, and started working silently and diligently. Mr. Winch, satisfied, walked away to the foreman’s van.

James worked quietly for a few minutes, until the weight in the hood of his jacket started to move. “I could go and hit him in the bum with my antlers, y’know?” It was a quiet female voice, indignant and annoyed talking almost directly into James’ ear. He resisted the temptation to laugh.

“What antlers?” he replied to the voice, setting another screw and switching on the drill.

“My antlers.” As if to answer the question, the being that the voice belonged to lightly butted James in the back, and he felt a sharp point dig into his skin a few centimeters.

“That’s a horn, Fallomon, not antlers,” James explained gently. Fallomon did not reply this time; instead, she started sulking in his hood and ignored any attempts James made to talk to her surreptitiously. Eventually he gave up.

As it turned out, James was able to get away from the construction site at just after five - a good time for once. Normally he had to stay at least half an hour to finish jobs Mr. Winch wanted completed. He was also relieved, as tomorrow was his day off from both his jobs and he could relax for a short while. He crossed the parking lot to his old truck and slid into the driver’s seat, depositing his hooded jacket on the passenger side. After starting the engine, the jacket started to move and shuffle on the seat. James rolled down the passenger seat window as a ball of brown fur emerged, eyeing the interior of the truck with wary eyes.

This was Fallomon, James’ best friend and companion since he had been a baby.

“It’s safe,” he assured her, reaching across and lightly scratching her behind one of her large ears. She grinned and showed off the pink markings beneath her eyes, relaxed by his touch. James pulled out of his parking space smoothly and started the short journey home. “I’m working tonight, so you’ll have to amuse yourself,” he told her.

“Yeah, I know,” Fallomon replied. She sounded disappointed. “I can play with Marie.” Marie was James’ four year old sister.

"Hmm.” James went silent and stared out of the windshield at the traffic lights he was stopped at. Two girls were walking past in front of the car, laughing. One was wearing a grey hoodie, with her hair pulled back with a black bandana. The other was quite striking, with short hair and a single section of it bleached blonde while the rest was black. She was tan, wearing large hoop earrings, and orange and red stripy dress. Fallomon hopped up onto the dashboard and followed the two girls with her eyes. She glanced back at James who was still staring at them both.

“You can do better,” Fallomon commented, with a superior air. “Besides, why would you need a girlfriend when you have me?”

James snorted to himself, “Oh, there are plenty of reasons.” He shrugged and put the car into gear. Fallomon hopped back onto the passenger seat. “I’m not looking anyway. Not like I’d have time between the jobs and family…” He trailed off, turning into the road that led to the cul-de-sac where his house was situated. Fallomon frowned and stayed quiet. She would never say it, but James worked too hard. He was twenty-one and didn’t seem to have a life outside of work, his younger siblings, and his dad. As little as Fallomon knew of humans aside from James and his family, she knew that work was not supposed to take over your life at twenty-one. But that was James; all work and no play was how he liked it.

The truck pulled to a smooth stop of the street outside of James’ home, a two-story detached house with a well kept front yard and a large back yard. It was smaller inside than it looked, but it was home. James picked up Fallomon from her seat as he disembarked the car and carried her against his stomach, holding his tool belt and jacket in his other hand. After opening the keys he was greeted by a high pitched scream coming from his little sister bedroom. Within seconds James had dropped his tool belt and jacket and was in the threshold of Marie’s room, Fallomon a foot in front of him. Marie was staring at the television screen in front of her; the screen was flickering wildly. The hand controller of the console in front of her was clasped in small hands and she looked on the verge of tears.

“It broke!” she wailed, throwing the controller and pointing at the screen. “It broke! It broke! It broke!”

James sighed to himself, relieved that it was nothing more serious. He crossed the room to comfort his four-year-old sister. Fallomon followed behind him, bouncing across the carpet, though she stopped and stared at the clock on the video recorder as it now flickered with an ‘ERR’ in luminous numbers. She shuddered to herself, as if there had been a sudden breeze, when there was no wind to provide one. She thought it odd – but more wailing from Marie distracted her from her thoughts. She continued towards the crying child, offering herself up to be hugged by the girl.


“I can’t stand this heat,” Frankie complained, fanning herself with a napkin.

