Episode 23: Vive la

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Piper’s house was located out in the suburbs. Far away from the pandemonium of the mall; though everything about the attack was covered on all the news channels. Every bulletin showed video footage of the two battles as they raged, and when they finally joined into one. The damage to the mall was worse than anyone imagined, the building had basically been destroyed outside, and seemed to have a direct path of destruction inside that led from one entrance to the other. Only a handful of stores had escape unscathed, and most people who had been in the mall when the attack began had minor injuries.

The news were quiet about if anyone had critical injuries or had died; though everyone who sat in Piper’s living room silently watching the screen was listening for it. Even the Digimon, who crowded around the screen in front of their partners.

Frankie had yet to arrive, and Piper was trying to empty the house of her brother and his unwelcome guests who had, in Piper’s words ‘trashed the place’.

On the television screen, the camera in the helicopter which was circling over the building, panned in on what was one of Satyressmon’s foot prints. The entire area had been cordoned off, with police guarding the barriers, and more men in dark navy suits picking up bits and pieces, placing them in small or middle-sized bags.

“The attack on the central mall today has proven that these creatures who have been randomly appearing in the city are on a rampage and must be stopped. Police have been given the order to terminate on sight if at all possible. It is suggested that all members of the public, if they see any of these creatures, report it to the police and do not try to interfere. They are suspected of being highly volatile and dangerous. Coming to us by satellite, we have the army General, Gregory McTyre. General McTyre, you’re now working in conjunction with the police in the city, is that correct?”

The television screen split in two, one side was the news reporter, and the other the face of Gregory McTyre appeared, fully uniformed and solemn.

“That is correct. We have decided it is better for us to work together, to double the protection on the streets and bring these creatures under control if possible.”

“Is it true that you, yourself, have seen one of these creatures in the flesh?” the news reporter asked.

“That is true.” McTyre replied. “There was an incident some months ago where one of them set about destroying downtown. We were forced to call out a small division of the air force to handle the situation.”

“They didn’t handle it.” Eva muttered.

Irbimon waved his paw at her. “Shhh!”

“General McTyre, do you – does anyone have any inkling of what these monsters might want? Why they are attacking us?”

“Unfortunately not.” McTyre explained slowly. We know nothing of them, not where they come from, where theyre hiding. Only that they seem to attack without provocation and with increasing strength and number. They are dangerous and are not to be dealt with by anyone who is not authorized.”

Reyez leaned back in the sofa cushion. “Does anyone feel like he’s addressing that to us?” A small array of hands lifted.

“Shut up!” Ailurmon scolded. The interview was continuing.

“What plans do you have to tackle these increasing attacks?”

McTyre appeared to struggle for a moment, he adjusted his shoulders. “As we have no idea where or when these animals will attack, as of yet we have no definite plan of attack or action. We can only hope to reach their place and deal with them as best we can, when they do appear and attack.”

“And finally General, what suggestions would you make to the viewers at home?”

“As you have already been informed, if you see any of these creatures do not attempt to approach or deal with them yourselves. Contact an authorized member of the police, and they will arrive as soon as possible. Travel in groups, always have your phone with you, and if an attack is taking place near your home, stay in doors to minimize the risk of injury.” McTyre said severely. The camera panned back to the news reporter.

“Thank you for your time today, General.” A pause and the screen of McTyre disappeared. “General McTyre of the Army and an update on the injuries from this afternoon’s attack. Most who were injured got off with minor injuries. At the moment there have been no fatalities. But there are at least twelve people un-accounted for, and a further five in critical condition from their injuries.”

Tom rubbed his forehead. “Turn it off.”

Hunter grabbed the remote and switched the television off to a blank screen. He stood up, pacing the room slowly then made his way to the closest window.

“I think it would be safer for us to travel in your D-Touches from now on.” Poemon murmured from where she sat beside Tom.

“Hell no!” Ailurmon argued. “We’re not the ones at fault here. We’re trying to protect these people. We’re the good guys!” She said fiercely.

“We know that.” Irbimon said. “But the other people don’t.”

“Exactly.” Tom sighed and leaned forward. “To anyone else who doesn’t know you, you’re all just monsters hell-bent on destroying the world. They won’t wait to know if you’re good or bad. They’re scared of you.”

“But we haven’t done anything.” Irbimon muttered.

Eva shook her head. “It doesn’t matter, I’m afraid. We could try and explain this to you guys until we’re blue in the face but it’s just something you have to accept. Because you’re Digimon; because you’re not the ‘norm’ people will be frightened of you – because of what you can do.”

“I’m not travelling in a D-Touch.” Ailurmon said firmly. “I don’t care if people are scared of me.”

Skollmon rolled his eyes. “And I’m sure you’ll be saying that when someone reports you, they take you away and experiment on you. I assure you that’s what’s likely to happen.”

