Episode 5: out of beach

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As CEO of one of the most powerful companies in the world, Bella Divine was used to getting her way. And also used to the finer things. She enjoyed the private Mercedes picking her up from her apartment and taking her to and from the Atlas Corp building. She liked the sense of fear and unadulterated respect the employees gave off whenever they saw her. The fact that people would exit an elevator for her, leaving it like a private compartment whenever she walked into it. How people’s heads ducked behind their computer screens, employees always afraid to make eye contact with her when she walked down the corridor to her glass paned office.

Today started the same way as she was used to, her long suffering personal assistant, Eleanor, was leaving Bella’s office just as Bella threw her coat down onto her desk. Eleanor hung up the coat and then retrieved a pile of memos she had collected since she had entered the office at 7am.

“Uhm Miss. Divine?” Typical, tentative Eleanor, hovering in the doorway of the glass office, always too afraid to enter until she had the go-ahead from Bella. In truth, her nervous habits annoyed Bella, but she didn’t have the heart to get rid of her. As a PA, Eleanor was actually quite good. She had a good memory, her hand writing was legible, she didn’t ask questions and best of all, she didn’t blab or try to make small talk. She came in, gave Bella what she needed, and got on with her work.

“Yes?” Bella bid her to enter with a bored wave of her hand, while skimming an email on her laptop screen.

“I have some messages for you here,” Eleanor started handing over several pieces of paper, some on pink card, others cream and others yellow. Each color represented a level of importance. “You have a conference call at eleven with the head of office in England, and then at two with the head in Japan, a translator will be here at your disposal at half past one.” Bella was only half listening, more interested in the details written on the memos. “Also, your children arrived this morning. I sent them through to your personal conference room.”

“Thank you.” Bella said curtly. Eleanor took this as her cue to leave and did so, disappearing to her desk where the phone rang a moment later. Bella discarded the less important memos into one of her ‘to do’ trays, even the important items could wait. She sipped the lukewarm latte Eleanor had ordered for her arrival and grimaced. It was full fat milk, not soy milk like she always asked for. Obviously Eleanor’s head wasn’t quite in the right place, which was to be expected with her mother in hospital. Still, Bella couldn’t abide sloppiness when it came to anything, even the small details.

Rising from her chair, Bella set her out of office and called through to Eleanor to hold all her calls without waiting for a reply. Bella’s personal conference room was medium sized, an extension to her office, divided by a sound proof and code locked door. A code only she and Eleanor knew. The room itself was a cool grey color with a large central table made of white marble. Surrounding it were decorative mahogany Edwardian style chairs. At one end there was a large computer screen, projector and a built-in laptop.

Tapping in the code, the doors opened with a soft ‘whoosh’ sound allowing Bella through and closing behind her, locking. The occupants of the room were on their feet with almost military-like precision and speed upon her entry, facing her. Standing at opposite sides of the table were her twin children, Hunter and Rose. Hunter was the older by a few minutes, with dark grey hair, too long for Bella’s liking, though he refused to get it cut, and sharp, intelligent green eyes. Rose was almost a replica of Bella, with light grey hair, though she shared the same eyes as her brother.

“Sit down.” Bella said breezily, walking straight to the built-in laptop. She didn’t have time for motherly affection, and her children had come to know they would not receive any from her. It had been that way since they had been small children. Bella had never spent much time with them as babies or toddlers; they had been handed over from one nanny to the next and then sent to boarding school when they had been old enough. Some newspapers had criticized Bella as a bad mother, cold and emotionless, but as far as Bella was concerned she was teaching her children the valuable lesson of self reliance.

Hunter was tall, lanky, athletically built with a mentality to match. He was a master at most things he tried his hand to, provided it was a physical activity. Be it running, surfing or something as mundane as dance machines. Rose was less an athlete than her brother but smarter, like Bella, she had a brain for business and had always out done Hunter in academics.

“I trust you had a comfortable flight.” Bella was talking, not asking questions. She knew they’d have had a comfortable flight in the private jet owned by the company. They always did. “And that you find your apartments to your liking. You’re too old now to be living together.”

