Episode 10: by moon and sun

  dark                      light

Reyez twirled his D-Touch between his fingers, blowing out smoke from his cigarette. “Let’s do it”

The others followed suit and in a union of multicolored light, a chorus from the Digimon filled the air.

“Irbimon, over-clock evolve to… Skadimon!”

“Siberimon, over-clock evolve to… Hurakamon!”

“Poemon, over-clock evolve to… Valramon!”

“Odocomon, over-clock evolve to… Rusdramon!”

“Ailurmon, over-clock evolve to… Bambusmon!”

“Caesarmon, over-clock evolve to… Vespasmon!”

Vespasmon towered over the others and released a roar, lifting his tail into the air.

“Pain Geyser!” The yellow orb on his tail shone brightly, releasing a scalding hot stream of sea water at high pressure.

Remamon and Romulumon leaped out of the way in opposite directions. A wall of clear strong ice formed in front of Rose and Hunter, protecting them from the attack. They didn’t even flinch, only smirked behind the sheet of ice. 

Bambusmon and Rusdramon launched forward towards Romulumon, Valramon was with them overhead. With a forward thrust of her leg, Bambusmon boot kicked, nailing Romulumon in the chest. He flipped backwards and quickly regained composure, launching and tackling Bambusmon to the ground.

With a quick kick she was able to toss him into the air, giving Valramon a good shot for an attack.

“Duskbane!” Valramon shouted, releasing a small flock of attacking birds at Romulumon.

Upside-down in midair, Romulumon smirked. “Incinerate!” He took in a deep breath and a quick exhale; he released a giant stream of fire that burned through Valramon’s attack, hitting Valramon when there was nothing else to burn. Valramon shrieked, hitting the wall of the warehouse, almost crashing through.

“Amethyst Chains!”

Romulumon found himself wrapped in chains of light, taken by surprise for a moment, and then suddenly jerked to the ground.

Rusdramon leaned her head back, tossing Romulumon into the air only to slam him down again. She then jerked her head to the side, releasing him and throwing him into a wall of crates.

Bambusmon rushed forward, her clawed hand extended. “Foliage Domination!” She called, a vine springing forth from her hand and wrapping around Romulumon’s neck.

“Amethyst Chains!” Chains of light joined the vine around the orange werewolf’s neck, and another light chain latched around his body. Rusdramon and Bambusmon both braced themselves as Romulumon struggled in their joint grip, reaching for the chains and the vine trying to tear them with his claws, foaming at the mouth wildly.

Above, Valramon had covered herself in a black cloud. “Night Strike!” She descended at blistering speeds and slammed herself into Romulumon’s chest. Simultaneously Bambusmon and Rusdramon released him, and he crashed back through the walls of the burning warehouse. Their victory was short lived as from inside the flaming building, Romulumon rose to his feet and roared, trembling and full of rage.

Without a moment’s pause he dashed forward, his paws igniting into hands of flame. “Searing Claws!” He bellowed. He rushed, and attacked with precise, well judged punches, each one shooting out small infernos that exploded on contact with the Digimon he faced. Bambusmon was thrown back from the impact of one hitting her square in the chest, and Rusdramon was knocked back onto her side. Valramon swooped away, doggedly dodging the balls of flame directed at her.


Remamon leaped over Hurakamon with ease, landing an iced punch dead on Skadimon’s nose. Skadimon recovered quickly and latched his jaws onto her arm. “Hungering Cold.” He roared, his muzzle turning into ice. He gripped on her arm harder and began shaking her around like a rag doll, before she wriggled free from his grip with an indignant yelp.

Behind her, Hurakamon charged. “Wind Wrecker!” His eyes took on their characteristic glow and he disappeared in a blast of strong wind, and four more versions of himself appeared, surrounding the blue she-wolf. Together they charged her, slashing with their claws together as one.

Remamon screeched again, pain generating through her body as she was hit and sliced with the claws several times. Despite the unrelenting attack, she managed to leap out of the centre of the Hurakamon horde and landed gracefully away from them, as the wind duplicates became the original once again. She was crouched on the ground, her face fierce and determined.

“Flash Freeze!” She called, bringing down one clawed hand from where she held it towards the sky, and slamming the ground. A shockwave rippled from her paw, ice appearing where it travelled. The ice grew and began to climb up the legs of Skadimon and Hurakamon, locking them in place. Remamon got to her feet, now showing a triumphant smirk.

