Episode 25: Darkest
Before Dawn

  dark                      light

Bella didn’t understand anymore. Feeling confused and without a direction to turn to, or a direction in which to head towards was not a feeling she was familiar with. It was not one she enjoyed either. So far nothing was turning out as she had anticipated – as she had planned. Two of her three General Digimon were dead, destroyed by Digimon who had only just come into their strength and power. One of her own children had turned on her, making their numbers stronger. Her attempt to break the group’s spirit by stealing one away had failed too. For now they seemed stronger than ever, fighting every Digimon that was sent out to battle them and always coming out victorious.

Rose wasn’t much help, either. Her unauthorized stunt of kidnapping one of them had only served to make Rose more embittered towards her brother, and made it clearer that throughout everything he was her main and only target. It was also unhelpful that any attempt Bella made to get Rose to talk to her, or to do as she was told was met with a dark glare, and Rose doing exactly the opposite. Doing whatever she wanted. She was becoming unreliable, a loose cannon that Bella could not afford to deal with or have running amok.

That was why she was here now, alone. Sitting in what used to be Russell’s arm chair thinking heavily about her options. After her husband had died, Bella had moved herself and the then four-year-old twins from their family home to a smaller home. Bella had not wanted to remain in that house at the time. She had left the building untouched since then, apart from having a few small things removed and placed into storage. This leather armchair was one of them, and it had become a place that Bella would find familiar in the years following Russell’s death.

It became her place. Her quiet realm of respite where she could sit and think and weigh up any options, deliberate any difficult choices she had to make. She didn’t consider this a weakness in any way; it was a place just for her. The fact she held on to the chair was not a sentimental one, Bella simply found it the best place to find clarity. It was nothing to do with the memories she had of her husband sitting in this chair over twenty years ago, or the memories she had all but banished of the times he had given up the chair for her to sit in when she had been expecting.

It was a just a chair. An item with no sentimental value. It was nothing but a place to sit and think quietly, alone and without interruption.

Slowly Bella exhaled, brushing her hands over her face and hair as she sat up against the seat back, resting her arms against the plush arms of the seat and stared into the wall opposite her, like she was trying to burn through it. It was at times like this she found herself wishing Russell were still alive. From what she remembered, he had always had answers and ideas, solutions to problems. Even if they were stupid solutions, or answers that made no sense, he always had something to say or share. Sometimes, back then, Bella had found it infuriating. But now she wondered if she would have appreciated a quirky comment.

“Enough of this.” Bella said to herself sharply, getting to her feet. “This is not helping.”

“Something troubling you?”

Bella had barely registered that Satyressmon was in the warehouse too when she had entered, so hearing the gargantuan Digimon’s voice caused her to start a little. She lifted her head, sweeping her hand through her hair and regaining any lost composure. In seconds her face was a portrait of nothing. No emotion filtered through, no expression. Totally in control.

“Nothing that concerns you.” Bella replied harshly.

“Suit yourself.” Satyressmon sighed. She stood up to her full height as Bella moved easily along the ground, her arms folded, casting an expert eye over the comings and goings in the warehouse.

Around the main Atlas Corp building, Bella had several warehouses she used for storage, usually for things like cars. This warehouse was a business one, and had, for years, been home to unused machinery that had sat gathering dust, until Bella breathed new life into it. It was in the experimentation phase at the moment, still gathering momentum but the results so far had been pleasing. It had all been an idea of Russell’s from years ago before he died; that there could be a way to manufacture Digimon to suit the needs and purposes of other people.

Russell had only seen the small picture; that they could create pets for people with allergies, creatures who could talk to assist the disabled and other kind gestures. Bella had capitalized on that idea, and was about to put the fruits of her labors to the test. She had discovered, through notes left by Russell and intense experimentation on existing Digimon how to extract the right parts of data and practically rebuild them to perfection using this data and precious stones, giving these creations a crystalline appearance.