“About time.” Hunter muttered, he was fiddling with his dog tags that remained permanently around his neck. Rose made a face at him, twirling her hair around a dainty finger. Bella ignored Hunter’s comment, now she had the laptop up and working and the projector showing on screen the start of a video. “Why did you drag us out of college this time?” Hunter asked, impatient.

“Because,” Bella hit play on an external remote and the video began, “it’s time.” The video showed the recent events with Digimon. The Roachmon brothers, and the Digimon fighting them off. Meramon, and his failed attack on the Amazonian-esque Digimon. IceDevimon being fought off by a giant deer, and a bird with bat wings and a shadow tail destroying Kokatorimon. The video went on for several minutes, engulfing the room in sound, each clip of the fights lasting about a minute and a half.

“When did this start?” Rose asked when the video was finished and she had had time to absorb what she and her brother had just seen.

“About two weeks ago.” Bella replied. She was sitting now at the head of the table in the largest chair with her arms folded, surveying both young adults. “When the Roachmon appeared.”

Hunter was examining the paused screen behind his mother. “And the Digimon fighting them off...?”

“Chosen Digimon, I believe.” Bella explained. “How else do you explain their changing forms?”


“Don’t be so stupid.” Bella retorted sharply, sending a dark glare towards Hunter. “There’s no such thing as fluke, in the same way there is no such thing as coincidence.”

Rose adjusted her jacket. “And what do you want us to do about it?”

“Espionage.” Bella smiled nastily, and clicked a button on the remote. The screen changed, showing profiles of six people in the same age range of Rose and Hunter. “These six show up, or are around whenever Digimon activity starts, it is our belief that they are the Digimon’s partners.”

“Our?” Hunter questioned.

Bella ignored him again, and carried on. “We know very little about each of them, except that these two,” the screen showed two girls, one with black hair the other platinum blonde, “have classes together in the local college. And these two,” the screen hi-lighted a tan young man with a tear tattoo and a brunette boy, “work together on an Atlas Corp building site at the moment. Though the building is almost completed. The six of them know each other, however strained the connections are.”

“Why is this our problem again?” Hunter asked, lazily leaning back in his chair.

“They have already destroyed strong Digimon that have come through, they will only continue to get stronger, and we cannot allow that to happen, otherwise history will just repeat itself.” Bella answered sharply, “Honestly, you have been told and trained for this your entire lives.”

“Mother, it’s really no use trying to reason with him when he’s in this mood.” Rose explained, boredly looking at her brother. “I understand the severity of the situation. What is it that you want us to do?”

Bella cast a sidelong glance at Hunter, who had propped his legs up on the table before turning fully to Rose. “At the moment, nothing. I would like you to simply observe and feed back to me any information you uncover about each person and their Digimon. They have a head start, but we have the technology to catch up and we will stop them from accomplishing anything more. Keep an eye on any... weaknesses, in the people themselves, or in the group. Partnerships that are tenuous – anything that can be used to our advantage.”

“Yes, mother, we understand.” Rose confirmed, she got to her feet, beckoning her brother with her. “We’ll keep you informed.”

Hunter was out of his chair and by the door before Rose or Bella had reached it. After Bella had switched off the computer she punched in the key code, allowing the two out in front of her. They left the office without a word, and without regarding Eleanor as she bid them both a shy goodbye. Once outside of the Atlas Corp offices, waiting for the elevator, Hunter turned to his sister.

“What’s all this damn ‘we’ stuff? I’m not helping you. If anything, I’ll be figuring this out on my own.”

“Of course,” Rose commented, feigning amusement. “Because that has worked out so well for you in the past.”

Hunter grunted in reply as the elevator arrived. “Well, if you’re so smart, where do you intend to start looking?”

“The smartest thing to do would be to keep an active eye on digital activity.” Explained Rose watching the floors descend slowly. “Of course I wouldn’t expect you to think of something so obvious. You’ll probably do something complicated and convoluted and need saving in the middle of it--”

“I’m sorry, you’re still talking? I stopped listening after a second.” Hunter interjected. The doors to the elevator opened and he walked out, hands shoved in his pockets. He could see the Mercedes waiting for himself and his sister and made a beeline for it. He could hear his sister’s high heels clicking on the floor. He only had to deal with her until they got to their separate apartments.


