Episode 7: dinner and
a disaster

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Five o’clock on the dot.

Most places Frankie knew let out around this time, building sites were the same, she assumed. At least, that’s what she was given to believe seeing as how most building sites she saw on her way home from college were empty by fifteen minutes past. Hopefully this building site wasn’t an exception to the rule. She didn’t want to stick around longer than necessary. She had already been leered at more than she liked.

Then again, she really only had herself to blame for that, as she was wearing one of her most figure-hugging and accentuating items of clothing. Maybe the halter neck red dress hadn’t been the way to go. But it was pretty; it had black embellishment that she loved... and the other dress she had been debating, her ‘little black dress’, seemed a bit too business-like. This was nicer. Different, it said something. It said ‘wow’. And that was what she wanted, not to mention she now had the chance to wear her new pair of red stiletto pumps she had gotten on sale.

“Why are you fidgeting?” Siberimon asked from where he stood around the corner of the wooden fencing keeping the building site and street separate.

“I’m not.” Frankie replied, once again twisting a strand of black hair around her ear. She noticed she was doing this and stopped immediately.

“You were saying?” Siberimon arched and eyebrow and crossed his arms.

Frankie rolled her eyes. “Oh hush.”

Siberimon smirked up at her. He liked when he was right and when she knew it. Not that she would ever admit it. He snuck back behind the corner of the fencing as the main gate to the site opened and men began to file out, most in groups, talking loudly.

For one moment Frankie was worried she had come to the wrong building site, but her D-Touch had never guided her wrong before. It blipped, showing two dots – purple and blue. Reyez and James. She had also seen James’ truck parked close by with Odocomon sleeping close to it in the grass. She hadn’t woken the sleeping Digimon, simply carrying on to the site and waiting.

And waiting.

Several times she had debated walking away. But that wasn’t in her nature. After all, what she wanted to do was innocent enough. There was nothing sordid about it – all it would be was the two of them hanging out. Together. In a restaurant, probably. Like a date. But it wasn’t a date. Unless one of them said it was a date.

“Frankie?” She turned towards the voice that had startled her, coming face to face with Reyez, Ailurmon at his side. He looked puzzled. “What… are you doing here?”

“Oh.” Frankie cleared her throat trying to think up an excuse quickly for her being there. She couldn’t very well tell him the actual reason. More because it was none of his business – nothing to do with the fact she didn’t want him to know. “I was... passing by.”

“Passing by?” Reyez repeated. He arched an eyebrow and looked at Ailurmon at his feet, who looked back. She shook her head. “Yeah... okay. This place is nowhere near your college.” His eyes roamed lazily down Frankie’s attire and he smirked to himself, clasping his chin in his hand. “And aside from me... you only know James who works here.”

“James works here?” Frankie echoed. Feigning ignorance would work – yeah. It always got her out of trouble.

Reyez snorted. “Whatever.” He circled Frankie once; ignoring how Siberimon growled quietly from her side, now he had come out of hiding. “You’re awfully dolled up.”

“A girl can look nice!”

“Not without a motive.” Ailurmon almost sang. “I’d say you had a motive...”

“Going after younger men now, eh?” Reyez teased. Frankie stiffened. “Well I suppose if the older ones aren’t doing it for you.”

“Oh shut up.” Frankie snapped. “What do you know?”

“I know you.” Reyez chuckled, placing the cigarette from behind his ear in-between his lips and reaching into his pocket for a lighter. There was a silence where they surveyed each other, Frankie still very rigid, and Reyez totally relaxed, amused by her. He appeared to be debating whether to say anything else, to get a larger rise from her, but seemed to think better of it. Exhaling smoke, “Have fun,” he started walking away. “Make sure he’s home by ten.” He added, walking past her.

“I said shut up!” Frankie yelled.

Reyez simply laughed and carried on his way, waving for a moment over his head at her. Siberimon folded his arms and grumbled.

“He’s such a jerk. I can’t believe you dated.”

