Episode 9: the bark
and the bite

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Rose did not like being kept waiting by anyone. It was something she wasn’t used to; like her mother and brother she was used to getting things her own way most of the time. Being kept waiting was for other people. People that were less important.

More often than not it was Rose keeping other people waiting, not the other way around. At school, in most aspects of life, people knew who she was and the standing she had as the child of the CEO of one of the most powerful companies in the world. She would keep people waiting at school all the time, teachers wouldn’t start classes without her there. And she knew they talked about her, that she was disliked by everyone, but how they would immediately tend to her whims to stay on her good side - in the hopes of getting an invite to an exclusive party; or even a word of thanks.

After all, no matter what age, life was a popularity contest through and through, and Rose knew her power. That the people she kept as acquaintances – she had no actual friends – were respected and feared as she was.

The only person in the world who dared to keep Rose waiting was her mother, but even that was only occasionally and rarely for very long. So far Rose had been waiting for ten minutes for her mother’s meeting to finish, and that was ten minutes too long.

She was comfortable in one of the plush white leather chairs in Bella’s waiting room. The coffee table had magazines neatly stacked on it, and on a coaster Rose had a glass of ice water, untouched – just like the magazines. The reception room was a cool off-white colour, with some large abstract paintings on the wall. All of them worth more than Eleanor, Bella’s assistant, earned in a year.

Plain Eleanor, as that was what Rose referred to her as, was sitting behind her desk occupying herself with typing emails or notes. She was nervous, that much was obvious as Rose could hear her repeatedly tapping the delete key, which sounded more used than all the rest. Rose had not looked at a magazine, or touched the water she had asked for, instead she had sat perfectly still in the chair examining the painting directly over Eleanor’s desk, while checking her fingernails every few minutes.

“I’m sure your mother will be with you soon.” Eleanor said from her desk, stopping her typing for a moment to look across at Rose.

Rose smiled for effect and tossed her hair – currently a dark blue colour – over her shoulder. “I’m sure.” She paused, and there was an awkward moment where Eleanor looked like a deer caught in headlights. She had spoken, indicating the beginning of a conversation, and now had no clue how to continue it.

Putting her out of her misery Rose took up one of the magazines on the table with a flourish for effect and flicked it open at a random page. Eleanor visibly relaxed and returned to her computer screen. Behind the page, Rose rolled her eyes and turned to the index. She found interest in an article near the start of the magazine about the world’s richest. There were the usual on there, Kings and Queens from foreign regions; a children’s book writer. Number five on the list was her mother.

Rose glanced up over the top of the magazine where she had started reading as the door to her mother’s office clicked open. Three men left, talking to each other in hushed voices, ignoring both Rose and Eleanor. Rose put the magazine to one side and folded her arms. Her mother would need to compose herself and her office before she allowed Rose in.

This didn’t take long as Eleanor told Rose she could enter about two minutes later.

Bella’s office was glass all around, brightly lit and sparse. It had all the necessities: her desk, an iMac computer, her chair and four others in front of her desk. Two more to the side of the room. A coat rack and a couple of plants. More expensive paintings were on the wall where there were no windows. Bella did not look up when Rose entered, and Rose did not greet her. She sat down in one of the chairs and waited for Bella to finish whatever she was doing.

“So what have you come to report?” Bella asked, leaning her elbows on the top of her desk and templing her fingers. She didn’t apologize for keeping Rose waiting, not that Rose had expected an apology. She had never known Bella to apologize for anything.

Rose leaned back in the chair and relaxed. “The group is quite tightly knit. Hunter and I spent the day with them a few weeks ago. They’re close. Even Frankie and Reyez, there is animosity, but they all trust each other. They’ll be a tough group to break.”

“I see.” Bella murmured. “What has your brother found out?”

“You would have to ask Hunter.” Rose replied.

Bella rolled her eyes. “At least I can count on one of you. Did you find out anything about their Digimon?”

“Nothing,” Rose shook her head. “They didn’t mention them once, and their Digimon weren’t with them when Hunter and I ‘bumped’ into them... However,” Rose paused to shift her position, “studying the footage of them fighting, they don’t fight as a team. Two may pair up and use their abilities together, but their weakness lies there. As far as I can see.”

