Episode 6: tom and eva's
super short playlist

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The yellow bear tried to fight off the small ravens flying around his head, whispering with each passing of his ears. He flailed around in anguish and panic. Not moments later, they exploded causing him to fall to the ground.

Hurakamon slammed a heavy paw down into the concrete of the street, “Wind Wrecker!” He launched towards the Monzaemon that was now down from the previous attack. Hurakamon’s speed was matched by Skadimon, who then leaped into the air.

“Frozen Grip!”

Monzaemon only had a few moments before he could think clearly again. He quickly jumped out of Hurakamon’s attack but was met swiftly with Skadimon; dissolving into data on impact.

Monzaemon’s data floated its way to Eva’s D-Touch, who smiled boastfully.

Skadimon looked to Hurakamon who met him with a glare. “What’s wrong brother? Teddy bear got your tongue?” Skadimon snickered before reverting back to Irbimon. Simultaneously, Hurakamon and Valramon had reverted as well.

Siberimon crossed his arms. “LAME! You knew that was mine!”

“First come…!” Irbimon taunted.

Poemon raised her wing slightly as if she was a shy student in a classroom, waiting to ask the teacher a question. “I-I…Well…It was me, who, distracted him...”

“She has a point there fellas~” Frankie placed her hands in her back pocket, waiting for Siberimon to take his place beside her.

Siberimon and Irbimon huffed in disagreement, then looked at each other and huffed as well.

Eva stretched, her palms towards the night sky followed by a big yawn. “So, what are your plans for the rest of the night Frank? It’s a bit early for you.”

Frankie played with her big Egyptian-style earrings. “It is…I’m supposed to go with Miles and a couple of friends to Club Pink Panther. It’s ladies night ya’know. Get it free before ten, five bucks ‘til 11! Wanna tag?” She asked.

“I thought you stopped talking to Miles, he’s a bit of a douche,” Eva warned.

Frankie shook her head. “Eh. He’s offering free drinks. You sure you don’t want to come?”

Eva shook her head, declining. “Nah, me and Tom rented this new hipster movie and we’re gonna watch that.” She smiled, Eva leaned close to Frankie’s ear. “And have some, y’know, alone time.”

Frankie looked at Eva and both proceeded to giggle like school girls. Tom shook his head, looking down at Poemon who attached herself to his leg.

Siberimon looked at Irbimon who shrugged, puzzled.

Frankie began to step away, her hands behind her back. She smiled cutely. “Have fun~…OH! Call me later!” Siberimon waved goodbye as well.

Eva, Tom, Poemon and Irbimon watched their friends depart into the darkness of the night before turning in their own direction; chatting amongst themselves.


Frankie placed her index finger to her mouth, quietly shushing Siberimon. She turned the key to the door in the hall of her apartment complex and made her way in slowly. Siberimon peeked out from behind her, walking in as well.

“Ms. Lynn?” Frankie slipped out of her patent leather pumps. Siberimon slowly shut the door behind them, quietly. “Ms. Lynnnn~?” Frankie spoke in a sing-song voice.

She turned the corner to peek into the living room. Her facial expression softened as she stared at the old lady sitting in front of her TV with a carved block of wood and a pocket knife in her lap. Frankie walked towards her, kneeling down to the side of her wheel chair. Siberimon blinked, standing on the other side of the chair.

He reached up, poking the elderly woman in the arm. “Ms. Lynn?”

Ms. Lynn jumped up from her supposed nap. Strands of her hair fell in front of her face and she looked to both of her sides, a bit startled. “Oh…! Oh! It’s just you two. Oh my, I must’ve fallen asleep again watching The Golden Girls…” Ms. Lynn snapped her finger in defeat. “It was my favorite episode too…! Shit!”

Frankie giggled and stood up straight. “You have DVR Ms. Lynn, you can always re-watch it.”

The raven haired older lady sucked her teeth. “I don’t know how to work this complicated remote! I can’t believe I let you talk me into getting it!” She laughed. “Oh my, what time is it?”

Frankie looked at her D-Touch. “9:49”

“Ohhh, not going out tonight?” Ms. Lynn started scratching behind Siberimon’s ears. Like a kitten, he began to purr; closing his eyes in pure ecstasy. 

