Episode 12: Elastic Love

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The lyrics to hip-hop group N.E.R.D’s memorable hit “Lapdance” blasted in the background of the crowded warehouse party.

The large building was crowded with young partygoers as they enjoyed a fun night of free dancing, drinking, and entertainment in general.

The rain didn’t stop some from taking the party outside. In the streets, there was a litter of teens on top of cars, doing car tricks and even racing for sport. Even on top of the warehouse, a large portion of the party was taking place on the roof.  

The DJ spun the hits record after record, and close to him was a large open circle where a couple of break dancers took the spot light, surrounded by a crowd that watched and bounced to the music, marveling at the skills on display.

“Excuse me! Exxxccuusseee me!” cooed a small voice as she tried to push her way through the crowd without spilling her drink from its red plastic cup. Her skirt was short enough to please any guy walking behind her on the stair case. From her red band t-shirt that stopped right under her belt to her matching open-toed suede ankle boots, her style screamed superior to most. Large sparkling gold earrings decorated her ears, or what could be seen under her black hair that stopped right on the sides of her breasts. She wore ‘Chinese’ bangs that almost covered her round mascara decorated eyes. Though, it made her hazel eyes stand out more.

The girl took a sip of her cup, leaving a lipstick print on the edge as she released it and found a place to bounce and dance with the rest.

“Frankie!! Frankie!” screamed a girl from afar. One of her party buddies.

Frankie stopped dancing, smiled, and made her way over to her friend.

“I just met the cutest guy! He has a friend!” The girl grabbed Frankie’s wrist, pulling her through the crowd into a large room decorated with a few pool tables.

“I don’t know about this!” Frankie looked at her friend, worried, looking around the room.

“It’ll be fine! Just keep him company!” She smiled drunkenly. Frankie hated being a ploy for her friends; she could be doing something more important… like dancing.

The girl walked over to a pool table with a group of four guys and two other girls.

“Tooooony!” The girl released Frankie’s wrist, walking to the guy with a heavy amount of tattoos on his arm and hugged him around his neck as he took a swig of his beer. “This is Frankie, my friend I was telling you about!”

Tony nodded his head. “Sup.”

Frankie waved, somewhat shyly, while she took a swig from her cup.

A figured walked next to her, lighting a cigarette, as if he didn’t notice her and just paused in his step. He was wearing a black trucker cap that sat loosely on top of his head, a puffy black vest, with a black, red and white short-sleeved plaid button-down shirt underneath. Even underneath that was a white thermal shirt. His jeans were baggy with fresh, clean, black athletic boots. A chain dangled on the side of his jeans that rattled when he moved.

Frankie automatically noticed the captivating features of his eyes that stood out. Almost melting her when he finally noticed her existence. He seemed no older than her, maybe by a year or so, just looking.

“This is my homeboy, Reyez,” Tony introduced. Frankie’s heart pounded in her chest.


The six In-Training Digimon charged towards the Numemon all at once.

“Whack!” Tohuimon was the first to land an attack, pulling her bamboo stick out of nowhere and smashing it over the head of one of the Numemon. Corvimon followed her while the other In-Trainings split into pairs, each focused on one particular Champion Digimon.

Corvimon hopped up into the air as Tohuimon fell back to the ground. “Blackout!” Her body impacted with one of the eyes of the Numemon, the power increasing with the black vapor she left in her wake.

“Starlight Sphere!” A pink energy ball was released from Fallomon’s horn; it latched onto her target and seared its slimy flesh. The smell of burning skin was almost immediate. The Numemon yelped at the sharp pain it was subjected to.

“Nume-Sludge!” it yelled, throwing a pink projectile at the small In-Trainings. Fallomon bounced out of the way, though Tigrimon was not as lucky and was hit with the sludge on his tail.

“Ugh,” Tigrimon groaned.

Watching the battle from above, Frankie made a face.

“Windball!” Tigrimon growled, spinning speedily as he leapt into the air. His attack was not aimed as such - instead, he hit the central Numemon and ricocheted off the others, hitting each of them in turn as if he were a pinball.

Uncimon rushed forward, joined by Tiberimon. “Permafrost!”

“Steel Tail!” Both Digimon set into spins, Tiberimon throwing out his tail, smacking one of the Numemon in the face with the metal rings. Uncimon did the same, though he smacked against the Numemon’s skin and then latched onto its body with his tiny sharp teeth.

The Numemon struggled against the attacks of the In-Training Digimon, each one flailing; one now only had one eye where Tohuimon’s attacks with the bamboo stick had become frenzied.

Reyez smirked. “Can’t work together, huh?” He directed his question at Ryudamon who arched an eyebrow but said nothing.

The three Numemon shuddered angrily, using each other to fight off the battling Digimon. Tohuimon flew back into one of the poles keeping the house off the ground. She was covered in pink slime. Fallomon too, her horn had been covered in the offending pink substance. Corvimon’s well aimed attack was countered smoothly by a well aimed throw. Her momentum was stopped midair and she fell to the ground, waving her ear-wings wildly.