Frankie loudly exhaled. “Yeah. Same.” She checked the time on her D-Touch; it was almost ten past five and still no James. Though, people were still leaving the site in dribs and drabs. Maybe James was always one of the last to leave? She smoothed out her dress again. Stupid Reyez, who cared about his opinion? Just because he was jealous that she was taking an interest in another guy. That was what it was, it must have been - he was jealous and was showing it by making fun of her. That made perfect sense to her.

“Oh, Siberimon, Frankie,” both regarded Odocomon who was approaching them across the grass. “How nice to see you. Are you waiting for James?”

“Yeah.” Siberimon nodded.

“Is there a problem?” Odocomon asked. She was frowning – confused by their presence.

Siberimon answered. “No, no problem.”

“I see...” the deer Digimon’s eyes went from Siberimon to Frankie and remained on her. “So what brings you here?”

“Nothing, really.” Frankie shrugged. “I mean, I wanted to ask James a quick question, but that’s it.” She smiled, Odocomon nodded understanding.

“Well, he’ll be out shortly I’m sure, he is often one of the last to leave.”

The trio fell into silence, each watching the gate as it opened less and less often, and fewer people left. It was another ten minutes at least before James walked out. He dead bolted and padlocked the door gate and pocketed the keys.

“Look who is here to see you.” Odocomon said as she approached her partner. She was greeted with a typical rub on the head between her horns. James saw Frankie and Siberimon. Instantly he was puzzled, but smiled none-the-less.

“Hey, you’re the last person I expected to see around here.” James commented. “Especially in that.” He indicated to the dress.

“You like?”

“Uh... yeah. I guess.”


James shrugged and rubbed the back of his head. “I don’t know much about fashion. Sorry.”

Frankie sighed. “It’s fine.” She smiled a little, and then rubbed her lower right arm. James was unbuttoning the top part of his overalls; underneath he was wearing a white t-shirt. Siberimon stepped forward and lightly tapped Frankie. “What?”

“So what brings you over this side of town?” James asked, he started walking across to his truck. “It’s pretty out of your way isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but it’s fine.” Frankie assured him, smiling. “I actually wanted to tell you something.”

“What’s that?”

“We’re going on a date.” She stated. James stopped in his tracks, about five feet from the truck. Odocomon tripped on her own hooves and fell face first into the grass in surprise – that was the last thing she would have expected Frankie to say. And Siberimon was at her side looking less than impressed.

James spluttered. “Sorry – we’re what?”

“Going on a date.” Frankie repeated. “What, do you need me to spell it out?” She placed her hands on her hips.

James just stood there in front of her, blinking in surprise, and seemed unable to speak for the moment. Odocomon too, now that she had gotten back onto her feet, was still surprised.

“Hello? James? Earth to James, let’s go.” Frankie tugged on his wrist, beginning the walk to the truck again. Siberimon nudged Odocomon who started back to life, and gave him a look.

“What a wonderful idea.” She muttered under her breath.

Siberimon muttered back. “I’m about as happy about this as you are.”

James unlocked the truck with his keys and opened the passenger door first, as he always did to let Odocomon in so she could settle in the passenger seat. About to step in, Odocomon was beaten to it by Frankie stepping in and slipping into the seat, lifting Siberimon to sit on her lap after she had belted herself into place. Odocomon made a face and stood all four hooves back on the grass. She glared at Frankie then at James.

“Where am I supposed to sit?”

James nervously scratched his hair. “Can you sit in the back? Just this once?”

“But I graze my knees on the metal.”

“It’s just this once.” James repeated. Odocomon remained in her place. “Please?”

“Do you even want to go on this date?”

James sighed. “I don’t think I have a choice.”

The passenger door opened and Frankie poked her head out. “Something wrong?”


“No. Its fine, Odocomon’s just going to get in the back.” James explained. He closed the door on Frankie and Siberimon, and lifted his partner from the ground. Placing her in the back of the truck, on the driver’s side, he covered her with a tarpaulin sheet to stop her from getting cold. Immediately Odocomon ducked her head underneath when he went to rub her ears. James sighed. “Great, cold shoulder from my Digimon. Just what I need.” He climbed into the driver’s seat and started the engine.