She and Eva were in a booth at the local Excellent Bean, a coffee shop and popular hangout for the students of the local college where Frankie studied. Eva studied also, but as most of her courses were online, she wasn't required to be in class as much. In fact, she had only one class that required attendance at the school, which took place once a week. The rest of the time was spent at home, learning, so she filled up her remaining hours working at the bakery a few doors down from Excellent Bean. It was Friday, the day of Eva’s one and only on-campus class, and it had become a ritual for her and Frankie to meet up when their respective classes came to a close and catch up.

Normally in the summer Frankie didn’t mind the heat - it gave her a chance to scope out the local eye candy at building sites and around campus - but this heat was stifling. It wasn’t a comfortable heat, with wind or even a tiny breeze; there was nothing to relieve it. Being the shade didn’t help.

In front of her, Frankie had an ice frappuccino, which she drank through a straw. Eva was still waiting for her drink – it seemed the baristas were ill-equipped to handle demand. Frankie glanced quickly around the café before she plugged the top of the straw with her thumb, removed it from the drink, and appeared to inject it into her purse. Her purse wriggled beside her and there was a low grumbling sound. Frankie felt suction on the opposing end of the straw and removed her thumb until the contents of the straw were gone. She replaced the straw back in the plastic mug just as Eva sat down with her drink opposite her.

“Lame,” Eva commented. “They had to make my drink twice. New barista messed it up the first time.”

“Well – if you didn’t have a complicated ice frappuccino,” Frankie commented with a grin. She took a long drink from her straw and stirred the cold mixture before her. “I hate how hot it is.” Frankie fanned herself for effect.

Eva looked her at slyly. “Push off. You love it really. You like the attention you get from the guys when you sashay around.”

Frankie tried to come up with a convincing argument, but Eva had a point. She did like to make the boys pant like puppies when it was warm like this. Her current attire was quite modest for her. Tonight, though, her outfit would change. It was Friday, so she would be out one of the local clubs having a good time. She didn’t know which one she would go to at the moment; there were plenty to pick from and she could decide while she changed later. “I might like the attention, but that doesn’t mean I like this heat,” Frankie eventually answered. Eva shrugged a shoulder and took a swallow from her drink.

“Did I tell you about the freaky thing that happened this morning?” Eva asked suddenly. Frankie shook her head but leaned forward on the table, showing her intrigue. “We had this weird power surge at the apartment. All the digital and electronic stuff started going haywire. All reset itself and everything. Same thing happened at the bakery, the tills started over charging people and the lights blew in the staff room this morning. It was weird.”

“Maybe you’re cursed,” Frankie teased, knowing Eva’s superstitious nature well, and that the mention of the curse would have the plum haired girl a little on edge for the rest of the day. Eva scowled at her.

“Don’t mention curses,” she hissed, then took another begrudging slurp of her drink.

Frankie laughed. “I doubt it’s just you. It’s probably the heat messing with the electrics or something. One of my lectures got cancelled ‘cause the equipment broke down in the middle of this other’s girls presentation. Piper… something. She was really embarrassed. Not like it was her fault though,” she shrugged. “Not to mention the refrigerators in the cafeteria all broke down at the same time, so there was no fresh food, only processed crap.” Frankie pursed her lips, crossing her legs under the table.

“This heat has a lot to answer for,” Eva confirmed with a steady nod of her head. Both girls turned attention to their drinks, at the moment someone hot and bothered started to explode at the trainee barista.

“I’m sorry – the cash register says that’s how much your order is, there must be a malfunction!”

“Too bloody right there’s a malfunction!! I am not paying thirteen hundred dollars for an espresso, a paper, and a panini! Now get your manager or I’m complaining about this to Trading Standards!” The customer was red in the face, indignant and overheated. The entire coffee shop had quieted considerably as his voice rose. The trainee looked terrified as she nodded feebly and ran off to find her manager. Frankie exchanged a look with two bright yellow eyes that peered at her from the gloom of her purse.

Right. The heat.

