Episode 48:
Two Worlds Apart

  dark                      light

The silence was intense.

For the moment, while Capellamon stood in the tree surveying the Gods below her, it was as if time had suddenly stopped completely. There was silence all around – no birds, no cars. Nothing that made the moment familiar or put anyone at ease.

It was a waiting game, to see who would fold first and attack. Capellamon had her mouth curved into a small smile, as she practically sashayed along the tree branch, balancing her mirror in one hand, taking short glances at the Gods, checking them for signs of weakness. An eye twitch here, a shift of weight. The tiniest thing would give her the upper hand, and she was determined to have it.

She had no desire to end up as Malkimon – though Malkimon’s powers had never been a match for the Gods, that had been clear from the start.

“What are you waiting for?!” One of the humans shouted from their hiding place under the nearby jungle gym. Capellamon couldn’t forget about them – the Gods were her main target, but taking out the humans had also been mentioned, to do so if at all possible.

“Yes, my dears,” Capellamon taunted from above, “what are  we waiting for?” She spun her mirror in her hands like a baton, the branch held her weight perfectly, and was wide enough so she could easily walk and pirouette. To those below who watched, it likely seemed to be a strange opening tactic to a fight, but she had never been one to trash talk; this was far more entertaining, doing things that were generally deemed frivolous. It was lulling them into a false sense of security, waiting for one of them to move even an inch, and that would be all she needed.

The Gods, despite their wisdom, did not disappoint her.

To her surprise it was the tiger God, Vayumon, who broke first. The grip on his katana changed the tiniest bit and Capellamon saw.

He lunged, the others quickly following suit, unsheathing weapons and going on the offensive.

Capellamon dodged a slice from Vayumon's blade as it cut a tree in half like a hot knife through butter, and quickly side-stepped to dodge the quick second swing. She back-flipped, righting herself and pointing her mirror forward. “Star Gazer!” She released the white beam attack.

Vayumon raised his twin swords, his wind blades rising in tandem, shielding himself as the attack made impact. It slid him across the ground, sending splinters of crystal flying everywhere.

Giggling, Capellamon readied herself to release another attack, charging her mirror and checking those coming for her, gauging their movements. Morrigamon and Selenemon stepped in, charging the lithe goat-woman Digimon from either side.

Morrigamon came to her first, and lunged with her spear blade.

Capellamon leaned back to dodge the crow Digimon’s stave, swiftly flipping herself to dodge the swing of Selenemon’s scythe, which came careening overhead just as Capellamon ducked it.

The scythe blade impacted the hilt of Morrigamon’s spear and the two metals grated against one another, creating sparks. Capellamon leapt from the ground onto the butt of Morrigamon’s spear where she balanced for a moment, swinging her mirror back and forth like a pendulum.

As Selenemon drew back her own weapon, Capellamon was off, shooting up through the frozen leaves and branches of the other trees around her, using them as a vantage point and escape route.

 “I do believe I liked her better when she was heavier…,” Morrigamon said with a slight grunt, leaping into the trees after the small goat girl.

With Morrigamon pursuing her, Capellamon bounced through the branches of one particularly tall oak tree until she was high in its boughs. The flying Digimon dodged and weaved through the crystal formations around her, sharp twigs catching on her wings.


Capellamon disappeared from Morrigamon’s sight into the foliage of the oak tree. The satyr reappeared airborne as she came through the glass-like structure.

A short moment of silence, until the sound of clashing weaponry fell to the ears of all.

With the fight now airborne, the other Megas could do little but watch from the ground, ready to assist when the two came crashing back to earth. They followed the attacks with their eyes – just as their human companions did from their temporary safe haven.

Morrigamon thrust her spear aggressively as Capellamon danced around the blade and parried any attack that came too close to her. Morrigamon’s speed was impressive and each jab precise and well aimed, but Capellamon’s movements were unprecedented. She dodged easily, never breaking the momentum of her body.

Growing frustrated, Morrigamon drove her spear forcefully down as Capellamon gamboled below her, having dodged a previous blow. The smaller goat-woman wove to one side, spun, and grabbed the hilt of Morrigamon’s spear, drawing the other Digimon towards her with a surprisingly strong grip.

The mirror in Capellamon’s hand charged with white light and she held it directly up to Morrigamon, who was momentarily disorientated by the brightness.  “Mirror, Mirror!”

Morrigamon found herself facing a perfect glass replica of herself. She had little time to marvel at it though, as it immediately swung its own spear towards its original, and Morrigamon leaned back just enough to avoid having her belly sliced. Grabbing her own stave in both hands, the two Morrigamon clashed, each attack blocked by the other.

Capellamon laughed as she descended a little in the air, and watched with enjoyment the copy and original duke it out. She descended too low however, and the force of Selenemon's Howling Gust attack extinguished her amusement as she noticed the icy wolf head hurtling towards her too late. With a sharp cry of pain Capellamon landed on the ground, flipping to her feet in an instant.

Vayumon and Selenemon rushed towards Capellamon in the wake of the frosty attack, like two blurs of wind. Selenemon’s scythe was drawn before her, while Vayumon carried his katanas, the two made of wind following behind him.

“Gorgeous Reflection!” The goat girl split herself into six as the two Megas came upon her, weapons clashing and impacting the glass ground, sending up icicles of glass debris.

As the air cleared, the tiger man and wolf woman spun as the copies of Capellamon dashed towards them with blistering speed. Vayumon and Selenemon slashed their weapons forward, Vayumon’s katana slicing one copy into three parts, and Selenemon’s scythe severing one’s head from its body. The remaining four replicas boxed them in, each grasping their charging mirrors and holding them out towards the entrapped Megas.

 “Shit!” Vayumon cursed. The beams from each mirror discharged, impacting the two Digimon with white hot anguish, causing them both to cry out in pain.

Over the cries of Vayumon and Selenemon, another yell could be heard from above, as Morrigamon’s copy disappeared in a blast of white light.

The mirror copy of herself dealt with, Morrigamon dove towards the first Capellamon she could get to, ramming roughly into the Digimon with a shoulder.

The Capellamon grunted as she slammed into a nearby tree trunk and slid to the ground. Capellamon’s cover was blown as the shock of Morrigamon’s shove caused her to reveal herself. The remaining three who had been rounding on Vayumon and Selenemon all gasped in unison before they shattered like broken glass.

Growling, Capellamon staggered to her feet, grabbing the shaft of her mirror in one hand. Steam seemed to escape her nostrils as she exhaled in frustration. She charged towards Morrigamon, who hovered in front of Vayumon and Selenemon while they recovered. 