 James explained that he needed to change first before they went anywhere as he was covered in dust and sweat and didn’t think other diners would appreciate the smell. The journey to his house was quick, though James made it quicker so Odocomon wasn’t left out in the back of the truck for too long. Still, he and Frankie spoke easily in the cab of the truck about whatever came to mind. Frankie mentioned getting pizza, which was fine by James. At least it wasn’t some kind of fancy restaurant she wanted to go to. His budget could just about stretch to buying pizza.


They pulled into the driveway of James’ house and each disembarked in turn, though James had to lift Odocomon from the back. She still refused to talk to him, and simply stomped to the front door to wait. Siberimon and Frankie took their time, Frankie examining the outside of James’ house.

“It’s nice.” She commented. It was, small, but homey.

“It’s nicer on the outside.” James sighed, putting his key in the lock. He walked in through the threshold and invited Frankie inside, leading her through the hallway into the living room. “If you wait here, I’ll have a quick shower and then we’ll go.”

“Sure. Take your time.”

James nodded. “Sure. But just... don’t make too much noise. Feel free to put the TV on, but my dad’s asleep so...”

“Why’s he asleep? He works funny shifts?” Frankie asked. James shrugged and left the room. Siberimon went first to an old over-used armchair and curled up in it. Odocomon bristled.

“That’s my chair...”

Siberimon ignored her, and Frankie wandered around the living room looking at the ornaments and decorative items that littered shelves and counters. The room wasn’t especially tidy, there were cushions on the floor, glasses and bowls still out from where people must have eaten breakfast, and papers were strewn across seats and tops of tables. There was a relatively large, but old, TV - not flat screen - and a VCR, no DVD player. On one side of the room was a large, old fashioned CD player, with matching speakers. It looked lived in.

“Doesn’t James have siblings?” Frankie asked as she sat down on a foot stool.

“Yes.” Odocomon replied. “Three. Two brothers and a little sister, Marie.”

“Where are they?”

“At their grandmother’s. I believe. And before you ask,” she prompted Frankie’s next question, “I don’t know why they’re there, and I don’t believe it’s any of your business.” She left the room briskly, turning down the hallway.

Frankie exchanged looks with Siberimon. “Something I said?”

Siberimon shrugged. “Don’t ask me. She’s female.”

Frankie nodded slowly and rose from the foot stool, looking around the room again. She noticed as she did there was a distinct lack of anything family orientated. No pictures on the walls, or frames on tables. Nothing to say: ‘this is a family home’ rather than just ‘this is a home’. Frankie found it odd. Even she had a photo of her parents in her apartment. And considering this was a large family, there would have been dozens of photos. Collages, trophies, medals, even little finger paintings framed and put on the wall done when James was young.

It was weird... kind of eerie. Suddenly Frankie didn’t feel quite so comfortable and wanted to leave. She could hear the shower running down the hall, James was still cleaning up. She thought maybe his room would be a little more welcoming and followed the hall. She passed a dining room, kitchen and several closed doors before she passed what was obviously the bathroom (as that was where the shower noise was coming from) and came to the last door at the end of the hallway marked as James’ room with a fake license plate across the door.

Odocomon was lying on a purple bean bag by the large window at one side of the room, warmed by the sun that streamed in, directly onto the bag. She looked up the moment the door swished open and eyed Frankie with suspicion.

“Did James say you could come in?” she asked crossly. She didn’t mind Frankie really – just her trying to move in on James bothered her. It bothered her a lot. It had been just herself, as Fallomon, and James for years... she could handle everyone in a group. But the idea of James spending time with a female who wasn’t her... that annoyed her.

“No.” Frankie admitted crossing the threshold, while Siberimon remained by the door. “But I just wanted to have a look.”