Her paws clenched, she said, her voice barely audible. “Tundra Claw.” Immediately a vaporous aura surrounded her paws and she stepped towards her trapped adversaries.

“Typhoon Circle!” Remamon dodged the sphere of water just in time as it crashed into where she had been standing moments before. As she landed, Vespasmon charged her, crashing his bulk against her more sinewy body. Remamon braced her paws against him, claws breaching the fur and bringing blood to the surface. Vespasmon continued to push against her, clawing her legs and belly, finally biting onto her shoulder, sinking his teeth into muscle.

Skadimon had been fighting the ice around his legs, and finally broke one free. “Frozen Grip!” He slashed his free paw forward, sending a claw-shaped blast of ice at the interlocked Digimon. Vespasmon growled loudly, released Remamon as the claw impacted on her back. He slammed his tail against her, knocking her to one side towards and through a pile of crates, destroying it in the process. The otter beast then smashed the ice encasing his companions, freeing them from it. Remamon was not down for long; seconds after Hurakamon and Skadimon were freed she was charging them, a frozen aura surrounding her paws.

“Tundra Claw!” She bellowed and leapt into the air, coming down at the three other Champion Digimon at blistering speed, punches were landed, and ice formed over the areas where each one hit. She moved too quickly for the other Digimon to launch their own attacks, so they retaliated with claws and teeth.


As the battles raged on, the rest of the group had taken cover behind some of the crates littering the area, but they didn’t stay that way for long due to the Digimon slinging each other around the warehouse.

Frankie peeked her head out, trying to keep an eye on Rose and Hunter but at the same time Hurakamon.

“Look out!” Shouted James.

Frankie looked up, noticing the heavy crate falling down towards her.

She felt a force rush into her and hit the ground along side with James who pulled her closer. They stared in awe, noticing that some of the large crates were filled with heavy machinery.

“We have to get out of this area.” She stated. James sat up, rubbing his hair.

“I think this is exactly where they wanted us--- SHIT!” He grabbed Frankie again and pulled her over, rolling again away from another crate that smashed into the ground.

“Holy shit…” Frankie cursed, almost out of breath. Now lying on top of James, she sat up and turned her attention to where the crates were falling from. Hunter was above them.

 He saluted with a smirk, standing on top of the mountain of crates that hovered over the couple.

“Cozy?” He said.

Frankie and James glared.

With his hands in his pocket, Hunter pushed his weight against the large wooden container. The crate, and the two balanced on top of it, lost that balance and came crashing towards the group.

Frankie shrieked but James’ reflexes were quick. He pushed Frankie off of him, tossing her further away from the crates and stood up, barely running out of the way. He rolled across the ground and stood up to his feet, grabbing Frankie’s hand and running out of the area.

Hunter felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around.


Tom shook his fist. “Owww…”

Hunter grabbed his jaw, keeping his footing on the crate. “That was rude…”

Tom shrugged. “Any other circumstances, maybe. But I don’t know how I feel about your trying to kill me and my friends…”

Hunter shook his head. “I see.”

Without a moment of thought, Hunter returned fire with his own fist. Tom barely dodged, simultaneously trying to not fall to his doom. He suddenly wished he had at least waited for Hunter to be on the ground.

The two continued to exchange blows for blow.

When Tom left an opening, Hunter elbowed him in the chest, knocking him off balance and off the crate.

“TOM!!” Eva screamed, running as if she would attempt to catch him, but he fell softly on the feathers of Valramon. Eva sighed in relief before screaming again as Skadimon crashed close to her.

She ran to his side. “We should go…” She rubbed his fur, frowning.

“N-No…they know where we all live; they’d only continue to hunt us.” He hesitated to stand up again.

“Their Digimon… they are much stronger than all of our Champions combined.” Piper commented from afar. Her eyes were watering from the sounds of attacks being thrown back and forth. The sight of Vespasmon being frozen in place then beaten up by Remamon made her want to run out into the battle but she had to hold herself back. She glanced from the corner of her eye, noticing Hunter surveying them, barely paying attention to the fight. Anger bubbled up in Piper’s chest and she turned towards him, arms out.

“Come on then!” She yelled. Hunter stared at her impassively. “Let’s see big, brave Hunter Divine beat up a girl!”

“Your turn’ll come Blondie.” Hunter smirked.

“You’re a coward!” Piper screamed, Hunter sneered. “You and your psycho sister. You’re both terrible. I hate you!!” Eva grabbed Piper’s shoulders which were shaking and dragged her back towards the protection of Skadimon. Hunter moved off.