This is what Bella had been working on, creating herself a crystalline Digimon army with more than enough firepower to bring down those that opposed her. It was her belief that with this army, she would be unstoppable and be able to bring down her son and the others singlehandedly, as all other attempts by her Generals and Rose had proved less than effective. Satyressmon had been overseeing construction and generation of these replicas when Bella had not been able to.

“How do they seem to you?” Bella asked the goat-woman carefully.

Satyressmon laughed throatily, and the motion caused her bulk to shake. “They’ll do. They follow orders. That’s what you want.”

Bella agreed silently, looking over the beginnings of her army. They had started fairly easily, with champion Digimon data, experimenting once with an ultimate level Digimon. Each one was unpredictable, so upon creation had been caged until needed. If nothing else, they were an impressive lineup.

First there was the insectoid Digimon, Snimon with huge scythe-like claws, with a body and face shape like a praying mantis. Next was Tuskmon, an imposing dinosaur Digimon with massive claws, and equally imposing tusks which spiraled out of its back. The third Digimon created had been an experiment in itself, a Digimon who had nearly no muscle power left and was only able to move in water or by dragging itself along the ground. The grotesque appearance of sinking eyes and the crystalline imitating rotting flesh would have been matched by the stench that emitted from a real Raremon’s body. Then there was Bakemon, a ghost-like Digimon complete with moaning voice and serrated teeth. The final champion was a squid looking Digimon, Gesomon, with eight small legs for support and two longer tentacles, each several feet long.

The final experiment had been the ultimate Digimon Bella had chosen to recreate, a prehistoric wooly mammoth Digimon, aptly named Mammothmon. Each Digimon was a perfect copy, an exact replica to its original, the only difference was where there would have normally been natural color, these were all just one, a pretty opaque crimson. The ace up Bella’s sleeve, so to speak, was that these copies were special. While Mammothmon still possessed all the normal power of an ultimate, the champion Digimon had all been imbued with additional energy from the Mammothmon data, giving them just enough to make them as powerful, if not more-so than an average ultimate.

They were perfect. Mindless machines, made for battle and nothing more. Easy to recreate.

“Now you have them, what do you intend to do?” Satyressmon asked. She had been watching – almost babysitting – Bella’s creations and was becoming increasingly restless through lack of action and being made to stay behind since Bondyemon had been destroyed. Bella was taking no risks, and did not wish to lose her final general. A fact Satyressmon understood, but did not like.

“I will unleash an attack eventually – when they’re ready.”

“They’re ready now.” Satyressmon argued. “You should just let them go and wreck havoc. It would take everyone, not just your enemies by surprise.”

“Yes.” Bella agreed, “and lead to us getting demolished.” She turned to Satyressmon. “I tell you what to do, not the other way around. I brought you here. I can send you back. Never forget that you are here to serve me.

Satyressmon growled softly, but said nothing else. Bella continued, “keep watch on them. Do not change anything. I will return when I need you.”

In minutes she had left, leaving Satyressmon alone with the caged Digimon, who growled and snarled at each other through the cast iron bars, each just out of reach of the other. It was annoying Satyressmon, being made to sit and stay like a child being told what to do. It was not something she was used to. In fact it was the other way around, she was always the one to give the orders.

Seconds later, clangs were echoing around the warehouse as Satyressmon’s hammer smashed each lock holding the cage doors closed. The crystal Digimon were out of control. Satyressmon watched with amusement as each Digimon began to brawl with one another, releasing energy they had stored for weeks on each other. One swing of her hammer at the wall broke a big enough hole for the nighttime illuminated cityscape to appear, catching the squabbling Digimon’s attention.

For a moment the Digimon were all stunned, staring out into the night, captured by the lights of the city coming from buildings and shops. Caught up in the noise of the nearby roads.

Satyressmon bellowed at them. “Get going!” And in moments they had all charged out, going their separate ways. Satyressmon would follow.