Hi everyone! It’s Piper!

I thought it might be nice to have a get together on the beach this weekend. The weather is set to be bright sunshine, and I have a lifeguard friend who can cordon off some beach for us so the Digimon can have full rein! Bring food for barbequing!

- Piper and Caesarmon”

The message had been a collective one, sent to everyone, and one that had surprised Tom and Eva both. Piper had been the last person they had both expected to organize a get together for all of them, considering she had been quite unsure of them all a few days before. But they weren’t going to say no to a beach trip or a barbeque, and they knew the Digimon would only kick up a fuss if they didn’t go; so they had organized a carpool with James, and collected together spare clothes, food, a blanket and some towels.

A second message had been sent by the blonde girl with directions to the exact stretch of beach and a meeting time. It was a few minutes away from a car park which made life easy for James, and it made life easy for the Digimon travelling across the tarmac and onto the beach. The section that had been kept for Piper and the group had been marked with red flags, deeming it unsafe to swim to other holiday makers. It simply meant for them that they wouldn’t be found out. It was a short section about twenty to thirty meters long, covered in fine golden sand with rocks at each end acting as wave breakers. The tide was on its way out, leaving plenty of sand exposed for sitting, cooking and sunbathing.

Frankie was in the midst of the latter, large designer sunglasses on her face, laid out on a pink towel, wearing a nautical inspired bikini. Siberimon was trying to keep cool in the shade of a sun umbrella, sitting next to an ice box Frankie or Piper had brought with them.

“Hey!” Eva greeted as she, Tom and James reached Frankie. She looked up over her sunglasses at them.

“Heyhey!” she stretched lazily and sat up. “What took you guys?”

“I had to get out of my house without my little sister clinging to my leg.” James explained planting himself on the sand. Odocomon immediately went to the shade of the umbrella, joined by Irbimon. Poemon stuck close to Tom, who was laying out a couple of towels and a blanket.

“Where’s Piper?” he asked.

“Oh, she went chasing off after Caesarmon, who was determined to find a clam or something to eat I think.” Frankie explained waving her hand. “Jay, how have you been?”

“Same old...” James replied, somewhat perturbed by Frankie’s exuberant greeting to him. “How about you?”

“Oh fine.”

“Your head?”

“All better!” Frankie knocked the side of her head for effect. “Well, don’t let me keep you, go and get your swim gear on!” She physically shoved James, nearly toppling him into the sand. James laughed uneasily, getting to his feet and retrieving from his knapsack a pair of red and white surf shorts. The beach was littered with tents for changing in; two were about ten feet from where Piper had decided to set up. Tom followed after James to the other changing tent, his own shorts in hand, while Eva stripped down to her pink and white striped tankini, which she had been wearing underneath her normal clothes.

“You seem feisty.” Eva commented, smirking at Frankie who was lying back on her towel absorbing the rays. “Something in the air?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Frankie replied, showing a cheeky grin. Eva shook her head, laughing to herself softly. Frankie would never change; she obviously had James as a new target for her flirting.

“Oh! Eva, hi! You made it!” Eva turned hearing Piper’s voice behind her. The blonde was approaching in a black two-piece with yellow and white flowers decorating it. Caesarmon followed a few steps behind her holding a clam in his mouth with seaweed covering his head. “Is Tom here too?”

“Of course!” Eva grinned. “It’s good to see you. This was a nice idea.” She sat down on one of the towels Tom had laid out for them, and Piper joined her on another towel. James and Tom were walking over from the changing tents, Tom in a pair of green surf shorts. “Have you met James?” She indicated to him as he got within hearing distance.

“Nope. Hi,” Piper held her hand out to him, “I’m Piper.”

“I guessed.” James smiled. “James. And this is Odocomon.” He indicated to his partner, who demurely lowered her head in greeting from underneath the umbrella.

“What a surprise, no Reyez.” Tom sighed, dumping his clothes in a bag.