“Earthly Temptation...” Marquismon's soothing voice whispered in the wind.

Just as Morrigamon was within range of Capellamon’s mirror, the satyr was tossed high into the air by a giant spiked vine cracking through the ground.

Morrigamon saw her opening.

“Witch Spear!” She tossed her spear towards the flailing Digimon, who was struggling to right herself in the air after the shock of the vine’s impact.

Just as Morrigamon’s spear neared her, Capellamon regained her composure and threw her mirror out before her to guard her from the attack. She yelled, “Star Gazer!” and a silvery-white beam shot down from the reflective surface, taking in Morrigamon's spear, which vanished in a puff of smoke.

As she fell to the ground, Capellamon was met with the blades of Vayumon laying down upon her. She was able to bring her mirror up and across her to block the blades, though they swung dangerously close to her face. Grunting with effort, Capellamon shoved back against the larger Digimon, dislodging his balance for a moment with a swift and well aimed kick to his knee, allowing the goat girl a brief respite.

She jumped back away from Vayumon, then swung down, narrowly avoiding Selenemon’s scythe blade as it whirled over her, mere centimeters from her face.

As Selenemon pivoted on the end of her swing, Capellamon righted herself, getting ready to move and go on the defensive.

“Tiger Clutch God Fist!” The wind surrounding Vayumon clashed together into the shape of a huge feline paw, claws and all, and came crashing down towards Capellamon.

“Winter Waltz!” Selenemon joined in, whirling on the spot, creating a tornado of blistering frozen cold. The two gusts swirled together, integrating and combining, creating a deadly vortex of chill and ice.

Capellamon raised her mirror. “Star Gazer!” she shouted, releasing a giant cannon beam to counter the oncoming attack, which exploded into the rapid tornado

Morrigamon swooped in from behind. “Witch Spear!” The blade shone through the confusion of the other attacks, light glinting off its razor sharp edge.

Capellamon reacted quickly, cart wheeling gracefully to one side as the edge of Morrigamon’s spear tore into her side, creating a small gash.

The crow woman’s spear continued on its course however, giving Vayumon and Selenemon barely a moment to  dodge it, just as Morrigamon narrowly avoided the out of control tornado.

“Watch it!” Reyez shouted from the jungle gym, cupping his hands around his mouth.

“She’s too fast for them to catch up with,” Frankie pointed out.

McTyre folded his arms, impressed by the display of power he was seeing – even he had to admit, when the attacks weren’t aimed at him and his men, the strength and immensity of the Digimon and their abilities was astounding. “Capellamon needs to be incapacitated,” he pointed out.

Reyez glanced at the older General over his shoulder. “How so?”

“To slow her down, she needs to be tripped up… made to fall somehow and disarmed,” McTyre explained. “Can your Digimon do that?”

Tom surveyed the scene, Morrigamon was pursuing Capellamon through the trees in the air, while Vayumon and Selenemon followed on the ground. Marquismon surveyed the battle a little way off, half submerged in the crystal ground. “Yeah…” He nodded slowly. “Marquismon’s vines.”

Looking at the blond for a moment, Reyez had a quizzical expression marring his face before he too evaluated the field of battle before them, and Tom’s plan suddenly clicked. “Might just work.”


She was getting worn out.
This chase was continuing and there were no signs that Morrigamon, Vayumon, or Selenemon were going to give up on it. Every time Capellamon chanced to glimpse over her shoulder, Morrigamon seemed a little closer than the last time she had looked. And the expression on the bird woman’s face was murderous.

Below, though, she didn’t dare take a moment to check for the others. Capellamon could hear the sounds of Selenemon’s boots and Vayumon’s tiger paws thumping on the ground as they pursued, flanking their companion.

Capellamon knew what she needed to do, it was simply a case of being able to do it, to get enough space and just a few seconds to get an attack out and things would be on an even playing field again. However, the Megas were relentless, and no matter how much she weaved and dodged, they were always just behind her.

She had almost completely forgotten the fourth one. She had been so focused on the weapon-wielders, that Marquismon and her threat had completely escaped her mind. Until a wall of vines exploded from the ground and slammed down in front of her, forcing Capellamon to retreat hastily.

“Earthly Temptation~!” Marquismon’s voice was softer than a lullaby, but no less threatening than the war cries of her companions.

As Capellamon jerked and began to descend, more vines appeared from the ground, cracking and splintering the crystal-covered grass. The vines slammed down like huge tentacles, forcing Capellamon one way, then another, making her rise upwards, then dive towards, dash right, and spring left.

She was being boxed in. She knew it. She could feel it, being driven and herded by the vines and by Morrigamon, Vayumon, and Selenemon, who continued to pursue her doggedly through the natural web of their ally.

Turning swiftly as another vine rose above her, ready to crash down again, Capellamon made a last ditch effort to turn the tables.

“Mirror, Mirr-!”

“Banshee Keen!!” Morrigamon’s voice was clear and strong, and the wailing that followed terrible to behold. Capellamon released a wail of her own as she struggled to concentrate on building her attack, trying in vain to push the noise of the screaming from her head.

Vayumon charged towards her, two katana drawn. “Full Moon Requiem!” He bellowed the call, and moved too quickly for Capellamon to counter him, disorientated as she was. As his blades cut into her, she felt an odd pinching sensation and knew her right arm, her dominant arm, had been severed.

The tiger God retreated a few steps, both katana still gripped tightly in his hands.

As Marquismon’s vines thundered down around her, it was too much and Capellamon cowered. She tried to shield herself from the noise of Morrigamon and the attacking foliage, which crashed down around her, sending up a spray of broken crystal.

Capellamon's mirror hit the ground, shattering into pieces, as she dropped to her knees, shaking. Morrigamon’s high pitched screaming had stopped, and the four Gods were advancing on her with slow deliberation.

She laughed, staring at the ground, her eyes wide and her expression manic.

To her right her missing arm was already beginning to disperse into data, floating away into the atmosphere.

The severity of the situation and that she had lost was beginning to dawn on Capellamon. Her mirror was broken; she could not attack. She could try and outrun them, but it would be a matter of time before they caught up with her, and she was tired.

Capellamon laughed even harder.

Vayumon and Morrigamon exchanged confused looks, while Marquismon looked on passively. Selenemon, unfazed by the goat girl’s behavior, stepped forward in front of her companions.

She stared at the four Gods who stood before her, waiting for her last words. A plea, a statement of defiant pride. A beg for mercy or a whimper of fear.

They wouldn't get it. She would never give them the satisfaction. Capellamon’s pride would never allow it. She continued to laugh in their faces, growing louder, her head thrown back.