James’ room was more welcoming than the living room. It was painted off-white, not that that could be seen from beneath the posters and slogans littering the walls. There were posters of bands, symbols, mythical animals, and words of wisdom covering all of the walls and the back of the door; barely any area was left untouched. It had all the basics: bed, closet, chest of drawers, a small old fashioned TV and a stereo. Everything Frankie had... but his all seemed much older than hers. Older makes of electronics.

It was surprisingly tidy. His shoes were lined up in pairs next to his bed, and he had his work clothes all hung up neatly on the door of his closet. There was a book shelf on the other side of the room that looked more like the shelf the living room should have had, Frankie nosed at it. There were frames, each one containing photos of people Frankie could only assume were his family; two twin boys who looked a lot like James in every way, and a little girl with red-blonde hair.

“What’s James’s family like?” she asked Odocomon.

“Ask him.” Odocomon said. She nodded in the direction of the threshold. James was in the doorway with a towel around his waist, his hair sopping wet.

“Uhm...” Frankie could have sworn he blushed as he stepped to the side to let her out. “I’ll be five minutes.” He closed the door quickly, and Frankie retreated back to the living room.


After James had changed into some black jeans, combat boots and a green t-shirt with the green lantern symbol emblazoned on it, they set off and drove around the city, debating what to eat. Eventually they settled on a pizzeria on the outskirts of town. It was inexpensive, but the food was good. James could vouch for them; he liked getting take out from them from time-to-time, so the owner knew him and his family.

Odocomon instructed Siberimon that they wouldn’t be allowed in, and after James had parked up, she led the way around the side of the building where they could sit and observe. Inside, James and Frankie were seated almost immediately and given menus. The restaurant was small; and obviously family run. All the tables were packed tightly together and the walls were decorated with large photos of locations all around Italy, as well as some paintings. The music that was playing was traditional Italian music, and it was busy. A good sign.

Watching from the window, Siberimon sighed. Odocomon had taken one look, caught Frankie patting James’ hand on the table and promptly kicked over a trash can.

“What’s your problem?” Siberimon asked. He was partly amused and partly irritated. After all, Frankie hadn’t actually done anything wrong; Odocomon was just acting silly, in his opinion. He wasn’t happy about Frankie’s eagerness on James either, but that didn’t mean he was destroying things.

Odocomon gave Siberimon a sidelong glance as she curled her legs up beneath her body. “I do not like her blatant ‘look at me, I’m so pretty’ act.”

Siberimon tilted an eyebrow. “Are you jealous?”

“Don’t be so stupid.” Odocomon snapped. “She could have anyone, and she knows it. But no, she goes after James. My partner. It’s... not sitting well with me.”

“I couldn’t tell.”

Odocomon got to her feet and stalked up to Siberimon, putting her face in his. “Of course, because you’re so fine with this whole thing, aren’t you? Because you were utterly blasé about her dating Reyez when they dated, that was totally apparent when he turned up when the picnic was taking place.”

“Get out of my face!” Siberimon growled, shoving the other Digimon roughly. “I’m not happy about it. Frankie could do a lot better af-“

“I beg your pardon?!” Odocomon yelped. “What did you just say?”

Siberimon glared at Odocomon, who glared right back. He internally debated whether or not to repeat what he had said. Odocomon did seem on her last nerve, but she had been making comments most of the evening so far about Frankie. Who, Siberimon would be the first to admit, wasn’t perfect, but didn’t deserve the scathing remarks the other Digimon was spouting. So Siberimon ignored his better judgment, stood up straight, cleared his throat and inhaled.

“I said: Frankie. Could. Do. Better.” Odocomon snorted, she was pawing the ground with her front right hoof, as if wanting to charge at him. But Siberimon was on something of a roll so the threat of getting hurt didn’t bother him right now. “I mean let’s face it, what prospects does James actually have? Frankie will probably end up paying for this dinner anyway.”