“Not yet.” Caesarmon commented, pausing his gnawing on his clam. “He said he would be here later though.”

“You’ve spoken to him?” Frankie asked, she sounded surprised and was now sitting up, interested.

Piper shook her head. “Not so much, but we had a random text conversation the other day when I sent the message out. He’s kind of... sarcastic, huh?”

Frankie raised her eyebrows. “Uh, yeah. Just a bit.”

Siberimon cleared his throat from under the umbrella, catching the attention of everyone from their conversation. “Well, interesting as all this is about Reyez, I think we should all have a swim before we eat.”

“Good idea!” Tom agreed.

“Uhm... I don’t think I can swim...” Poemon said softly, tugging at the bottom of Tom’s shorts. Tom grinned and patted her feathery head.

“That’s okay; you can stay up here and watch over our stuff.” Poemon immediately brightened at the prospect of not having to go near the water.

Piper got to her feet and stretched. “You body board?” She asked Tom. Behind the umbrella was a pile of three of the foam boards in question, and two large black rubber rings. Irbimon was lying on one of the body boards, eyes half open, boredly surveying the others.

“Not that well – but I can do it a little.” Tom explained.

“About my level then.” Piper grinned. “Hey uhm... Eva?”

Eva glanced at Irbimon, who was showing no signs of moving. “Okay lazy bum, off you get.” She shoved him in the backside with her foot gently.

“Mrf.” Irbimon grumbled back, curling up into a large feline ball. Eva frowned, reached down and hooked her arms underneath her partner. “Nooo...” Irbimon continued to grumble as she lifted him with some effort and he dangled over her arms, looking unimpressed. Tom was laughing and quickly took a snap shot with the camera on his D-Touch.

“If only that could be a Facebook profile picture.” Tom sighed.

Irbimon made a face. “Ha-ha.”

“You coming Frankie?” Eva asked, holding one of the rubber rings, now she had deposited Irbimon back on the sand.

“Nah, I’m happy where I am.”

“Pfft.” James scoffed. “Lame. Come on Odocomon.” James was running down the beach, Odocomon at his side a moment later. Frankie was watching, Eva watching her.

“You’re not going to stand for that from him, are you?” she asked, smirking.

Frankie shrugged, grabbing the sun tan cream from her bag. “I’ll get him back a bit later.”

“Alright, boys, come on.” She called for Irbimon and Siberimon who were both sitting, watching and waiting for their partners to make their decisions. Irbimon, now suddenly feeling more awake made a quick run to Eva’s side.

“Come on!” He called to his brother, grinning inanely. Siberimon looked at Frankie, as if asking for permission.

“Go for it.” Frankie gave him a small shove. “I’ll be fine.” Siberimon smiled and ran off down to the shoreline, Irbimon in hot pursuit. Eva waved quickly, and followed their paw prints, running brazenly into the cold water. James was already in it up to his hips, soaking his hair. Piper and Tom were attached to body boards a little further out in the water. Odocomon tentatively gambolled in the surf. Caesarmon’s head ducked up and down from the water once in a while, and the two feline Digimon were submerged up to their necks in minutes.


Eventually Frankie joined the others in the water, when Reyez arrived with Ailurmon and declared he wouldn’t be swimming. Frankie hadn’t wanted to stay on the beach with only Poemon and Ailurmon for company with Reyez, their passing conversation from a few days ago still stinging in her mind, so she had grabbed the remaining rubber ring and joined the others, dabbling in the ring, until James shoved her and the ring over.

Caesarmon ran from the water to those up on the beach several times, trying to coax the other Digimon in, only to be met with distain from Ailurmon and hesitation from Poemon. He had little luck with convincing Reyez to remove his shoes, to allow him to wade a little at least. So he gave up – until he came back about twenty minutes later and the whole thing started again.

Tom and Piper were competing to see who could get further standing on a body board without falling over, though neither was winning. Eva and Frankie were happy in their rings floating near to each other, talking while their Digimon swam around them, occasionally chasing each other under the water to play.