“I don’t see why you’re chipping in.” Ailurmon snapped. “You’re partly to blame.”

“As are you.” Skollmon retorted. “We all are.”

Reyez stretched. “I don’t know about anyone else but I am sick of Rose getting the jump on us all the time. Its pissing me off.”

“Seconded.” Ailurmon raised a paw.

“We have to wait for them to attack. It’s not like we know where they’re hiding.” Tom explained.

“Who says we have to wait for them to make the first move.” Reyez said. “I’m bored of always having to run into a fight. Why can’t we call them out.”

“Rose is too smart for that.” Hunter explained. “She wouldn’t take the bait.”

“LEGGOMYHAIRJESSE!” Piper’s squeal put further comments to one side for a moment. “I mean it! I will actually break your neck!” She was just outside the door, and her yells were joined by a collection of laughter.

“Should we...?” Eva indicated to the door.

“Family matter.” Reyez shook his head. The door handle turned and the door opened enough to let Siberimon and Frankie through. She looked a little frazzled and closed the door behind her.

“Piper will be right with us.” Frankie confirmed. “So – I take it you’ve all seen the news too? I was checking out some news pages on my way over here.”

“Yeah. They had the General of the Army make a statement and everything.” Tom told her, “I’m surprised they haven’t declared war on all Digimon.”

“Hard to do when they don’t know we are Digimon and refer to us as ‘monsters’.” Siberimon said distastefully.

Again the door opened, Piper slipped in with Caesarmon and slammed the door behind her with her foot. She was muttering under her breath as she crossed the room and flopped down on the floor. Caesarmon crawled into her lap.

“Sorry about that...” Piper murmured.

Reyez cleared his throat deliberately. “We were just discussing why the hell we don’t go and call Rose out.”

“How do you mean... ‘call her out’?” Frankie asked.

“Instead of Rose attacking first and us coming to her, why the hell don’t we attack her. Head on.” Ailurmon clarified. “I think it’s an excellent idea.”

“You would.” Siberimon sneered. “It’s all very well to go in there and attack Rose head on but there are some issues in your plan. Firstly, we don’t know where Rose, or the Digimon, are. It’s not likely she’d remain at her apartment, is it?” He turned his attention to Hunter.

“Not likely.” Hunter confirmed. “She’d probably have moved to somewhere across town that I don’t know about now.”

“Secondly, if we did know how to find her, what would attacking her actually accomplish?”

“I don’t know. Or care.” Ailurmon retorted, folding her arms. “I’m just sick of her always being the one to get us to where she wants us. It’s boring.”

“Honestly, I think you are looking at this too narrow mindedly, Ailurmon.” Irbimon smirked. ”I think Rose is the least of our worries. We’ve taken down one General – we should try and take down the other two. That would mean she only has Tsukuyomon to fall back on. And with all of us at ultimate stage, Tsukuyomon can’t possibly hold us all off.”

“Problem with that plan is that we don’t know where the Generals are, either.” Piper said from where she sat. “They arrive and disappear with Rose, every time. Though I do agree taking them out first would give us an upper-hand.”

“How exactly do you hide two huge Digimon in this city anyway.” Frankie mused. “They’re not exactly inconspicuous.”

“Bella probably keeps them in a vault.” Hunter said with a shrug. “Lets them out when necessary. Sounds like what she would do.”

“You really don’t know anything about your mother, do you?” Piper said, pulling her hair over one shoulder.

Hunter shrugged, “I don’t think anyone really does.”

“Getting back on track.” Tom interjected. “There is another option. We could approach James-” Tom found himself cut off by an uproar of counter arguments from Reyez, Ailurmon and Siberimon. Poemon cowered behind him, but Tom waited until they’d all quieted down before he continued. “James is obviously unhappy working with Rose. Even if he has everything he wants – he can’t be happy fighting against us. And even if he is indifferent, Odocomon is obviously very unhappy.”

“That much is clear.” Siberimon muttered, folding his arms.

Frankie sighed, “I agree with you. But we’ve tried the James angle and it just doesn’t work. He’s in too deep, and too devoted to his family.”

“Fine. Maybe we can’t get him on our side, but we still know him. Maybe we can get some information from him. Something about Rose’s whereabouts. It’s got to be worth a try.”

“If not James, then Odocomon at least.” Eva added. “I think she’d be more willing to talk.”

“I doubt you can get one without the other.” Hunter pointed out. “Besides, with everything that’s going on, and the police on high alert for monsters, he’s probably going to have Odocomon under lock and key.”

“I still say we should go hunting for Rose.” Ailurmon said loudly.

“Its suicide, you idiot. You might want to be an easy target for a military missile, but I don’t. I know what they feel like.” Irbimon shouted back.

“You’re just a coward!” Ailurmon retaliated, rounding on Irbimon.