The Numemon all quickly advanced, pushing the In-Trainings back, closer to the house. The Champions' eyes were not focused on the Digimon, only on the humans watching the battle. The lead Numemon shuddered violently and made a pained face as if regurgitating some kind of food. Green smog started appearing from its mouth. The other two had more pink slime.

“Super Stinky Spray!” the leader shouted, spewing the dark green haze at the group of humans. Eva, Frankie and Piper all screamed.

“Continuous Poop Throw!” the other Numemon chorused together, beginning to throw handful after handful of the pink slime that was coating their Digimon.

“Ewewewew!!” Eva complained, shielding her face.

Frankie had her head covered with her hands. “This is a DESIGNER jacket!” she yelped loudly. “I’m not enjoying this anymore!”

Below, the In-Training Digimon were regaining their composure, ignored by the Numemon. Uncimon turned to his brother, who was cleaning off the last of the pink substance from his tail.

“I think we can take them,” Uncimon stated.

Tigrimon grumbled. “Be my guest.” The six lined up behind the Numemon, taking a moment, and then charged at them in unison. As soon as they did, they began to glow brightly, and the D-Touches possessed by the humans on the landing vibrated violently.

“Should they be doing this?!” Piper gasped, staring at her yellow D-Touch that was showing Tiberimon transforming to Caesarmon.

James grunted. “I doubt we have a choice!” He barely dodged oncoming sludge.

“Uncimon, over-clock evolve to… Irbimon!”

“Tigrimon, over-clock evolve to… Siberimon!”

“Tohuimon, over-clock evolve to… Ailurmon!”

“Tiberimon, over-clock evolve to… Caesarmon!”

“Corvimon, over-clock evolve to… Poemon!”

“Fallomon, over-clock evolve to… Odocomon!”

The Numemon turned in time to see the Rookies taking shape and the glow fading, revealing their size and shape as they careered through the air at the mollusk Digimon.

“Borealis Stream!”

“Moon Ripper!” Siberimon’s voice roared over the group, as he expelled a rush of strong gale-like winds with his cry over the Numemon and his Digimon comrades.

Ailurmon shielded herself from the increasing attacks from the other rookies and drew back one paw as she charged at the Numemon.

“Terra Shaker!” In a single movement, she had leapt up and then straight down plunging her paw into the ground and pulling the earth out from where the Numemon stood. A cry came up from two Numemon, three more from Poemon, Irbimon and Caesarmon.

“WATCH IT!” Caesarmon yelled, getting up from his side where he had landed. Irbimon had landed like his type dictated, on four paws like a cat, and Poemon was flapping up in the air.

Irbimon growled. “Aim a bit more carefully!”

Ailurmon smirked at them, ignoring their comments. The Numemon was struggling to get back to their feet. “I couldn’t see because of the stupid wind made by stripes over there!” She pointed at Siberimon who stopped suddenly.


“Do you see anyone else with stripes?”

Reyez rubbed his forehead.

“Bigger issues right now you guys!” Frankie yelled.

Caesarmon charged. “Spinning Torrent!” His mouth open, circles of spinning water shot at the Numemon, who huddled together away from the sharp shots. Poemon dove down from where she had been hovering.


Ailurmon punched the ground again in a new undisturbed section. “Terra Shaker!” She heaved a segment of earth from the ground and pile drove it into the group of Digimon. They in turn flew back from the impact, crashing into Irbimon and Odocomon.

“Stop trying to win on your own!” Siberimon shouted at the panda Digimon.

Odocomon kicked one of the Numemon off her back. “Yes, please! Ailurmon, we are meant to work as a team!”

“Maybe if you guys actually got out of the way when I attack, then we could work better together,” Ailurmon retorted, her arms folded, and now glaring at Siberimon and Odocomon. Siberimon rolled his eyes.

“We shouldn’t have to make all allowances for your sloppiness,” Odocomon snapped.

My sloppiness?!”

Irbimon decided to join in. “Yeah. You’re the one throwing earth and punches left, right and centre. You never care if you hit one of us or your enemy!”

Ailurmon inhaled deeply, puffing out her chest. “Say that to my face. I dare you.”

Poemon hopped to the ground. “U-uhm…”

“Not now, Poemon,” Irbimon nudged her out of the way as he and his brother took purposeful steps towards the panda Digimon who stood her ground.

“UGH,” Caesarmon grunted and flew past the group. Odocomon turned in time to see a cloud of green smog heading straight for them. She reared and cantered away from the fumes.

By now, the humans above were all in similar forms of dismay. Frankie had her hands covering her face, Eva replicated her. Tom was hanging his head, and Reyez had his hand over his mouth, where he was both grimacing and smirking. James was simply dumbstruck and Piper almost looked like she was in pain.

“Do you see now?” Ryudamon asked. He did not wait for an answer from the ground before he jumped off the side and stood in front of the Numemon who hesitated to advance. The one-eyed mollusk struggled for a moment before turning, and he and his companions slunk away back into the forest. Ryudamon turned to the Digimon after the green smoke had cleared. He had a face like thunder as he surveyed each of them. “Inside. Now. Training starts immediately.”