“Oh, yeah, I am. I just wanted to check up on you to make sure everything was ok before I went out for the night. But that doesn’t mean that if you don’t need anything to not hit up my phone.” Frankie smiled.

Ms. Lynn laughed. “No… No I’m quite fine. The nurse came by earlier and gave me a bath so lucky for you, you don’t have to do it this time!” She joked. Frankie appreciated Ms. Lynn’s sense of humor.

It was rare to find an elderly person like Ms. Lynn, who had been through so much in her life and still remained happy. Ms. Lynn was a widow, going on twenty years. Her only son was currently on a world tour in service and wrote as much as he could, but it didn’t help the fact he wasn’t there. A nurse came every day, did her shift and left but Frankie felt that the nurse was only there to do her job.

Ever since she moved into the apartment next door to Ms. Lynn, they had always been there for each other. It was less than a year ago that Ms. Lynn had a fallen and broken her hip, damaging her legs badly. At times she’d try to use the walker but Frankie knew Ms. Lynn was afraid of falling again.

“Can you get me some of the apple juice in the fridge, m’dear?” Ms. Lynn looked to Frankie who complied with a simple nod. Frankie made her way to the kitchen, passing the china cabinet full of expensive dishes and glasses as well as shelves and tables full of wooden figurines carved by Ms. Lynn herself. Frankie admired them every time she came to visit and found herself making up stories as if the wooden dolls would come to life any minute to play them out.

Once Ms. Lynn was settled for the night, keeping Frankie busy for no more than a good fifteen to twenty minutes, Frankie made her way back into her own apartment.

“Now what outfit am I… going to wear?” She opened her closet.


 Irbimon’s ears twitched while he stared directly at the TV. The feline Digimon had made himself comfortable on the floor looking up at the TV, enthralled in a Discovery Channel documentary on the Prehistoric Era.

Poemon had cushioned herself in the pillows of the couch, quivering at the sight of the simulated T-Rex chasing down and chomping its teeth into another dinosaur who was crying out from the screen in anguish.

“C-Can we please change the channel? This is frightening!” She complained, shutting her eyes tightly.

“Pfft! This is awesome!” Irbimon leaned closer to the TV. His ears twitched again.

The sound of the bathroom door unlocking and opening was heard. 

As steam rolled out, Eva and Tom both came out wrapped in towels. Eva couldn’t help but giggle as Tom, himself, kept a steady smirk on his face.

“What’cha watching?” Eva ruffled the top of Irbimon’s head, who became a bit annoyed with the distractions in his program. His only reply was a small grunt. Eva smiled and made her way around the couch to the place where the clothes were kept close.

Tom was already half dressed in a clean pair of boxers and some loose fitting lounge pants to relax in until bedtime. He made his way back to the couch, leaping over it and scaring Poemon half to death.

Poemon immediately hid herself between Tom’s back and the couch.

“Calm down.” He laughed, but Poemon’s quivering was somewhat giving him a massage in his lower back, especially with her soft feathers.

Eva, also now dressed in comfortable night clothes, made her way in front of the couch, picking up the DVD that was sitting on the coffee table.

“Ok Mr. Short, Grumpy and Violent. You know the deal, it’s movie night.” Irbimon’s shoulders lowered as he turned his head from the TV, looking back at Eva.

“Come oooooooooooooooonnnnn! It’s the best parrrtttttt!!!!”

Eva shook her head, taking a stand. “Nope. Besides, it’s a re-run, you’ve seen it like two hundred times already, geez.”

“BUT IT’S THE BEST PAAAAART!!!!” Irbimon continued to complain.

“No sir! I’ve been waiting to see this movie for the longest time!” Eva argued back, placing her hands on her hips. Irbimon stood to his feet, pointing at Eva accusingly.

“It’s Kera Michaels! That guy plays the same role in every movie, I think you have an obsession with him!”

“His name is Michael Cera, and no I do not!”

“Yes, you do!”

“I do not!”

“Yes, you do!”

“I do not!”



The two continued to go back and forth. Tom and Poemon watched, both showing expressions of exasperation and slight embarrassment amongst themselves. Tom sighed loudly, breaking Eva and Irbimon’s argument.

“Can we just watch the movie?” He rubbed the side of his head. Poemon nodded in agreement.