“Go on.” Bella prompted, getting up from her seat and walking to one of the wide windows.

“As I said, they can work together in pairs, but joining forces, concentrating their attacks all together seems to be something they have not mastered. More often than not, it seems one of them consistently wants to be the hero and will block or disrupt the others.” Explained Rose. “The humans are a team, but the Digimon still have some differences to settle, I think.”

“Think?” Bella repeated.

“Having not been around the Digimon, only watching footage, it’s hard to tell.” Rose added.

Bella shook her head. “Then you should find out first hand. Both you and your brother.”

Getting out of her sea,t Rose crossed to Bella. “That would mean revealing ourselves. Don’t you think it’s a little early for that, mother?”

“It means setting our plan into action a little sooner than anticipated... but it won’t harm things in the long run.” Bella sighed. She moved back to her desk. “Anything else?”

Rose stared out of the window for some long moments, looking at what was taking place outside. The Atlas Corp building was a sky scraper and Bella’s office was on one of the upper-most floors. Another two floors up and you could get out onto the roof. From here it was impossible to see the street below unless you leaned out of the windows, but it gave an amazing view of the city. Bella liked it because looking out of the window made her feel like she was surveying her ‘Kingdom’, as almost everything in the city was owned by Atlas Corp, made by them, or they at least had shares. Rose simply liked it because it was above everything and everyone and being up high was a nice way to escape.

“One thing... it might interest you.” Rose said finally turning to face her mother who was now sitting in her chair.

“We’ll see, go on.”

“One of them, James Parker, works for the building company run by Mr. Winch; I know that he works for you and that all his projects are Atlas Corp investments.”

“What of it?” Bella asked. She was tapping her fingers on the desk, a sign she was getting bored.

“I think he’s the weakest link in the group. Unlike the others, he has other responsibilities that take his attention, like his family... he mentioned something about a house hunt, that his house is due to be demolish...” Rose trailed examining her mother’s face carefully, watching for a sign of recognition. “I’ll leave you to your work, I’m sure you’re very busy.”

Rose was out of the room before Bella could comment and the door swished to close behind her. Bella was quick to turn to her computer screen and run a database search. Rose’s departing comment had interested her, and she felt like it was necessary to do some digging.


Eva and Tom had both known it was going to be a struggle fitting six people and six Digimon in their small apartment, but hadn’t quite realized how cramped it would be. Luckily Frankie didn’t object to sitting on James’ lap on the sofa, and people were happy to sit on the floor or on the arms of chairs. The Digimon were happy anywhere, though cushions had been laid out on the floor for them to sit on if they wanted.

It had been a nice idea; a get together for Piper’s twenty-first. When Frankie had discovered Piper’s brother and parents were going to be away for the milestone birthday, and that Piper had planned to have an evening in, she was appalled; so she had organized a surprise at Tom and Eva’s apartment – mostly because Eva had argued going out and drinking probably wasn’t really Piper’s thing. Eva brought in a custom cake with yellow frosting and flowers that she’d made at the bakery. Presents had been exchanged, some silly ones from the Digimon, like a large card all ‘signed’ with their paw and hoof prints. And some more sensible things, like clothes, books and CDs.

There was a film on in the background though no-one was paying it much attention, all conversing easily as time passed over them.

They had been in the apartment since about one o’clock, it was now four. The only thing planned for the day was a trip to the cinema to see a new 3D film that Piper had mentioned wanting to see. This started in four hours, so Eva was eager to get everyone organized and moving. Knowing it would be troublesome with all twelve of them.

“Who thinks we should stop for pizza before we see the movie?” Tom asked the question collectively while finding a coat from where he and Eva slept. There was a chorus of cheers from the Digimon mostly, all happy with the idea of more food. Most of them had eaten more than enough – the birthday cake had been completely devoured and several of the Digimon had managed to sneak two slices. Irbimon still had frosting in the fur on his cheeks.

“As long as it doesn’t take too long.” Eva commented, she already had her coat on and was sitting waiting for the others.

Frankie patted her head. “You worry too much. We’ll get to the movies.”

“And honestly,” Piper added, “I don’t mind if we don’t get to the movies. I’m having fun just hanging out with you guys.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have gone partying~?” Frankie sang, putting on her dark grey blazer.

Piper smirked. “I’m sure. This is much more me.”