“Say that to my face.” Irbimon snarled.


“You. Are. A. Coward.” Ailurmon snapped, stepping up to Irbimon until her face was directly in his.

Irbimon hissed. “Just because I care more about saving myself and Eva, than a fight, doesn’t make me a coward. It makes me careful.”

“And scared.”

“You’re so full of-“

“Please don’t fight!” Poemon interrupted, plopping down on the floor and shoving herself between the two Digimon. Both of them looked at her shocked, expressions mirrored by almost everyone else in the room. “Fighting amongst ourselves is going to be even less helpful.” Poemon paused. “B-besides... it’s Piper’s house.” She looked down at the ground. “So please don’t fight.”

Ailurmon glared at the cowering crow Digimon, before stepping back making a ‘tch’ sound as she returned to Reyez.

Once the air had cleared, and everyone seemed a little calmer, disaster now averted; Frankie spoke up.

"I don’t think we’re going to come to a resolution, are we?” She didn’t expect any answers, knowing full well that she was right. Everyone had different ideas and opinions of what they should do, and as far as she could see – they weren’t ever all going to agree on a course of action. “It’s getting late, and we’re all tired from the fighting today. I think we should all go home, sleep on it and meet up again tomorrow.”

“I’m with Frankie on this.” Eva agreed. “Rose wouldn’t be stupid enough to attack so soon after a massacre like that,” she glanced at Hunter, “would she?”

“No.” Hunter stretched. “She’s a bit crazy, but she’s not that reckless.” He explained. Skollmon stretched on the carpet and followed after Hunter who was now at the living room door. He was the first to leave, followed by Reyez and Ailurmon. Frankie followed Reyez after he offered her a lift in his car. Tom and Eva were happy to walk home.


The early evening was setting in with a warm breeze, and dwindling light. Street lights were already flickering on, and unsurprisingly a lot of the streets were empty. Many of the city’s occupants were probably scared inside by the prospect of another Digimon attack. It was kind of eerie as Tom and Eva walked the streets hand in hand, with Irbimon and Poemon at their sides, carefully avoiding any streets with other people on them. It wasn’t hard considering the lack of people around.

The route home took the two of them by the wrecked mall, allowing them to have a closer look now that the dust had settled. While the views from the television cameras had given some interesting looks at the destroyed walls, nothing really compared with seeing it at an eye’s view. Most of the stairs leading into the North entrance were destroyed and rubble. The North entrance wasn’t so much an entrance any more, just a big hole. Inside it was obvious to see masses of glass and concrete littering the floors. It wasn’t possible to get close or inside, police tape was surrounding the area, and there were guards patrolling so Tom and Eva settled to look from a distance before moving on.

“It’s a mess, isn’t it?” Eva said as they walked. “This whole situation.”

“I don’t think anyone really predicted this.” Tom replied. “None of us could have imagined this was going to happen. I doubt even Ryudamon knew.”

“Do you think we brought this on ourselves?”

“How so?”

Eva shrugged. “Having Digimon. I mean... we might have just been drawn out of a Digital lottery, y’know.”

“Considering what’s happening to the city, and the amount of people who have been hurt, I’m glad I have Poemon on my side protecting me.” Tom sighed, looking above and spotting Poemon flying a few meters overhead. “We stand a better chance of surviving with our Digimon, than without them.”

“I know.” Eva said slowly, “I’m just worried. I know Irbimon, Poemon, Siberimon, all of them are there to protect us. But what if protecting us is putting other people in danger?”

“Eva, you can’t feel responsible for the people who get hurt.”

“Why not?”

“Because, if you start feeling responsible for that, then you’ll start feeling responsible for everything. Things that aren’t your fault and things that can’t be helped.” Tom shoved his hands in his pockets, “I think it’s time we faced the fact that we’re fighting a war here.”

“I don’t want to fight a war.”

Irbimon piped up. “You don’t have a choice. Just like we don’t.”

Eva stopped and squatted, running her fingers through Irbimon’s fur. “When you hatched from your egg... I never imagined that this would be the outcome.”

Tom placed a hand on her shoulder. “None of us did. I guess we all thought we were lucky to have toys that talked.” He shrugged. “Not saying we’re unlucky to have Digimon... just... unlucky for the change of situation.”

“Mhm-hm.” Eva agreed, getting to her feet again. She and Tom set off at a slow pace, Irbimon walking a few steps in front of them, coming to a sudden stop when Poemon landed in front of them, out of breath.

“There – are – Digimon – up – a – head.” She explained, punctuating each word with a breath. Tom felt Eva tense beside him, and Irbimon bristled.

“A lot? A few?”

“A group.” Poemon replied. “They don’t look like they’ll be trouble. But there are at least ten of them!”

“What kind of Digimon?” Eva queried.

