Episode 2: Shadows in
the Street

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There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The sun shone brightly over the entire city, making this particular Saturday bright, beautiful, and perfect… for some, anyway.

“I can’t do a thing with my hair in this heat…!” Frankie complained as she walked into Eva’s cozy apartment. She flipped the hair from in front of her right eye; she had decided to comb her bangs over to that side, earlier in the day. The bright red of Frankie’s four-inch heel Dillian Flower pumps shuffling slowly across the carpet caught Eva’s attention.

“New shoes?” Eva asked.

“No, these are a few weeks old,” Frankie replied nonchalantly. Frankie’s attire was much more air friendly for a Saturday. It was obvious she had been out, or was going out. She wore a causal red fitting t-shirt with a white heart printed on it, that came a little past her red belt, and pair of blue short shorts to compliment her legs and shoes.  Eva chuckled slightly as she shut the door behind her friend. “Thank god you have air conditioning.”  Frankie sat on the couch, crossing one leg over the other.

Eva placed her hands behind her head, ruffling her hair which was down and all pulled over to her left shoulder, fixing her bandana in the process. She adjusted her posture, stretching a bit, wearing her most comfortable pair of blue jeans with a simple pink polo t-shirt that matched her cute pink socks. 

Eva paused for a moment, blinking once she had noticed Siberimon walking freely by Frankie’s side. “Uhm… how did you get here with him out like that?” She pointed to the feline Digimon.

“Hm? Oh, when people asked I just said that he was my little brother in a costume.” Frankie smiled, waving her hand in front of her face. Eva laughed once more, surprised she hadn’t thought of that excuse yet. She hadn’t yet figured out how to get Irbimon out of the apartment, unless it was late at night. She thought it unfair, as he had been used to going out and about with her in his smaller form of Uncimon. Now, though, he’d been cooped up indoors most of the time, and his cabin fever was beginning to show.

Siberimon politely sat himself on the couch next to Frankie without a word; he had been silent the entire time, and kept his paws to himself like a well behaved little boy. He listened to Eva and Frankie converse casually, their conversation drifting easily from Frankie’s plans for the evening, to how they were getting on with having larger Digimon, Eva’s college course, and Frankie’s too. His ears would twitch every now and then, the only indication that he was listening.

As the two girls spoke to each other - Eva nursing a cup of tea and Frankie a soda - a pair of sharp blue eyes peeked from behind the couch, raising slowly as they focused on Siberimon, unnoticed by the other Digimon. Siberimon blinked several times, feeling like he was being watched. His nose tickled and twitched, looking around carefully. He was beginning to feel uneasy, and wanted to know what was causing him to feel this way.

“TAG, YOU’RE IT!”  Irbimon shouted. He leaped from behind the couch and tackled Siberimon from his seat and onto the floor. The two Digimon rolled off the cushions and onto the floor, almost knocking into the small coffee table which sat idle in front of the love seat. Irbimon leaped from Siberimon who gave chase shortly after in the apartment.

They raced swiftly and quickly around, Irbimon at an advantage, knowing the apartment well. He bolted from the living area into the kitchen, Siberimon in hot pursuit. He jumped from the floor to the countertop in one smooth movement, and across the gangway onto the gas cooker, and then down onto the floor again as Siberimon followed his path. Irbimon then raced up the small staircase up to the bedroom, proceeding to leap onto the bed and underneath the covers. Siberimon was close behind him; there were suddenly two moving mounds under the duvet, trying to find each other. Irbimon had holed himself in a top corner near Eva’s pillows, where his tail stuck out of the edge. Siberimon escaped the covers at the end of the bed and glanced around, looking for his brother, grinning deviously when he saw the tell-tale tail. He hopped off the bed to the floor and stalked over the carpet silently. He stopped and watched the tail twitch above him, before he withdrew his claws and gave it a clean, swift swipe. Irbimon yelped and bolted out of the bed, over the railing and into the living area.

“WOAH! WOAH! YOU GUYS! HEY!” Eva shouted, trying to calm the two Digimon down. Irbimon ran next to Siberimon, who was grabbed and pulled back on the couch by Frankie. “Maybe outside, but there’s not enough room in here!” Eva scolded. Irbimon’s ears dropped a little, disappointed that his game had been brought to a premature end.