Selenemon gave a small nod at Marquismon. One of the plant woman’s vines slithered up Capellamon’s torso and remaining arm until it grabbed around her neck gently, like a caress.

“Come,” was all Selenemon said, as she, Vayumon, and Morrigamon turned their backs and began to walk back to their Tamers who had come out of hiding.

Capellamon’s laughing stopped abruptly, replaced by a short choking sound and then a solid, sickening crack.

Her data – a dark, nearly black rust color – swirled into the sky.

Frankie swallowed something in her throat that tasted like bile, but she didn’t want to admit to it being that. She had seen their Digimon fight before, but with the way they dealt with Malkimon and now Capellamon, they seemed almost cruel to her mind.

She knew war was war, that battles were fought and death was never pretty, but the deaths of their enemies seemed so much more severe now. It made her stomach turn to think of it.

The floating data particles of Capellamon that whirled and danced overhead distracted her for the moment as Vayumon and the others stopped near them.

“Hey… don’t our Digimon usually absorb the data of their enemies?” she asked, directing the question to no one in particular as she followed the data stream with her eyes, the dark corrupted color easy to see against the grey sky.

 “We don't have time to worry about that,” Reyez said nonchalantly, crossing his arms. “Things are probably all fucked up by now.”

McTyre's radio blared loudly on his hip, static giving way to a crackled voice as McTyre pressed the button to receive. “The crystallized monsters are retreating! I repeat, the crystallized monsters are retreating!”

For a moment McTyre said nothing, he caught the gazes of the humans and Digimon around him. “Message received, copy. Keep me updated,” he replied eventually and replaced the radio in its holder.

Tom sighed, and rubbed the nape of his neck. “That’s… good and bad,” he murmured slowly.

“Why good and bad?” asked McTyre, unable to hide his confusion. “It sounds like an all good announcement to me.” His tone sounded pleased, glad that his deployed military had done something to quell the threat, but his pleasure did not allow him to smile as he saw the looks of distain that marred the faces of the young adults around him.

Rose swept her hair back, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. “This can only mean Mukademon is ready to make his grand debut...” She stared off in the direction they had come from, as if she was trying to make out the Atlas Corp building from here.

“Let's get to the Atla-” Reyez was interrupted by Tom's D-Touch ringing.

“It's Eva.” Tom answered the call. “Is everything ok?”

“Yeah,” Eva replied through the receiver. Tom had put it on speaker phone so the others could hear what she had to say in case anything important came up. “How about you?”

“We’re alright,” Tom told her. “Capellamon’s dead.”

“So is Bacaloumon,” said Eva slowly. “It wasn’t pretty.”


“So what’s the plan of action?” Eva asked, leaving no time for silences or idle chatter.

“Get to the Atlas Corp building as soon as possible,” Reyez explained. “We have McTyre here and–”

“McTyre?” Eva repeated slowly. “Isn’t he with the military who were shooting at our Digimon?”

“Yeah,” Reyez told her, leveling McTyre with a hard gaze, speaking directly to the man as he spoke to Eva. “But he understands now that there’s nothing they can do. So he has agreed to round up his remaining military faction and get the hell out of the city and leave the fighting to us.”

“Ohhh…. Kay.”

Frankie butted in. “He had a radio message from of the soldiers, that the crystalline Digimon have retreated.”

“That can’t be good,” Eva murmured.

“We have to get there,” Selenemon stated. “I think it’s safe to assume Mukademon will be appearing soon, and he’ll desire an audience.”

“Don’t we have a third General to defeat first?” Eva queried.

“We do,” Vayumon confirmed, “but if all of eight of us attack him, I imagine Raijumon will cause us very little trouble.”

Eva sighed down the phone. “I hope you’re right… Hopefully you’ll each still have enough energy to deal with Mukademon when this is over.”

“We’ll get a second wind,” Morrigamon assured her.

“Hope so,” said Eva. “Okay – we’ll make our way to the Atlas Corp building. We’ll probably be about ten minutes.”

“We’ll see you there,” Tom agreed.


“Wait, wait!” Frankie interjected before Tom hung up. “When Bacaloumon died… what happened to his data?”

Eva was silent for a moment. “His data?”

“Yeah,” Frankie confirmed. Reyez muttered something under his breath and Frankie gave him a dirty look. “Did you see where it went? Into the Digimon or off into the air?”

“It floated into the air,” Eva told her, sounding a little exasperated. “Why?”

Frankie shrugged, though Eva couldn’t see it. “Just curious.”

Tom took Eva off speaker phone and held his D-Touch to his ear. “So we’ll see you in about ten minutes.”

As Tom hung up, McTyre turned to Reyez, visibly trembling. “How dare you make a call like that without addressing me first! This is my city to protect, I will–”

“You’ve seen for yourself your weaponry does nothing, and our Digimon are the only ones who can do anything,” Reyez argued, sounding surprisingly calm. “Our Digimon can cut down the crystalline ones like daisies, and you’ve seen what they did to Malkimon and Capellamon. I promise you, if you and your men fire on Mukademon, you’re just going to make him angry and get yourselves killed while getting in our way.”


“With all due respect,” Marquismon spoke, shrinking down to a smaller size to speak face-to-face with the older man, “General, we will be concentrating on defeating our ultimate foe, the one who has done this to the town you are so desperate to protect. At the same time, we also have to be aware of our Tamers, where they are and if they are safe. We cannot expend more energy protecting you and your soldiers.”

Morrigamon stepped forward. “It is for your safety, and the safety of your good men, that we ask you to leave the city and get out. Leave the death of this monster to us.”

Whether it was because their comments were valid, or because McTyre did not have the heart, stomach, or strength remaining to argue with Reyez, let alone two Digimon Goddesses, he agreed. His shoulders sagged as he rubbed his hands over his face.

“Fine, but I have a condition.”

Reyez growled.

“Hear him out, Rey,” Tom snapped, before the other man could launch into a tirade.

McTyre allowed a small thankful glance to Tom, before turning to Reyez. “I assume at some point you will be entering the Atlas Corp building?”

“Yes.” Reyez nodded. “We need to get to Bella Divine.”

“My condition is that you take two of my foot soldiers with you. There is no telling what might be awaiting you in that building, and while your Digimon may be useful in a fight outside, you have no protection against human weaponry… my soldiers will protect you as you track down Mrs. Divine,” explained McTyre.

Reyez considered his proposition for a moment.

The General made a good point. They couldn’t take one of their Digimon out of the fight to protect them if they were battling Mukademon, and even taking one away in the fight with Raijumon could mean the difference between winning and losing. No one knew if there were people still inside the Atlas Corp building except Bella, and for that reason, there was no telling if – were there people remaining there – they were under parasitic influence too.