Skadimon stood up between the two girls. “We… can do this. But we just have to work together.”

Eva and Piper looked on, noticing that the other Digimon were just attacking, some almost hitting each other, and the care and precision given to their attacks lessening as the battle raged on.

“That is something you must learn together.” A new voice came into earshot, catching the trio’s attention.

Eva and Piper turned swiftly, Skadimon too, growling deeply, concerned this would be another enemy. Before them was an over-sized lizard with black armor on his back and fur covered legs. His body was orange, and his armor was decorated with purple and gold designs. His head was covered with a helmet similar to that worn by a samurai. Piper and Eva exchanged looks.

“Ryu…da…mon?” Eva asked slowly.

“At your service.” Ryudamon bowed low once, and then stood straight.

“Hungering Cold!” Skadimon roared beside the three of them, re-entering the fight as Vespasmon crushed a pile of fallen crates. He was on his feet in seconds, limping dramatically on a back foot.

“Help us.” Piper said quickly. “Please. If you can do anything, you have to!”

“I don’t have to do anything.” Ryudamon said equally as quickly. He looked out onto the battle, where while Romulumon and Remamon were vastly out-numbered, they were easily overwhelming the six Champion Digimon they fought against. They both moved quickly, lithe and agile, working off of each other in perfect synchronization, like a well oiled machine. The other Digimon moved clumsily, their attacks badly judged and misaimed at times. They would attack too close together, or too far apart.

“Then why are you here?!” Eva demanded. “If you’re not here to help, then go. We have enough to deal with!”  She peered out again; Skadimon was cornering Romulumon with his brother and Bambusmon.

Ryudamon laughed to himself. Eva glared.

“Laughing.” She turned to Piper. “Our Digimon are getting murdered and he’s laughing?!” Eva was exasperated and pulled at her hair in desperation.

“I can’t help you now. This is your battle.” Ryudamon explained.

Piper rolled her eyes. “Don’t we know it.”

“But I will help you. In time. You’ll see.” Ryudamon was looking at the battle again, Bambusmon had been thrown by Remamon into Valramon and they were both recovering. Rusdramon’s light chains had become entangled with Hurakamon’s legs, leaving Vespasmon and Skadimon to deal with the were-Digimon until their companions could join them. “Notice how your Digimon don’t work together,” Ryudamon said, not really asking a question. “Notice how Hunter and Rose’s Digimon work together. That’s how yours should be. But they’re all fighting. Fighting their enemy, fighting each other. Each wants to be the hero.”

Piper and Eva stared at the armor-clad Digimon, confused.

“You’re a team… but you’re not at the same time. You’ve come together, but somehow… you have not gelled as a team. You still fight amongst yourselves. And if it stays that way… then you will never be ready.”

The girls exchanged looks.

“Ready… for what?” Piper asked.

Eva gasped beside her and shoved her. “WATCH OUT!” A crate fell from above them, Vespasmon flying overhead and crashing to the ground.

“Vespasmon!” Piper ran from Eva to her partner. Eva stared around for the mysterious Ryudamon, but he had disappeared as quickly as he had arrived. She growled. More questions without answers. More riddles without solutions. She was getting sick of this. But for now she didn’t have time to focus. Her friends – her Digimon – needed her.


“Hm?” Rose took her eyes away from the battles and turned around. A smile drew across her face. “Came to apologize?”

Reyez exhaled O-shaped smoke that dispersed on the impact of Rose’s face. She coughed.

“We need to talk.” Reyez mocked, borderline sarcastically. 

Rose twirled a single strand of hair around her finger. “I don’t think there is much to talk about really. You never called me back.”

Reyez shrugged. “Well ya’know, evil bitch and all.”

“I don’t like guys that smoke.”

“Sounds like a personal issue.”

Remamon appeared behind Reyez, preparing her claws for a strike. Reyez closed his eyes and puffed on his cigarette; keeping his hands in his jacket pocket.

“Tundra Cla-”

“Not today bitch!” Bambusmon appeared, her claw open and charging. “Great Cannon!”

The giant beam hit Remamon dead on before she could strike, sending her through the wall of the warehouse.

Bambusmon leaped past Reyez, following behind Remamon to finish what she had started.

Reyez opened his eyes. “At this point I would like to mention that you, madam, can kiss my ass.”  He simply walked off as Rose opened her mouth to speak. “Oh and, you might wanna change that Edward Cullen wallpaper. Not cute.”