Reyez waited for the traffic to die down before he crossed the street. He didn’t understand why he was out so late on a Saturday night. Normally he’d have been sitting at home getting high, losing himself in a video game, but that night he was restless, couldn’t settle or get comfortable so had decided to take a trip around the city. Just walking, ambling really, to get out of his new house and hopefully wear himself down. The night was surprisingly muggy and humid. The atmosphere was close and it almost felt like it was hard to breathe, Reyez hated the weather when it was like this. He, along with everyone else, got too warm too soon, and with the masses of people out partying, drunk or off their faces on one substance or another, it made the place a haven for more idiots than usual.

“Let me come out!” Ailurmon complained loudly from Reyez’s D-Touch which he kept securely in his jean pocket.

“Fuck no.” Reyez retorted equally as loudly. No one was paying attention to him, and if they were, then they shouldn’t have been eavesdropping. Normally Reyez would have let Ailurmon stay out of the D-Touch and walk around with him, but with recent security hypes and a more visible police presence it made him wary to do so. From where he stood now on the sidewalk he could see at least four police officers in uniform. And no doubt there were several out of uniform marching around – they never blended in well. Reyez was sure with enough time he could spot them.

“I want to come out.” Ailurmon snapped.

“And I said no.”


“I ain’t tryin’ to get arrested.” Reyez explained, smirking wryly.

Ailurmon huffed. “How about I jump anyone who tries to arrest us?”

“That’ll probably be why they arrest us.” Reyez replied. Ailurmon had been in a mood like this for days, the only time Reyez really let her out of the D-Touch when they were at home, traveling around she was kept inside, safe and away from the eyes of anyone who would accuse her of being one of the Digimon destroying the place. He knew the others were doing the same, playing it safe. Despite the arguments from their Digimon.

“Why are we even out, anyway? You hate this weather.”

“I know.” Reyez shrugged to himself, “but considering it’s Saturday and I wasn’t going to rest any time soon, I thought it would be nice for us to take in the city and get some air.” He explained, lightning a cigarette while he walked.

“Yeah, cause I can see a whole lot from in here.” Ailurmon retorted sarcastically.

Reyez smirked to himself. “That’s my girl.” Ailurmon grunted in reply and said nothing else. Typical of her, she would give him the silent treatment for all of a few minutes before she came out with something else to say, another complaint, or just a random comment.

A quick cross of the road, dodging a few cars who had run the light, Reyez maneuvered around people with relative ease at a leisurely pace, moving down one street then another, following his feet. He enjoyed the city at night, even when it was insanely busy like it was now. Despite the constant threat of attacks, people still found time to enjoy themselves, go out and let their hair down. He had little doubt that Frankie was out somewhere too enjoying herself.

He had debated calling her, in fact, as he had wandered around. Considered calling and asking if she wanted to meet up and get a drink. Or just relax for a while. But he had decided against it for several reasons. The main one being that he reasoned Frankie was probably already out and wouldn’t ditch her current company for his. Then there was Tom and Hunter, but he tossed the thought aside as they probably had other plans with their women. So he wandered, and kept wandering. Ignoring phone calls from his sister and text messages. He kept his ear buds in, now Ailurmon wasn’t speaking to him and followed his feet.

Eventually he found himself in the heart of downtown, and sat on an unoccupied bench for a few minutes, keeping an eye on things, watching the world go by. He could feel the beginnings of tiredness starting to sweep over him and reasoned he should either begin walking back home, or hail a cab. The latter would be more comfortable and quicker – but expensive too. Reyez rested both of his arms on the top of the bench’s backrest, looking up to the sky and exhaling smoke from his mouth into the night sky.
“Hey Rey,” Ailurmon’s voice echoed over Reyez’s music directly into his ears. Reyez switched the beat off to hear more clearly. “There’s something weird going on.”

“Huh?” Reyez glanced up, he noticed that traffic had come to a total standstill, people had started to run, but over the noise of his headphones he hadn’t noticed the running, or the screaming. Or the screeching of tires as they started to back up the road and cars ran into one another. Reyez was up on his feet. “What is it?”

“It feels like a Digimon.” Ailurmon explained, “but... different.”