Eva boasted her chest out in victory as she passed Irbimon and placed the DVD inside of the Xbox game system.

Irbimon crossed his arms and dropped on the floor, back into his place in front of the TV, with Eva making her way back to the couch. Tom found himself snuggled on both sides by the two girls of the house. He leaned back and made himself comfortable.


The movie was slightly past its two hour mark.

By now, Irbimon was asleep on the floor. Tom was bored half to death and Poemon was just as confused at how dull a human being could even be. Eva’s eyes were wide awake, watching the movie as if, had she blinked, she’d miss something.

Tom’s eyes started to lower as his head was bobbing back and forth. Threatening to fall asleep any minute.

“I just can’t prance with you like this anymore… Alejandro.”

“NOOO!!!! Don’t prance away!!!” Eva shouted, waking Tom and Irbimon from their drowsiness.

As if it was on cue, Eva’s D-Touch started ringing on coffee table. She cursed aloud, grabbing the Xbox controller and pausing the movie.

She looked at her D-Touch. “Frankie? I thought she was going out, it’s only midnight.” She said aloud. Tom shrugged mid-stretch in an ‘I don’t know’ way.

Eva pressed the talk button on the screen placing the device to her ear. “I thought you were going out?”

“EVA! EVA!” Siberimon’s voice shouted out of the receiver. His voice was filled with worry and panic, being heard by the others without the aid of speaker phone.

“Woah, woah. Siberimon?”


“Calm down Siberimon, where did you last see her?”

Siberimon was showing no signs of chilling out. His words were jumbling together and at an accelerated pace. Eva constantly found herself telling him to calm down but to no avail.



“Ok, stay where you are. We’ll come to you. Stay… put. Call the others.”

Once it was understood, Eva hung up the D-Touch. She looked to Tom who had a questionable but serious look on his face.

“Do you really think it’s a Digimon behind this?” Tom asked.

Eva shook her head. “Frankie’s drunk. I think the Digimon – if there is one - is the least of our worries.”


Siberimon kept himself on the rooftop of Club Pink Panther. He watched the mass of people in the street, going in and out of the club, the cars in the traffic and anything suspicious that would probably lead him to Frankie’s whereabouts.

He paced from one end of the roof to the other. Why of all nights did Frankie wear an outfit that blended in with the rest of the people? There had to have been hundreds, even thousands of people in the busy midnight streets and she didn’t stand out one bit.

James and Odocomon were on their way, luckily they were still awake. Piper and Caesarmon were already out and on their way and with Eva, Tom, Irbimon and Poemon meeting him as well. The only two left were Reyez and Ailurmon.

Siberimon contemplated on calling; though his personal feelings towards Reyez were getting in the way, no one knew Frankie better than Reyez. He knew it was likely Reyez would be asleep, unless he had gone out clubbing…

He could be with her!

But what if he wasn’t? What if he was asleep?

What if he thought it that it was Frankie calling for one of those late night… what did she call them? BLAH! He couldn’t remember.

Siberimon, who had learned how to call on the D-Touch from using Frankie’s phone in the past, pressed Reyez’s picture ID. Luckily he was one of her most recent calls before she went missing.


The sound of the late Japanese hip-hop artist Nujabes’ song “Counting Stars” filled the dimly lit living room. Reyez’s blue and black D-Touch vibrated on the long coffee table in front of the couch that harbored the lifeless body of the twenty-three year old. The song continued to play and the phone vibrated in desire to be answered.

Reyez was lying on his back, left arm covering his eyes and his right arm and leg hanging off the edge of the long couch. He stirred in his sleep at the sound of his ringtone. 

Ailurmon walked into the living room wearing a towel on her head and another wrapped around her midsection. Her face was covered in facial cream and she held two round slices of cucumber in her paw. She looked at Reyez then back at the phone. With a grumpy groan, she answered the D-Touch.

“Reyez is asleep.”

“REY--..Ailurmon...?” Siberimon was caught off guard, after amping himself up to talk to Reyez.

“What?” Ailurmon grunted.

“Frankie is missing! I can’t find her. I think a Digimon took her and I called the others for help…”

“Oh.” Ailurmon answered. She paused for a moment. “Well, good luck with that.” She hung up.