Odocomon spat out a stream of pink lights at him, which impacted hard on his body at such close range, knocking him off his feet. Before he could counter, Odocomon was standing over him, her face in his once again. She was physically shaking with rage.

“If you speak ill of James again, I promise you they will be the last words you utter.” She paused, and Siberimon thought for a moment she would attack at point blank range. Instead, she breathed slowly, as if willing her anger to subside, which it did very gradually. “Obviously the only answer is for this to be their one and only date.”



Unaware of the exchange between the Digimon outside, Frankie and James sat quite contentedly in a window table, near to the open kitchen where pizzas were prepared. Their orders had been taken already, and they sat with drinks, talking. Frankie was sipping an iced tea and James was making his way through a bottle of Chinese beer.

Conversation was easy, but remained vague and simply friendly. James asked about Frankie’s course at college, and about her past and family. General life questions that he expertly veered away from whenever Frankie asked him the same or similar questions.

It was clear, to Frankie at least, that talking about himself was not a favorite past-time of James’ and that it was something he hadn’t really had to do before. And it was obviously not something he was comfortable with. He had tells. He would clear the condensation off the cold bottle to his right whenever he was feeling anxious or uncomfortable, and if he felt under pressure, then his left hand would go to the back of his head where he would scratch for a few seconds.

Eventually, as their pizzas arrived, they had exhausted all topics of conversation that Frankie could talk more about herself with, and that James could avoid turning to him. She had told him about her elderly neighbor who she helped out, and who also knew about Siberimon. And given him the minimal details on her past relationship with Reyez. And how she had met Eva. Now it was his turn to tell her some home truths.

“So,” Frankie started, she folded up a slice of pizza before she took a bite. She timed her words carefully making sure James didn’t have a mouthful of food to excuse himself from answering. “Tell me about your family. How come there are no photos in your living room?”

As expected, James rubbed the back of his head, and then examined the back of his fork carefully. “You noticed that, huh?”

Frankie nodded. “It’s hard to miss. Considering your family... your house doesn’t look much like a family home, y’know? No toys on the floor, no family pictures... it’s kind of...”

“Impersonal?” James finished the sentence for her.

“Well... yeah.” She sighed. His demeanor had changed. It wasn’t sour; so much as it was more... low. Like a switch had been flipped. She was treading on sensitive ground, that much was clear.

“My family is... different. We have history.” James said slowly. He shoved some pizza in his mouth, hoping Frankie wouldn’t push, but she did. She waited until he had finished his mouthful and questioned him, looking into his face expectantly.

“It’s only fair, I told you about my family.”

James sighed, she had a point. “Okay...” he said slowly. “The reason we don’t have family photos is cause of my dad. He was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder like... a few months after I was born. My mom was pregnant when she was still in college; my dad is about ten years older than her. Anyway, long story short, he was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and given drugs for it. No problems.” James cleared his throat and carefully sipped his beer. He didn’t meet Frankie’s eyes, instead finding interest in the pizza makers.

“My brothers were born, and then my little sister, Marie. My mom developed really bad post natal depression. As in... it was so bad she tried to drown Marie when she wouldn’t stop crying one day. My dad wanted her to get help but she refused and just... left.” James shrugged. “We haven’t had contact from her in about three and a half years.”

“Oh... I didn’t realise.”

“That’s not the half of it.” James said swiftly. He was smirking, and grimacing as he recalled the facts. “My dad doted on her, really. Worshipped the ground she walked on. He stopped taking his meds, lost his job, and spent all our savings on private detectives trying to find her. But yeah... mom didn’t want to be found. He lost it one day, started throwing all the things that reminded him of her around the house, breaking everything in sight, including family photos. He felt bad afterward and tried to clean up, doing himself some pretty bad damage in the mean time. Trip to A&E was had, he had a psyche evaluation... deemed unfit to work, more meds. Stronger meds, he refuses to take them... So, yeah. I got landed with the head of the household role. I work two jobs, two, just to try and make ends meet. Do you have any idea how hard it is to run a house with a dad who maybe is only awake or functional for three hours a day, tops?”