“And you both are certainly a bigger, so ya’ll could break something… or make a mess.” Frankie narrowed her eyes to Siberimon. She suddenly had a thought. “Hey, where’s Tom?”

Eva relaxed a bit. “He went to the store. He should be back in bit.”

“Andddddd you gave… what’s his name? James? Yea, James the right directions… right?”

Eva simply nodded; she made her way to the couch with Irbimon right behind her. Siberimon climbed into Frankie’s lap as Eva and Irbimon sat down next to them. Frankie wrapped her arms around Siberimon automatically. To anyone who didn’t know Siberimon was a walking breathing creature, it would have looked like Frankie was hugging an over sized plush toy.

Eva looked at Siberimon then to Frankie. “Is he scared of us or something? He’s awfully quiet.”

Frankie shook her head. “No he’s just… really polite.” She smiled.

Before Eva could add more to the conversation, a knock was heard upon the apartment door. She quickly rose to her feet and shuffled across the carpet floor, peeking out of the peep hole.

“Hey, it’s James!” she said excitedly. Eva opened the door and stepped aside.

James had obviously just come from work, but had changed for comfort. He was wearing his button down white t-shirt from the restaurant, half open, with a pair of jeans and work shoes still.

James waved slightly with a nod. “Hey.”

“No Digimon?” Eva asked, inviting him in.

James reached in his pocket and pulled out his device, opening it and pressing a button. A purple beam of data formed in front of him, taking the shape of Odocomon before actually forming into her.

“I discovered last night that our Digimon can be carried around in them…” he stated simply.

Odocomon stretched herself before politely greeting everyone. “Hello.” Her voice was a lilt, and very soft. She followed James into the apartment to the couch. Frankie smiled in greeting at them both. Odocomon crossed around the front of the couch and folded her legs up beneath her body so she sat upon the floor. James perched on the arm of the sofa.

Out of politeness, Eva retrieved a glass of water from the kitchen for James while he and Frankie made friendly small talk. Asking each other about their days and that it was nice to see each other again. Siberimon remained quiet, and Irbimon watched Eva go about her business, with blue eyes peering over the back of the couch until she was finished.

Once she sat down there was a silence of awkward proportions where the three of them knew they should start talking, but didn’t really know which one should start – or where for that matter. Up until yesterday, they hadn’t been aware of the existence of any other Digimon bar their own (and Corvimon for Eva), so suddenly facing more Digimon - not just friendly, but aggressive ones like the Roachmon - was some new and unexplored territory.

James cleared his throat, and took a sip of water.

It was Siberimon who broke the silence with a suggestion. “Perhaps it would be prudent to explain how you found how to transport Odocomon?” His yellow eyes were trained on James who nodded, removing his device once again from his pocket.

“It’s an option.” Eva and Frankie took their own Digivices, pink and orange, and held them in their hands. “I was exploring it last night after my shift finished; it does a lot of interesting things. Shows the health of your Digimon. To transport them in the thing, you select the connection option on the menu and choose travel connect. Scared the crap out of the both of us when Odocomon vaporized into it.” He smiled fondly at the deer, who returned it.

“Neat.” Frankie was grinning. “I do still like telling people you’re my brother in a costume though.” She nudged Siberimon, who smiled in return.

“What else?” Eva asked. Irbimon was looking over her shoulder at the item as she scrolled through options.

It seemed to be a mixture of a specifically digital item, and a phone. There were options typical to cell phones: contacts, messages, Internet access, and the ability to store MP3s. There was also calendar, and customizing options such as wallpapers. The digital items seemed fairly obvious to Eva; there were icons for Digimon, pertaining to its health and the stage it was. This you could scroll through to see previous stages. Eva had found an image of Ouncemon, Irbimon’s original stage, which brought back memories.

There was also the option to view other Digimon. Siberimon, Odocomon and their previous forms had been registered. Frankie and James were automatically in the contacts. Corvimon was there, and also the Roachmon. Each page was small, and could be manipulated to show more information, which could then be scrolled through with a soft touch. It showed their health, information such as eating habits and ideal habitat. It also disclosed attacks and their elemental alignment.