“How come you don’t swim... you can swim, right?” Poemon asked Ailurmon who was sprawled out on the sand absorbing the sun’s rays. Reyez sat under the umbrella in the shade, cigarette clasped in his lips, playing his hand held gaming system, apparently bored.

“I can, I chose not to.” Ailurmon replied. “Besides, I want to tan.”

Poemon blinked, surprised. “You... can tan?”

“I don’t know.” Ailurmon retorted. “I’m finding out.”

“O-oh! O-okay. I’m sorry, that was a s-stupid question...” Poemon cowered away, wishing now she had Tom to cuddle up to, the way she would when she felt uncomfortable, or like she had made a faux pas. Ailurmon sighed loudly and sat up, turning her blue eyes onto the black bird Digimon.

“You gotta learn to stand up for yourself. I wasn’t having a go at you, don’t apologize all the time.” She said brusquely.


“Nah!” Ailurmon got to her feet. “What did I just say!?”


“I swear if you say ‘sorry’ I’m shoving your beak in the sand.” Ailurmon levelled Poemon with a long, hard stare, as if challenging the bird Digimon to apologize again. Poemon was nervously flickering her gaze between the panda Digimon and the sand.


“No! No damn it!” Ailurmon yelped. Reyez laughed at the exchange quietly. “I am going to teach you to stand up for yourself! What good would it do with your meek little voice if a boy came up and grabbed you?!” Ailurmon grabbed Poemon’s wings for effect, “Wouldn’t do much good, would it?”

“W... well... no. I g-guess.”

“No. Not at all!” Shouted Ailurmon. “You wanna yell at them at the top of your voice: get away from me you creep!”


“Damn straight. Creep, perv. Whatever you fancy at the time. But you can’t be meek and little and weak about it. You’re a woman, where’s your female pride!?”

Poemon wriggled uncomfortably, struggling out of Ailurmon’s grip. “I... I don’t have any?”

“Why not?!”

Reyez decided now to interject, though it was amusing to see Poemon getting a verbal berating from his own girl powered Digimon. “Easy there now, Women’s Rights.” He grabbed Ailurmon by the belt, in an attempt to prevent her from flailing any more at terrified raven Digimon.

“This! See, this is what I’m talking about!” Ailurmon growled loudly at Reyez. “If I was Bambusmon right now I would so stick it to the man!”

“What a shame you’re about as intimidating as a small leaf in this form.” He teased.

Ailurmon growled again and turned to Poemon. “Come on, now’s your chance, stick up for your gender!” Both Reyez and Ailurmon stared at the green eyes of Poemon, expectantly. She fiddled with her primary feathers for a moment before turning and running swiftly towards the water.


“GET BACK HERE!!” Ailurmon shouted, pulling against Reyez’s grip on her belt. “I will beat some back bone into you!”

The noise appeared to have gained the attention of almost everyone, though Piper remained in the water with Caesarmon, trying to stay more than five seconds on her body board. Tom was wading out of the water towards his distressed partner who was wailing on about how Ailurmon was going to beat her up. Frankie was carrying the rubber ring with her, Siberimon following, shaking out his fur and consequently turning to in a huge damp fur ball. His brother joined him, also looking as if he had been hit with some kind of static electricity. Odocomon had managed to remain quite dry, despite the best efforts of the other Digimon and only flicked water off her ears daintily while waiting for James to join her.

“What was all the noise?” Eva asked as she dragged out the rubber ring she had been sitting in.

Tom shrugged, unable to make much sense of Poemon’s panicked gibberish. “Something about Ailurmon. I’m sure it’s all just a misunderstanding though.” He laughed.

“Who’s hungry?” James asked cheerfully, rubbing his hair, ridding it of the water plastering it to his neck and forehead.

“I know I am!” Siberimon said. His stomach growled making his hunger more apparent. Frankie laughed.

“I think it’s time we get this BBQ underway!” Eva commented. This was followed by an enthusiastic response while they made their ways up the beach.