Rose gasped in offense, turning to watch Reyez walk casually to the others.

She gritted her teeth and clinched her fist. The only other person to ever get under her skin so quickly, ever, would be Hunter and this was not about to become a trend. “You DISRESPECTFUL ASSHOLE!” She shouted.

Reyez turned, walking backwards towards the group. “You mad?” He shrugged, turning his back to her again.

Rose clenched up, gripping her D-Touch so hard that the minor sounds of it cracking were heard. She closed her eyes tried to hold in her screaming; but failed. “REMAMON!!!” She shouted, turning her eyes to the Digimon in question. “I AM DONE… PLAYING… WITH THESE INFERIOR… CREATURES!”

The black D-Touch in her hand started to pulsate. The screen started to show different kinds of coding and black ‘light’ enveloped Rose and Remamon from afar. Rose’s bright green eyes turned black as she kept her glare on Reyez who had stopped walking, and looked back at her. Not a worry on his face.

That’s what pissed her off, she had never seen him with the look of fear of his face, the look she was accustomed to. The look that had flickered, even for the briefest moment in the faces of the others. She wanted to bring that to him, she wanted to see it.

Bambusmon was launched across the warehouse, landing on the crates close to him. Reyez simply turned to the crates, then back at Rose.

Remamon floated above Rose, crossing her legs and arms.

“Digivolve.” Rose demanded.


Tom ducked as the lead pipe hit the crate. Hunter twirled it in his palm before striking forward again.

“You have some SERIOUS anger management issues!” Tom leaned back, dodging another attempt strike.

“Nah. I just like to get shit done.” Hunter smirked, swinging again. Tom stepped back and turned to run.

Hunter gritted his teeth and gave chase. They weaved through the maze of crates as Tom tried his best to feint Hunter but the other boy was too keen, his stride was larger than Tom’s and he kept up with ease.

Tom saw the opening to where they were once standing and ran for it. Hunter was close and getting ready to strike. Something in the corner of the blonde’s eye caught his attention and when he passed a marked crate, he ducked.

Hunter ran forward but was quickly put down as his neck ran into a strong arm, clothes-lining him. Hunter crashed to the ground, dropping the lead pipe.

James turned the corner, with Frankie holding his other hand. Tom quickly kicked the lead pipe further away from Hunter’s reach.

“What the hell?” James said, turning his attention to Rose who stood above everyone else. The others met in the clearing of the warehouse, the Digimon injured but close by. No one was unharmed. Vespasmon had one paw off the ground, bleeding steadily. Skadimon and Hurakamon were both bleeding around their maws and their necks. One of the prongs of Rusdramon’s antlers had split off, and she had bites and singe wounds on her haunches. Valramon, who had been mostly airborne, also bore marks of the battle, bleeding from her beak and with blood staining her feathers. Bambusmon was barely able to stand; one of her shoulders was badly bitten with dried blood around the wound. She was unkempt and was using Skadimon to remain upright.

Piper turned and quickly noticed that parallel from Rose at the other end of warehouse was Hunter. Hunter was enveloped in white light and his eyes had faded, glowing white just like Rose’s were ’glowing’ black. Romulumon hovered over Hunter as well. She gripped onto her jumper tightly, her knuckles turning white. An ominous feeling washed over her, and she knew the others had felt it too. Eva gripped Tom’s hand in hers tightly. Frankie had turned to face James, who was trying to shield her from what was going to come. And even Reyez’s jaw had tightened and clenched.

Rose and Hunter held out their D-Touches, pointing them at each other as both a black and white light shot from the screens; over the group. When the two beams hit, they formed a sphere that emitted a powerful light.

A chorus of pained grunts and moans were heard while everyone shielded their eyes from the growing light.

“Remamon, proxy evolve to…” Remamon’s face contorted as she moved in the light, her body bending and rotating. Her back stretched out, allowing her arms to grow down giving her a quadruped form. Her paws grew, and the claws sharpened, growing in size. Around each ankle was a gold band. Her tail lengthened, as did the vaporous essence at its tip. Her mane shrunk, climbing up her back, remaining around her neck like a lion’s mane. Spikes of ice grew off her face and head, two behind her ears and two on her cheeks. More spikes sprouted from the knees on her back legs. Over her back a blanket materialized. It was white with a gold trim, and decorated with pale blue crescent moons and navy blue yin swirls. She snapped her jowls together as the transformation ended, and exploded from the black light with a howl. “Tsukuyomon!!”