“I guess there’s probably more, but that’s what I’ve found for now,” James concluded.

“I like the touch screen.” Eva nodded. “Any idea what it’s called?” James shook his head.

“How about a D-Touch?” Frankie suggested, easily spinning hers around in her hand. “Yeah, D, for Digimon and Touch cause it’s a touch screen.”

“Makes sense,” James agreed.

“And it’s not too much of a mouthful,” Irbimon added. “By the way,” he was looking at Frankie, “how come you didn’t tell Eva you had a Digimon? More specifically, my brother.”

“I didn’t know…?” Frankie grinned sheepishly. “Then again, Eva didn’t know I had Siberimon. In fact, the only people who knew were my family. I mean, before he was Siberimon and Tigrimon, he was Brisamon, and before that, an egg.”

“Same here. My family has known about Odocomon since I was born. The egg was there waiting in my cot when I was brought home from hospital,” James confirmed.

“Trippy… we’ve all had our Digimon since we were babies,” Eva said. “Even Tom.”

Frankie sat up alert. “Tom too?!”

“Yeah.” Eva nodded, apparently surprised by Frankie’s reaction.

“Tom who?” James added.

Irbimon spoke this time. “Tom is Eva’s house mate.”

“Boyfriend,” Eva corrected, lightly batting the snow leopard Digimon on the head. “He’s got one too, Corvimon. Little grey flightless bird,” she explained, still seeming unfazed.

“You just happen to get into a relationship with a guy with a Digimon – now that is trippy,” Frankie stated. She leaned against the back of the couch, arms and legs folded.

Odocomon lifted her head, she had been silent, listening to the goings on around her, but mostly dozing quietly on the floor. “I can imagine that was an interesting conversation when you introduced Uncimon.”

Eva laughed nervously. “Well… it was different.”

Conversation flowed easily, the six of them speaking as if they had known each other and about their partners for years – the previous awkwardness had dissipated completely and the room felt at ease and casual. Comfortable.

As they started discussing the Roachmon, the three Digimon lifted their heads and stared at the door. It was a few seconds before the sound of keys on the lock was heard. Tom entered a few seconds later, laden with bags. Behind him, Corvimon was following, dragging a bag of bread with her beak. She spotted the other Digimon, all now on their feet, approaching her, promptly dropped the bag and fled to Tom’s side.

“Hey, easy there.” Tom bent and picked her up, placing her on his shoulder. “Hey everyone.” He waved quickly and began decanting the shopping.

“This is James,” Eva introduced Tom. He and James shook hands quickly. “You know Frankie, obviously. And this is Odocomon and Siberimon.” She indicated to both Digimon, who stood beside their partners in the threshold.

“This is Corvimon.” Tom indicated to the quivering ball on his shoulder. “Sorry about her, she’s a little nervous sometimes.” He smiled quickly, patted her feathery head and continued on with his task. “Don’t let me interrupt.”

“Actually you came at the perfect time,” Siberimon spoke.


“Mhm-hm.” Frankie nodded. “How come you have a Digimon too?”

Tom shrugged one shoulder. “No idea, she was just there when I was a baby.” He turned to Frankie. “Could ask the rest of you the same thing. It’s kind of weird isn’t it?”

“How so?” Eva asked.

“We all have Digimon,” Tom replied simply. “I have to wonder if any other people do.”

“Maybe,” Irbimon muttered. “Anything is possible I guess. I mean, I didn’t think there were other Digimon ‘cept me and Corvimon.”

“And now look,” Siberimon commented. The two feline Digimon exchanged looks and grinned at each other. Eva and Frankie laughed.

Tom finished packing away the groceries, with Eva’s help and with Corvimon on his shoulder. Most business of Digimon discussed or otherwise forgotten, James and Frankie sat on the love seat, Frankie flipping through channels with Siberimon on her lap. Odocomon sat on the floor again, underneath James’s outstretched legs. Irbimon was keeping Eva’s seat warm, and moved when she came to sit. Tom was beside her, with Corvimon, who still remained silent, huddled up in his lap and shying away from the others.