“Thank God,” James muttered. “I don’t think I could deal with another epic drunk-Frankie fuelled adventure so soon after the last one.” Frankie made a face at him.

“I don’t know, that was quite an entertaining night out.” Odocomon said from the floor.

“You weren’t running around the whole city.” Eva retorted.

Frankie sighed. “Did I mention I was sorry about that?”

“Only a few hundred times.” Siberimon told her with a grin. “I don’t think it’s getting old.”

“You’re meant to be on my side.” Frankie complained.

Reyez laughed from where he was pulling on his trainers. “Doubtful – you gave him a heart attack. I think he’s more entitled to bully you than all of us.”

Frankie pouted and shuffled to the door to wait. James followed her.

“What’s the movie anyway?” asked Poemon, not a fan of scary or disturbing films, her question was more so she could decided whether to stay in Tom’s D-Touch or if she would come out and watch it.

“Oh, it’s really a kids film... it’s about princesses, dragons, princes... y’know – very childish.” Piper explained, she seemed embarrassed and distracted herself by pulling a woolly hat onto her head. Caesarmon was perching on the table vacuuming up the remaining cake crumbs.

“Princesses...” Irbimon repeated. Eva nudged him, “Hey!”

“Oh, I didn’t touch you that hard.”

“No! No, I remembered something!” Irbimon said excitedly.

Ailurmon grunted, planting her hands on her hips. “Do we have time for this? I thought we were getting pizza. What happened to the pizza plan?”

“Would you stop listening to your stomach for one minute?” Caesarmon commented.

“Have you looked in the mirror? At least I’m not so hungry I’m inhaling leftovers.”

Caesarmon poked his tongue out and hopped back onto the floor. Eva was looking expectantly at Irbimon, as was everyone else while he rubbed his head struggling to remember something it seemed.

“Ms. Lynn said something.”

“Ms. Lynn?” Frankie repeated. “Did something happen when she was watching you guys?”

Siberimon shrugged. “She told us a story.”

“Not just the story,” Irbimon added. “I remember there was like a presence there too... I dunno, it was weird and unfamiliar, but it was Digimon.”

“Oh!” Odocomon’s ears perked up. “I remember. You said you thought you saw something-”

“-Behind her husband’s chair!” Siberimon finished. “Yes, I remember now.” Irbimon had told the other Digimon about his feeling while Ms. Lynn had dozed. They had all searched the room silently and found nothing, which led to Irbimon being made fun of mercilessly.

Frankie had stopped sulking in the corner and had rejoined the rest of them, as getting ready to leave the apartment seemed to have been forgotten too. All the humans were standing or sitting, carefully watching and listening to their Digimon excitedly gabble about what Irbimon did, or did not see when Ms. Lynn baby-sat them.

“It was like in the story!” Caesarmon said loudly.

Poemon shuffled along the top of the couch. “Oh yeah! The one about the Princess. Didn’t you think you saw it?”

“I thought that was just your imagination.” Ailurmon commented. “It was just a story.”

Reyez interjected. “Look, I know you guys might have thought you saw something, I’m sure the old lady has some pretty cooky tales to tell, but it was just inferred.”

“Inferred?” Poemon repeated.

“Yeah, like you were so engaged in the story you thought you saw something.” Tom explained. The Digimon took a moment and exchanged looks with each other. Then, Irbimon released a disheartened ‘oh’ and his ears flopped. Eva rubbed his head gently, and he disappeared into her D-Touch in a flash of pink light.

The other Digimon followed suit, disappearing into the D-Touches of their partners. James stuffed his hands in his pockets, and Tom checked the time on his D-Touch.

“I think we might have offended them.” Eva said.

“Probably. The last time I doubted Ailurmon, she ended up being right about you guys having Digimon.” Reyez said.

Piper sighed. “We should give them a little while to cool off. They probably got over-excited. Let’s get some pizza, get some take out for them, and go see the movie.”

There was a murmur of agreement and collectively, Tom, Eva, Piper and Reyez moved towards the door. Frankie was still by the couch, James close by waiting for her.


She glanced up, a little startled. “I was just thinking... maybe we could ask Ms. Lynn. It’s pretty much on the way; we would just have to take a small detour to my place.” She was speaking to the group by the door. “It wouldn’t take long, and we’d still have time to get food and go to the movies. I just think... maybe the Digimon weren’t seeing things. Maybe there’s some truth in the story.”