The young girl lay across her bed, her head hanging off as she was holding her cell phone to the ceiling and texting as if it was her lifeline. She smiled and giggled, changing her position.

A round ball of fur rolled across the floor, turning itself upside down so it could meet her gaze.

“Whatcha doin?” Tigrimon asked.

Frankie turned upright, grabbing the fuzz ball of a Digimon and tossing her phone aside, snuggling with it.

“I met this really cute guy at the party last week and we’ve been really hitting it off. I think I have a crush, but I can’t let him know that!”

Tigrimon blinked. “Why?”

Frankie pursed her lips. “You can’t let a guy know your intere--AHH!” Her phone received a text, she quickly grabbed it. Tigrimon tried to investigate.

“His name?”


“His occupation?”

“Uhmmm…he doesn’t have one.”

“I don’t approve.” Tigrimon’s tone was flat and serious. His eyes half open with boredom.

“You silly nilly, hard times. Hard to find a job, he likes to draw though, so he has a talent?”

“Remember your last boyfriend,” Tigrimon lectured, “and how that ended.” He frowned.

Frankie’s face turned in disgust. “Miles, ew. I regret that douche bag.”

“Then why do you still text him?” Tigrimon glared.

Frankie paused. “I-….ya’know what, mind your business mister.” She placed him on the bed.

Tigrimon hopped to his own personal pillow and snuggled up. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Frankie sucked her teeth. “I think I know what I’m doing, this time.”


Training did not start how the Digimon or humans expected. The Digimon were taken away into a side room, the door closed, and they were not to come out until Ryudamon told them to. While inside, they were to meditate in silence. Ryudamon, for the time being, stayed out in the main room with the others.

“As you can see, not the most harmonious group.”

Tom pursed his lips. “I hadn’t noticed it before. I guess we’ve always been so focused on fights…”

“Nevermind that, it’s only recently they’ve had to fight in large groups together,” James added. “Before, it’s always been one or two of them working together, hasn’t it?”

A murmur of agreement went around the room.

“Yeah, like with Skadimon and Hurakamon,” Eva said. “Back when they first evolved together.”

“They have conflicting personalities,” Reyez said sharply. “You can’t expect everyone to get along.”

Ryudamon nodded. “No, you can’t. But when they’re battling? When it’s a life or death situation? When it’s you who are in danger? They should know to put silly squabbles aside and focus on the task at hand.”

“They’re Digimon. They don’t think the way we do.”

“Stop making excuses, Reyez,” Piper said quickly. “Ryudamon is right, and the more you, or I, or any of us deny it, it’s not going to help them or us. We have to face the fact that while our Digimon may have the best intentions, they lack team skills – and maybe that’s in part our faults.”

“How’d you figure?” James asked, arching an eyebrow and staring down the younger blonde.

Piper hesitated for a moment before removing her hat from her head and beginning to toy with the strings. “Well, I think we all do badly at condoning our Digimon when maybe they… do the wrong things. Like make fun of each other, or are nasty. Teasing is fine when it’s all in good fun but sometimes I’m not so sure it is in good fun from some of the Digimon.”

“Meaning Ailurmon,” Reyez stated.

“Well… yeah.”

Reyez got to his feet, folding his arms. “Why am I not surprised. All she does is stand up for herself.”

“While endangering our Digimon!” Frankie added, also rising to her feet. “You know, I think Piper’s right, we’re all guilty of letting our Digimon get away with whatever they want, but you more so than most!”

“Meaning, what?” Reyez’s glare challenged.

“When she says things, does things, pile drives the others, attacks without looking where her companions are. It’s a little reckless, don’t you think?”

“You would know,” Reyez sniped. He waved his hand before Frankie could continue her tirade and walked out of the room. Frankie’s face transformed into a snarl as she growled.


Both left the room, Frankie’s voice echoing down the hall way.

“Should we…?” Eva asked, pointing after the departing pair and looking at Ryudamon.

He slowly shook his head. “No… I think…” he trailed. “Back to the point, if the Digimon are to learn to work together, then they will need your help. If you six assist in whatever way, then it will give them the support they need.”

“What kind of support?” James asked warily.

“Joining in on meditation, on chores, on gathering.”

Tom gave the lizard Digimon a quizzical look. “This will all be part of their training? We just won’t be stocking up your larder?”

“Everything I ask them and you to do will prove to be beneficial to all of you. It will bring you closer as a group both Digimon and human, and bring you all as partners closer together also,” Ryudamon explained.

There was a yell and the slamming of a door from up stairs. Eva grimaced staring at the ceiling. “I have a feeling it’s going to take nothing short of a marriage counselor to get those two closer together.”


Reyez’s arms swiped whatever was in the way on the kitchen counter as he sat Frankie on top, both kissing wildly and frantically. She tried to rip off his shirt while he tried to take hers off at the same time without trying to depart from kissing.