Having a couple of trained, gun wielding foot soldiers wasn’t such a bad idea.

Finally, Reyez nodded and turned to the aging General. “Alright, agreed.”


Outrunning Bacaloumon was the easy part.

Hunter led the group through the twisting and narrow streets, while their Digimon followed them. Heliomon leaped from building to building, while Gaiusmon, Ceryneiamon, and Ymirmon followed on foot, crowding behind their Tamers in case they needed to block any attack Bacaloumon made.

The undead Mega was quickly out of sight, and seemed like he was taking his time in his desire to reach them, being clever and not expending valuable energy by running in pursuit.

As Hunter turned them down another street, he paused mid-step and took a step back.

They had run the wrong way at some point, and taken a turn which had led them to a dead end. Before them was a small central quad surrounded on three sides by mid-size apartment blocks, leaving no room for escape. The quad was sparse, with benches and a few small trees and flower beds, all covered in crystal like the rest of the city.

“We should turn back and keep running,” James said, once he had caught his breath.

“To what end?” asked Heliomon as he landed on the ground, his boots creating cracks in the brittle glass-like substances. “We need to fight him, here is as good a place as any to make a stand.”

“Don’t be so brash,” Gaiusmon retorted. “We do not know what abilities this new enemy has. His previous form of Bondyemon was a force to be reckoned with, and I do not wish to doubt the powers of this one.”

“I would not have expected you to be wary,” Heliomon murmured, folding his arms.

“We can’t keep running,” Hunter explained slowly. “We need to get rid of Bacaloumon so there’s one less General to deal with, and then it’s just a case of the other two and Mukademon. Besides, how dangerous can he be?”

Piper quirked a brow. “You saw how twisted Bondyemon was firsthand… If anything, I imagine we can expect the same from this version of him.”


Ceryneiamon’s ears twitched and she turned swiftly. “Hush.” She cut Eva off, and poised an arrow in her bow.

“Sister,” Ymirmon came to her side, “what is it?”

“He’s coming,” Ceryneiamon explained. “Quickly, get them into hiding. We have no choice but to fight him here.”

Gaiusmon did as she requested, ushering Piper and the others to a safe spot, hidden between a wall and a bike shed. Returning to his companions, Gaiusmon readied himself for a fight.

Bacaloumon was near them now, standing perfectly stationary at the mouth to the street they had turned down, which had brought them to this blocked end. At a distance he looked no different to any other man, his height wasn’t as pronounced and neither was his appearance, the unhealthy look of his skin was almost undetectable, and while he still looked skinny, it was not as obvious as to how thin he was, and how obviously his bones and organs protruded from beneath his skin.

His arms dangled at his sides, and in both hands he held the bone clubs that had previously been attached to his back.

Heliomon’s tail twitched impatiently as he shifted in his stationary position. Ymirmon held Rimefang tightly in both hands, twisting his palms around the grip.

For moments that seemed like hours, Bacaloumon did nothing but stare at them.

“Why doesn’t he attack?” Heliomon demanded in a harsh whisper.

“He’s waiting,” Gaiusmon grumbled. “Waiting to see if we attack him first, he is gauging who is weakest in their discipline. Searching for a weak link… be patient.”

“We should attack,” Heliomon argued.

“No,” Gaiusmon snapped. “If you attack, we will have to be on the defensive… it is best to wait for our enemy to make the first move.”

“This is pointless.”

Ymirmon drew Rimefang across the crystal, making a high pitched scratching sound. “Listen to Gaiusmon. Do not behave impetuously or you put us all at risk.”

Heliomon was silenced for a moment, he had flames ignited in his fists and found himself wriggling his fingers to keep the flames aglow. He was holding his breath, and at the same time could feel a tightness in his chest where his heart hammered against his ribcage, fueled by adrenaline and the instinct to fight.

When Bacaloumon moved his head, Heliomon leaped into action without a second thought, racing forward with his flaming hands punching fire balls in the other Digimon’s direction. He didn’t even hear the sounds of his comrades shouting after him telling him to stop.

He had never been patient.

He missed the small smile that slipped into view on Bacaloumon’s face as he whispered. “Bone Breaker…”

Heliomon was stopped without warning, he paused mid-step and felt pain coursing through his body as his feet left the ground and he was lifted up by some unknown force. His arms were pushed back behind him, like they were being pulled by invisible chains, and yanked so hard it felt like his shoulders would dislocate. He felt his spine being contorted and his legs being pulled down – as if he had horses tied to each limb and they were all running in opposite directions.

It felt like his whole body was about to be torn apart.

“Shooting Star!” The arrow released from Ceryneiamon’s bow careered passed Heliomon, and was a signal for Gaiusmon and Ymirmon to attack. As the arrow was about to impact, Bacaloumon swung one of this bone clubs, catching the head of it and causing it to disappear into shimmering light.

Heliomon gasped as he felt feeling return to his limbs and he hit the ground in a heap.

“Fool!” Gaiusmon chided him as he raced past.

Heliomon took the moment to recover.

“Remorseless Winter!” Ymirmon cried, swinging Rimefang in a wide arc. The attack drove towards Bacaloumon, who had yet to move from his place.

“Monsoon Rhapsody!” Gaiusmon's attack, an arc of aquatic energy, joined with Ymirmon’s frozen wave, weaving together and creating boulders of ice.

Bacaloumon leapt out of harm’s way, allowing the two attacks to pass beneath him and crash in to the wall of the opposing building. He landed easily in the same spot, his face impassive and unnerving.

“Starlight Nova!” Beams of light energy exploded from Ceryneiamon's hands, blasting skywards and then down towards Bacaloumon. Spinning the bone clubs in his hands, he countered the light energy, sending the shower of lights off in different directions. He then moved for the first time, racing towards Ceryneiamon, who had left herself undefended after her attack.

“Crossbone Batter!” Bacaloumon shouted, bringing the bones he carried down on Ceryneiamon at blistering speed. He attacked her arms first, causing them to flop to her sides, her bow dropped to the ground from limp hands. Her legs gave way beneath her a few seconds later.

“Torch Strike!” Bullets of flame singed Bacaloumon’s flesh before he could land another blow on the Lady of Light. A murderous look crossed his face and he turned his attention to the wolfish Digimon.

The bones he carried he replaced on his back, as dark purple energy flashed in his large hands. “Oblivion Plume!” He sent several blasts firing off at Heliomon and more at Gaiusmon and Ymirmon.