Tom and James put themselves in charge of the cooking on the portable barbeques Piper had supplied. Everyone had brought along food for themselves and their partner, and then some extra food in case anyone remained hungry. There was more than enough food to go around, it would just take some time to cook it all. Not that anyone minded too much, everyone was enjoying themselves as the sun passed overhead, keeping them all warm and drying their skin from the water.

Conversation passed easily, everyone joining in with discussions about the subject of the time, starting with their Digimon. For now everyone was comfortable in each other’s company, and the Digimon were able to relax, feeling no threat of danger for the moment.

“So, do you think there are any more people with Digimon?” Piper was asking a general question, while setting out cardboard plates for everyone.

“Who knows?” Eva replied. “Tom and I didn’t have a clue that anyone else had Digimon until a couple weeks ago. And now look, we’re a team of six.”

“I think anyone could have a Digimon, to be honest.” Frankie added. “I never would have thought some people could have them.”

“Subtle.” Reyez commented. He had not moved much from his place underneath the umbrella and wasn’t helping, but he was paying attention and at least joining in conversation. Frankie ignored his comment.

“So you think the team will keep growing?”

“Maybe.” James shrugged.

“But we don’t think so.” Odocomon added. Piper looked at her, as did the others. “It’s just a feeling we’ve all had...” Odocomon was looking at her Digimon companions as she spoke, as if asking them to confirm what it was she was saying.

Irbimon piped up. “She’s right. It’s hard to explain, but when we’re all together like this it feels... kind of like a completeness.”

“Like you’ve been missing something?” Tom suggested.

“Something like that.” Poemon answered.

Reyez sat up. “But I thought you guys hadn’t ever known of each other before now. Apart from Poemon and Irbimon.”

“That’s true.” Ailurmon nodded. “It’s hard to explain. But we’re all relatively sure there won’t be any other member’s on this team. Not to say there aren’t more humans with Digimon. Just none like this team.”

There was a silence, which was broken by Eva laughing to herself. “Yeah, cause we’re a regular dysfunctional family.”

Conversation became easier between the group as time went on. It felt like the awkward wall between any of them was lifted, even between Frankie and Reyez… well, maybe only a little bit from them. Little ‘get to know each other’ games were played, such as ‘21 Questions’ and a casual fun random question game of ‘Jeopardy’.

Once most of the food had been eaten, Piper reminded everyone to wait at least an half an hour before swimming again. Though, some hard-headed Digimon like Irbimon tried to disprove this myth, only to have cramps minutes after playing in the water.

Siberimon shook his head in disapproval, dragging his ill-fated brother back towards the rest of the group.

Once things became comfortable for everyone, the others decided to head back to the water to enjoy some more fun. Still, Reyez felt no need to go swimming as he and Ailurmon lay back on the beach under the umbrella, content.

Reyez had his ear-buds connected to his mp3 player placed beside him, once again blasting his incoherent music. He noticed the ground shaking first as he was lying down in the sun, with Ailurmon beside him. Ailurmon shifted when she felt it too, and sat up. Reyez cracked an eye open, shielding his eyes from the sun light.

“What do you think that is?” he asked vaguely. Ailurmon was smelling the air, and in his pocket Reyez’s D-Touch was vibrating. He knew from previous experiences what was coming now and was on his feet in moments, D-Touch in hand.

“Go tell the others.” Ailurmon said firmly. “Things are about to get real.” She was in a ready to fight stance, her entire body rigid, ready to launch into a fray if need be. Reyez nodded and turned to run down to the water where everyone else was paddling or sitting in the rubber rings relaxing.

He had just reached them when Frankie screamed and fell out of her rubber ring in surprise.

“Holy shit!” James yelled, he was running out of the water, followed by Odocomon and the others. Following them out close to the water’s edge were three large Digimon, aquatic, but with metal exo-skeletons covering their bodies. White fins were visible, and blue eyes.

“What the hell?!” Tom growled.

“That’s what I was coming to tell you. Ailurmon sensed Digimon.” He told them, trying to remain as calm as possible. The image of the Digimon flickered up into a hologram above his D-Touch. “These are Coelamon, ancient fish Digimon. They live in schools of up to twenty Digimon at a time, and are like wolves in the sea.”