“I don’t know!” Poemon shook her head. “They’re all different.”

“Did they see you?”

“I don’t think so.”

“What would a group of Digimon be doing, skulking around alleys?” Eva asked, not expecting an answer. “It seems kind of ... out of the ordinary.” She paused. “What should we do?”

“This is the quickest way home... and the most indirect.” Tom muttered, he looked to Poemon, who was looking around warily. “Could you hear anything?”

“I didn’t hear much. Something about resistance.” Poemon replied, agitatedly. “I heard something about Bondyemon and they didn’t seem happy.”

“Could they be minions of Bondyemon, do you think?” Eva asked her.

Poemon flapped her wings, “I don’t know!”

Tom settled the crow Digimon, lifting her up into his arms in an attempt to calm her down. She was shaking against him, and buried her face in her wings. Irbimon sniffed the air, walking a few steps away as he did so.

“A trap?” Eva asked him.

“I can’t smell Bondyemon here.” Irbimon murmured. “They could be allies.”

“It could be a trap.” Tom said bluntly.

Irbimon made a face. “I’m going to check it out.” He dashed away from the humans before Eva could argue. She exchanged a weary look with Tom, before they both followed the feline Digimon, who had stopped short at the mouth of an alleyway entrance.

Tom expected to be attacked on sight by the Digimon, and was surprised to see them all cowering back against the wall, each one trying to get further away. Irbimon took a tiny step, each Digimon gasped, and went further back into the wall. In his pocket, his D-Touch vibrated, so he withdrew it and it scanned each Digimon in turn.

The D-Touch identified four different types of Digimon. Two Mushroomon, mushroom shaped Digimon with purple caps, decorated with yellow rings. Each had boots on their feet, and gloves covering their hands. Next, were three Kunemon, yellow caterpiller looking Digimon with purple feet. Another set of three Digimon, this time Goblinmon. Green, humanoid Digimon with long faces armed with clubs. The final two Digimon were Kotemon, reptilian Digimon, covered head-to-foot with armor, each armed with a kendo stick.

After some time of surveying each other, one of the Kotemon made the first move and took small, brave steps from the ground, his kendo stick out, directed at Irbimon who didn’t budge. The Kotemon didn’t speak, and for some time, it stood there surveying Irbimon through its mask. Its eyes glowed yellow and visibly moved to Poemon, who had now turned around to see what was happening in Tom’s arms. It took a few more minutes of tense silence, before the Kotemon lowered the stick and turned to the others. He waved his arm, a signal it seemed that meant everything was alright and that they could relax.

“Do you have any idea what’s happening?” Eva asked Tom, watching at the Kotemon returned to the group and they entered what seemed to be a discussion.

Tom shook his head. “Not a damn clue.”

Irbimon cleared his throat loudly. “What are you doing?” he asked deliberately.

One of the Mushroomon looked up from the group huddle, then one of the Kunemon. The Mushroomon nudged a Goblinmon, who shoved back, and sent Mushroomon flailing from the huddle onto the ground. Irbimon glanced back at Eva, an expression of hopelessness on his face, before turning his attention back to the Goblinmon who dusted himself off.

“What are you doing?” Irbimon asked again.

“Who wants to know?” Goblinmon retorted, club in hand.

“I’m Irbimon, this is Eva. That’s Poemon.” Irbimon pointed to each in turn. Goblinmon glared at Tom. “Oh. And that’s Tom.” He added.

“You don’t work for... Bondyemon, do you?” Goblinmon asked in a hushed tone.

Irbimon rubbed his paw over his face, letting slip and exasperated sigh. “No. We kind of... fight him. A lot.” Irbimon explained slowly.

“Oh.” Goblinmon looked a little puzzled. “Well that’s okay then! We just can’t be too careful about who we talk to, y’know!” He said cheerfully, fastening his club to his back. One of the Mushroomon stepped out of the huddle which was beginning to break up now.

“You’re the ones who keep foiling the plans, right?” he asked, arms folding over his body.

“That’s us.” Eva confirmed. She was still curious as to what a group of ten rookie Digimon were doing huddled in an alley, and why they were so cautious of Bondyemon, but they seemed friendly enough. The fact they hadn’t attack was undoubtedly a positive sign.

“Good job you’re doing there.” Mushroomon complimented, showing a small thumbs up. “We like you guys. Ruining all the plans!”

Tom quirked an eyebrow. “You’ll have to excuse us if we’re a little skeptical.”

“Heh,” Mushroomon nodded, “I can appreciate that.”

“You haven’t said what you’re doing.” Poemon prompted, she shifted a little in Tom’s arms. A sign she wanted to be released. He lightly placed her on the ground, and stood back up straight. Poemon took some curious steps forward.

“Oh!” Mushroomon laughed. “How rude. We are La DigiRésistance!” He introduced, sweeping his hand over the small group.