Heliomon dodged away from one, while Ymirmon and Gaiusmon narrowly avoided the others as they hit against obstacles in their way. One of the trees disintegrated, as if it were rotting at an incredible rate. Bacaloumon smiled a little, watching the life drain out of the living thing, before he turned his attention back to the fighting.

Ceryneiamon had regained enough feeling in her limbs to shakily get to her feet and throw a simple, powerful right hook into Bacaloumon’s face, knocking the rotting corpse Digimon off his feet. The punch sent Bacaloumon reeling a few feet back, far enough for Heliomon to trip him up with a well aimed lash of his flame whip and for Ymirmon to send him hurtling into the air from behind with a mighty swing from Rimefang.

Bacaloumon released a shriek of pain in response to the impact, but as he hit the ground feet first – still standing – not a hair was out of place and his face was grim.

“That was... no fun.” His voice was surprisingly plain, though his tone held an edge to it that hinted of an underlying threat. Despite his brief airborne trip, a smile remained planted on his face none-the-less. Gaiusmon and Ymirmon tensed, while Heliomon and Ceryneiamon took up a back line of defense.

“Oblivion Plume!” Bacaloumon shouted, releasing another barrage of dark energy bolts at the four Megas.

Gaiusmon stepped in front of the others, forming a giant round shield of water that barely repelled Bacaloumon's attack as it reached them.

Heliomon dashed from behind Gaiusmon's shield, using Bacaloumon's distraction to his advantage as he continued to fire off more orbs of dark energy. “Solar Lashing!” he called out, as his baton turned into a flaming whip that thrashed around Bacaloumon.

The undead Digimon swiftly dove to one side in an attempt to avoid the swinging whip and the flames that it expelled. He grabbed one of the bones on his back and swung it at Heliomon, who was able to lasso his whip around the bone and hurl it back at its owner.

Bacaloumon swung with his second bone as the first he caught in his free hand. Heliomon lifted his baton to block it, though the bone flew overhead, and returned like a boomerang. Heliomon ducked it, and then turned on his heel, lifting his hands and baton up to his face just as Bacaloumon launched himself at the flaming wolf-man Digimon, both bones drawn.

Heliomon grit his teeth, digging his heels into the ground, though it provided little support as he and the undead Mega pushed against one another. Despite his appearance, Bacaloumon proved stronger than he seemed, and Heliomon’s boots slipped across the ground.

He hit the floor hard.

“HELIOMON!” Hunter yelled, appearing from the hiding spot Gaiusmon had ordered him and the others to.

Bacaloumon had his bones raised above his head, about to strike down on his fallen adversary.

Ymirmon stabbed Rimefang into the ground with a cry of “Glacier Strike!” which echoed off the buildings around them. Instantly a fissure formed where the blade had shattered the ground and made its way rapidly to where Bacaloumon stood.

Heliomon backed up away from the cracking ground, snatching up the baton he had dropped when he hit the floor.

As the fissure spread, Bacaloumon leapt out of the way, twisting his body in a contortion and making his way towards Ymirmon.

“Not so fast,” Ceryneiamon cried. “Shooting Star!” She loosed her arrow into the air. The arrow of light split, raining millions more down on the charging Bacaloumon.

Despite the cascade of arrows, they only caused a momentary block for Bacaloumon, as he continued his determined sprint towards Ymirmon. The arrows pierced and burned his rotting flesh, yet Bacaloumon showed no sign that he felt them, nor cared. His attention was focused on Ymirmon. A look of mania had spread across Bacaloumon’s face and he released a high pitched laugh, nearing the snow leopard God.

Ymirmon drew back his icy broad sword. “Remorseless Winter!” he bellowed, swinging with a wide arc that blew Bacaloumon far across the field with a deathly cold gust.

He crashed into a nearby building, turned upside down by the strength of the frozen winds. As slowly slid down head first, Ymirmon took a cautious step towards their fallen foe, while Gaiusmon, who was nearest, moved closer still.

For a few seconds, it appeared that Bacaloumon was down for the count; there were no obvious signs of him breathing nor any other sign he still lived.

Yet as Gaiusmon came within range, Bacaloumon righted himself with speed that surprised the Gods around him, and was already armed with shimmering purple energy filling his hands.

“Oblivion Plume!” Rapid shots of dark energy fired from the crater within the building.

Gaiusmon threw himself out of the way of an oncoming bolt, which impacted with a bench and it melted in place. Heliomon took cover as another blast flew narrowly over his head.

“Look out!” Ymirmon called to Ceryneiamon as he dodged a shot.

Bacaloumon fired off blasts of energy in all directions, sending the Gods scattering. There was no method to the undead Digimon’s aim, though his face seemed gleeful at his work and the pandemonium it created.

The bullets of dark energy flew aimlessly, leaving withering trees, bushes, and monuments in its wake. It was even causing the crystal shields on the buildings to melt away a little bit at a time. The speed in which they came made it almost impossible to counter, to stop and charge up an attack.

Hunter had to watch, the battle was raging and despite the dangers and the warnings from Gaiusmon to stay hidden, he couldn’t help but want to see Heliomon and the others in action, even if in action meant watching them defending against impossible to counter attacks.

“Get back under cover,” Eva ordered harshly. She, James, and Piper had to satisfy their curiosity by listening to the battle. Though, all three of them kept close tabs on their D-Touches and the wellbeing of their Digimon, who – despite the current situation – were almost all still at full power.

“We’re fine here,” Hunter assured her, waving his hand dismissively.

“Hunter!” James snapped. “Bacaloumon is going nuts with those oblivion things. You want to wind up like that tree?!”

“Please, he hasn’t shot a single–”

“HUNTER!” Piper yanked him roughly to one side, a blast of darkness hitting the very spot on the wall that Hunter had been standing in front of seconds earlier. Hunter sprawled on the ground behind the bike cover, and smiled weakly.


“Now is not the time to be stupid and reckless!” Piper shouted. “Got it?!”


James stared at the space on the wall, where the crystal now seemed to melt in place. “There has to be a way to use that against him.”

Eva looked at the russet-haired man. “How?”

“Maybe our Digimon can deflect it… in some way.” James shrugged. “I don’t know, I just think… there has to be a way to use that power against him if our own Digimon aren’t getting close enough to land a full on attack.”

“Ceryneiamon can form a force field,” Hunter said, sitting up. “Didn’t you say she did that against the fight with TigerVespamon?”

James nodded. “Yeah, I’ve only seen her do it once.”

Eva pursed her lips. “They need a chance…”


“He must be using all his energy for this!” Ceryneiamon commented, dodging the wave of dark purple light that seemed stronger than the others. She shot an arrow into the air, which spread and dispersed, splitting into several more and firing down around her and her allies, piercing through several more incoming attacks. “Each attack he throws is more powerful than the last and we daren’t get closer.”