Both broke away, breathing heavy and still moving at a very fast pace.

“Just-so-you-know- I don’t normally do this on the first date--” Frankie lifted her arms to take off her t-shirt then yanked the flannel shirt down his arms at the same time.

“Shut up.” Reyez interrupted her with another kiss as he pressed himself against her, working his way onto her bra. The sexual rush had taken over their minds; Frankie couldn’t even recall how they had got to this position. One minute they were at Dairy Kings, the next they were back at his place, trying to rip clothes off each other.

Reyez kissed down Frankie’s neck as soon as the bra unlatched, her eyes rolled back.

The night went by rapidly and before Frankie knew it, it was 4am. The room was completely dark besides the city lights coming in through the window, and the light from her phone which gave her some kind of guidance. She kept the sheets close to her chest as she reached for it.

She gasped lightly as her hand had brushed against something fuzzy, like a teddy bear. Though she didn’t remember seeing a teddy bear, but who knows. She picked up her phone and flipped it open. A text!

Her fingers began tapping at the little keys.

“Do you always text at 4am?” Reyez’s voice startled her.

“I-..uh…no not really, must’ve gotten it earlier.”


“I didn’t mean to stay out this late, honestly. I have to get home.”

“Oh,” Reyez replied, much to Frankie’s surprise.


“Yeahhh…I use that excuse too.” He chuckled.

“OH! No! No! Noooooo I don’t mean that. I really have to get home!”

“I was kidding.”

“To be honest, I can’t see a thing…” Frankie pursed her lips.

She felt Reyez’s warm body touch against hers, reaching over to the nightstand next to her. He flicked a switch on a lamp. The lamp was dim, providing a little less light then she was expecting.

“You really hate the light don’t you?” She commented.

Reyez shrugged as he was posed, laying on his side and sitting up by his left arm. She giggled and stared at him for a while. He raised an eyebrow.


“Nothing.” She smiled. Frankie tossed her legs over the edge of the bed. “Okay, take me home. I have class in like three hours and it takes me about two to get ready.”

Reyez smirked. “That’s cute.”


Siberimon and Caesarmon walked through the hallway of the wooden house, carrying giant leaves filled with berries, nuts, and other types of nutrition to eat. They paused, hearing arguing coming from the behind the sliding door which separated them from the giant room where the group congregated. 

The arguing had gotten louder, causing the others to peek out of their resting places.

Eva walked to the sliding door, putting her ear to it. She looked back at the others. “It’s Frankie and Reyez.” She whispered. Siberimon nearly dropped his leaf of berries as he marched towards the door, Irbimon and Caesarmon quickly grabbed him to hold him back. 

“My fault!? MY FAULT!?”




Reyez paused and stood up in a fury, slapping the cup of water from Frankie’s grasp. She shrieked and then stood up to match his fury.

“What’s wrong, gonna cry about it?” Reyez glared.

“No. I’m more mature than that!” Frankie leaned closer, the two gritting their teeth as if they were both wild animals ready to attack.

Reyez expression suddenly changed; almost psychotically back to a normal calm position. “Ah, yea. Mature, like you know the word.”

“You know, I am so fucking tired of your snide comments and rude remarks.” Frankie’s head bobbled from right to left as her head movements and finger gestures matched perfectly to her attitude.

Reyez casually rolled his eyes and walked out of the room, through the sliding door on the opposite side.

“No. NO! You are going to talk to me!” Frankie followed him.

Reyez was already halfway towards the forest before Frankie could catch up with him. Their arguing and yelling still heard from every room.

Eva slid the door open. “I think they’ve calmed down---…they’re gone?”

“WHAT!?” Siberimon panicked, running into the room. He ran to the other door and looked out, seeing nothing but forest. His face dropped as if he was hit with sudden nostalgia. He launched out but was quickly grabbed by Ryudamon by the tail.

“YOU! Don’t UNDERSTAND!” Siberimon snapped at the calm lizard Digimon.

Ryudamon shook his head. “This is a battle that does not concern you, or Ailurmon.” He pointed to the panda Digimon that was bristled by the fur, clenching her fist and snarling. The two exchanged glares, at a standoff.


After hearing his name being called for possibly the twentieth time, Reyez finally sucked his teeth and stopped walking. He rolled his eyes and turned around.

Frankie stomped over, slapping him on the side of the face without warning. Tears threatened to come from her eyes and it was obvious she was trying to hold them back.

Reyez’s expression was un-fazed by the slap, but his lips parted, and he blew smoke from his cigarette into her face insultingly.

Frankie coughed and then just turned away.

Reyez turned to continue walking.

“Reyez! Just… just stop okay.” Frankie hugged herself, holding back tears, wanting to follow him.

Reyez stopped, not because Frankie asked him to, but because he suddenly noticed he didn’t know where the hell he was. He looked into the trees and then his surroundings, thinking exactly how far they had walked into the forest without anyone knowing.