Frankie was sitting chewing her lip, wishing now she hadn’t pried. James was obviously distressed as now he was fisting his hair, his elbows on the table, his meal completely forgotten.

“Oh – and the newest crisis? Our house is probably going to be knocked down so Atlas Corp can build new houses for new residents. New, updated houses. Leaving me to try and find a house for five, where everyone can have their own rooms. Never mind my family's credit history is down the pan...” James laughed to himself and quickly rubbed his eyes.

“Sorry...” Frankie muttered, she didn’t know what else to say. Looking at James from an outside perspective it would have been impossible to know just how much strain he was under. He didn’t show it, at all. “I didn’t know it was such a-“

“Please,” James stopped her, “I don’t want pity. I can’t stand that. Pity, or hand outs.” His words were harsh, serious, but he was trying to smile. “It’s not that it’s not appreciated, it is. I just... I have to have my pride. If I don’t have that, what have I got?”

Tentatively, Frankie reached across the table, lightly placing her hand atop of James’s. He looked at her, shocked for a moment.

“You’ve got me. And Odocomon... the whole team. I mean, okay we’re not blood relatives, but we’re as good as a family now. Right?”

James smiled weakly. He knew what Frankie was saying, and he appreciated it. She was doing her best to help him... and was demonstrating exactly why he kept his cards so close to his chest. His family had had issues, but that didn’t mean it entitled him to special treatment, or being tip-toed around. He didn’t want sympathy, or compassion. It had happened, he was dealing with it. To as much of an extent as possible.

But he didn’t say any of this to her, simply broadened his smile somewhat, and patted her hand that lay on top of his.

Outside, Siberimon and Odocomon were both in shocked silence, having found a place to view their partners that was a good vantage point and also out of the way.

Before anything further could be said, or any more food could be eaten, the lights of the eatery flickered wildly and the music player skipped in time to the lights. Frankie and James looked at each other simultaneously and were immediately tense, alert and waiting for the impending attack.

It came as a woman screamed in the kitchens and ran out from behind the swinging doors where the waiters and waitresses disappeared to. She was joined by a larger group of people, one in white chef’s clothes, others in the waiter garb. All screaming, pushing and shoving to get out. In the panic, patrons of the restaurant all ran out too, screaming, forgetting coats and hand bags, leaving tables and chairs all overturned.

Through the crowd, Siberimon and Odocomon were able to push through, reaching the table their partners occupied.

“Looks like the date’s over.” Frankie sighed.

James smirked. “Night’s just getting started.” He got to his feet and Frankie followed, their Digimon on their heels, shoving each other to get ahead, their earlier spat not forgotten.

The swinging doors to the kitchens had small round portholes in them, just big enough to see inside. James stood to peer through and find out what had spooked everyone. He saw what it was immediately. Towards the back of the kitchen the fridges were all open, and all manner of food was scattered in a mess on the floor. Gorging itself on the many cheeses it had found was a large, mutated... mouse.

Large was an understatement as this was the size of a large minivan. Its fur was unkempt, greasy and underneath all the dirt it could have been any color but looked a muddy brown. Patches of fur were missing, showing thin pink skin and bone poking through. The four paws were lined with dark purple claws, which screeched on the tiles as it scurried around the floor, while its eyes were obscured by a dirty grey bandage.

Its appearance floated above Frankie’s D-Touch, rotating. “Knaagdimon... Giant rodent Digimon. It forages for food in the most disgusting places, disguising its own smell. Its skin excretes poisonous oil onto its fur, that can singe and burn itself. With poor eyesight, they rely on sense of smell and hearing.” Frankie peered through the window and grimaced. “A mouse after cheese, what a cliché.”

Siberimon below, sick of not being able to see, gently pushed the door open a little to look through the crack. The door creaked softly, enough noise for Knaagdimon to stop gorging and turn its face directly to the door. Everyone was silent, barely daring to breathe, as Knaagdimon appeared to evaluate the situation.