“What makes you say that?” Eva asked.

Frankie shrugged her shoulders, briefly shaking her head. “I don’t know. Just call it a hunch. Siberimon has never led me wrong before; and sometimes I think some of Ms. Lynn’s stories aren’t just stories. She’s lived a life, y’know? Who’s to say she hasn’t come in contact with Digimon before. I mean... when she first saw Tigrimon she wasn’t even fazed.”

Eva frowned a little, before glancing back at Tom who shrugged. “I don’t mind.”

“I think we should go.” Piper said from the door. “The Digimon do a lot for us, we should check it out, for them.”

Tom opened the front door, checking he had his keys in his pocket. “Okay – Frankie, lead the way.”


Ms. Lynn’s apartment was larger than Tom and Eva’s, but still fitting all twelve of her visitors in was a trial. Luckily most of them were happy to stand up to make room. Only Frankie and Eva sat down on the sofa with Ms. Lynn. She was surprised to see them, considering Frankie had told her about the plans for Piper’s birthday, she hadn’t expected to see Frankie until the next morning. She hadn’t minded them dropping over. She enjoyed unexpected visits and the company, however brief.

“You’ll have to excuse the mess.” Ms. Lynn was saying, moving across the living room with her cane in one hand and holding some folded clothes in the other. “Eric just dropped back some of my laundry.”

“Oh, I didn’t know Eric was coming over today.” Frankie said. She had met Eric a few times, but didn’t know him well.

“It was only a flying visit.” Ms. Lynn sat down, and Siberimon curled up next to her. She immediately began stroking his head between his ears and he was purring like a kitten. “To what do I owe this unexpected visit?”

The six humans all exchanged looks, unsure where to start, or who should make mention of what the Digimon had said back in Tom and Eva’s apartment. “Well, you see...” Frankie started.

“The story you told.” Irbimon interjected, Ms. Lynn looked at him. “About the Princess and the guard?”

Ms. Lynn nodded. “What about it?”

“Well... see... after you told it. You fell asleep.” Irbimon started.

“And Irbimon had thought he’d seen something behind the arm chair there.” Poemon pointed to the chair with her wing.

Odocomon continued. “We looked around the area but couldn’t find anything, so we just thought it was a trick of the light – something like that. But –“

“Since then, we’ve all had a weird feeling that there was a Digimon here.” Ailurmon finished. “Irbimon sensed it first, and then when he mentioned it and kept going on about it...” She made a face at him.

“We all started to feel the same. Like there was a presence.” Caesarmon finished.

Ms. Lynn surveyed the Digimon each in turn and sighed softly. Still gently stroking Siberimon’s head she leaned her head back and looked at the ceiling for a moment. The silence that filled the room, aside from Siberimon’s purring, was tense. Like it was glass that could shatter. Frankie was itching to say something, just to break the tension, but didn’t have a clue what to say. Here they were, in her neighbour’s apartment, the Digimon suggesting there had been another Digimon in the room almost accusingly.

“Well...” Ms. Lynn said finally. “Frankie, be a dear, in the cupboard there,” she pointed, “There’s a photo album with a dark blue cover. Could you get it for me?”

“Sure.” Frankie rose and crossed the room, doing as Ms. Lynn asked. The album was large, heavy and had some pieces of paper sticking out of it. Frankie passed it to Ms. Lynn and sat down again. Siberimon had moved, but was still curled up on the sofa, with his eyes half open. Ms. Lynn opened the photograph album and turned through several pages until she got to the middle.

“This was my husband before he died, about twenty years ago,” she pointed to one photograph of herself, Eric as a young boy and a man, tall with dark hair and kind brown eyes. “This was on vacation years before he died. Up in the country by the lakes. The weather that year was sweltering. We were staying in a cabin we had rented out. One night, there was noise at the door and on the doorstep we found what... we believed to be a large lizard. It was injured and dehydrated, so we took it in, wanting to make it better. We didn’t much care if it was dangerous, it was too weak to harm us.