By the time Eva and Frankie went their separate ways it was nearly seven in the evening. The sun was slowly beginning to settle, and thankfully, the temperature was slowly beginning to dip. Frankie stared into the sky going from bright blue to gold. It was a short walk from Excellent Bean to Frankie’s comfortable studio apartment, where she lived alone. She liked her space. As she walked in, she removed her shoes, placed her bag down carefully on the hallway floor and padded through into the living area, where she unlocked and opened a couple of windows wide. From her bag, a ball of off-white fur with dark stripes, a long tail and yellow eyes shuffled out and bounced towards her, stopping on a cushion always kept on the floor for him.

“We need to put air vents in your bag or somethin’,” he stated, looking at Frankie, who was flicking boredly through television channels. She didn’t expect to get to her chosen club until around nine o’clock, so she had some time to kill. “I mean, I nearly died in there!” he added, over-dramatically flopping onto the plush cushion beneath him. Frankie couldn’t help but smile at the creature’s comment and his personality, and placated him with an affectionate pat on his body.

“Could have been worse, Tigrimon,” she commented. The TV volume was turned right down on an R’n’B music video channel. “At least the AC was on in the lecture theatre.”

Tigrimon huffed at her, his tail flicking idle behind him as he observed the screen without regarding the pictures flashing in front of him. Frankie, used to Tigrimon’s short lived moods, got up from the sofa and went to the kitchenette – she needed coffee and also food. If she planned to drink, she didn’t want to get drunk quickly; she needed something to line her stomach with. She deliberated what to eat as the kettle warmed and bubbled on its stand, the sounds of the music in the background barely registering to her; she was still somewhat focused on the mishap that had occurred in Excellent Bean.

“Was weird,” she stated to herself.

“What was?” Tigrimon asked, mood changed. He was now sitting on the countertop, yellow eyes watching Frankie carefully.

Frankie poured hot water into a mug. “The cash register freaking out like that earlier…and the stuff in class today, and the power surge Eva said happened at her apartment. I dunno – it all seems a bit weird to me.” She shrugged one shoulder, pursing her lips with a raised eyebrow and blowing the steam away from her mug. “You make anything of it?” Frankie looked at Tigrimon, who remained thoughtful for a few moments.

“Not really. Though I did notice something – Eva smells.” Frankie laughed out loud and had to put her coffee down on the counter as she recovered.

“Why do you say that?” Frankie inquired, through chuckles.

Tigrimon shuffled along the counter, “I mean, all humans have their own smell, you, Eva, your teacher. But, I don’t know, there was something weird about Eva’s smell today. I hadn’t noticed it before – there was something… familiar.”

“Well yeah, you’ve been around Eva tons before.”

“No-no!” argued Tigrimon. “The smell was different, not Eva’s smell. But to me it was familiar.” Frankie noticed he was frowning, as if trying to get his own head around this confusing scent dilemma he found himself. She smiled a little and gave the ball of fur a pat on the head.

“Maybe the heat is getting to you, hun.” Frankie leaned her elbows down on the counter so she was almost eye level with the grey, striped ball. “Can Digimon get hallucinations?” She smiled.

Tigrimon frowned; he did not appreciate being teased.


Uncimon was finding it hard to settle comfortably in Eva’s lap as she sat and watched TV on the couch with Tom and Corvimon. Not that there was much on; Tom was flicking channels boredly, while Eva attempted to stave off her tiredness with more tea. Normally, Uncimon knew he would be looking the same way Corvimon did, her eyes unable to stay open, dozing on Tom’s shoulder. But he still felt so wired from the morning. The feeling had been with him all day, and he had felt nervous with anticipation. Waiting for something to happen. He knew something was going to happen, it had to. He just didn’t know what, or when.

Eva reached over him to the coffee table to pick up her half-empty mug. Uncimon watched her drink from it before averting his eyes back to the television. The channel flickering was bothering him; he didn’t know why it was hard to settle on one program. Tom changed from a wildlife documentary to the news and on to a cookery program. It was as the screen changed to the news that Uncimon felt what he could only describe as an electric shock ripple over his body. He shuddered violently, Eva noticed immediately.

“What’s wrong?” Her tone was instantly on edge, she had a hand on Uncimon’s furry head.

“I… don’t know,” Uncimon muttered. “Quick! Turn back to the news!”