Then again, if they were lost, something inside told him he really couldn’t leave Frankie by herself. He was a jerk, sure, he’d be the first to admit that, but he wasn’t so bad that he’d abandon someone in the middle of nowhere. Even if that someone was Frankie.

There was a slight ruffle in the bush close by. Wild Digimon were around here, and neither he nor Frankie had their Digimon to protect them. He made his way back towards Frankie.

“We need to get back,” he said, grabbing her wrist and pulling her along.

Frankie looked around. “Huh--”

Just before she could continue her question, a red and purple rabbit-like Digimon hopped in front of the two. It had reptilian skin with tail feathers that seemed to be charged with some sort of electricity. His eyes were wide open, ruffling his feathers, getting into a defensive position.

“Woah, woah, woah.” Reyez stopped suddenly, walking back a bit.

He reached in his pocket for his D-Touch. Nothing. He released Frankie’s wrist and patted down his jeans. Nothing.

Frankie did the same, realizing that during their argument they had both left their D-Touches on the table.

The tail feathers on the Digimon started to glow as it stepped towards them.

Frankie clung herself close to Reyez while they both stepped back. “On the count of three, we’re going to run…” Reyez whispered.

Frankie nodded.

“…three!” He grabbed her wrist, jolting away in the opposite direction of the Digimon.

“Super Thunder Strike!” the Digimon shouted, releasing electric bolts from its tail.

Frankie screamed, trying not to trip over in her heels.

The electric attacks continued, signs that the Digimon was giving chase.

Reyez stopped running, hearing the sound of rushing water close by. He quickly took a sharp turn, pulling Frankie in just before the Digimon could see them. They watched from the bushes as it passed by in a fury.

The two gave it about ten minutes before they came out of hiding, brushing off their clothes.


“WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME??” Frankie yelled.

Reyez replied with a simple shrug.

“We’ve been dating for close to eight months and you now decide to tell me you’re leaving for the military in two? Like seriously, what the hell?”

“It’s not that serious.” He shrugged her off, putting a bag of chips into their shopping cart.

“Wow. Babe, do you ever listen to yourself?” Frankie stopped walking beside the cart as Reyez continued, pushing her past her.

“If I would‘ve told you earlier then we wouldn‘t have been dating for eight months now would we?”

Frankie opened her mouth to speak, but was quickly cut off.

“No, we wouldn’t. For once in my life, I’d like something constant. One thing, constant. It’s bad enough I’m staying back home with my sister. I haven’t worked in over a year and my so-called ‘friends’ are nothing but--” he scoffed. “Look. I’m just sayin’: A relationship right now is something that I need to keep me grounded. If I told you when we first met that I was going into the military, you wouldn’t be here right now, and quite frankly Frankie, I enjoy having you around. So if we could please get over this argument, I’d like to get home, roll a joint, eat this food and spoon with you in the bed while we watch Saw Ten until both of us fall asleep. Argument, over.”

Reyez tossed a box of cereal into the cart, walking over to the next aisle and leaving Frankie quite speechless.

The months seemed to roll by quickly for Frankie. She tried her hardest to spend every single minute she could with Reyez until his departure.

Reyez had spent the day before his departure to himself and Tohuimon, who was still unknown to Frankie.

“I think this is an excellent idea, I’m tired of this boring city!” Tohuimon pushed one of Reyez’s shirts in his bag. “We can go out and do manly things like men!” She waved her little arms.

“Ha, cute.” He walked by her, trying to clean up his room a little.

“And no more of that chick! I’m tired of seeing her around the house. I can’t sleep properly when you two are--”

“But you’re wearing headphones,” Reyez interjected.

“I can still hear! I’m surprised you haven’t broken into the wall yet…”

“Ya’know, I’m very uncomfortable talking about this with you.” Reyez walked by her again, giving the small panda a long glance.

“I liked the other girl better, anyways.” Tohuimon bounded on his bed.

“Other girl?”

“What was her name… Tanvi?”

“You hated Tanvi.”


“You hated Jasmine.”


“You slammed the door on her finger.”


“Tina won’t even look me straight in the eye thanks to you.” Reyez was smirking.

“Well there’s always Car--”

“We’re not going there.”

“Well…! Regardless! We’ll be away from all of them!” Tohuimon zipped up his bag.


They had to have been walking for more than an hour, trying to get back to where they were. Silence had fallen between the both of them, though there was much to talk about. The tension was rising and if Frankie didn’t get off her chest what she needed, it was going to tear her apart. She sniffled.


“I swear to god Frankie if you say my name one more damn time…” he snapped. “And stop crying, what are you crying for? Because we’re lost?”

Frankie shook her head and stopped walking. Reyez huffed and turned. “What is it now? Feet hurt?”

“You’ve…” Frankie finally mustered up the courage to say what she needed to. “You’ve changed, so much, and I just hate how you act towards me now. I just can’t--”

“Fucking christ.” Reyez threw his hands up and turned to walk away.

“STOP FUCKING WALKING AWAY!” she screamed. “That’s ALL you do! Listen to me for a second, please!”