Ailurmon argued, “I can’t any better than that!” She appeared in a flash of blue light, standing with her hands on her hips. “There!” She pointed, Reyez followed her sight and it took a moment to register what he was seeing.

It was a Digimon, undoubtedly, a dinosaur-shaped one with massive tusks coming off its back. But it wasn’t normal. Instead of it being a normal Digimon color... or any color, it was red. And its skin didn’t look like skin. It looked like it was some kind of mineral. Like it was made out of crystal or diamonds. Light traveled right through it.

“Don’t come any closer or I will open fire!”

“What the fuck...?” Reyez sighed, running his hand over his face. “Damn, a moment of peace, please?” He set off at an easy pace, following the voice of the police officer who had a small nine millimeter pistol pointed at the shiny Digimon. Ailurmon walked at Reyez’s side.

“Any ideas?”

“I have a reading that it’s Tuskmon and that it’s a champion level. But nothing else.” Reyez explained. They had reached the police officer by now, and Reyez could see he was visibly shaking.

“This is your final warning!”

Reyez side-glanced the cop, his eyes narrow and his eyebrow perked followed by an annoyed huff, “Digimon don’t respond well to empty threats.” He explained. The officer glanced at him.

“You should leave civilian, this is under control.”

Reyez glanced at the officer, then back at Tuskmon before releasing a obnoxious chuckle, he continued walking towards Tuskmon.

“Shall I?” Ailurmon asked. Reyez gave a confirming nod as Ailurmon rushed towards Tuskmon, enveloped in blue light.

“Ailurmon, over-clock evolve to... Bambusmon!”

“What are you doing?!” Demanded the police officer, lowering his gun.

“Handling the situation, bruh.” Reyez replied with a wave as he continued walking.

“Foliage Domination!” Bambusmon bellowed, vines lashing forward and binding around Tuskmon’s neck. Tuskmon roared against the sudden binds, throwing his head back and ripping Bambusmon from the ground.

“Horn Buster!” Twin beams of red light shot from the end of the impressive tusks on Tuskmon’s back, following Bambusmon around as she twisted in the air, landing easily on the ground. Moving again, narrowly missed by the beams that created a crater in where she should seconds ago.

“Grand Cannon!” Bambusmon retaliated, shooting the beam from her clawed hand.

Tuskmon countered, “Horn Buster!” The two attacks impacted each other, creating a cloud of smoke, sending both Digimon shooting back several feet. Bambusmon got up off the asphalt.

“He’s strong.” Bambusmon explained.

“We’re stronger.” Reyez said, his eyes engulfed in blue, the light swallowing Bambusmon.

“Bambusmon, proxy evolve to... Mistresmon!”

Without a moment’s warning, Mistresmon stepped out from beside Reyez, and drifted down into the ground. “Wedding Lust!” Tuskmon, recovering from the recoil of the combined attacks, thrashed as the giant flower came up around him, engulfing him in its petals. Roars were heard from inside the petals, and Reyez gripped his D-Touch tightly.

“Panzer Knuckles!” Tuskmon bellowed. Suddenly his tusks and claws were ripping through the petals as if they were paper, forcing Mistresmon back up to the grounds surface. Reyez looked confused.

“Horn Buster!” Tuskmon fired, perfectly hitting Mistresmon in the chest, sending her flying backwards into a parked car. She gasped at the impact, and narrowly dodged another attack, as she leapt from the ground. Twisting in midair, she turned, allowing the flower on her back to build up energy.

“Beautiful Bouquet!” Mistresmon called, flipping toward and stopping midair so that the attack faced Tuskmon. A blinding wave of petals shot out of the energy, sweeping up around Tuskmon creating confusion for the crystal Digimon. “Discipline!” Mistresmon followed up, vines reaching forth from her body, slapping and whipping Tuskmon’s arm and face through the mirage of petals.

She landed gracefully, waiting for the petals to clear as it had all gone silent. As the waves of petals died down, littering the ground, Tuskmon growled - still in place and snarling at the other Digimon.