Tom did as Uncimon requested, flicking to the twenty-four hour news channel. On screen were pictures of apparently random household items dropping out the sky, crushing cars, garages, and narrowly missing people walking on the street. The news reporter was speaking over the pictures:

“There seems to be no explanation for the bizarre occurrences Downtown, where all manner of objects have been dropping from seemingly nowhere since this morning. Authorities have advised all neighbors in the area to stay in their homes and not to drive their cars, or leave for their own safety…”  The screen flashed to a policeman giving an interview from earlier than day.

“What, that?” Tom’s expression was puzzled, Eva’s mimicked it.

“What do you suppose is doing that?” Eva asked rhetorically, not expecting a reply from anyone in the room.

“Digimon,” Uncimon said firmly. There was no hint of jokiness in his voice, no mirth, only total seriousness. “I knew something was going to happen! Digimon! There are more Digimon!” He bounced on Eva’s lap and turned around so he was facing her while mid-air. “We have to go there, now!”

“Us?” Eva replied; she sounded aghast. Uncimon hopped off her lap and started bounding to the door. “Uncimon, wait!” Eva chased him. “Wait! You don’t know it's Digimon!”

“I do!” Uncimon argued. He was bouncing below the door handle, trying to reach for it with his mouth and being unsuccessful. “I know it’s Digimon, Eva come on! Someone could get hurt; we have to stop the Digimon.”

Eva stared at Uncimon worriedly. They had been together in one form or another since she was born, but she had never seen him act this way, so insistent and determined about something. She felt it would be wrong of her to doubt him. She looked towards Tom, who was on his feet, a sleeping Corvimon in his arms.

“Keep your phone on. You should check it out to be on the safe side,” Tom advised. “If only to humor him,” he added under his breath.

“Alright.” Eva grabbed her hooded jacket from the back of the couch, checked to make sure her phone was in her pocket and took her keys in her hand. She pulled open the door and followed Uncimon out, running to keep up with his long bounds.


Frankie internally cursed her footwear; stiletto heels were not good shoes for running in, especially when the running involved following an apparently crazed ball of fur that was following a ‘hunch’. Thankfully, he had decided to follow this hunch before she had stripped down for her shower, so she was at least thankful she hadn’t needed to do a ‘Bridget Jones’ and run through the streets in an over-sized shirt and underwear.

Still – this wasn’t how she wanted to spend her evening. She should have been in a club about now, but instead she was trying to keep her eyes trained on Tigrimon, who was yards in front of her, bouncing away through the city like his life depended on it.

“Tigrimon, wait up!” Frankie yelled. She had a stitch from where she couldn’t breathe properly. Tigrimon turned a corner suddenly. Frankie heard a sound of something hitting metal; her breath caught and she put in an extra burst of speed. She saw a dent in the top of a trash can, Tigrimon on the other side of a fence. “Wait for me!” Frankie shouted again. She surveyed the fence; climbing up was no problem, but climbing down the other side was another matter. The fence didn’t look sturdy at all, and there was nothing to use as a support to climb with.

Resigned to the fact she would have to go a long way, Frankie walked quickly out of the side alley, onto the main street, and carried on the way she hoped Tigrimon was going, trying not to bump into people walking in the opposite direction.

It had started when he’d seen a report on the news about something happening Downtown. Frankie had assumed it was something gang related, but it had been something weirder than that: some air force was dropping furniture and other items from hidden aircrafts - at least, that was what the news reporter had believed. He hadn’t been wrong.

As Frankie ran through Downtown in pursuit of Tigrimon, she had noticed random objects littering the street: a car crushed underneath a refrigerator; a bathtub upside-down in a tree; a table and a pair of chairs shattered on the roadside. It was more than weird. It was plain ‘Twilight Zone’ strange; she would never have believed it if she hadn’t seen it the way she was now.

She chewed her lip anxiously. “Tigrimon, where are you?” she muttered to herself; it was rare for Tigrimon to run off without her; normally he was over-protective to the extreme. In her purse, Frankie heard her phone ringing and retrieved it after fishing around in the darkness of the bag for a moment or two. Her phone now appeared to be malfunctioning, as there was no in-coming call on the screen. Frankie sighed. She tapped buttons as she walked quickly to no avail, the ringing would not stop. Eventually, frustrated, she pulled the back off her phone, and took out the battery. The ringing stopped. As she replaced the battery, the phone sprang to life immediately and shifted in her hand until she released it. Her phone was emitting an orange glow from its screen, and it appeared to be transforming right in front of her.