“He's not leaving an opening,” Gaiusmon grunted, forming yet another water shield to protect himself. His irritation with Bacaloumon’s tactics was showing. This was not how a battle was fought – to Gaiusmon, Bacaloumon was cowardly. “He knows he cannot win so he’s hoping to bring our own strength and stamina down instead.”

“Foolish.” Ymirmon drew Rimefang, bringing up an arc of ice to cover himself. Heliomon bounced above them from the roof tops, avoiding the negative energy that escaped skywards while shooting flaming bullets downwards, dispersing a few with them. “Though it seems our Tamers have had a thought, to use his powers against him?”

Gaiusmon looked dubious.

“It’s worth a try,” Ceryneiamon murmured. “What do you need of me?”

“Wait a moment,” Ymirmon told her. “Gaiusmon, you and Heliomon must cause a distraction of some kind. Draw his attacks off.”

Without a word, Gaiusmon moved off, leaping from the ground up several meters in one bound and grabbing onto the crystal glass covering the building, finding handholds easily in its uneven surface.

He swung from one place to another, while Heliomon continued to leap from each building, keeping his movements random and unpredictable.

Bacaloumon had followed Gaiusmon from the ground to the buildings with his eyes, drawn by the sudden movements and change of tactics from the cloaked otter. He visibly shook where he stood, his body straining from the exertions he had put on it.

Drawing his bone clubs from his back, Bacaloumon poised them at his sides, watching patiently for Gaiusmon to attack. Heliomon had stopped moving, allowing Gaiusmon to remain as bait. He hid on one of the roof tops, watching and carefully waiting for a moment to strike. Two forms of distraction would give them a better chance to win.

One of the bone clubs was thrown at the building, but Gaiusmon lashed it away with his tail while he dangled from one handhold. He held in his free hand a curved blade; small, but deadly, it was perfect for a precise airborne strike.

As the bone club hit the ground, Bacaloumon snarled. “You hide from your fate…”

“As you shy from the inevitable,” Gaiusmon returned with a growl.

In one smooth motion, he had bunched his muscles beneath him and pushed off the wall, making a perfect dive towards Bacaloumon more than thirty feet below.

“Vengence Crunch!” He reached out with both hands, ready to clasp them around Bacaloumon’s head.

“Bone Breaker!”

Gaiusmon jerked in midair, his body folding back on itself. He released a strangled cry as something sounded like it snapped. His hood flew back, and the gold wreath that made its home on his head clattered to the ground below.

“Scorching Rush!” Heliomon appeared like a flaming hellion, a descending body of pure flame aimed perfectly for Bacaloumon.

Turning on the spot, Bacaloumon made a sweeping motion and Gaiusmon was released from the air, crashing into Heliomon, sending them both crumbling to the ground.

“Remorseless Winter!” The snowstorm arc came hurling towards Bacaloumon, a mist of snow and ice and shards of glass kicked up by the winds and hail. Ymirmon ran behind it, keeping the storm going, partially hidden by the gloom.

“Oblivion Plume!” Bacaloumon’s dark bolts exploded from his hands at perfect, point blank aim at Ymirmon in the centre of the snow storm.

Ceryneiamon over took Ymirmon, coming from her hiding spot directly behind him. She made a grand gesture with both hands, just as the dark energy was about to burst against both herself and Ymirmon. A shield, nearly invisible in the snow, shimmered as the plumes flew against it, and the shield sent them flying back.

Bacaloumon released a terrible cry as his own attack flew back at him, hitting him squarely in his shoulder and chest.

As the snowstorm cleared, Gaiusmon and Heliomon returned to their feet. Bacaloumon groaned in pain, the sound similar to that of a zombie in a feature film or game. He moved towards the congregating Megas, his steps staggered and uneven.

His own attack was eating away at him, melting parts of his skin and bone where the darkness had exploded. Already his collarbone was barely the width of a hair, and the bones of his ribcage were showing through the corroding skin. He lurched towards the Megas, determined to reach them, a sick expression on his face. Eyes wide and mouth open, Bacaloumon looked almost pleased.

Gaiusmon sneered in disgust as he replaced his golden wreath and pulled his hood back up to cover his face. He untangled his cape from his body, letting his tail uncurl from around his leg.

“It seems you have lost, but I admire your vigor.” Ymirmon stepped beside the otter. With a wave of the God’s hand, Bacaloumon found himself frozen in place.

The undead Digimon looked down at his legs, trying to move himself from the icy cuffs that had glued his feet to the ground. He tried to pull at them each, and only succeeded in finding himself stuck fast.

Ceryneiamon nocked a glittering arrow to her bow string and waited a moment. Bacaloumon stared her dead in the eye, and she took an audible breath before loosing the arrow straight into the undead Digimon’s chest.

Forming a gun gesture with his hand, Heliomon aimed it towards Bacaloumon, releasing a single flaming bullet which struck the center of Ceryneiamon's arrow, causing a hole a form in the middle of the undead Digimon's chest.

Bacaloumon looked down, examining the hole with his hand and an almost childlike curiosity.

He began to laugh. At first deeply, slowly; a laugh of uneasy mirth and sudden realization, but his laughter rapidly became high pitched and manic. A screaming laugh. A laugh that would haunt dreams for days.

It was as if Bacaloumon enjoyed this pain he now felt. The burning that the arrow and the fiery bullet had caused. Even the growing numbness in his feet. This torture was a pleasure to him.

He loved it.

Gaiusmon closed his eyes in growing frustration as the manic Digimon’s laughter continued, growing louder as it echoed and bounced off the crystalline buildings.

A sphere of water manifested in his palm. He gestured simply, a single smooth motion of his wrist. Water rose from the ground, drawing up higher around the Bacaloumon’s legs, up until it reached his kneecaps.

Clenching a fist, the water pressure increased tenfold, enough to crack Bacaloumon's legs in half, sending the Digimon falling to what remained of his knees.

Bacaloumon’s laughter stopped as he impacted with the ground. He heaved himself up with his arms.

The sphere in Gaiusmon's hand formed into a long Roman sword as he walked towards the fallen Digimon.

Bacaloumon glanced at Gaiusmon with eyes which seemed to plead, that made a silent request to speak and be heard. As he opened his mouth to do so, the water God reeled the sword back and struck with one almighty swing.

Gaiusmon's sword sliced Bacaloumon's skull clean in half, dividing his head at the mouth. His body toppled forward, while the stop half of his head rolled away towards where the four Tamers now stood, coming out of hiding.