“What the fuck...?” Reyez breathed.

“Horn Buster!”


Reyez hit the speed dial on his phone, waiting a few seconds for Frankie to pick up. “I’m kind of busy right now, Rey!” Frankie yelled. Over the phone Reyez could hear the noise of Digimon fighting, Byakkomon and something else.

“You too?”

“What do you mean?”  Frankie asked. “Make it quick!”

“There’s a Digimon here, Tuskmon. It’s a champion but we’re struggling to bring it down!” Reyez explained. “Sup on your end?”

“Raremon. Another champion Digimon who refuses to die. Eva and Tom are in the same situation with a Bakemon and Snimon.”

“Where are they?”

“They’re across town. Hang on, I’ll get everyone on a call together.”  There was a long pause where Frankie was silent. Reyez watched the battle. Mistresmon being flung into a wall, recovering and charging Tuskmon, bringing her knee up into his chin, then her legs down on his head, finally followed by a charged beam of energy from the flower on her back down onto his body.

“Okay! I have everyone.”  Frankie’s voice came through again. Reyez noticed there was more noise.

“Would anyone care to tell me what’s going on?”  Piper’s voice sounded panicked. “I’m down at the harbor, Gesomon’s just not dying.”

“Same here.”  Tom’s voice, “I just don’t get it.”

“What does everyone’s Digimon look like?”  Hunter came through. “Cause right now, Terasumon is having his ass handed to him by Mammothmon, who looks like he came out of a Swarovski Crystal display.”

“You mean its red and looks like it’s made of glass?”  Eva this time.

“YES!”  Everyone that time.

“I’ve never seen anything like this.” Hunter admitted. “Oh SHIT!”

“Everyone stay on this call.”  Frankie ordered. Reyez slipped his D-Touch into his pocket, turning back to the battle. Mistresmon had Tuskmon wrapped in vines, but was still being tossed around like a doll.

“What the fuck is this?” Reyez wondered out loud.


“Twin Sickles!”

“Piercing Hail!” Hyrokkimon’s response was swift as the praying mantis Digimon hovered overhead, its wings beating so it sounded as if there was a helicopter overhead. The two attacks clashed, Hyrokkimon guarded himself from the recoil, watching as Snimon buzzed and flew out of the way of the oncoming dust.

“Glacial Saber!” Hyrokkimon snarled, forming the two blades in his hands. He jumped from the ground, using the side of buildings to hop from one place to the other until he had caught up with Snimon. With a growl and a grunt of effort, he pushed from one building before plunging both blades down into Snimon’s crystallized body. It sounded like glass breaking as the insect Digimon crashed into the ground, Hyrokkimon holding onto the two blades, crashing with it.

“I think we got Snimon!” Eva commented into her D-Touch, unsure if anyone else was listening.

“What did you do?” Piper. “Because Aureliumon and I are having no luck with this thing!”

“Hyrokkimon just stabbed...” Eva trailed, eyes widening as she watched Snimon rise up from the ground, wings buzzing with agitation, parts of his body shattered and leaving gaping holes. “You will not just believe...”

“What?”  Frankie’s voice reacted to Eva’s pause.

“It just got up.” Eva said. “Hyrokkimon stabbed that thing, twice, and it just got up like it was nothing but a scratch.”

“This is fucked up.” Hunter commented. “Supremely. These aren’t normal Digimon.”

“Really? What was your first clue?”  Reyez chimed.

Growling with irritation, Hyrokkimon drew his claws back over his chest, “Piercing Hail!” He bellowed, sending the attack sweeping into Snimon’s body, smashing the Digimon into the wall of a building. Another attack and another, the brickwork was crumbling around Snimon’s form, while the Digimon tried to fend off Hyrokkimon’s frustrated attacks.


“Stinky Gas!” Raremon released crystallized sludge from its mouth.

Byakkomon leaped back, dodging the sludge with ease.