“La... Digi Resistance?” Tom repeated. He and Eva exchanged looks.

“Yup!” Mushroomon confirmed with a proud stance. “We’re a small contingency of Digimon who have been tortured and badly treated under boot of Bondyemon. We won’t stand for it no more. So we’re going to mutiny. Or revolt – one of the two.”

“You work for Bondyemon?” Irbimon asked.

“Please.” Kunemon huffed. “Work implies getting paid. We get told what to do, and badly treated if we do it wrong or badly.”

“So... what’s your plan?”

Mushroomon rubbed the back of his head for a moment. “Well – that’s the problem. We’re so small and he’s well... so big. We don’t really have a place to start. Y’know?”

“But you’re all out here meeting – you must have some ideas?” Poemon inquired, hopping a few steps closer.

“We have ideas. But like I said, we’re a small group.” Mushroomon paused. “But with you guys on our side... we could launch an all out implosion on Bondyemon! He wouldn’t suspect a thing!”

“Hold on now-“

“You’re already fighting against him, aren’t ya? And I bet you could always do with some extra help, couldn’t ya?!” Mushroomon bargained, wrapping an arm around Poemon who was becoming increasingly uneasy. “Besides – if ya help us, we can help ya back!”

“Help us... how?” Tom asked wearily. This had been a bad idea, they should have just left before anyone had said anything. Getting involved in a Digimon revolution wasn’t exactly something that had ever crossed his mind.

Mushroomon faced him with a sly grin. “Information. About ya Digimon. About the location of other Digimon.”

“What do you mean our Digimon?” Eva asked.

“Yeah, what do you mean, us?” Irbimon echoed.

“We’re not blind to who yous two really are.” Mushroomon smirked. “We’re not that stupid. And if you’re here, must mean the other four are about too. We can give ya insider information, stuff no-one else can tell ya, about yaselves. Or... ya past selves.”

“You mean when they were Gods?” Eva clarified.

Mushroomon winked. “You’re a quick one!”

“What kind of information would you be talking about here?” Tom inquired.

“That’d be telling. Don’t wanna show ya hand too early, ya know?” Mushroomon grinned. “So, you help us get rid of Bondyemon, and we’ll get ya the information about ya past selves.”

Irbimon huffed, “I feel like we’re getting the short end of the deal. An-” he paused mid-sentence, stiffening and smelling the air, nose up, ears back. The Kotemon were doing the same, and silence settled over the group like a fog. Mushroomon, who had been manoeuvring Poemon around, released her to go to one of his comrades, and they exchanged silent words, inaudible to anyone else. Tom held his breath, and he could see Eva beside him, eyes darting uneasily from place to place, trying to see the danger the Digimon could obviously sense.

“Mystic Tremor!” The cry of Bondyemon came from above them. He was leaping from the top of the building and landed with a heavy thump on the ground. Poemon was narrowly missed by his feet, flying into Tom head first, Irbimon took on an attack stance, watching helplessly as a Mushroomon and Goblinmon were twisted and turned into unnatural shapes.

“You can’t hurt us anymore Bondyemon!” Mushroomon, the one who had done all the talking, shouted, getting up from the ground where he had dived. “We got Gods on our side now!”

“We shall see how alliance with them helps you.” Bondyemon hissed in his child-like tone. He flexed his fingers once, and the Digimon captured in the green aura shrieked before they dispersed into data, absorbed by the long-limbed Digimon. “You know how I hate to break my toys.” Bondyemon howled, sweeping an arm across, knocking the two remaining Goblinmon from their feet. “Spirit Siphon~!” Four of the flames around his head drifted, entering the two Goblinmon and two Kunemon. A wave of his hand, and Bondyemon had them fighting each other.

Eva and Tom stepped back, horrified.

“Frost Strike!” Irbimon launched himself forward, slashing at Bondyemon’s ankle.

“Nevermore!” Poemon echoed, appearing in a puff of smoke in Bondyemon’s face and then disappearing a moment later.

Bondyemon shoved Irbimon to one side, and swung wildly with a long arm, knocking Poemon into a wall. By now the four Digimon who he had ordered to fight had destroyed each other. Leaving only the remaining Mushroom, Kotemon and one Kunemon left.

The two Kotemon mirrored each other, leaping at the larger Digimon, “Hothead!” They echoed, their kendo sticks igniting with flames, hitting against Bondyemon’s limbs.

“Biting Ice! Irbimon joined in.

“Black Magic!” A twister of dark aura joined the attacks, knocking into the back of Bondyemon’s spine.

Bondyemon yelped, flailed his arms and grabbed the two Kotemon. He squeezed them both as they struggled, and without flinching, crushed them in his hands, absorbing more data from them.

Mushroomon gasped. “No! Kotemon!”