Eva and Piper shrieked, hiding their faces in horror. Hunter flinched, while James was taken aback by the brutality.  

Bacaloumon's body slowly broke down into eroded data, floating upwards towards the sky.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Piper murmured, covering her mouth, averting her gaze. Eva didn’t look much better as her skin had paled considerably.

Ceryneiamon approached the four of them first, speaking to them softly and calmly as she did so, trying her best to soothe each of them from what they had just witnessed. “We... are sorry you had to see that... No one should have had to,” she told them.

“But this is the war to bring an end to it all.” Gaiusmon's tone was unapologetic. “Brutality is to be expected.”

Ymirmon approached Eva slowly, laying a hand on her shoulder, softly so as not to cause his Tamer any further distress from what she had seen. She stared at him with eyes wide and confused.

Heliomon stood behind Hunter, the one who seemed the least fazed, but still could not bring himself to look at the spot where Bacaloumon had been struck down.

“We should...” Piper’s voice was shaking. Hunter wrapped an arm around her shoulder when he saw her whole body was trembling from head to foot. His gesture was a welcome one and she practically clung to him. “We should call the others… and hope everything is okay their end...”

When Gaiusmon moved towards her, Piper almost flinched and avoided making eye contact with the Digimon for a moment. The immense brutality of what she had just seen – what they had all just seen – was too much for her to take in so suddenly. She understood the situation, as much as the others did, but she was finding it difficult to take in and grasp that this Digimon who killed and attacked so simply and without mercy, was the same Caesarmon, her beloved happy-go-lucky otter.

“I’ll call,” Eva announced, opening her D-Touch and dialing the first number on the screen.

“Is everything ok?”  Tom's voice chimed on the other end.

“Yeah,” Eva replied. Tom had obviously put her on speaker phone as the others suddenly became more audible in the background. “How about you?”

“We’re alright,” Tom said, his voice a bit shaken. “Capellamon’s dead.”

“So is Bacaloumon,” said Eva slowly. She glanced at Ymirmon and the place beyond where Gaiusmon had struck the undead Digimon down. “It wasn’t pretty.”


After speaking to Tom and the others, Eva fed back to her group what the plan was. To return to the Atlas Corp building and get rid of Raijumon, hopefully before Mukademon put in an appearance. They set off moving quickly, following the streets they had just come down.

“Why is McTyre with them?” James asked, catching up to Eva.

“They didn’t say,” Eva replied. “But he’s there, and he’s had notification that the crystal Digimon are retreating.”

“I don’t like it,” James said sternly. “He’s changed his opinion pretty quickly.

“And ally is an ally,” Hunter argued. “Doesn’t matter if his opinion changed quickly, right now we need all the help we can get.”

“What can he do though?” James inquired. “We’ve seen that weaponry doesn’t do anything to the crystal Digimon or to actual Digimon, except maybe annoy them.”

Hunter shrugged. “Hopefully he’ll just get out of the way. Maybe he can help get Eleanor and Eric out of here before things get really messy.”

“I hope they’re okay,” Piper murmured. “I haven’t heard from Eleanor in a while… hopefully they found somewhere safe to hide.”

“Let’s hope,” Eva agreed, quickening their pace.

The noises of fighting were audible even before James and the others turned back into the entrance to the Atlas Corp building, but the noise wasn’t the typical sounds of gunfire they were expecting. They were feral growling and snarling, and voices crying out in desperation.

They saw Raijumon towering over a fallen military truck, digging at it with his massive electrical paws, and biting down on the tires and the underside of the vehicle, trying to get to whatever was beneath it.

“Ruby Flame!”

Flames were visible from beneath the truck, licking the sides of the metal, making it so hot that Raijumon’s jaws couldn’t bite down while the flames were there.

“Sprinkling Needle!” Corneliamon's voice was audible over the sound of Raijumon’s static and growling.

“Eric and Eleanor must be under there!” Piper exclaimed. “Ryudamon and the others too!”

“Quick, go distract him!” Hunter ordered. Heliomon raced past his partner, followed by the other Megas in quick succession.

“Ruby Flame!” Rubimon yelled again, coming out of hiding to attack head-on with flames exploding from her mouth, aimed directly at Raijumon’s face and eyes.

The massive electric Digimon yowled and recoiled, landing his paws heavily on the ground in an attempt to escape the flames and squash Rubimon. She dodged to one side, and then another, as the flames pushed onto Raijumon’s maw.

Corneliamon peeked out from beneath the van, and then returned underneath it; Eleanor’s head appeared with Ryudamon.

“Blue Bolt!” Raijumon snarled, shooting a blast of blue lightning from his mouth to combat Rubimon’s irritating flames.

The fire was no match, and Rubimon screeched as she flew to one side from the impact of the attack.

“Rubimon!” Eleanor cried, almost running out of the protection she hid beneath to grab the fallen Rookie. Only Ryudamon held her back.

“If you go and save her, you’ll both be dead!”


Raijumon had returned his attention to the upside-down truck, snapping his jaws around the whole thing and lifting it from the ground, sick of toying with it and those beneath it. He flung his head to one side, releasing the truck. It flew several yards before it crashed down on the ground, causing a crater.

Towering above Eleanor, Eric, and the remaining two Rookies, Raijumon drew his head back. Ryudamon and Corneliamon tried in vain to cover Eleanor and Eric from the impending blast, to protect them as Raijumon threw his head forward, crackling electricity summoned in his mouth.


“Witch Spear!” Morrigamon’s spear flew through Raijumon, piercing his fizzling body. The giant electric Digimon released a howl of pain, and lashed out to find his attacker, his prey forgotten for the moment.

Morrigamon hovered above Raijumon with Marquismon close by.

“Winter Waltz!” Selenemon swirled, releasing a tornado of ice.

“Winds of Hell!” Vayumon’s attack combined with Selenemon’s, giving the tornado a burst of speed and ferocity before it careered into Raijumon.

Raijumon took the attack head-on, remaining standing. “Lightning Chain!” His tail extended and lashed from one side to the other, aiming for the smaller Megas.

“Will-o-Wisp!” Morrigamon fired off several shots of black fire into Raijumon’s head.

“Solar Lashing!” Heliomon joined in the fighting, the flaming length of his whip scorching across Raijumon’s muzzle, causing the gigantic electric jaws to try and snap around Heliomon’s smaller form.

“Crystal Nebula!”

“Deadly Circle!”

“Blistering Cold!”

The attacks of the other Megas impacted together, forcing Raijumon back, drawing his attention away from Ryudamon and the others and towards them.

“You need to get somewhere safe,” Tom explained to Ryudamon as he helped get Eric to his feet.