“Stinky Gas!” It released more, at a more rapid speed. Byakkomon gritted his teeth, dodging the foul smelling sludge. Even though both Raremon and his sludge were crystal and glass like, the smell was no different than a real Raremon.

Frankie tried to cover her mouth and nose, her eyes watering by the foul stench. “This is so fucking gross!” She whined.

Byakkomon sliced oncoming sludge before leaping into the air and bringing his blade down directly into Raremon.

The crystal Digimon roared, waving its body around and throwing Byakkomon into a parked car near Frankie.

“Having fun?” She asked cutely.

Byakkomon jumped to his feet and gave her a quick side glace with a low growl. “He stinks so bad he can make Right Guard turn left. Speed Stick slow down, Secret obvious, and Sure confused.”


Kinnarimon disappeared, then reappeared in a puff of smoke. Dodging the claws from the oncoming crystallized Bakemon. What made this fitting was the fact that the battle was taking place in the local graveyard located near downtown. Aside from being on the phone, Tom could see the attacks and explosions of the battles happening all over downtown and near the docks from everyone else.

Both Kinnarimon and Bakemon were in their elements, evenly matching each others’ attacks relentlessly.

“Is anyone else having better luck?” Tom asked.

“No!”  The others shouted in unison.

“Frankie, look out!”  Eva screamed out, Frankie’s high pitched scream caused Tom to cringe.


Obviously Eva and Frankie were fighting close to the same location and had crossed paths. The sound of Hyrokkimon and Byakkomon using double and fused attacks made it even more evident.

Kinnarimon had gotten the upper hand on Bakemon, “Manora’s Dance!”  Her fists contacted Bakemon with a blazing speed. With a quick round-house kick, Bakemon was sent flying through a few nearby tombstones.

“Don’t give him a chance to get up!” Tom commanded.

Kinnarimon appeared close to the crystal Bakemon before it could regain its strength, “Nightsong”


“Hi sweetie.” Hunter grabbed Piper, ducking behind a bench, just as she screamed.

Terasumon had led the fight with Mammothmon down towards the docks, or rather, the fight had gone there of its own accord, and it had been Mammothmon dominating the entire battle, rather than Terasumon.

Aureliumon struggled to his feet, growling deeply as the glassy Gesomon hissed from the water. “Coral Crusher!”

“Roma Victor!” Aureliumon countered, swinging his sword down to block the attack and shooting his own powers at the other Digimon.

Mammothmon was locked head on with Terasumon, both trying to outdo the other with their weight. Terasumon was practically a canine form of flames, his claws digging into the ground, creating great craters as he pushed with effort against the mammoth Digimon. Mammothmon roared, jerking his head one way, throwing Terasumon to one side.

“Tusk Crusher!” His tusk missiles launched, smashing against Terasumon’s side, knocking him back to the ground. Terasumon growled fiercely forcing himself to his feet and charged again.

“Blazing Mirage!” Terasumon roared, splitting into three versions of himself, each attacking from a different side, pulling Mammothmon to the ground like a hungry pack of wolves. Mammothmon trumpeted, his legs flailing against the fiery copies.

“Ocean Massacre!” Aureliumon bellowed, sending a sphere of water directly into Gesomon’s face, forcing the squid Digimon back into the water.

“Any joy?”  Tom’s voice came through the D-Touches.

“No! SHIT!”  Reyez yelled. “Doesn’t help with the cops fucking around, either.” Faintly it was possible to hear guns going off wherever Reyez was.

“I have an idea.”  Tom said, and began to speak quickly, “I think we stand a better chance of defeating these things if we get them all together. In one place, where we can band together. It’s how we’ve won in the past.”

“It’s the best idea we have.”  Frankie muttered. “Me and Eva are near the movie complex. Get here, fast!”

Agreements echoed through the D-Touches from everyone, then noises of shouting, bellows of attacks and impacts against buildings and cars followed, drowning out anyone else’s actual voices.


From a safe distance, Rose hopped up onto a wall, Remamon stood close by protectively, ready to spring into action if need be. James too, stood near female Divine twin, with Rusdramon, watching the onslaught, the carnage that had been unleashed by Bella’s creations.