“Nevermore!” Poemon attacked again. “Nevermore! Nevermore! Nevermore!” It was impossible to keep up with the movements of the small crow Digimon as she appeared and reappeared in puffs of black, even Bondyemon struggled to keep up with her movements.

“Frost Strike!” Irbimon attacked again.

“Spirit Siphon!” Bondyemon countered, the four flames moving directly to Irbimon.

Eva shouted. “Look out!!” Just in time, Irbimon saw the flames and darted to one side, through Bondyemon’s legs. He was engulfed in pink light.

“Irbimon, over-clock evolve to... SKADIMON!” The giant snow leopard leaped at the long limbed Digimon, knocking him from the alley with his bulk. Poemon followed Irbimon’s lead as she flashed with green.

“Poemon, over-clock evolve to... VALRAMON!”

“Hungering Cold!” Skadimon bellowed, latching his teeth onto the spinal cord of Bondyemon, encasing the bones in ice. Bondyemon struggled.

“Duskbane!” Valramon’s cry echoed from the sky, and a flock of ravens flew, surrounding Bondyemon’s head. Bondyemon struggled, waving his arms around his head to block out the noise, each tiny raven disappearing in a puff of black. He reach back and grabbed onto Skadimon’s fur, yanking the other Digimon off of him and throwing him with surprising strength back into the alleyway where the remaining resistance Digimon were cowering.

“Night Strike!” Valramon’s body appeared as it impacted with the back of Bondyemon’s skull, sending him careering forward onto the street below. Skadimon recovered and thrust forward, pouncing on the back of the downed Digimon.

“Frozen Grip!” Skadimon bellowed, slashing his claws into the back of Bondyemon’s head, slicing through the bandages that guarded his face. The bandages froze to the ground, but Bondyemon cackled over the cry of the attack, shifting, rolling over to face the snow leopard Digimon. His normally obscured eyes glowed an intense, blood red. The flames that surrounded him had extinguished, instead entering into Bondyemon’s head. He grunted a little, shifting his legs underneath Skadimon. With a heave, he kicked upwards into Skadimon’s gut, sending the larger Digimon into a the hard wall of the building, luckily not breaking through the brick.

“Skadimon!” Eva yelped, running to her fallen Digimon, who snarled trying to get to his feet.

“Mystic Tremor!” Bondyemon cried, covering both Eva and Skadimon in the green aura. His voice had changed to a lower growl, and his pointed teeth drew into a sickening smile.


“Duskbane!” Valramon crowed, a murder of ravens flittered around Bondyemon’s head where he ignored them. He moved his fingers, twisting Skadimon one way and Eva another, until she was almost bent over backwards.

“Night Strike!” Again Valramon tried, diving down at speed into Bondyemon, once, twice. A third time and she swooped upwards, unable to make an impact. It was as if the voodoo Digimon had forgotten she was there.

“Shit.” Tom muttered, unable to watch Eva’s body turn in another unnatural way, unable to block out the sounds of her pained cries. Tom thought quickly. He grabbed the lid of two trash cans. “Valramon!”

To her name, the black bird Digimon reacted, coming to Tom’s side where he climbed on. She ascended, high enough to be at Bondyemon’s head where Tom began to smash and clang the lids together whole Valramon circled in small circles.

Bondyemon twitched, distracted by the loud noise, his grip on the two loosened and he clenched his teeth tightly together in an effort to keep the concentration there.

“It’s working Tom!” Valramon commented, she went in closer, hovering directly in front of Bondyemon’s face. Tom slammed the lids together harder, creating a louder noise. By now, lights were turning on in the windows of the homes around them.

Bondyemon screeched as he lost his grip on Skadimon and Eva, the two of them dropping to the ground. Valramon moved quickly, but Bondyemon was quicker, swiping at the bird Digimon as she ascended, forcing her to lose balance. Tom dropped off her back. Valramon dove, but not before Bondyemon snatched Tom from the air in his hand. He brought Tom to his face and sneered.

“You... I hate having my fun disturbed.” He snarled. From so close, Tom could see saliva hanging from each pointed tooth as Bondyemon spoke. He tried to ignore the tightness of Bondyemon’s grip around him, becoming more and more apparent as he struggled to breathe.

“Hungering Cold!”


Bondyemon repelled the attacks with ease, keeping his blood red gaze focused entirely on Tom.

“TOM!” Eva cried from the ground, struggling to get up to her feet. “Valramon, do something!”

“I will enjoy watching the life drain out of you.” Bondyemon said gleefully, another squeeze on Tom’s body and he heaved.

“OhGod. OhGod-!”

“Tom!” Valramon cried, diving down lower. “Tom! Hold on!”

Bondyemon tightened his grip even harder, with only seconds left before anyone could imagine hearing the sound of bones crunching.

“Duskbane!” Valramon attacked.