James ran into the fray with Hunter, Piper, and Eva close behind.

“What happened?” James asked Eleanor, watching as Reyez gingerly picked Rubimon up. She was alive, but Raijumon’s attack had weakened her immensely. She struggled to open her eyes and gauge the situation. “Is she going to live?”

Ryudamon nodded. “She needs a moment to recover… Not many would take on Raijumon singlehandedly.”

“She did it to protect us,” Eleanor said softly, scooping Corneliamon up into her arms. “You both did.”

“What happened?!” Rose asked again, more urgently.

“We don’t know!” Eleanor told her. “One minute, Raijumon was patrolling, the next he was on us and trying to get at us beneath the truck! It happened when the crystal Digimon disappeared.”

“Disappeared?” Reyez repeated.

McTyre stood about twenty meters away, waving them over to the cellar door of a nearby store that the soldiers were using as a bunker. Something to protect themselves, that was well hidden on the side of the building.

Corneliamon nodded. “They just vanished.”

“McTyre was told they retreated,” Frankie said, giving Reyez an uneasy look.

Ryudamon shook his head. “They disappeared, as if they had been killed, the shattered, and the data used to create them flew upwards towards the top of the building.”

Hunter rubbed his forehead. “That can’t be good.”

As they reached the cellar, Tom went down first with Eric, easing the other man down into the safe area and helping him sit up on the nearby cushioned sofa. The bandage around Eric’s head was coming loose and was stained completely red on one side, with more blood dripping down the side of his face and into his clothes. He looked like a small breeze would knock him over.

Reyez followed down next, and laid Rubimon beside where Eric was sitting. Ryudamon went to his apprentice, followed by Corneliamon and Eleanor. One-by-one the others filed into the cellar where McTyre and two of his soldiers were.

“So you’re McTyre,” Hunter pointed out, once everyone was settled. McTyre nodded. “Personally I want to punch you, but considering we’re safe for the moment, I’ll hold back.”

“Thank you,” McTyre said slowly, not entirely sure how to take Hunter’s comment. He turned to Reyez. “Your plan?”

“Get to the top floor of the Atlas Corp building, confront Bella, and hope we can win,” Reyez explained, rubbing his hand over his hair. “Yours?”

“I will evacuate to the perimeter of the city with my remaining men. This is Private Marius and Private Greig, they will accompany you into the building as agreed.” McTyre indicated to the two closest soldiers. Neither looked like they had seen any real action, and if they had, it had been nothing on the scale of what was happening around them now. But they were armed, young, and looked strong and capable – it was the best Reyez could hope for. “Will your Digimon be quite able to deal with that creature?”

“Yes,” Eva answered. “It’s the one after that we should all be worried about.”

“If we leave Eric here, will he be safe?” Piper asked, folding her arms. “Raijumon isn’t going to come sniffing them out?”

“This is the only bunker remaining,” Private Marius answered, “and it’s still untouched. Here’s the safest place as any for your…” he trailed.

“They’re called Digimon,” Frankie explained, lifting her eyes to heaven.

Tom turned to Ryudamon, who was helping a very drowsy Rubimon to sit up slowly. “Will you be alright here while we go and confront Bella?”

Ryudamon examined his face. “I believe so.” He nodded. “Be careful though. I feel a great darkness pulsating from that building… there is no telling what dangers lurk inside.”

“Promising,” sighed Reyez.

“He’s just being realistic Rey,” James explained. “This is the base of all Bella’s operations. We’d be really damn stupid to go in there expecting roses and daisies.”

Reyez shrugged. “We should get moving then, while Raijumon is distracted enough for us to get inside the building.”

“I…” Rose started, and paused suddenly when eyes turned towards her. “I don’t think I can,” she said after a few seconds.

Eva gave her a concerned looked. “Why? Don’t you want to confront your mother?”

“Yes,” Rose said, “but…. At the same time no. She’s my mother and I… I don’t think I can face her like this.” Her shoulders sagged as Rose wrapped her arms around her body. With everyone’s eyes on her, she felt very vulnerable.

“I get it,” Hunter spoke up for her, approaching his sister slowly. “I get it.” He said nothing else, just wrapped his arms around Rose and hugged her gently. Rose reciprocated.

“We’ll stay here and look after Rubimon and Eric,” Frankie announced.

“‘We’?” repeated James. “You’re not coming?”

Frankie shook her head. “No. I’m still recovering from that infection in the Digital World – it wasn’t that long ago, and if things are as bad up there as Ryudamon thinks… I don’t want to risk getting sick just as we’re winning.”

“But you’re immune now,” Tom stated.

“Maybe so,” Frankie shrugged. “But...I'm sure Vayumon would fight much better knowing I'm safe and sound.”

“Anyone else electing to stay?” Reyez asked the question to the remaining six. For once, his tone was more concerned than usual. If anyone wanted to stay behind now was the time to do so. When no one else said anything, he released a slow breath. “Right, then let’s go.”

“Wait!” Piper spoke up, prompting Reyez to roll his eyes, naturally. “Don't we need a card-key to get in?”

“Already covered!” Eleanor spoke up, handing Piper the key. “Please be safe...”

Piper nodded, handing the card to Reyez as he left the cellar.

James gave Frankie a departing kiss on the forehead, while Hunter and Rose hugged once more, and Eva gave both girls short hugs before Reyez ordered them to get moving.

“Alert me when the threat is done with,” McTyre told the two Privates. “Follow the orders of Private Louis and his friends… they and their Digimon, they’re our only hope.”


The sound of attacks going back and forth filled the air as the group made their way across the destroyed streets. The Megas were having a time holding Raijumon back, as he seemed stronger than the other two Generals.

Making sure they weren't spotted by the giant electrical beast, they made their way onto the premises of the building. After crossing the large pavement filled with flowers and benches, a few steps and a few feet more, they had made it to the entrance of the door.

Reyez swiped the card key and pushed the door with his shoulder to no avail.

“The fuck!? It's broken!” he said, mildly panicking.

“Eleanor couldn't have given us the wrong key, could she?” Eva questioned, her paranoia kicking in. “Maybe she did!”

“Pardon me, Private,” Private Marius said, moving past the group. With no hesitation he fired his rifle into the card key reader, kicking the door in after waters. “Move!” He stood to the side as the group rushed into the building.

The Atlas buildings were huge, the tallest buildings in the city. Both were side-by-side, matching each other’s heights with over seventy stories.

At the very top, in a dark room, a figure looked out the window. The sound of breathing was the only thing heard, followed by the slight sound of the figure moving in a cushioned leather chair.

“And so, it begins...”

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