Eventually, Frankie settled on the end of a crime scene TV show, which had further episodes following it after the ten minute news update. She wanted to know if anything of the Roachmon had been reported, and more importantly, if they and the Digimon had been spotted. The credits rolled and shortly after, the headlines were announced.

“On your ten minute update today:
Police question a man regarding the disappearance of nine-year-old Jeice Kombre.
Head of Atlas Corp, Bella Divine quashes rumors the company is responsible for the incident downtown.
Fire in luxury hotel, Ramada, now believed to be arson.

Good afternoon,”

The news woman spoke clearly, reading from her notes the basics of the worst the news had to offer. It seemed every day there was something else, someone dead or missing. The Jeice Kombre kid had been missing for nearly six weeks and had been on the front page most days out of that time.

The story about Atlas Corp caught the attention of all who sat in the room. Atlas Corp was the company everyone knew about. They made and controlled everything, from clothing and washing machines, to super computers, sky scrapers and satellites. Bella Divine was the head of the corporation, the CEO since her husband had died. She was a relatively tall woman, statuesque, but she looked cold and unapproachable. She spoke without consulting any notes, was swift, and gave her answers shortly and without hesitation, directly into the camera.

“I can assure you that the incident with the falling home objects was nothing to do with Atlas Corp. Despite many of the items being made by the company, it was not a publicity stunt, or a delivery gone wrong. It in fact had nothing to do with the company, and is believed to be one of our competitors making and attempt to tarnish our well-founded and hard-earned reputation by playing silly pranks, which have injured several people and put two people in intensive care.

As CEO for Atlas Corp, I have pledged that we will assist in whatever way we can the clean-up and repair of the damage to downtown, and that the people who have suffered most from this mess will be aptly compensated. Thank you.”

Again the screen flipped back to the news room, and the reader continued.

“Talk about an ice queen,” Frankie muttered.

Eva agreed. “Would not like to meet her down a dark alley. Still, at least nothing about Digimon mentioned or linked to it.”

“This just in-“ the TV screen cut away from the weather report to the news room where the reader was looking at a piece of paper, “the financial district is currently being attacked by what onlookers have described as a large bird. This footage of the creature was caught by a tourist on their cell phone.” The screen cut again, to a shaky handheld film with no sound of the tall sky scrapers in the financial district and what could be just seen as a large set of tail feathers. More chilling was the camera panning down, and then zooming into the terrified face of a stone man. “Reports have stated that it is extremely dangerous to be out on the streets, and to avoid leaving your homes and buildings at all costs. This may seem like a practical joke, but it appears people are turning to stone upon looking at this creature in some kind of bizarre Medusa effect…”

The room was silent as the TV continued on about the emergency report. Odocomon silently got to her feet and nudged James. The Digimon all recovered quickly and were pulling at their partners.

“Digimon,” Odocomon murmured.

“Right,” James said breathlessly.

“It’s turning people to stone?!” Eva yelped, getting to her feet.

“How are we going to get there?” Frankie added. “The financial district is at least forty minutes on foot!”

“I have my truck,” James replied. He was heading for the door, with Eva, Frankie, and Tom in quick pursuit with their Digimon. Tom felt it necessary to go. Now that he was not alone in having a Digimon, he felt it would be best to stick close to them. “A couple of you will have to sit in the back in the open, but it’ll fit us all.”

“Sounds good to me.” Tom closed the door behind him and locked it quickly. Moments later they were dashing down the hall.


James’ truck came to a screeching halt, before sliding. He had parked a couple of blocks away from where the alleged strange happenings were… well, happening.

The group slowly turned the corner of the next street.

“Oh… my.” Eva couldn’t find the words to explain the scene.

To their horror, it was much like the news had spoken about. Hundreds of people who had been walking around the financial district were turned into stone; some cars were damaged, with the street lights going haywire with electric currents.

The group had little time to react before the ground began to shake with small tremors. A sudden burst of light came from Tom’s pocket, prompting him to pull out his cell phone. The phone shifted and changed in his hands, revealing a black and green device much like the others.

“What the--” The tremors came harder. Tom caught Eva, who almost fell over.