In a haze, Tom felt a familiar vibration in his pocket, one which Bondyemon felt too. Through the gaps that his clawed fingers created, Eva could see a green light, beginning to burn the skin of Bondyemon’s bones. Bondyemon retched as the burning became intense, and dropped Tom to the ground, caught with feet to spare by Skadimon.

Tom inhaled deeply putting air into his lungs as he pulled his D-Touch from his pocket. His eyes glowed a brilliant olive green, a light which enveloped Valramon above him too. The scenery changed as the green light spread from Tom’s feet. The paved ground became more like a grassy knoll, with tombstones and crypts littered everywhere. The end of the alleyway showed the mouth to a large, gothic-style church, surrounded by dying trees.

Valramon crowed above them, her eyes glowing the same eerie green as she landed on top of the highest peak of the church.

“Valramon, Proxy Evolve to...” Her wings wrapped around her body, shielding others from the blinding green light. First her legs lengthened, becoming sinewy, with paw-like feet, rather than claws. The thighs on her legs became more muscular. Her shadow tail extended, while her wings appeared to shift lower down her back. The feathers that covered Valramon’s body swirled and danced around her, obscuring parts of her from view. Her upper body extended, feathers molting to reveal dark tanned skin, marred with intricate black markings. Valramon’s holy rings suspended around the growing arms of the new form. Her beak retracted into a tanned face, smothered by dark black hair which was tied back into a delicate ponytail. A circlet, with green gem held place in the centre of her forehead, and her eyes glowed intensely. “Kinnarimon!”

Everyone heard the voice, but no one saw a mouth on Kinnarimon.

“She’s a telepath.” Skadimon said gruffly. “It’s how she communicates.”

Tom wasn’t listening.

Bondyemon roared, “Mysic Tremor!” His hands lashed out at Kinnarimon who moved swiftly, too quick for Bondyemon to catch her.

“Manora's Dance!” Her voice echoed in Tom’s head. He was watching, rapt in what he saw, Kinnarimon appearing and disappearing in puffs of black smoke, her hands and feet surrounded by dark aura that she landed neatly and expertly onto Bondyemon, too fast for him to react. Bondyemon jerked and heaved in reaction to the attacks from the fast Digimon, swiping blindly with his claws.

“COWARD!” Bondyemon bellowed. “Come out and fight me properly!”

Kinnarimon reappeared in front of Tom, hovering feet from the ground.

Bondyemon sneered at her and grabbed up his voodoo doll into one hand. Kinnarimon’s expression was stoic, unreadable as she formed dark energy between her hands. Bondyemon pinched the doll. Kinnarimon’s left wing struggled a little, but she remained airborne.

“Nightsong.” Kinnarimon’s voice again, slipped through Tom’s mind like a dream. She released a ball of dark aura, and a note exploded as it impacted with Bondyemon’s knee. Another note from another ball as it hit against his chest. Each impact created another haunting note of an obscure song.

Bondyemon kept his grip on the voodoo doll, gripping and squeezing as much as he could. Kinnarimon was feeling the effects now, as she landed on the ground, though kept her energy firing at Bondyemon.

Skadimon flinched suddenly. “His doll, Skadimon. I need to you take it from him. Distract him.” Kinnarimon’s voice, like a whisper darted through the Digimon’s head. For a moment, Skadimon looked confused, looking between Kinnarimon, who’s gaze had never left Bondyemon, and the green doll. He grunted, and pawed the ground.

One, two, three well placed paces. “Hungering Cold!” He leapt up, mouth open, jaws encased in ice. Bondyemon noticed too late as Skadimon bit down on his hand and stole the doll away, tearing off three of Bondyemon’s fingers in the process.

Bondyemon screeched.

“Manora’s Dance!” Kinnarimon attacked again, this time coming into close quarters, landing hits and kicks gracefully and without mercy on Bondyemon’s face and neck. Bondyemon moved sluggishly, his energy flagging. Kinnarimon reappeared in a puff in front of him. The glow of Bondyemon’s eyes grew dimmer. Black aura encased Kinnarimon’s hands. Another puff of black, she disappeared and reappeared a bit further above him. She drew her wings into her body, diving straight down.

In an eye blinking speed, her hands punctured through Bondyemon’s skull with a sickening crack which made Eva blanche.

For a few moments, Bondyemon remained upright, until Kinnarimon wrenched her hands out of his skull. Inside the palm of her hand was a crackling and shattered DigiCore. She fluttered to the ground as Bondyemon toppled, dispersing into data that Kinnarimon absorbed without watching. She discarded the DigiCore on the ground where Skadimon stepped on it with a massive paw, shattering it completely.