Ailurmon sat the D-Touch back on the coffee table and proceeded back down the hallway.


Siberimon looked at the D-Touch in disbelief.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU---!!!!!!” He shouted, wanting to throw the D-Touch to the ground.

“Siberimon?” A faint voice spoke.

Siberimon turned to Poemon who had flown to the roof top.

Once he had jumped down, everyone was accounted for… well, except Frankie, Reyez and Ailurmon. The group met in an alleyway between Club Pink Panther and the street, dark enough so that people wouldn’t see the Digimon.

“I’m so sorry, but this is a very big deal. Frankie has a knack---” Siberimon tried to apologize.

“Don’t worry about it, we understand.” Piper smiled, placing her hair behind her ears.

“Did you call Reyez?” Eva asked.

Siberimon gave her a look that gave her a feeling that Reyez wasn’t going to be coming. Eva quickly shook her head and sighed.

“Okay, okay. Where did you last see her?” Piper asked.

Siberimon tried to think. “I was stored away in her D-Touch and I remember her talking about something… a concert, and then she got really drunk and dropped her D-Touch and left with some guy and this other guy picked up the D-Touch and tried to put it in his pocket but I somehow got out and… she was gone and… I don’t know!”

“Typical Frankie.” Eva sighed.

“Well, if we’re gonna start looking for her we might as well split up.” James suggested.

“The sooner we find Frankie, the sooner we can go home, the sooner this night will be over…” Eva zipped up her pink hoodie, her hood placed over her head.

“Me and Poemon will fly over head.” Tom stated.

“Since it’s a lot of people out tonight, the rest of you guys are going to have to hide via D-Touches. We can’t risk just have you out and about…” Piper looked down at Caesarmon.

“You two search the streets. Me, Odocomon and Siberimon will check the clubs and whatnot… maybe get in touch with Reyez?” James shoved his hands into his own hoodie pockets.

Siberimon handed Frankie’s D-Touch touch to James before turning into data and disappearing in a quick flash of orange light.

The rest of the Digimon followed suit, the group split up. 


The clubs were a mass of bass music, bodies and alcohol. Even if Frankie was in any club, it would have been impossible to see or find her in the throng of movement and people. James hated clubbing anyway, it was too crowded and you couldn’t actually communicate with anyone without looking like some kind of idiot, making stupid hand movements to indicate what you meant.

“Hey there cutie~!” James felt the back of his hoodie grabbed and was spun around face-to-face with a blonde girl with pink highlights in her hair and a skirt that should have been considered a belt. She was severely drunk. “Buy me a drink~?”

“You’ve had enough.” James shouted, he lightly pushed her off of him.

“Aww…” She was still attached to his hoodie.

Odocomon shouted out of his pocketed D-Touch. “He’s taken!” The girl looked around, startled, for the owner of the voice, releasing James for a moment. He took the opportunity to escape and disappeared into the crowds. He reached the bar and managed to grab the attention of a bar tender that was mixing a cocktail. Using his D-Touch he brought up a photo of Frankie used for the photo ID.

“Hey!” James yelled. The barman turned towards him, James showed him the photo. “Have you seen this girl?”

“Oh yeah, about half an hour ago. She was wasted!”

James sighed. “Where did she go? Who was she with?”

The barman shrugged. “Some guy. They left, mentioned a concert.”

“Great.” James rolled his eyes. “Thanks.”

He left the club, glad to get out of the stifling atmosphere and into the air. He still had no clue where to go and look for Frankie, but she had been at this club and had left with someone… a person. Which meant, at least, she hadn’t been abducted by a Digimon. Something he and the team could feel some relief for.

“No joy.” James said, both D-Touches in hand.

“She’s got to be somewhere!” Siberimon’s voice echoed from the device.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find her.” James tried to reassure the frantic Digimon, and pocketed the D-Touches again. He would just have to scour the area, block by block.


Eva’s D-Touch stopped her search that had been so far fruitless. She didn’t recognize the number but answered anyway. “Hello?”

“Evvaaaa…” Frankie’s drunk voice slurred.

“Where are you!? We’ve been looking for you everywhere!”