It was a simple flip phone, black in color and small. Now it grew in length and the two layers that made up the phone broke apart to go beneath each other. Keys appeared on the lower layer, which turned a darker grey, then black. On the top layer the small screen engulfed the entire layout and the black color changed to orange. The corners rounded, and as the new phone dropped into Frankie’s hand, she could see orange radar on the screen, and the shape of Tigrimon in the top left hand side.

Frankie felt the weight of what she no longer recognized as her phone and shifted it. “Ohhh…kayyy…” She looked around, hoping no one else had witnessed the strange event. “What…in the world?” Suddenly, the new device in her hands began to bleep, showing on the radar spots of color in purple and pink, along with a constant orange spot. She assumed the orange dot was Tigrimon, and started the way she was going originally, aiming to get closer to him.

The other dots on the radar moved too. The pink one, now split into two, was nearing Frankie at an alarming rate. She wasn’t sure whether to panic or not, to hide, or to carry on as normal and shove the handheld item in her pocket. The answer was given to her when she heard footsteps. She shoved her new phone in her pocket.

“Uncimon, stop! Enough!” Frankie recognized the voice as Eva’s, she ran to where she was coming from and found Eva heaving, slumped over her knees, on the floor in front of her a ball of grey fur.

“Tigrimon! You scared the crap out of me!” Frankie yelled, she stalked towards Eva, and the grey furball, that she noticed as it stared at her had blue eyes and a grey spot. “Oh.”

“Oh crap,” Eva hissed under her breath. Uncimon fled behind her leg as if to hide, despite already being seen. “Uh – Frankie, I can explain! Ha-ha!” Eva started, rather breathless and uneasy. “See uhm – well this… he… this is all a dream!” Eva waved her arms. Frankie stood on one hip, folding her arms with her signature raised brow. “Or… not.”

“Yeah, no,” Frankie said. “You have a Digimon too?” She was looking directly at Uncimon, who was beginning to edge out from behind Eva’s leg.

“Ye- wait, what do you mean ‘too’? You have one!?”

Frankie nodded. “Yeah. I thought yours was mine, they look really similar. Only well… Tigrimon has stripes and yellow eyes.”

“Oh.” Eva scooped up Uncimon. “Sorry, this is Uncimon.”

“Nice to meet you properly,” Uncimon said quickly. “Now can we continue moving?”

“Wait! Have you seen Tigrimon?” Frankie asked, rushed. She hoped they had. She was worried. “I think he’s around here somewhere, I think this is him on this thingy.” She fished the orange item from her pocket and showed it to Eva, tapping where the orange blip was.

“Oh, I have one of those!” Eva took her own from her purse, pink this time, and showed it to Frankie. “Must be Tigrimon. I wondered who the orange dot was!” Eva grinned.

“If I may interrupt,” Uncimon spoke, “if he came here, I imagine he’s here for the same reason I dragged Eva here. There are other Digimon. If we keep going, we’ll find them and Tigrimon.”

“Good idea.” Frankie nodded as Eva set Uncimon down on the ground. He bounced off, the girls followed, running in tandem. Frankie turned to Eva quickly. “A dream? Really?”


“Starlight Sphere!” A ball of pink light shot out from behind one of the dumpsters littering the street. Fallomon remained in her hiding place with James, crouched behind the object. James had followed Fallomon as she had run off as he was leaving for work that evening. He’d managed to call in late; he would make up the hours. But now he was concerned with Fallomon, her recklessness, and that she was vastly outsized by two much larger, meaner Digimon than her.

That was why she had left the house. She had sensed Digimon nearby and become unruly, almost frenzied and determined to get out of the house in any way possible. James had been leaving for work, in time to see her hopping down the road at an alarming speed and followed.