“You can come out now.” Eva called into the alleyway, once things calmed down and Irbimon and Poemon had returned from their evolved forms. Poemon took up resistance in Tom’s arms, yawning sleepily from her energy exertions. It took a few seconds for Mushroomon and Kunemon to gather up the courage to come out of their hiding places. “It’s safe.” Eva confirmed to them, seeing movement.

Tom took another deep breath, to regulate his breathing once again.

Mushroomon appeared first, then Kunemon. Mushroomon had a look of profound awe on his face, and Kunemon looked almost in disbelief.

“You-“ Kunemon stammered. “You actually...”

“Sorry about your other resistance members.” Eva said slowly, placing her hands on her thighs as she bent forward to speak to them.

Mushroomon blinked slowly. “A loss for sure.” He murmured, “but how did ya...? I thought fer sure Bondyemon was impossible to kill.”

Tom laughed, “Not impossible. Just took a bit of black magic.” He patted Poemon fondly. She shifted against him, but remained in her dozing state.

“You are definitely the Gods of yore.” Kunemon said, bowing low in respect to Irbimon. Irbimon grinned and puffed himself up. Eva nudged him with the tip of her shoe. “How can we ever thank you for destroying him?”

“You mentioned information?” Tom prompted.

“Yes, yes. Aside from that. That was part of the bargain already.” Mushroomon huffed. Kunemon shuffled towards the end of the alley, disappearing into a well hidden hole. “Ask anything of us!”

Tom and Eva exchanged glances, and she shrugged her shoulders.

“Do you know where Rose Divine is hiding?” Tom asked, hoping the Digimon might know something.

Mushroomon pursed his lips and looked puzzled for a moment. “Divine... That’s the girl?”

“Yes.” Eva confirmed. “Have you seen her?”

“Oh yes!” Mushroomon said brightly. “But where she lives I can’t help ya. She’s only ever around when an attacks ‘bout to happen. Don’t know nothing about her ‘side from that.”

Eva’s face fell. “Oh... well thank you anyway.”

Kunemon reappeared carrying a wooden box.

“Anything else I can do to repay ya?” Mushroomon pressed.

Tom shrugged. “Can you tell us anything about any planned attacks? Anything like that?”

Mushroomon rubbed underneath his mushroom cap. “Not my knowledge. We’re only lowly lackeys, never given important information like that, ya see.” He looked apologetic.

“Then maybe you should just promise us you’ll stay safe and out of trouble. Humans aren’t too fond of Digimon right now.” Tom explained.

Mushroomon saluted. “Now that I can do!” He turned to Kunemon who waited patiently at his side, and took the box from him. He held it out to Tom who struggled for a moment, passing Poemon to Eva in order to take the box.

“What’s this?”

“A box.”

Tom tutted, “I can see that.”

“You need to open the lid.” Mushroomon said slowly, like he was speaking to a child. Tom rolled his eyes but did as the fungus Digimon said. Inside the box was a small wooden item. About the length of Tom’s hand to his wrist. It was made of a hard wood, but looked old, like it had never been varnished. It was straight, apart from at the ends where it bent at right angles, one left, and one to the right. Tom put it to one side and examined the box further, finding the bottom of it lined with scrolls and pieces of thick parchment.

“What the heck is that?” Irbimon asked, pointing at the wooden object Tom held.

“That,” Mushroomon said, “is a lodestone.”

“And what exactly is a lodestone?” Eva queried.

“It’s all explained in the information in the box.” Mushroomon confirmed grinning. “It’ll be useful. I promise. Just don’t lose it.”

“How did you find this?” Tom asked, eyebrow arched dubiously. “I mean if I take this home, there’s not going to be some giant, bodyguard Digimon knocking my door down to get it back, is there?”

“I doubt it.” Mushroomon laughed, “I told you. I’m a minion. A peon. No one cares what I do. No one asks questions when a lowly ‘loser’ is rifling through old trinkets and comes across something he thinks might be useful in the resistance group because it had history of the Gods and the war that happened a thousand years ago.”

Eva smiled a little, watching as Tom put the lodestone back into the box and gently closed the lid. “Maybe once you’ve read through it all, you and Piper should combine notes.” Tom nodded, agreeing with her, but eager also to get home as it was now becoming late and clubs were starting to open, police would be stepping up their appearance. “Thanks for this.” Eva said, turning to the two remaining resistance Digimon.

“You’re welcome. Any time.” Mushroomon confirmed.

“And stay out of trouble!” Irbimon ordered. Both other Digimon nodded fervently. They turned and disappeared from sight after lifting a paving stone and vanishing beneath it.

Tom exhaled heavily once they had gone. “That was an entertaining evening.” He muttered.

“Yeah.” Eva agreed. “Shall I tell everyone now or tomorrow morning that we have one less General to deal with?”

Tom shrugged, smiling a little and patting Poemon on the head. “She did real good.” Poemon had already fallen asleep in his arms.

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