“It was a lizard unlike any other I had seen before. It had fur on its legs that was yellow, a grey plated belly, and more bizarrely, Asian inspired black and purple plate-like armour on its back. It wasn’t long until it was healed, eating and well enough to leave. Eric and my husband were fishing in a boat one day, while I was on the shoreline watching them, and reading. I had left the door open to let the lizard go of its own free will.”

Ms. Lynn paused; she turned one of the pages, showing a faded photograph of the lizard in question curled up on a blanket.

She continued. “The lizard did leave the house, but didn’t disappear into the woods as I had assumed. It came to my side and sat with me, much like a dog. I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want to scare it; instead it scared me. It spoke, perfect English, very politely and soft spoken. At first I was terrified – it was a speaking lizard! But those eyes, so soulful, I felt if I didn’t listen to it, I would be doing it a wrong. So I calmed myself, and it spoke to me. Said its name was Ryudamon, a Digimon. That he had come to this world to keep an eye on events that would unfold.”

“Ryudamon?” Odocomon repeated.

“Is that why, when you first met Tigrimon, you were unfazed?” Frankie asked.

“I suppose so, yes. I already knew about the existence of Digimon, and I had been told to expect to see more as time went on.”

“Was that who it was? Who was here then?” Irbimon asked, becoming excited by the prospect of another Digimon.

Ms. Lynn nodded, closing the album. “Ryudamon would visit me yearly after that; to update me and let me know what he had discovered. I still had no clue what my part was to play, but he always said I would know when it came along. After my husband died and Eric moved out, Ryudamon came to visit more often, we were friends. He liked to check on me. Though when you moved in Frankie, he stopped visiting so much.

“He has mentioned wanting to see you all interacting, up close.” Ms. Lynn explained, further confirming that he was in the room.

“Yeah but... why?” Ailurmon queried. “I mean, why not just make himself known to us, and not be so backwards about it.”

“He hasn’t explained that to me.” Ms. Lynn replied. “But he’s interested in you. All of you. Something about that he has been waiting for you all for some time to reach your full potential. Your full power.”

“Our... full power?” Siberimon repeated.

“You mean like when we evolve?” Poemon added. She was looking at Tom questioningly, though he just shrugged in reply.

“I guess – unless there’s some other explanation.” Tom said slowly. “Ms. Lynn?”

“Nothing else springs to mind.” Ms. Lynn replied. “I’m sorry to have kept you all in the dark about this. Ryudamon said only to tell you if you asked, which you have. He’ll reveal himself to you in time.” She sighed, and again the room was quiet.

It was a lot of information to take in. More than anyone had really considered; Ms. Lynn had connections with other Digimon. This connection had been established around two decades ago. This was also around the time when the Digimon first arrived in egg form. Though this was something no one had mentioned as yet, it was one thing everyone was thinking.

“I would like to meet him.” Ailurmon said sternly, standing up. “If he’s been watching us he should have said something.”

“It’s not that simple dear.” Ms. Lynn said, trying to placate the obviously irritated Digimon. “Ryudamon has his reasons. They may not be clear now, but they will become clear over time.”

Reyez kicked off from the wall where he had been standing, listening and observing the whole time. “Look, we came and found out what we had wanted to find out. If this other Digimon is tracking us, he’ll find us when the time is right. No point getting worked up over it.”

“I... guess.” Eva murmured. “Still it’s a litt-“

“Still nothing.” Reyez retorted, sucking his teeth. “Nothing doing. There’s nothing for us to do right now but wait. Ryudamon will get to us when he’s ready. We know there’s another Digimon, sounds like he’s probably a friend. So let’s leave it at that and move on.”

The group was silent, knowing Reyez had a point. It took a little time, but eventually everyone was moving, ready to leave and continue to their original destination, the mystery now solved. Ms. Lynn stood by the front door watching them leave. She held onto Frankie’s hand as she went to go.

“Be careful.” She was smiling, but her words were serious.

“Always am.” Frankie replied with a grin.

“Really, Frankie. Be careful, all of you.” Ms. Lynn repeated. “He doesn’t know what, but Ryudamon has said that something, something will happen. And it will happen soon.”

Unnerved, Frankie nodded her head slowly. “We’ll be careful, I promise. You don’t have to worry about us.” Frankie laughed to diffuse the serious tension between them. “I’ll stay away from the alcohol, too!”