When Fallomon had reached her destination, James a minute behind her, they had been confronted by what James only could describe as giant cockroaches. Digimon, Fallomon had informed him, called Roachmon, who were brothers and who were responsible for the debris falling from the sky. Debris they focused on trying to squash James and Fallomon with when they had intervened. Now they were hiding behind a dumpster, and James was internally cursing Fallomon for getting him into this mess.

As far as Digimon went, Fallomon was the only one James had ever met, and he wasn’t much enjoying his second meeting. Roachmon were, as the name expressed, huge cockroaches standing on two legs with unkempt teeth, four arms and as it appeared, a nasty temperament.

“Will you stop firing at them?” James hissed at Fallomon who was peeking out from behind the dumpster. She kept trying to attack, but her range wasn’t big enough, so try as she might, her pink spheres of light dispersed in the air before they got anywhere near the brother insect Digimon.

“No, I can’t. I have to get rid of them!” Fallomon argued.

“You’re too little.”

Fallomon growled, “Says you.” She bounced out from behind the dumpster she and James hid behind, bounding with fearless abandon towards the nearest Roachmon, a pink orb of light manifesting itself at the tip of her tiny horn.

“Starlight Sphere!” The ball expelled off her horn as she bounced; this time in range, it latched onto the elbow of one of the Roachmon as they turned, hearing her cry. There was a yelp of pain as the pink light began to burn and singe.

Momentarily distracted by her minor achievement, Fallomon was unaware of the second Roachmon running towards her. James dashed out from behind the dumpster and hoisted Fallomon in his arms, taking the full force of the giant cockroach’s attack.

“Roachmon Flyswatter!” Roachmon’s large leg hit James full in the ribs, sending him flying to the ground some feet away. James automatically cradled himself round Fallomon.

“HEY!” The Roachmon turned as a new voice made itself known. “Pick on someone your own size!” James vaguely saw a grey shape with a long tail rushing towards the Roachmon in long bounces. “Windball!” The ball of grey was suddenly a blur, breezing past James’ body, ricocheting into the Roachmon like a whirling dervish.

“Tigrimon!” Another voice, this time female. James was struggling to his feet; Fallomon had her eyes opening a little.

“You saved me,” Fallomon said, glassy eyes staring at James. He smiled lopsidedly.

“Of course.”

“You okay?” Two girls had come to James now, one with plum hair, the other with black hair and a blonde streak. James recognized them both from earlier than day but found himself unable to speak for now, only nodding. “Good.” The plum haired girl was speaking to him.


“Wait, Frankie!”

“Eva, wait for me!” Another grey ball followed the girls.

“More Digimon?” James looked at Fallomon. She looked as surprised as he did.


The two girls had stopped a safe distance from the Roachmon, though Uncimon had continued forward, intent on entering the fray. Fallomon, too, once she had wriggled free of James’ arms. The Roachmon easily batted the three small Digimon aside as they each attacked in turn, leaping at the large insects in an attempt to cause harm. Each, knocked one way and another, recovered slowly on the ground while the Roachmon advanced on Frankie, Eva and James.

“Oh… snap,” Frankie muttered. She backed up a little.

“Now what do we do?” Eva hissed, she was trying to fumble with what had been her phone to call Tom, but it was all new and she was unable to find the correct settings and buttons as her hands shook.

“I’m not leaving Fallomon,” James muttered. The Roachmon were still advancing, steadily getting closer in synchronized steps, both sneering with matching grotesque expressions.

“Run,” Uncimon growled from where he was struggling to right himself.

Tigrimon was doing the same, wincing from the impact he had made on the curb. “You need to get out of here.”

“We’re not leaving!” Eva was defiant. “Not without you guys.”

The Roachmon had now linked arms and stood facing the trio of humans only a few feet away. In unison they shouted, “Roachmon Exterminate!” and dashed forward at a blistering speed other arms outstretched to grab the group before them. The trio cringed as they came closer with Frankie and Eva releasing sharp screams. Together the devices Frankie, Eva and James held emitted blinding light; orange, pink and purple, each color corresponding to the color of the light that enveloped their fallen Digimon.

The Roachmon’s attack faltered and their veered off to one side. The small glowing Digimon’s voices all rang out in turn, as their shapes changed.