“Evvaaa… I found Jesus.” Frankie’s voice garbled on the other end of the phone. “He’s much taller in person…”

Frankie sat on the step of what appeared to be a church, staring at a guy dressed in a Jesus Christ costume, smoking.

The man flicked the cigarette and opened the door to go back inside of the building.

“Eva, I have to follow Jesus now.”

“No, Fran- Frankie!”

“There’s an altar boy with no pants on… why do you have no pants on altar boy?” The phone hung up.

“Uggggggggghhh…” Eva gritted her teeth in frustration. “Great, I have to find Jesus now.”

“Wait, what did she say to you?”

“I-…Something about an altar boy with no pants on, I don’t know what she was talkin’ about--”

“I know exactly the place!” Piper chimed in. “There’s this gay club downtown, a few blocks from here. They do all types of random plays and stuff, a friend of mine took me there one time. Tonight they're doing a Christmas special thing?”

“Christmas…? This time of year?” Eva raised a brow.

“Since when did a Queen need an excuse to sing?” Caesarmon’s voice chimed in through the D-Touch.

Warehouse 45 was the sign that Eva read before entering.

The small place was filled with men, some women; mingling together with music ranging from Lady GaGa to generic techno blasting from the speakers.

Eva and Piper made their way through slowly, hoping to find their drunken friend.

Piper walked over to the bar, tapping the shoulder of a stranger. “Uhm, excuse me…ma‘am?”

“Yessss~?” The “female” turned around. Piper jumped back slightly at the sight. The drag queen was caked in makeup but still kept his beard, bushy eyebrows and overbearing mustache.

“I was… wondering if you’ve seen this dark skinned girl, black hair, single blonde highlight. Somewhat loud, weari---”

“Oh honay! Yes!! She was just on stage performing one of my favorite Cher songs!” The queen looked around, smacking her lips. “Now where did she go, she was JUST here!”

“Really!?” Piper’s eyes lit up.

“Search around; she has to be in here somewhere, honay!”

Piper thanked the queen before walking back over to Eva. “She was just here they say.”

Eva smiled a little. “That means she’s not too far. Let’s check and see if she’s somewhere outside!”

The two girls made their way back out the door. They looked around before settling their eyes on the traffic.

Eva’s eyes widened at the sight of a girl hanging out of the window of a Mustang. “THERE SHE IS!” She pointed.

“Wooooo…!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!” Frankie screamed from the window of the car. She turned her drunken head, spotting her plum haired friend “EVA!!!!” She opened her arms wide.

“Fr-..FRANKIE! FRANKIE GET OUT OF THAT CAR!” Eva screamed from the sidewalk. Piper's face paled in slight embarrassment.


“What?!” Eva shouted amongst the heavy traffic.

Before Frankie could respond, the car sped off down the busy street.

Eva stomped in frustration. “FUCK!” She quickly called Tom.

Tom looked down on the city from Valramon’s back overhead. The vibration of his D-Touch caught his attention. “Yeah?”

“We found her… but lost her. She’s in a car with some guy. It’s a bright red Mustang GT.” Eva informed him.

Tom looked down. “I don’t see---WOAH!”

Valramon suddenly dodged to the side.

“Tom?” Eva asked, taking the D-Touch from her ear to check the screen.

Tom looked ahead, his eyes widen with surprise before putting the D-Touch back to his ear. “I think we found that Digimon Siberimon was talking about earlier…” He hung up.

A red insectoid Digimon, similar to that of a stag beetle flew past both Tom and Valramon. It turned around and paused for a moment before coming at them again.

Valramon dodged, trying to keep Tom on her back.

Tom’s D-Touch presented hologram information. “Kuwagamon. Champion level. This insect Digimon is protected by a hard body. It has high defensive power and will not stop attacking until its enemy is finished. Watch out for its Scissor Claws and Trap Scissors attack!--- AH!”

Valramon dove out of the way again. Kuwagamon flew past them once more.

“I’m sorry Tom but he is really fast, it’s entirely too unsafe to have you up here…” Valramon said.

Tom placed his D-Touch into his pocket. “We can’t bring him near civilians… that’s a disaster waiting to happen…” Tom said, grabbing a hold to Valramon’s feathers.

“Hang on then. Night Strike!!” Valramon shouted, speeding and striking Kuwagamon, turning and repeating. The Kuwagamon screeched in pain.