“We can take them.” Irbimon said, already in a battle position, eyeing up the three fish Digimon who hovered close to the water’s edge.


Another scream caught their attention, Poemon was flying straight towards them, followed by Ailurmon, and a short distance away was a large pink Digimon with a shell on its back, and green seaweed like hair.

“TWO?!” Eva yelled. “That’s never happened before!”

The new Digimon appeared above Reyez’s D-Touch. “Shellmon. Deep sea Digimon. It carries its home on its back and its toes are like suction pads, making it difficult to move.” He glanced at Ailurmon. “You think you can take him on?”

“No problem.” Ailurmon was overconfident, but she dashed forward, launching off the ground at Shellmon’s head. “Claw Tremor!” She moved quickly, raining down dozens and dozens of swift punches and kicks.

“You go too.” Tom urged Poemon, who nodded quickly, and then went to join Ailurmon.

“Nevermore!” She disappeared in a puff and reappeared close to Shellmon’s nose, she struck him with the black tips of her wings and dove out of harm’s way.

Siberimon and Irbimon raced towards the intruder.

“Hurricane Slasher!!”

“Frost Strike!!”

Shellmon growled as the attacks continued to hit, aimed carefully, hitting his face and neck. He roared indignantly and shook his head violently, dislodging Ailurmon from her near constant attacks. Ailurmon fell to the ground, knocking into Reyez.

“Hydro Pressure!” Shellmon shot out a strong jet of water, pushing the group back into the shallow water.

“I can’t see!”

“I can barely breathe!” Frankie was shielding herself from the onslaught, her arms crossed in front of her face, a position replicated by everyone else.

“Eva, look out for the Coelamon!” James called over, Eva narrowly avoided her ankle being grabbed.

Caesarmon, who had been quiet took a moment and noticed in the rush of water that Piper was missing.

“Piper…?” Immediately he grew anxious, “Piper? Where’s Piper!?”

“Bigger problems right now!” Siberimon retorted. “Hurricane Sla-ah!” His attack was thwarted by the pumping water from Shellmon’s mouth. It seemed relentless, like he had an inexhaustible supply of water in his mouth.

“Distract him, someone needs to distract him!” Tom yelled, barely heard over the water.

“Leave that to me!” Odocomon confirmed. She was at the edge of the group, the least affected by the water. She was able to dash out from underneath it, like it was a heavy rain. “Borealis Stream!” Darts of pink light shot at Shellmon. She ran off. Shellmon followed, his mouth open still, shooting the pummelling directly at her small body, which dashed and darted off the sand.

“Siberimon!” Frankie said.

“On it!” Siberimon ran forward, “Siberimon, over-clock evolve to...” his form increased, and in the glow of orange light, Hurakamon’s silhouette became apparent. His shape, the wind cloak on his back, the larger paws and claws. “Hurakamon!” He roared and took no time in running forward, charging into Shellmon’s side.

Shellmon’s endless water attack stopped as he toppled onto his side.

“Piper! Who’s seen Piper?!” Caesarmon was in full panic.

“What?” Eva now able to hear over the noise of the water turned to him. “Piper?”

“She’s gone!” The otter exclaimed. Eva took a quick glance around the group. All the Digimon were now attacking, joining Hurakamon in the fray, the humans all watching from a safe distance. She couldn’t see Piper’s blonde head anywhere. There was a sinking feeling in her gut as she looked out over the water.

“Oh my God.” There she could see the platinum blonde hair on the surface of the water.

“Piper!” Caesarmon ran straight out into the water.


“Caesarmon!” Tom shouted.

“The Coelamon!” Added James.

Caesarmon was greeted by the three Coelamon blocking his path under the water, allowing him no passage through. They were bigger, he was outnumbered and the Coelamon were much stronger than he was. They were menacing, swarming around him in a circle, swimming, swimming, drawing closer. All the while Piper was bobbing unconsciously on the water’s surface mere feet away.

“Spinning Torrent!” His attack shot out under the water, hitting one of the Coelamon, only stunning them for a moment. The other two darted in towards him at speed, and both hit him squarely on either side of his body. Caesarmon hissed and swiped with his claws.