“Whatever is coming towards us, is a biggie.” Odocomon walked ahead of the others. Irbimon and Siberimon stood by her side, the three determined to protect the others from whatever was coming their way. Corvimon kept herself hidden behind Tom, peeking slightly across his leg.

The sound of a “CAW” was heard as the giant figure turned the corner around the building. 

“That is…one…huge…” Frankie stepped back slightly.

“Chicken?” James finished her sentence, in somewhat disbelief to what he was seeing.

The giant Digimon was pretty much around three stories tall. His white feathers shook with each step, while everything he stepped on was crushed under his feet. He walked slowly, lowering his head close to the ground as he turned the corner, and his back feathers began glowing.

Tom’s Digivice activated, a giant holographic screen forming slightly in front of him.

“Kokatorimon, a champion level bird Digimon. He has an impressive crest and sharp beak. He can turn his opponent into a statue by releasing beams emitted from his eyes with an attack called Petrifier.”

“Oh, wow. What can these things not do?” Eva commented cheerfully, looking at her own device---

“MOVE!” James shouted, Eva looked up just in time and dove out the way as a green beam hit dead in the middle of the street.

Everyone had found themselves on the ground, getting up as quick as possible. Tom found himself holding Corvimon, who was shivering in his arms, her eyes closed tightly.

Irbimon, Siberimon and Odocomon raced towards Kokatorimon.

“Aurora Light!!”

“Biting Ice!!”

“Hurricane Slasher!!”

They attacked simultaneously.

Kokatorimon backed up, roaring back. He reared his head back, forming a ball of energy in his mouth. His red back feathers glowed once more, seeming to add energy to the attack.

Odocomon lowered her head, opening her mouth forming a beam of her own.

Irbimon’s claws covered in ice, he leaped towards Kokatorimon. “Frost Strike!”

Siberimon, who was running towards Kokatorimon from behind, leaped into the air as well. “Moon…Ripper!” Shot a huge amount of damaging wind from his mouth.

Irbimon’s claws made contact, knocking Kokatorimon to the side before the attack he was charging was released. The attack crashed into a building, sending flying flash and debris into the street. Kokatorimon was sent forward from Siberimon’s attack, but flying to the side from Irbimon’s punch.

“Borealis Stream!” Odocomon finally charged up her attack, hitting Kokatorimon head on and sending him flying back down the street. His crash caused dust to disable the group’s vision with a few coughs.

“He’s done, right?” Eva asked.

Tom felt Corvimon shake violently in his arms, before trying to bury herself in his chest. Tom was puzzled by her sudden behavior; it was like she wanted to fight but was fighting with herself not to.

“I’m so over this,” Frankie commented, dusting off her heels.

A green light caught their attention from the dust cloud and before they could react it shot through the air rapidly.

It happened instantly; Irbimon, Siberimon and Odocomon were suddenly stone.

Kokatorimon’s laugh flooded the sound of the streets as the smoke cleared.

James shook in horror, unable to move, while all Frankie could do was gasp loudly, covering her mouth with both hands to hold in a loud scream. Eva was too shocked to do anything. Tom and Corvimon were completely speechless.

“This isn’t good, not at all,” Tom commented.

Corvimon leaped from Tom’s arms, bouncing towards the others with her eyes closed and small tears in the corner of her eyes.

“Corvimon, WAIT! YOU CAN‘T-” Tom ran after her.

Corvimon let out a small cry before launching herself to the chicken Digimon. “BLACKOUT!”

The small bird Digimon slammed herself right in the middle of Kokatorimon’s forehead, with little damage being given. Kokatorimon’s head jerked back slightly as he only released a small yelp of pain.

The device in Tom’s hand once again started to glow as Corvimon was falling towards him. He held out his arms to catch her.

“Corvimon, over-clock evolve to…” The small ball of light shifted into something a little bigger. Corvimon’s feathers became darker, with most of her upper body turning black. Silver rings appeared at the top of her black arm-like wings, and a small bushy tail of feathers followed from behind her. “Poemon!”

Poemon fell into Tom’s arms and clung to him slightly. Tom took a moment to notice his partner’s new form, but his thoughts were quickly interrupted.

“UH. MOVE, MAYBE?” Frankie’s voice called out from afar, Tom looked up to notice Kokatorimon charging yet another attack.