Reyez turned around; he took off his beanie and slammed it on the ground. “WE’RE LOST IN A FOREST WITH NO WAY OF GETTING IN CONTACT WITH ANYBODY AND YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP?”

Frankie was startled, almost falling to the ground.


Reyez picked his beanie off the ground, calming down slightly. “For four fucking years, you were fucking cheating on me and lying to my face and suddenly you feel all insulted and offended about how I act towards you? Are you serious? Do you think I was going to take that shit and move on with my life? No, really did you? Because if so, you’re one dumb broad, I swear. Oh, but I don’t have feelings, I’m not supposed to be hurt by this. Nah, not Reyez, it isn’t suppose to faze me a bit.

“But ya’know, it did open a new chapter in my life. Thanks to you, I don’t trust anyone. My life seems fucking better that way because I don’t have to rely on anyone, and quite frankly Frankie, I can see where Ailurmon gets it from. How are we supposed to work as a team when some of the members are doing nothing put putting on a show for the rest? It just eats me everyday knowing you’re suddenly acting like this big mature person, when really, you’re the most immature of us all. So, how about when you grow up and accept some responsibility in your life, maybe then I may actually like being around you.”

Reyez walked off, shoving his hands in his pockets. He paused and then turned around. “Oh, you may want to warn James that if he ever, ya’know, goes away for a while. You might find someone better. I’d tell him myself, but it’s not my place.” He sucked his teeth and walked out of sight.

Frankie fell to her knees and then the ground as she sat there, wallowing in her self-pity. She felt a drop of liquid hit on top of her head, followed by another. Not moments later, it started to rain as if someone was making the situation overly dramatic.

Frankie kept her eyes to the ground, just letting herself cry until she felt a presence in front of her. She looked up with her hair sticking to her face.

“C’mon, get up. Let’s get back.” Reyez held out his hand.


During the four years of different deployments, Reyez had come home to visit his family and girlfriend. Frankie had now moved out on her own and allowed Reyez to stay there sometimes, their relationship changing a bit over the years.

Arguments were more frequent, and on some home returns, Reyez didn’t see Frankie at all. He didn’t let it openly bother him though, he just spent time with Tohuimon and to himself since his sister was getting married. At one point, he stayed with his mom because of how weird his sister had gotten, much to his displeasure. Living with mom meant strict rules, so either he came in at a curfew or he didn’t come home at all. These events led him to look forward to another deployment.

Reyez parked his car, and huffed. This was one of those returns where he hadn’t talked to Frankie in a couple days and figured it was time they had that ‘talk’.

Reyez walked into the apartment complex, making his way up the stairs and to Frankie’s hall.

Ms. Lynn, her neighbor, stopped Reyez for a second. He knew her briefly through Frankie and had done some favors for her.

“Ohh! Blue! I’m so glad to see you; can you do me a favor please?”

“Uh, sure,” he answered, giving it some thought.

“Can you take my trash to the dumpster? I would do it myself but I have to pack for my sky diving lessons tomorrow and I just don’t wanna be late!”

This lady was always into something extreme. Reyez agreed and did the favor faithfully. He returned and quickly made his way past Ms. Lynn’s door in case she found another favor, like fixing her toilet again.

Reyez searched his keys for the one that belonged to Frankie’s apartment. He opened the door quietly and peeked inside. Maybe she was sleeping; he was a bit tired anyways. Perfect opportunity to flop down and sleep beside her.

A quick movement caught Reyez’s attention, like a round ball of fluff, but it was gone before he could register what it was. He shut the door behind him and tossed his keys on the kitchen table.

Frankie’s apartment was set up nicely, from the front door you could either go into the kitchen or the living room, but there was a small hallway in front of the door with the bathroom on one side, a closet on the other and then her bedroom at the end.

The door was shut, so she must have been asleep.

Reyez walked to the door but not before almost tripping on something that caught his foot at the door. He looked down to untangle whatever it was, quickly noticing a pair of men's underwear, which was obviously not his.

“…Tighty-whities…?” He raised a brow, dropping them in disgust and making his way to the bedroom.

Reyez swung open the bedroom door and switched on the light.

And something in his chest sunk.

“…Ah, I see.” His calm voice was the loudest thing in the room.

Frankie paused and sat up.


Reyez stood at the door, lighting a cigarette.

Miles sat up as well, his presence not making the situation any better.

Reyez puffed on the smoke and stood at the door. “Should I give you time to explain or should I just call the cops now because at the rate I’m feeling, I’m contemplating on whether I want the title of domestic abuser or just a straight murderer.”

“Reyez! Wait, let me-”

“I watch a lot of CSI and Law and Order, I might be able to get away with this.” Reyez cracked his knuckles.

Frankie jumped out of bed. “Reyez! Just calm down”

Reyez chuckled. “I am calm. Entertain me.” And he was calm, eeriely so. His voice was completely level, giving no hint of what he was thinking or feeling. It was… un-nerving.