“Romulumon, proxy evolve to…” As Remamon had done, Romulumon’s back stretched, breaking bones and transforming muscles as he changed shape. His arms reached down taking on the shape of forelegs. Each paw increased in size, his claws too. Around each ankle was a silver bangle. The flame on his tail grew and waved wildly, igniting the fur around his neck and creating a mane of flames. An orange oval gem formed on his forehead, with burnt brown spikes springing from it, which made it look like the sun. Like his sister, a blanket materialized over his back, this one a burgundy color with silver edging. A similar orange gem decoration was on the blanket, with silver ‘rays’ decorating it. Dangling off each corner were more orange sun-like gems. The transformation complete, he broke out of the ball of white light like a charging bull, shattering it with a swipe of one of his giant paws. “Terasumon!!”

Standing high at fourteen feet each, the beast Digimon snarled, one in front and the other behind.

“Oh… no.” Ryudamon said, openly concerned. He had reappeared behind the group of humans as Romulumon and Remamon had been evolving. Only Eva and Piper noticed him, the others were too preoccupied by the huge wolves snarling and sizing up their already exhausted Digimon.

“Oh my god, Digimon have higher levels?” Frankie questioned. The holographic screen from the D-Touches exploded with information, hers was directed at Tsukuyomon. “Tsukuyomon, an Ultimate level Digimon. She has two powerful attacks; Winter’s Blade and Endless Hailstorm… neither sound too pleasing.” She frowned.

James had a hologram of Terasumon floating above his own D-Touch. “Terasumon, also an Ultimate level Digimon. His attack Blazing Mirage allows him to multiply himself, and Volcanic Pillar lets him call on one hell of a hot attack.” James looked away from his D-Touch.

“We are… so… screwed…” Eva clung herself to Tom.

The group stood back to back, as the two beast Digimon towered over them.  The other Digimon were getting up, trying to regain ground, stay steady on their feet and attempt to look intimidating, even though they were all bloodied and verging on exhaustion. Each of them shook with the effort it took to stand up, and blood dripped from wounds sustained by them all, staining the ground. Everyone was standing, protected from the new enemy by their Digimon, their faces marred with anger or fear. Piper was close to tears, caused by the anguish of seeing her Digimon like this and by the flames that were growing around them, engulfing building after building.

“I got a plan…” Reyez said, reaching the end of the cigarette.

“And that would be?” Tom questioned.

Reyez took one more puff, exhaled the smoke and looked in both directions. He paused. “…Run.” He flicked the cigarette butt into Terasumon’s face, who growled as the rest of the cigarette burned before even making impact.

With that, all six ran in different directions, mainly towards their Digimon.

“BLAZING MIRAGE!” Terasumon shouted, disappearing and then reappearing as three copies made of white flames.

One copy charged towards Reyez who ran towards Bambusmon.

“Yo!” He shouted.

Bambusmon leaped into the air and raised her paw. “Foliage Domination!” She created her vine whip, striking it towards the giant flaming beast. The flame dispersed but exploded close enough to send her flying.

Reyez hit the ground and slid into a pile of rubble as Tohuimon bounced and landed next to him groaning, her fur matted with blood.

The other flame chased Piper as she slid under Vespasmon.

“Pain Geyser!” The water pressure attack hit the flame. The flame vanished on impact with both Vespasmon and Piper sighing in relief.

“Think again!” Said a low voice.

Vespasmon turned around only to be slapped and beaten single handedly by Terasumon’s paw. Vespasmon was thrown across the warehouse, through the remaining walls and outside with a loud crash. Piper’s face turned pale as she ran in that direction, holding back any tears that were trying to escape. Tiberimon’s small body was in the flames, she grabbed him quickly before the flames enveloped him and wrapped him up in her jumper.

“Night Strike!” Valramon attacked, driving herself into Terasumon’s side. Terasumon lost his balance but turned quickly to smack her with his tail. He opened his mouth and released a white fireball that sent her into some crates nearby. The crates wobbled and fell, smashing into Valramon as she was thrown past them. They fell and crashed into her body sending her to the ground. She flashed green and shrank.

“T-Tom!” Cried Corvimon from the rubble, upside down, her feet wiggling as she struggled to right herself.