It regained its composure and began chasing Valramon through the sky.


Eva and Piper sat on a bench outside of a pizza parlor, with their D-Touches in their lap.

“Where would Camden Bonnetts be playing tonight?” Eva rested her elbows on her thighs, head in hands. Piper shuffled her feet.

“It’s a surprise show, they could be anywhere. The radio will drop a hint about an hour before they play but it’ll just be a hint…” Piper blinked before turning to Eva. “Is Tom following the car…?”

Eva thought for a moment. “I don’t know. He said something about finding something before the phones hung up…” She ruffled her hair. “This is getting frustrating.”

“I wonder what he fou--”

Valramon soon swept close to the streets. Cars scattered as people screamed, startled from the rush of wind.  Right behind Valramon was Kuwagamon.

“I think we just discovered what Tom found.” Piper stood up.

Eva twirled her D-Touch before pointing it forward. “Irbimon!”

A pink light shot from the tip of her Digivice. Piper mimicked the action accordingly.

Pink and yellow beams of light shot into the air, the data transformed into the bigger creatures they knew so well.

“Irbimon, over-clock evolve to… Skadimon!”

“Caesarmon, over-clock evolve to… Vespasmon!”

With their partners on their back, Skadimon and Vespasmon took through the city with intense speed, trying to keep Valramon and Kuwagamon in their sight. Cars screeched to sudden halts as the giant Digimon took quick cuts through the busy streets, leaping over buildings and causing craters in the road from their weight. 

“Typhoon Circle!” Vespasmon shouted, releasing a sphere of water from his mouth, aiming for the Kuwagamon.

The beetle Digimon barely dodged but was thrown off course as the attack hit one side of its wings. Kuwagamon gained control of itself, turning to attack the Digimon behind him.

“Frozen Grip!” Skadimon launched forward, his claws missing as Kuwagamon flew higher.

“Scissor Claw!” Kuwagamon shouted, striking Skadimon on the side with his sharp pinchers.

Eva screamed. She was almost thrown from Skadimon’s back but kept a tight grip. The giant snow leopard Digimon regained his composure, releasing a blast of snow and ice from his mouth. 

Kuwagamon charged towards him, but was quickly met with a large claw swipe from Vespasmon, knocking Kuwagamon into the street.

Kuwagamon twitched for a moment, and then began to rise. As it made its way back to its feet, it was struck with an attack from Valramon which knocked it into the air, then crashing back down into the pavement.

Once again, it struggled to get back up.

“Typhoon Circle!”

“Hungering Cold!”

“Night Strike!”

The attacks hit simultaneously, not giving Kuwagamon a chance to get back onto its feet. Its data dispersed, separating into the three D-Touches.

Once Kuwagamon’s data was collected, the three Champions de-evolved. They hid within the D-Touches before anyone could identify anything.

Tom ran across the street, to Piper and Eva who were still just as frustrated.

“I swear when I get my hands on her…!” Eva gritted her teeth once more.

A sound that Eva was downright tired of hearing by now, her ringtone. Without looking at the ID, she answered. “What!? What is it?!”

“Rude.” Reyez’s voice came to her ears, surprising her.

“I don’t have time for sarcasm or criticism right now, Rey. What is it?”

“I have Frankie.” He said.


“Exactly what I said.”

“How did--…what the--”

“You know how some people like to eat in the same places?” Reyez paused. “Frankie likes to be drunk and barf in the same places.”

Eva face-palmed. She was somewhat speechless and annoyed, but relieved at the same time. “Where are you guys?”

“On 23rd West, 15th Street. Camden Bonnetts is playing a secret show; they already announced the clues on the radio. I just so happened to figure them out. Meet you there.”


Eva looked at her D-Touch, then to Piper and Tom with a smile.


Small groups of people ran across the street, laughing and talking amongst themselves as they made their way into the warehouse building located on 15th street. It was like a little race to get to the roof tops as they all jogged up the large flights of stairs and through the open doorway.

Eva looked back as she secured Tom’s hand in hers, smiling as they ran with the people.

The group walked onto the rooftop, filled with partygoers and with lights hung overhead. The city played the perfect backdrop as the crescent moon supplied a clear sky and light wind.