“Vile Spray!” The doors were impacted with a strong blast from Knaagdimon’s mouth. Purple liquid hit the plastic and knocked the doors clean off their hinges, sending humans and Digimon flying into chairs and tables. The doors were beginning to melt under the acidic fluid.

“Fuck.” James heaved himself up from beneath two tables. Frankie was already on her feet with the help of Siberimon.

“Not good.” Odocomon breathed. “Run!” She led the way, out of the threshold of the door and towards the main doors of the pizzeria. Knaagdimon charged out of the kitchens, yellow teeth bared, hissing, using its keen hearing to follow the sound of their feet.

Outside, Odocomon and Siberimon were instantly ready to attack, poised to face Knaagdimon who was carefully examining the air.

“Snot Acid!” Green sludge balls ricochet out of the rodent’s mouth, aimed carefully for the two rookies.

“Siberimon!” Frankie shouted, as her partner narrowly avoided one of the corrosive balls.

“Siberimon, over-clock evolve to...”

“Odocomon, over-clock evolve to...”



The champion forms of the Digimon now in place, they immediately ran, taking the fight away from the buildings. Knaagdimon followed the sound of their paws and hooves, James and Frankie following in his truck.

“Snot Acid!” More green sludges rained down, catching both Hurakamon and Rusdramon in their wake, singing fur and causing minor burns on shoulders and haunches.

“Amethyst Chains!” Rusdramon turned mid-gallop, her horn gems glowing violently. Chains appeared and grappled towards the other Digimon, though sensing the impending attack, Knaagdimon avoided it, nimbly moving and escaping the chains. They, instead, crashed into the road and the cars parked there.

 “Look out!”

Hurakamon turned in time to see the face of Knaagdimon coming at him, teeth displayed and purple ooze forming in his mouth. “Wind Wrecker!” In moments Hurakamon was replaced by a raging tornado that enveloped Knaagdimon in the raging winds causing total disorientation. Knaagdimon expelled balls of acid that all became swept up in the tornado.

Rusdramon watched the spinning closely, her eyes fixed on Knaagdimon’s form. The moment ideal, the horn gems glowed again. “Amethyst Chains!” They charged into the wind tower, latching onto Knaagdimon’s neck and around his body, and feet, Rusdramon reared onto her hind legs and dragged Knaagdimon’s down into the tarmac, dragging him across its surface. Hurakamon returned to his original form, in time to see the data of Knaagdimon disperse and vanish into Frankie and James’ D-Touches.


Danger averted, and the date sufficiently ruined, James and Frankie decided it was probably best to call it a night.

“At least neither of us had to pay!” James said, trying to look on the bright side. He paused, and rubbed the back of his head. Rusdramon nudged him in the shoulder with her nose, treating him to a deer-like arched eyebrow. “This was... fun.”

“Apart from the Digimon interruption.”

“Might as well get used to it.” Hurakamon grumbled from behind her. Frankie laughed.

“It was good to hang out, just the two of us, y’know?”

James nodded. “Yeah. Was good. We should do it again some time.” James stretched. “Can I drop you home?” He indicated to his truck, parked haphazardly across the road.

Frankie grinned and patted Hurakamon. “Nah, it’s okay. I have my own ride. I’ll text you.”

“Famous last words.” James retorted.

Frankie put her hands on her hips, leaning to one side. “C‘mon, this isn’t one of those ‘one off and then never call’ dates. For one thing it can’t be. Imagine how awkward that would be.”

“Yeah, then you’d only have Tom to talk to.” Teased James.

“When I say I’ll text you, I’ll text you. And it probably won’t be about team stuff.” Frankie giggled, before she was assisted onto Hurakamon’s back by said Digimon and departed.

“Heh.” James rubbed the back of his head, looking to Rusdramon who was eyeing him closely. “What?”

Rusdramon nudged James with her snout. “Are you…blushing?”

“I…have a headache.” James simply replied, turning and walking towards his truck.

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