Tsukuyomon backhanded Hurakamon with her paw and turned quickly to hit Rusdramon with her tail. Rusdramon dodged, feeling her antlers become partly frozen from even being nearly touched by the freezing contents located at the end of the Ultimate’s tail.

“Grand Cross!” Rusdramon moved her head in the motion, sending off her purple light attack at Tsukuyomon, which seemed to have made some impact. But the great wolf was fighting off Hurakamon and Skadimon, both of whom had latched onto her body with their teeth and claws.

Tsukuyomon turned her attention to Rusdramon, shaking off the other champion Digimon, a katana forming in her mouth. Rusdramon backed up, lowering her head like she was ready to charge. “Winter’s Blad-”

“Gale Meditation!” Hurakamon attacked with a large gust of wind, charging the wolf Digimon, ready for one last attack before he knew his power would give out.

Tsukuyomon blocked with her sword. “Winter’s Blade!” She swept the katana in an arc, the attack hitting Hurakamon before he could dodge. Hurakamon was thrown back, and his tornado lost all momentum, dissipating before it even reached Tsukuyomon. Tigrimon was left bouncing over the ground from the impact.

“Hungering Cold!”

“Grand Cross!”

Tsukuyomon leaped out of the way of both attacks, and they collided together into a blast of light. She turned her attention back to Skadimon and Rusdramon as she landed easily on her paws without making a sound.

She smirked and rushed towards the two champions. She moved quickly, silently, almost as if her feet didn’t even touch the ground when she moved. Her katana was gripped tightly in her teeth and the champions she charged were too slow to react. Their attacks took time to charge, time they did not have, as Tsukuyomon’s large stride covered more ground.  She dodged quickly and moved the katana in one swift, fluid movement over both Digimon. The sound of the sword slashing shrieked over the roar of the warehouse flames.

Tsukuyomon looked back over her shoulder as both Skadimon and Rusdramon fell to their sides. Together they glowed purple and pink, and shrunk down, Fallomon and Uncimon left in their places.

Rose and Hunter’s laughter filled the now barely standing warehouse.

“Finish them!” The twins said simultaneously, instructing their Digimon.

Tsukuyomon and Terasumon both leapt beside each other in the center of the flaming warehouse, facing two different directions. They raised their heads high and howled at the sky. The howling was sharp and ear piercing; causing the others to scream in pain.

The warehouse became unstable. It began to shake and rattle violently as everything became unhinged.

Above the two Digimon formed a sphere that was an overlay of black and white with a mixture of grays. The sphere picked up some wind and started absorbing items into it, the roof of the warehouse was first to go, fallen beams of wood, crates. Some of the machinery the crates had held.

The longer the two wolves howled, the stronger the wind picked up and the more was absorbed. Soon large forklifts and other machinery were being sucked in; the sound of everything crunching like they were being sucked into a trash compactor was heard as well.

The more that went into the sphere, the bigger it had gotten.

“Now!” Rose and Hunter, once again shouted.

Both Tsukuyomon and Terasumon stopped howling and lowered their heads, meditating as all had gotten quiet.

The only sound that could be heard was the breathing of the group.

In a pause, everyone looked up to the sky. 

“DESTRUCTION!” Both ultimate level Digimon shouted.

Ryudamon leaped into the air over both Digimon, glowing a bright gold.

The sphere exploded, causing a giant beam of black and white energy to engulf the entire area of the warehouse and shoot towards the sky, into the clouds. The sounds of everyone’s screams could only be heard and once the attack dismissed; only Rose, Hunter, Tsukuyomon and Terasumon remained.

The area that was the warehouse was nothing more than a concrete floor with leftover debris scattered about. No people, no Digimon. Just destruction remained, with ashes and embers struggling to remain alight.

Hunter and Rose returned to the floor, their simultaneous glowing had stopped. Terasumon and Tsukuyomon had returned to their smaller forms of Skollmon and Hatimon, and they went to their respective partners. Hunter kicked a small piece of wood that had escaped the final attack. His jaw still hurt from where Tom had punched him. He looked around at the destroyed area and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

“We should go.” Rose said quickly, she was walking away from him, Hatimon at her side. “Before anyone arrives.” The clicking of her heels stopped on the concrete as she noticed her brother was not following her. “Hunter.” She snapped her fingers at him several times.

Hunter scowled. “You go. I’m sure you want to let mother know what’s happened. I’m tired.” He walked towards Rose and straight past her. He did not look back at her, or at the destruction they had left in their wake. Things were over now.

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