“AHHHH!!!!!” A scream was heard, startling Eva. Frankie ran towards her in surprise, rushing Eva with a big hug. “You’re heerrrreeee!! I’m so happy~”

James and Reyez walked over, greeting Piper and Tom as Eva and Frankie embraced like they hadn’t seen each other in years. The two rocked back and forth until the sound of someone’s voice clearing was heard.

Eva blinked, letting go of Frankie.

Miles stood behind Frankie, taking off his shades. He was the owner of the Mustang GT that Frankie was seen in, and someone neither Eva nor Reyez could stand due to past history. His long hair was dyed teal, shaved on the sides while the middle made a sloppy mohawk. He kept his outfit at a chic rock star level. A guy obviously spoiled by his record label father’s money.

“Hey Frankie, c’mon let’s go,” He said.

“Nooo,” Frankie laughed. “I’m here with my friends now. You can go if you want, though.”

“No…you’re coming with me. C‘mon let‘s go,” His voice grew a bit harsh, grabbing Frankie by the wrist.

“Woah, woah!” James stepped from the side, breaking Miles’ grip.

“Hold on, who are YOU?” Miles growled lowly at James who stood his ground, with a glare at that. “Actually, I don’t care who you are. This--” Miles pointed between him and Frankie, “doesn’t concern you.” He taunted, pushing James.

James didn’t falter, he kept his ground and tightened his fist. “Push me again---”

“And what? You and your---”

Reyez groaned and rolled his eyes, he was entirely too sleepy for any type of trash talking tonight, definitely from Miles of all people. Before Miles could even set his eyes in one direction, or finish his insult for that matter. Reyez lightly pushed James and Frankie out of the way. His fist slammed right in the middle of Miles’ face.

Piper gasped aloud and covered her mouth while the others stood there speechless. Tom blinked while Eva tried to hold back her laugh, moreso surprised by how random the action was.

Miles grabbed his nose and tried to hold in his scream of pain, as he was led away by his two friends.

Reyez closed his eyes and ran a hand across his hair, which was starting to grow back. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a hot minute,” he groaned. James, himself, found a bit of amusement in the situation. 

Before anything else could be said, the band, Camden Bonnetts, walked onto the small stage. Applause arose as the unknown announcer got on stage. “Don’t leave yet, because we have one question for ya! ARE YOU READY FOR CAMDEN BONNETTS~!?!?”

 The crowd on the rooftop began to cheer and became uncontrollable with applause.

“WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Frankie screamed, lifting her arms and cup in the air and began to spin. Piper smiled and looped arms with James and Reyez, pulling them towards the crowd of people near the stage.

As the band began playing Eva smiled and grabbed Tom’s hand, pulling him through the crowd. As they walked, they pulled themselves closer.


The six Digimon found themselves watching from a rooftop not too far from the party.

Irbimon and Siberimon sat on the edge of the building.

Irbimon sighed. “Sometimes, they lock us in the bathroom, giggling, and then yell indiscernible phrases at each other... Once they let us out they act like we have no idea what they’re doing. It’s kind of obvious they’re attempting to breed. Clearly they’re not very good at it though 'cause they keep failing…” Irbimon said. Poemon shook her head, agreeing.

Ailurmon crossed her legs, sitting on the edge of the building as well. “I’ll never understand their breeding habits.”

Odocomon had her legs folded under her, her head down and her eyes closed. “Well, James is constantly working. I don’t think he has time to try and breed.” She was very well a part of the conversation.

Caesarmon turned his face up in disgust. “Why breed? There’s enough of them already.”

Siberimon nodded. “I agree. Could you imagine more of them?”

All together the six Rookies put on their thinking faces, and then quickly disapproved the thought. 


Tom and Eva ran towards the stairs that lead down into the subway. Eva stopped, which prompted Tom who was a few steps down.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Tom asked. He looked back at Eva, who looked down at her shoes before meeting Tom’s face.

“Are you sad we missed it?” She asked.

Tom shook his head. “We didn’t miss it, this is it. C’mon… wanna go home?”

Eva smiled, hopping her way down the stairs towards him. She stopped at the step right above him, looking down and leaning forward. Her lips grazed Tom’s, before adding more to the kiss.

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