It was then that Eva and Piper yelled out, and Frankie turned suddenly.

“Irbimon, get back here!”


“What the Hell are you doing? Ailurmon?!”

The Digimon were running from them, disappearing down the narrow alley way next to the apartment block.

“Frankie, come on!” Tom yelled, Poemon was overhead, following the other Digimon.

Frankie turned back to Ms. Lynn and smiled. “See ya in the morning! We’re gonna go shopping and watch that Golden Girls marathon, ok?” and ran down the steps, meeting with the group, they set off at a rapid pace following their Digimon. Ms. Lynn watched them depart, her face marred with worry.


The Digimon only stopped running when they found their destination. Away from the main city stretch, in the industrial district which was littered with warehouses. There were police cars and fire engines all lit up, keeping back the public, trying to put out a raging fire on one of the larger warehouses.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Eva snapped once she and the others had caught up with their partners. “Don’t do that!”

“Something’s wrong.” Odocomon stated.

“It’s not an ordinary fire.” Siberimon added.

James wiped his head. “Don’t tell me. Di-“

“Digimon!” Poemon finished, she was above the others, pointing in a Southerly direction. Sure enough, out in the open, staring at the group were two canine like creatures. They looked the same in every way, their markings matched, and their faces. The only differences were their tails and colours. One was a dark orange, almost umber colour, with flames licking at its tail. The other was colder blues and greys, with a nearly vaporous tail tip.

Reyez turned towards the burning warehouse as a beam fell down to the floor, crashing and sending kindling everywhere. “A Digimon did this?”

“They did it.” Irbimon was growling. “Their scent is all over it.”

“Do you recognize them?” Piper asked.

“No,” Caesarmon replied. “Wait, follow them!” The two unknown Digimon had turned tail, they were running from them, and the group pursued. The canines weaved through crates and buildings, leading them through a twisted maze, until they came to a stop at the warehouse furthest from the fire. Furthest from other people.

“That’s enough.” Ailurmon was speaking moving towards the other Digimon. “What’s the point of setting the building on fire?”

“It got your attention, didn’t it?”

“So predictable.” Two new voices were speaking; the owners were hidden away by the crates and buildings in the area. Though, the voices were recognizable to everyone but the Digimon.

“That sounded...”

“It can’t be.”

The canine Digimon were retreating further back to an open door of one of the warehouses. On either side, Hunter and Rose Divine were standing. The Digimon went to their respective partners and sat obediently.

“I see you’ve met our Digimon,” Rose said curtly twirling a lock of her hair around her finger. “I don’t think they had time to introduce themselves. This is Hatimon,” she indicated to the blue wolf. “She’s a serious one, but don’t let her small stature fool you. Her attacks are ice based, and she’ll freeze you to death if you get too close.”

“And this is Skollmon.” Hunter continued, stepping forwards, Skollmon at his heels. “Hatimon’s twin brother. Fire attacks are his game, and the warehouse back there? His handiwork.”

“You have...” Eva trailed. This was more information to take in. Far too much in one day. First Ryudamon, now this.

“I thought we were friends?”

“Friends…?” Rose repeated. “The Divine family doesn’t have friends. We use people like you for our own gains.”

“So what’s with all this?” James stepped forward. Their Digimon were bristling, sizing up Skollmon and Hatimon.

“You didn’t think you were the only ones with Digimon, did you?” Hunter asked, smirking. “None of you are that special.”

“This is our job. We have to step in. You and your Digimon are ruining some plans.” Rose added.

“What plans?”

“Ah-ah.” Rose wiggled her right index finger from side to side. “That would be telling. All you need to know is you’re causing problems, and we have to eliminate you.”

“Eliminate?” Piper repeated. She swallowed hard.

“Yes.” Rose said coldly, her smile turning nasty. “All of you.”

“Well, shit. I definitely don’t feel bad about that one night stand.” Reyez blurted out inappropriately, as if the current events hadn’t registered in his mind. “But damn that was some good--”

“REYEZ!” Frankie snapped.

“Cómo?” He shrugged, lighting a cigarette located loosely between his lips.

Without bidding, Hatimon and Skollmon leaped forward into the group of six Digimon. The others were ready, entering the fray immediately, attacks at the ready. Poemon swooped into the sky, building up a swift black wind around her.