“Stupid, Satyressmon. Very stupid.” Rose murmured. “Funny, I don’t see her.”

“She’s probably hiding, waiting for them to finish off the crystal Digimon before she attacks. They’ll be weaker.” Remamon explained. “As bumbling as she is... this is quite ingenious.”

“It’s pointless.” Rose said harshly. “Just like everything else those Generals have done. If she pulls this off it will be a miracle.”

James swallowed. More noise of gun shots echoed up from the centre of everything. More screams. More sounds of cars screeching to a halt. He could only imagine what it looked like. What it all was like in the middle of everything. He didn’t understand why Rose had ordered him out here in the middle of the night. Was it just to watch? Was this a test? To see how strong his stomach was? It wasn’t as strong as hers, that was for sure.

Rusdramon nudged him with her nose. “Those are our friends.” She said, a sense of urgency in her voice. “Please don’t make me stand by and listen to this.”

“Stop whining.” Rose said harshly. “It’s pathetic. This is good for you, it builds character.”

“We must do something...” Rusdramon said again, “James, you can’t be—ahh!” Rusdramon faltered back, blood suddenly pooling in the claw scratches she had obtained from Remamon’s quick swipe to her nose.

“You’re pathetic.” Remamon stated distastefully. “And weak.”

Rusdramon cowered a little. James clenched his hands in his pockets, swallowing down what he wanted to say, what he wanted to do. He had made his choice... he had to stick to it now.


Hyrokkimon slammed into the side of the movie complex, almost crashing through the entire wall. He hit the ground and slowly rose to his knees. With a snarl, his eyes began to glow an ice blue and launched forward.

Byakkomon released a strong wind with a hard swing of his katana, blowing Snimon back as far as he possibly could. Hyrokkimon charged towards Byakkomon from behind, leaping into the air and using the wind current surrounding Byakkomon to toss him higher and further into the air.

“Piercing Hail!” Hyrokkimon lifted both paws into the air, swinging them downward to shoot the army of icicles from the sky.

Snimon and Raremon roared as the icicles pierced their crystalline bodies, the sound of glass shattering rising amongst all other noise.

“Twin Sick--” Snimon tried to retaliate before the body of Tuskmon crashed into him.

Mistresmon popped up from a large flower in the cracked street, twirling in the air to announce her arrival.

Eva and Frankie turned quickly to see Reyez standing on top of a nearby vacant car, his ear buds in his ears with his D-Touch clenched tightly in his palm.

“Wedding Lust!” Mistresmon moaned, trapping the large Digimon into an exceptionally large flower. The flower closed itself tightly, glowing then exploding, sending all three crystalline Digimon flying in different directions.

“That’s how we do it!” Frankie leaped up cheering with Eva in rejoice.

The ultimate leveled Digimon relaxed, Mistresmon lightly levitated inches away from touching the street, Byakkomon sheathed his katana and Hyrokkimon loosened his stance a bit.

Eva pulled her D-Touch to speak into it. “Hey Tom, good news! We defeated the crystallized Digimon. All it takes is a bit of fire power and team--”

“THE FUCK!” Reyez shouted from afar.

Raremon, Tuskmon and Snimon were slowly rising from the ground. Though their bodies were damaged with massive holes, half of Tuskmon’s face was blown off, Raremon missing a large chunk of his body, and Snimon was missing a complete arm; they were still moving as if these were merely scratches.

“Seriously, though? Really? REALLY? Ok, I’m over this.” Frankie’s face was dead pan, she crossed her arms.

Piper and Hunter shortly ran on the scene. Piper looked back, with a worried look on her face.
“C’mon…c’mon--- AH!” She shrieked.

Aureliumon crashed through a building with Gesomon who had him in his tentacles. Aureliumon swiped his sword, cutting off three of Gesomon’s glass tentacles, giving him enough leverage to break free.