Poemon pushed Tom back, sliding him across the ground but also out of harm’s way as she shot towards Kokatorimon.

“Nevermore…!” She tried to find confidence in herself, disappearing in a puff of smoke before reappearing in front of Kokatorimon’s face once again. She slashed the fellow bird Digimon with shadow-covered claws, flying back out of the distracted attack he released.

Her attack hit the Digimon dead in both eyes, causing Kokatorimon to suffer from temporary blindness. In a freak out, the giant chicken Digimon began blasting and swinging his wings around randomly, causing pandemonium in the streets.

“Oh no…!” Poemon said to herself, barely dodging the beams flying from Kokatorimon’s mouth shooting in all different directions.

On the ground, James, Eva, and Frankie collected the stone versions of their partners, holding them close while they dodged the random beams shooting around. Eva turned to look for Tom.

“Tom?? TOM!?” She shouted but couldn’t see him.

“What the HELL is he DOING?” James stopped his running once he had looked back, seeing Tom running towards Kokatorimon.

Tom wasn’t going to leave Poemon behind, and even if they didn’t defeat the Kokatorimon, he was going to have her with him.

Poemon frantically flew around, trying not to get hit.

“Poemon! Let’s go!” Tom yelled out.

She didn’t question it and quickly tried to fly towards Tom in a panic. “I-I’m sorry…!” She kept apologizing as she flew down towards him. Tom once again opened his arms out for her to fly into with a smile forming across his face.

But the smile quickly faded.

Kokatorimon’s head came into focus behind Poemon, his eyes glowing green, ready for an attack.

“Fuck!” Tom shouted. Poemon looked slightly behind herself. She panicked more. Kokatorimon roared out, the feathers behind him glowing brightly while another beam formed in his mouth.


“Tom!” the others shouted.

Poemon gasped, triggering the device from Tom’s pocket to activate once more.

The crow Digimon was suddenly surrounded by green light, the only light that seemed to illuminate from her body since she had been in this form.

“Poemon, over-clock evolve to…” The streets darkened. All the street lights, building lights, the light from the devices, they were all absorbed in a tornado of darkness that surrounded Poemon’s form.  The small bird’s body shifted to become even bigger, wings expanding outwards, bat-like membranes stretched across the bottom row of feathers. Her colors stayed intact, with two more silver rings forming around the ankles of her bird legs. Her bushy tail of feathers turned into a massive wave of dark smoke, trailing behind her every move. Her eyes showed more seriousness and more confidence than before, and with that she shouted with pride, “Valramon!”

Valramon took no time in letting her new form be admired.

“I am tired of you,” she stated, flying high over Kokatorimon. All of the light that was near or around her was absorbed, making her form barely visible in the night aside from her piercing green eyes.

Kokatorimon reared his head back, feathers glowing, and released another beam from his mouth. Valramon dodged it with ease, and was suddenly partly engulfed by the smoke of her tail.

“Night Strike!” Diving towards Kokatorimon, the attack hit, causing the chicken Digimon to yell out in agony.

Valramon flew back into the air, and repeated the attack once more. Kokatorimon’s body started to become data pixels as it cried out once more. Valramon flapped her wings, watching from above as the Digimon had fallen.

Kokatorimon’s data remains made their way towards Tom, flying around him before entering his Digivice. ‘Data Saved.’ flashed on the screen.

“Ah.” Tom placed the device back into his pocket, before turning to Valramon who quickly reformed back into Poemon. Tom bent down on one knee as Poemon ran towards him, embracing him with a hug before he stood back up, holding her in his arms.

“I’m so tired…” Poemon closed her eyes against Tom’s chest.

It wasn’t long before the stone people in the streets were returning to normal, as well as Irbimon, Siberimon and Odocomon.

“Biting Ice!” Irbimon attacked Siberimon’s tail; not realizing the battle was over and attacked the first thing in his face.

“OW! YOU IDIOT!!” Siberimon turned to Irbimon, punching him over the top of his head.

Tom made his way back over to the group who all had little to nothing to say.

“Get out of here?” James asked rhetorically.

The group quickly jogged away, turning the corner of the street back to James’ truck.

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