Miles got up from the bed. “Look dude, you just haven’t been here--”

Reyez’s fist hit dead center in the middle of Miles nose, a loud crack was heard with the thump of his body hitting the floor.

“As you were saying?” He turned to Frankie, who had walked up to him bravely.

“Look, I was just having a weak moment. I mean, you weren’t here, and I missed you, and I was lonely, and when you are here you never show me any fucking affection and I--”

Reyez puffed on his cigarette. “That’s cute. Maybe you need to drop the excuses and pick up a purpose.”

Frankie choked back a tear; his tone was a bit harsher than normal. “Rey, I-” She reached for him.

Reyez slapped her hand away before turning to walk out.

“REY!” Frankie’s voice called out. Reyez had left her key and made his way towards his car. Their arguing and yelling had caught a bit of an audience as some residence threatened to call the police after hearing Reyez throw a few objects around. Broken picture frames, a couple of punched holes in the wall, and expensive home decor littered the apartment.

Reyez got in the car and started it up, but not before Frankie jumped in the passenger seat.


“Frankie get out my car.”


“Frankie, get out of my fucking… car.”


“Fine.” Reyez slammed on the gas, causing the back wheels of the car to spin until burnt rubber filled the air. He put the car in drive and sped off down the street.

From afar, somehow unseen to anyone else. Tigrimon bounced after in a panic.

“Frankie! Frankie!!!”

Frankie buckled her seat belt as Reyez was doing up to sixty miles per hour with little traffic. Frankie and Reyez argued back and forth as she tried to coax him into slowing down.

Reyez quickly turned the wheel of the car, causing the car to drift along the turn of a ramp.

Frankie’s face was filled with panic as Reyez was driving like a professional street racer. Shifting his gears and weaving in and out of the night traffic.

Reyez looked down to blast his music to drown out Frankie’s pleads, but her sudden scream caught his attention. Reyez looked up and swerved quickly out of the way of an oncoming car, sending his car into a spin before it parallel parked perfectly in between two cars outside of Excellent Bean.

Frankie’s hair was frazzled as she was holding on to the seat for dear life. Reyez blew out smoke from his cigarette.

“Get out of my car; find your own way home,” Reyez said casually.

He put his car in park and cut off the ignition before getting out and walking into Excellent Bean.


The rain had gotten worse to the point it was hard to see.

Reyez and Frankie had both found a cave to stake out in until it was safe enough to find their way back, but even then, it was getting dark and soon it would be too hard to see. Frankie had huddled up to one side of the cave, hugging her knees close as she was cold from the rain and dampness of their current cover. Reyez was sitting opposite, playing with his lighter out of boredom.

Frankie shifted in her position and looked up, her eyes on Reyez who looked up as well after feeling the stare.

“What?” he said rudely.

Frankie looked away.

Reyez placed his hands back into his jacket pocket and looked towards the ceiling of the cave. “I just want to go home.”

Frankie’s pressed her face against her legs as her eyes welled up with tears once more. Her squeaks and sniffles from trying to hold back were starting to work on Reyez’s nerves once again.

“What is it? Why do you keep crying?” he finally asked.

Frankie lifted her head. “I don’t know how many times I have to tell you I’m sorry, ok?”

“No point in being sorry about it--”

“Shut up and let me talk!” Frankie yelled crossly, cutting Reyez off. “That’s one problem right there! You never let me get out what I need to say and it’s eating me alive because I have to hold back so much from you!”

Reyez paused.

“That’s always been the problem… you avoid arguments by getting out what you need to say and being done with it as if no one’s opinion matters. I know I can’t really lecture you about your life or anything but, dammit Reyez, maybe if you’d listen to other people once in a while you wouldn’t feel so much shit about your life.”

Frankie’s body visibly relaxed. She had Reyez’s full attention now.

“Go ahead.” Reyez raised a brow, extending one leg while he bent the other, sitting against the wall.

Frankie shook her head. “Where do I even begin?” She paused. “It’s like… I would’ve stayed with you if you had told me you were going to the military… maybe not if you told me right off but why would you wait until it was close for you to leave to tell me and then expect me to be okay with that? I needed you just as much as you needed me but you made it seem like you just needed me there for some kind of support. We were supposed to be more than that, and as your girlfriend it would have been nice to be informed of that kind of stuff.

“Secondly, I admit, I wasn’t prepared for you to leave. Being thrown in a sudden long distance relationship is hard, and it was something I was not ready for. You never talked to me about anything and made the decision on your own. What was the point of me being there in the first place if you didn’t listen to the opinion of the person that loved you the most? It’s Bonnie and Clyde, not just Clyde. You can’t take Ailurmon’s opinion on anything too seriously, she’d never understand, and like you said Digimon don’t think the way we do.

“I cheated on you because, honestly, even when you were there it was like you were away. You are so detached that really our relationship had dwindled down to friends with benefits mostly. Maybe we were both to blame for that but, actually Reyez, you have so many emotional issues with not showing any kind of affection that it’s hard for someone to love you when you just don’t care all the time.