“Uncimon, over-clock evolve to…” His round body grew upwards, and limbs sprouted, two arms and two legs. The grey coat covered his entire body, with spots littering his fur. His tail lengthened, and whiskers grew from his cheeks, while large claws extended from his fingers. “Irbimon!”

“Fallomon over-clock evolve to…” Like with Uncimon, Fallomon’s ball body extended upwards, four long delicate legs growing from her body. Then a neck, with a snout and larger ears. Her coat remained a tawny brown, but down the centre of her back, there was a pink stripe, and pink spots dotted either side. “Odocomon!”

“Tigrimon, over-clock evolve to…” Finally, Tigrimon’s voice rang out from the glowing orange, and like the others before, he grew. Up onto two legs, with two arms growing from his torso, his already long tail growing even longer, and much like Irbimon, claws sprouting from his paws with more black stripes spreading over his body. “Siberimon!”

The glowing stopped, and the human trio and Roachmon stopped shielding their eyes from the light. Frankie, Eva and James all stood completely speechless, as their small companions no longer were their small size, and now stood larger, at least each about three feet in height, lining up together facing the Roachmon who now viewed them as their enemy, and not the humans.

“Let's go!” Irbimon ordered. He and Siberimon shot forward together at rapid speed, as the Roachmon did the same.

“Roachmon Flyswatter!” Kicks and punches were thrown, though the two feline Digimon were nimble enough to dodge and land some small attacks of their own using their claws. Irbimon and Siberimon shot in two different directions on either side of the Roachmon.

“Frost Srike!” Irbimon’s claws shone and were suddenly frost covered, spread out. He leapt at one of the Roachmon, claws stretched out; raking them across it’s back; relinquishing an agonized yelp.

Siberimon followed, crossing his paws back causing the wind to circulate around them both. In a rush he brought his paws forward, creating an ‘X’ shape, and sent the wind current flying into the injured Roachmon. “Hurricane Slasher!”

A pink Molotov of light came from the back row, shot forward from Odocomon’s mouth with a cry of “Borealis Stream!” forcing the target back.

In retreat, the lone Roachmon fled to its sibling, injured and enraged. They joined hands again and shot up into the sky, well out of the range of the smaller Digimon. Six pairs of eyes went skyward watching the brother Digimon becoming smaller and smaller in the dark sky; they were almost invisible against the blackness.

Then suddenly shapes began falling from the sky, abstract shapes.

“INCOMING!” Siberimon yelled, pushing Frankie out of the way from a falling piano that landed with a clang, creating a crater in the road. His eyes turned back to the Roachmon, who were diving after the objects they had sent from the sky.

“Irbimon, watch out!” Eva called to her partner, who was able to narrowly avoid the washing machine. Odocomon reared onto her hind legs, surprised as a freezer landed in front of her and James.

“Roachmon Exterminate!” The insect siblings were rounding up Eva and Frankie who had remained close together for safety but a bit far from the rest, the Digimon and James were only able to look on. The Roachmon hovered about the ground, their wings creating an almost deafening buzzing sound as they circled the girls. They drifted out a short distance away, and then charged in together.

Once again, fear took over the girls as they held each other, Eva releasing a scream. At the same time, Irbimon and Siberimon dashed into the fray between the insect Digimon to guard their wards. As the Roachmon neared both small felines, the fear of the girls and their sense of protection kicked in. Both Irbimon and Siberimon stood their ground, baring fangs at the oncoming Digimon.

The light from before that had taken over them, returned. Irbimon and Siberimon were engulfed again in light.

“Irbimon, over-clock evolve to…” Irbimon grew to a massive size, standing on four legs with a large dark mane spreading down partway over his back and around his neck. His huge feet crushed the road beneath his bulk, forming ice. Around his left foreleg there was a huge metal spiked ring. From his head, six spikes of ice sprang: two from his forehead and four from his cheeks. Finally, from his mouth dipped two long canine teeth. With a glare in his eyes, and a swish of his now massive tail, he roared loudly “Skadimon!”

“Siberimon, over-clock evolve to…” Like Irbimon, Siberimon took on a four-legged shape, long legs and massive paws and claws. The long tail became longer and gold rings appeared around his front right and back left legs. Like Skadimon, large teeth grew over his lower lip, giving him the appearance of a saber-toothed cat. And on his back, springing from his neck, was a dark mane of what appeared to be wind. Not so much a roar but a calm growl, “Hurakamon!”