Terasumon came crashing from a distance shortly after. Aureliumon leaped over the canine but Byakkomon stopped him before he could crash into anyone else. Terasumon used the wind leverage from Byakkomon and swirled into a horizontal tornado of fire, shooting back towards Mammothmon.

Kinnarimon floated above, disappearing in a puff of smoke before Bakemon could launch a surprise attack, which failed. Bakemon floated above the other crystalline Digimon as they all stood up, scattered in no specific formation.

The tamers stood far behind the Digimon, all were congregating around a safe area where cars were mashed up, ready to take cover if need be.

“There has to be a way to take this Digimon down…” Tom thought aloud.

“If we can get--! I got an idea!” Piper chipped in, “We have to hit them with a solid attack, all together, at the same time!”

“That makes sense.” Reyez, still standing on top of the car. “Mistresmon!”

Mistresmon twirled, moaning as she went into the earth. In a large eruption, vines took over the battle area. They whipped and wrapped themselves around the crystalline Digimon, pulling them tightly together like different lassos. The crystal Digimon struggled and roared, with each vine they snapped it was replaced by another.

“Don’t just sit there! Attack!” Eva’s arms flailed.

“Together!” Piper commanded.

Hyrokkimon’s eyes burst into ice blue light, “Piercing Hail!”

Byakkomon unsheathed his sword, “Full Moon Divide!”

Aureliumon formed a sphere of water in his palm, “Ocean Massacre!”

Kinnarimon drifted herself into the air, “Nightsong.”

Terasumon’s eyes faded into a white glow, he stepped forward amongst the entire group and howled into the sky. The pillars of fire that erupted from the ground gave the advantage that the others needed.
Hyrokkimon brought his arms down, as a rain of sharp icicles crashed down from the sky, feeding more to Terasumon’s flames.

Byakkomon leaped into the air, creating a tornado that engulfed the attacks and crystalline Digimon alike. The tornado quickly caught fire and along with a mix of ice and other elements.

Kinnarimon and Aureliumon pushed their spheres of water and dark energy together to create a more powerful sphere. Together, they launched the giant sphere into the tornado.

Byakkomon and Hyrokkimon both formed two swords in each palm, rushing towards the tornado and leaping into it.



They brought their attacks down, causing the sphere to explode along with the massive tornado. They leaped away quickly as Mistresmon twirled from the ground, forming a giant flower to massively take in everything. The power caused the flower to almost lose stability, with fire, ice and wind busting out of the giant petals.

The sound of the struggling Digimon on the inside was cringe worthy, almost horrific to hear. The flower exploded with nearly the equivalent of a small atomic bomb.

The shockwave from the attack was enough to blow the tamers, Digimon and anything else close by fifty feet away. Shattering the windows of buildings and cars alike.

The dust from the attack caused everyone to cough, groan and question whether or not the attacks were enough.

Hunter scratched some debris from his hair. “Is everyone ok…?”

Eva coughed, being helped up by Tom. “Yeah.”

Reyez rubbed the back of his head, as he had been tossed off the top of the car onto the ground. “Ow, fuck.” He groaned.

Frankie’s eyes widened, “Did we do it?” She quickly leaped to her feet, almost losing her balance in her heels as she lightly jogged towards the Digimon.

“I think so…” Piper’s voice trailed off.

Once the smoke and dust had cleared, whatever was evident of the crystalline Digimon was gone. The spot where they stood was nothing more than badly scorched earth, a crater even.

Hyrokkimon released a hard laugh. “Done!”

“Yes!” Piper shouted cheerfully-- but she quickly stopped at the sound of a low bellow laugh.

“Perfect… just…. perfect!”

The ground began shaking from something massive walking onto the scene.

Satyressmon laughed. “Now that you’ve had your little warm up, it’s time to face a real challenge!” Her obnoxious laugh was enough to piss anyone off. Even from afar Rose rolled her eyes.

Hyrokkimon growled. “Bring it!” His ice blades formed in his claws.

Satyressmon laughed even harder. “I will enjoy this!” She launched forward.

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