“Black Magic!” Winds shaped like ravens glided swiftly from her, shooting down towards the attacking Digimon.

“Frost Strike!” Irbimon leapt up, driving down his claws in front of him towards Skollmon. Skollmon twisted out of the way, agile and quick, the attack hit the ground and Skollmon bit into the scruff of Irbimon’s neck. Irbimon yelped in pain, and was sent through the air as Skollmon shook him like a rag doll, crashing into Caesarmon.

“Claw Tremor!” Ailurmon raced forward, her paws and jaw clenched, aiming for Hatimon who stood perfectly still and stoic.

“Crystal Ring.” She called out softly, and a faint blue ring appeared around her, spaced about ten feet away. Ailurmon yelled, leaping into the air, ready to throw her first punch. Hatimon moved gracefully to one side, allowing Ailurmon to rush by her, punching the ground. In doing so, spikes of icicles raised up in the circle, impaling and scratching Ailurmon on her body, legs and arms.

About to bite down on the panda Digimon, Hatimon was hit from behind by a ball of pink light. “Aurora Light!”

Odocomon was charging up a second attack, her mouth open as she reared, ready to send it at Hatimon again who was growling, snarling at the deer Digimon. “Borealis Stream!” Beams of pink light shot from her mouth, Hatimon leapt up out of danger, as her brother attacked Odocomon from the side.

“Fire Fang!” Biting into Odocomon’s hind leg, flames erupted from the wound, engulfing it. Odocomon yelped, kicking her hind legs out, forcing Skollmon to release her.

Siberimon raced in towards Skollmon. “Hurricane Slasher!”

“Black Magic!” To assist Siberimon’s attack, more raven shaped wind drifted down, combining with the wind circulating around his paws.

“Water Strike!” Caesarmon had run at Hatimon, clean into her side, knocking her off her feet, while sending the water attack into her.

Ailurmon, on her feet but bloodied, snarled. “Terra.... SHAKER!!!” Her paw dug into the ground, lifting up earth and then sending it crashing down to where Hatimon had landed.

“Hurricane Slasher!” Another attack from Siberimon, hitting Skollmon in the face, sending him back, straight to where Irbimon was waiting with his claws glowing.

“Biting Ice!” He slashed the air, sending a huge blast of arrow headed icicles into Skollmon that pierced and sliced at his skin.

Skollmon and Hatimon retreated to Rose and Hunter, slightly bloodied, but still standing. They appeared unfazed despite their injuries. Siberimon and the others returned their group. Eva quickly checked over Irbimon’s neck, and Caesarmon helped to ease the scorch marks on Odocomon’s hind leg.

“Not bad.” Hunter said.

“Not amazing either.” Rose replied.

“Why are you doing this?” Frankie yelled.

“What are you trying to prove?!” Tom added, clenching his fists. “This is useless. We should be working together.”

“The Divine family does not work with others!” Rose yelled, for the first time showing some anger. “You handled Skollmon and Hatimon alright – let’s see how you deal with them now…” From the pocket of her jacket, and from the pocket of his combats, Rose and Hunter pulled out two devices. Rose’s pure black while Hunter’s was a clean white.

“D-Touches?” Piper gasped. “They have D-Touches too?!”

“Surprising.” Reyez commented sarcastically. Piper shot him a nasty glare.

Hatimon and Skollmon stepped forward, being engulfed in black and white light, forcing the others to shield their eyes from it.

“Hatimon, over-clock evolve to...” Her four-legged form rose up onto two long, muscular legs, and the markings on her body moved to match this new form. Her face became longer and narrower; her tail grew in length, as did the vapour on it. The claws on her front and back paws grew significantly. Around her face and chest, dark blue hair sprouted forming a large mane around her neck. “Remamon!”

“Skollmon, over-clock evolve to...” Like his sister, Skollmon rose up onto two legs, much larger and leaner than those of Remamon. His markings moved to accommodate the changes, and the claws on his four paws grew larger and sharper. His tail lengthened, and the fire on it burned brighter and hotter, the flame had increased tenfold. A dark reddish brown hair grew from his neck, spreading around his head, chest and down his back, forming a mane as it had with Remamon. “Romulumon!”

The two giant werewolf-like Digimon towered over the other group.

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