The mildly injured Coelamon had swum away and was nudging Piper with his body. Caesarmon hissed again, and then growled loudly, the noise carrying through the water. The Coelamon appeared to smirk, grabbed Piper’s arm in his mouth and started to swim down, taking Piper with him.

Caesarmon yelled out, diving into the water and swimming towards the Coelamon and his partner. His face showed heavy signs of frustration and determination; he swam faster. His body suddenly started to glow bright yellow with Piper’s body being engulfed in the same light.

“Caesarmon over-clock evolve to...” from the surface all that could be seen was the yellow light underneath the waves, but Caesarmon’s form changed, growing massively in size. His color changed from a light orange-brown to a darker brown. His blue markings spread further up his larger legs and onto his underbelly. Dark blue fur sprouted under his chin and neck, spreading to his back like a mane, and the three metal rings on his tail merged to form a yellow orb encased in metal. “Vespasmon!”

He rose out of the water with one of the Coelamon clasped in his teeth, and threw it away onto the beach where the rookie Digimon could handle it. Vespasmon ran into the deeper water and dove beneath. The second Coelamon had fled and the remaining one, who still had Piper in its grasp, was in eyesight.

“Fossil Bite!” Coelamon expelled small, needle-like projectiles at Vespasmon, shooting them through the water. They exploded on impacted to Vespasmon’s bulk, and while he grimaced at the pain, it only spurred him on further.

Putting on a burst of speed, Vespasmon dashed down through the water catching up to the Coelamon in moments. Without hesitation, Vespasmon grabbed the tail of the other Digimon in his teeth and turned, speeding up towards the surface of the water. He grabbed Piper with one of his massive paws as the Coelamon was released in the fray.

He broke the surface of the water to the sounds of battle.

“Hydro Pum-“

“Wind Wrecker!” In tornado form Hurakamon sped around Shellmon, dislodging any attack he attempted to make.

Vespasmon placed Piper’s unconscious body on the sand with surprising delicacy; in the safe hands of Frankie, Eva and Tom. He turned back to the water and threw the Coelamon from his mouth into the water.

“Fossil Bite!” Another set of explosives ran through the water like missiles, impacting Vespasmon’s paws. Vespasmon’s large tail swished into the water, knocking Coelamon out into the air, like a shark attacking a seal.

“Typhoon Circle!” bellowed Vespasmon, an orb of water forming in his mouth growing in size as Coelamon fell back towards the sea. The sphere of water blasted forward, enveloping Coelamon in its blackness, and appearing to collapse in on itself.

“Gale Meditation!” Hurakamon’s attack cried out over the beach, and Shellmon roared at the impact and as its body disintegrated into data, drifting into Frankie’s D-Touch while the Coelamon’s data did the same into Piper’s.

Threat over, Vespasmon returned to the humans, to Piper who was still out flat on the sand, Frankie and Eva kneeling over her.

“Is she...?” Poemon asked.

“No.” Eva breathed, she sounded relieved. “She’s got a pulse.”

“Thank goodness.” Poemon exhaled.

Vespasmon shoved his nose and face through the group, staring directly at Piper who started to stir slowly, coughing up sea water, by the litre it seemed, as she roused.

“Easy there...” Tom said. “How do you feel?”

“Ugh...” Piper groaned. Her eyes flickered open, widening at the face of Vespasmon straight in front of her. Vespasmon nudged further forward, knocking over Reyez with his urgency. Reyez cursed under his breath. “Are you the reason I’m not a corpse?”


Piper smiled. “I owe you.”

Reyez got to his feet. “Fuck, my kicks are ruined.” He complained loudly, partly because he was irritated, but partly to ease the tension now that Piper wasn’t nearly dead.

“Can’t we have one day where we don’t get attacked by something?” Ailurmon added, folding her arms. “I’m soaked.”

Eva leaned back on her haunches. “I think... we’re going to have to accept that we’re not going to get any days off until the Digimon stop coming.”

“And when will that be?” Frankie asked, sarcastically.

Eva shrugged.

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