“Maybe I should have told you that earlier, cheating is wrong no matter what, and I regret it every day I see you. I’m sorry I hurt you but you have to understand that if I were to break up with you, you wouldn’t listen. We wouldn’t have been done unless YOU said we were and it’s heartbreaking to know I had no say in our relationship. We’re both to blame for what we put each other through, not just me. But you broke my heart just as much as I broke yours.” Frankie paused for a moment, she was on a roll. Everything she had bottled up from day one, everything she had been keeping to herself for one reason or another was now just pouring out. She’d opened the flood gates, and now they weren’t about to close.

“I’m sorry I’m not as emotionally strong as you, I’m sorry that I can’t go weeks and months without talking to my friends. I’m sorry that I like to have someone there for me for emotional support when I need it, and I’m sorry that I was the girl that had to break your heart but… I don’t think it would’ve ended any other way.”

Frankie looked away from Reyez, she breathed deeply, feeling better after getting what she had wanted to say off her chest.

“If you still hate me, I understand… but until now, you never let me defend myself. I’m sincerely sorry, and if I could, I’d take it all back so I could let you know how I felt before it happened.”

Silence fell in the cave once again with only the sound of the rain outside hitting down on the forest life.

Reyez shifted in his position before standing up, making his way over to Frankie. He unbuttoned his letterman jacket and took it off, sliding it over Frankie for some warmth. Frankie was taken aback, but quickly took his invite.

She snuggled herself close to him to keep herself warm, unbending her knees and crossing her legs at the ankles.

“I love the rain,” Reyez said, as Frankie placed her head on his shoulder.

“Why?” she asked, sliding her hand across his torso.

“It’s calming… like it washes away the stress. I can sleep better when it’s raining.”

“Hm…” Frankie closed her eyes.

“It rained on the day we met, too. But I also hate the rain…”

“You hate the rain because it reminds you of the day we met?” Frankie’s voice dropped as if her heart had jumped into her throat. Reyez shook his head.

“Nah… it seems like it always rains when you’re sad.” He leaned his head against hers.

Frankie sighed.

“I’m sorry.” Reyez closed his eyes as well.

Frankie opened her eyes. “Did you just apologize for something?” There was a tiny smile tugging at the corner of her mouth which Reyez couldn’t see.


Frankie smiled. “Can we officially put some closure to this relationship?”

“We don’t have a choice; you’re dating a much younger man now, that is holding down two jobs. You go girl,” Reyez mocked. “It wouldn’t have worked out anyways; I’m too cool for you.”

Frankie closed her eyes again. “Yeah, whatever,” she giggled.

“You know I worry about you right?” Reyez adjusted himself.

“Huh?” Before Frankie could get a definite answer, Reyez seemed to have fallen asleep.


The rain carried on throughout the night, leaving the next morning feeling fresh and clean.

Even though Ryudamon constantly reassured the group that Reyez and Frankie were safe, the others still found themselves worried. Those two, alone, in a forest was worse than the thought of a Digimon getting hold of them.

Ailurmon and Siberimon led the hunt, with their respective partners D-Touches in hand.



Frankie lifted her head from against Reyez’s chest at the sound of her name being called. The voice sounded like Piper, then James, and once again by Siberimon.

“Oh..!” She shook Reyez, prompting him to wake up. He groaned but sat up after a few more shakes.

Frankie stood up to her feet and made her way to the outside of the cave. Reyez wiped the sleep from his eyes and yawned, putting his jacket back on, and buttoning it back before walking towards the callings.

A few minutes of walking led them over a hill where the group stood at the bottom.

“YO!” Reyez yelled out.

Ailurmon was the first to sprint towards her partner, with Siberimon following close behind, running on all fours.

Frankie ran down the hill, as Siberimon leaped into the air. She caught him and with a twirl snuggled him closely. “I am so happy to see you!”


The camera lens was blurry, but came into focus on a pair of green eyes.

“You have the most beautiful eyes ever for such an asshole!” Frankie’s laughed, unseen behind the camera lens.

Reyez pushed the camera away, trying to cover his face with the couch pillow.

“Okay, you have to say at least one thing motivational!”

The camera was looking down at Reyez as Frankie straddled his lap while he was lying down.

“Get off me, how about that?” He laughed behind the pillow.

“Nope! I want this video so I can upload it on YouTube and let the whole world know how much I love you!” Frankie giggled.

“You don’t love me; you just like me ‘cause I give good back massages,” Reyez teased.

“Yes, but you’re like my best friend ever. You’ll always be my best friend.”

“No, Eva’s your best friend.” Reyez peeked over the pillow, still trying to hide his face.

“But you’re my favorite guy friend and I can have sex with you, I can’t have sex with Eva.”

“You can, but you’d have to film it.”

“Ew!” Frankie’s hand came into view slapping Reyez on the arm.

“Ok, ok! Here’s a quote…” Reyez removed the pillow. “Never regret something that once made you smile.” He pushed the camera out of his face.

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