“Again?” Frankie was open mouthed in shock, while Eva struggled to find anything to say.

“Holy crap.” James was less than eloquent, the two cats were giants - the Roachmon barely came up to their legs.

“Two brothers against two, right?” Hurakamon asked, as if he was smirking and slightly amused. Skadimon agreed.

“It’s fair.”

Finally Eva found her voice, “Brothers?”

There was no time to speculate; the Roachmon pair dispersed and each took to one of the feline Digimon. One flew above Skadimon and grabbed onto the ice horns on his head, while the other led Hurakamon away, flying swiftly.

“Garbage Dump!” The one Roachmon attached to Skadimon manifested junk in his two spare arms, small items, toasters, a kettle and crockery from the air, dropping them down onto Skadimon’s head as he swiped unsuccessfully with his paws. Hurakamon was feet away from his targeted Roachmon when he roared intensely, airing his attack.

“Wind Wrecker!” As he charged towards Roachmon, his eyes glowed pure white and his body transformed suddenly into a rushing tornado that followed and enveloped the Roachmon into its rapid spins. Roachmon yelled out in surprise as he was tossed in the swirling maelstrom. Finally Hurakamon seemed to come to a stop, and the tornado expelled Roachmon at huge velocity, who was spinning uncontrollably into the air.

Skadimon was growling, tired of the remaining Roachmon and its annoying dropping of items, which were piling up around his feet. There was a moment of near silence from the giant leopard, and then a rush, snapping of jaws as he leapt at the Roachmon, frost engulfing his muzzle. The Roachmon, caught by surprise, reacted slowly and was caught on the leg by the massive jaws. A yell of pain prompted Skadimon to begin tossing the insect Digimon around as if it was a toy, and eventually throw it, like its brother, from his jaws into the other Roachmon.

Both Skadimon and Hurakamon stood side by side once again. A light illuminated from Skadimon’s mouth, simultaneously as the wind made up of Hurakamon’s mane began to blow around fiercely. Before the Roachmon brothers could regain themselves, the felines both released their attacks. Skadimon’s beam mixed with the tornado type wind coming from Hurakamon creating a combined powerful tornado made of ice and wind with a beam in the center.

The attack slammed into the Roachmon dead on, causing them to yell in agony before bursting into pixilated data. The data swirled around in the sky, making its way into the devices that both Eva and Frankie held.

The coast seemed clear, the battle over. James and Odocomon had been watching from a distance, and approached the group of four. Eva and Frankie caught between the two large cats that started to glow again as soon as danger was gone. They shrunk down, and in their places were the smaller Digimon, Irbimon and Siberimon.

“That was a rush…!” Irbimon stated. He turned to Eva and smiled.

“Wh… what happened to Uncimon?”

Irbimon’s smile lessened. “Well… it’s still him, just… bigger. Same goes for all of us.” He looked at the other two Digimon. James was surveying Odocomon, squatting to get a better look, though he seemed fine with the change, and was rubbing her head between her tiny horns. Siberimon was excitedly bouncing around Frankie, who looked half shocked, half relieved that it was over.

“More Digimon,” James murmured as he was standing. “Who’d have thought it.” He looked at both feline Digimon, then at Eva and Frankie. “And brothers, no less.” He grinned a little.

“Weird,” Frankie exhaled.

“So weird,” Eva agreed. She remembered then she had not introduced herself and quickly stuck her hand out to James. “I’m Eva. This is Frankie.” Frankie waved.


Introductions over, they dropped hands. There was a silence where they could all hear in the distance the sound of sirens.

“We should get out of here before anyone turns up,” Odocomon said slowly. “I don’t have a thought the authorities would appreciate this.”

“Damn right,” Frankie agreed. “But we need to discuss this, the three – sorry – six of us.” Siberimon smiled with approval.

“Let’s deal with that later, for now I think we should move,” Irbimon said briskly. He took off at a run. Siberimon followed with Eva, Frankie, James and Odocomon. They turned a corner away from the mess and carnage of the street destroyed by the Roachmon, just as the police cars arrived with lights flashing.

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