Episode 51: Turn Into
Pure Light, Part 1

  dark                      light

The explosion and impact of Mukademon’s attack on the bunker had sent Eleanor flying about ten feet away through a broken window, her hips and legs dangling out of it. Everyone else had also been blown in various directions.

Her body ached.

More than that, it was in agony. She felt like every one of her bones had broken, like she had torn her ligaments and had her muscles ripped out of her. It hurt to breathe, hurt to open her eyes, hurt for even her heart to beat.

The fact it was beating though was something she was incredibly thankful for. She had been certain the blast would have killed them all, and in the back of her mind she was sure it almost had. She had felt the impact and the heat and pain of it all; it had been intense, like being stung by wasps, thousands upon thousands of times. The agony had coursed through her veins and nervous system, and she knew at some point she had blacked out from it all.

But now she was awake, and bathed in a welcoming, warm golden glow, the origin of which she was unsure of.

It may have been an attack from one of the Digimon, though last she had seen of them was either scattering in the explosion, or almost dead in Mukademon’s clutches.

Her limbs were beginning to feel less sore, and the hurt that had flowed through her was receding. She could feel wounds that littered her body closing and her flesh knitting back together at a greatly increased rate.

Rolling over from her front to her back, Eleanor supported herself on the window frame, pressing her palm against broken glass, groaning as she did so. Despite the rapid healing, she could still feel the soreness and bruising that was probably internal.

Eleanor examined her legs, looking to see if there was any damage, but was amazed to find that the wounds and broken skin were already healing; ribbons of gold light snaked around her legs, making it seem as if there had never been any injuries. Never any explosion.

Her awe was short-lived however, once Eleanor heard the low sound of growling around her, and could make out movements through the gold haze. She remembered quickly that she should look for the others, see if they had experienced the same thing she had, or if they were alive like she was. She also needed to find Eric and get to cover.

Mukademon was still alive, that much she knew.

She followed the image of something floating above the ground with her eyes. The movement she had noticed at first was hard to make out entirely what, or who it was. Eleanor’s first instinct was to follow her logical side and find cover for safety. This could have been the beginning of the apocalypse Ryudamon had been talking about...

But if that was the case, why was she healed?

The floating figure drew closer to her, and Eleanor braced herself. She wouldn’t run. Everyone else had been brave through this whole ordeal.

She could be brave too.

“Eleanor?” The floating figure’s voice had a soft, mother-like quality. Eleanor recognized it immediately and found herself at ease. Liviamon hovered a few feet off the ground, bathed in the same gold light that Eleanor was surrounded by. “Are you alright?”

“Yes...,” Eleanor confirmed, nodding her head very slowly. “How have you become... Liviamon? After a blast like that, I thought–”

“So did I,” Liviamon replied softly. Her tone may have been gentle, but it was also confused. “I don’t understand how any of us survived.”

“Us?” repeated Eleanor. She hopped down from the window frame with Liviamon’s help.

Liviamon smiled a little. “Look around you.” Liviamon indicated with her hand, and Eleanor followed.

She hadn’t noticed before – being to confused by her state of being alive, the rapid healing and the glowing all around her – but above her, just over her head and all around, were the other Digimon. The Gods, Heliomon, and Selenemon. They were all floating above her, limp as dolls, each of them with their eyes closed, their bodies wrapped by the shifting golden light. The shining ribbons were healing their wounds, as they inhaled its warmth.

Similarly, the bodies of the humans were floating, all in the same position: upright, their limbs limp and fluid, with the glow doing the same to them as it did to their Digimon, wrapping itself around them, knitting together any open wounds to make it seem as if they had never been there.

The group all faced each other in a circle, with the Digimon floating behind the humans. The humans began to glow, encased in the signature colors that matched their respective D-Touch.

“Eva!” Eleanor called to the plum-haired girl who floated a few feet away. “Eva!” Confused by her lack of response, Eleanor clenched her hands into fists, nervously flexing her fingers.

She turned to Liviamon.

“Are they dead!?” she asked in mild panic.

Liviamon was watching them all as well, her gaze averted and following the different bodies as they all seemed to fade into the light. “I... don’t think so.”

“Then what’s happening?”

Before Liviamon could form an answer, a blinding flash exploded above them, distorting the gold light and replacing it with different colors. Bright pinks, purples, oranges and yellows, mixed with blue and green, black and white, making a warped rainbow.

As quickly as the lights had appeared they vanished, absorbed into each of the Digimon, who stretched and writhed like they were slowly waking up from an extended sleep.

Eleanor couldn’t pull her eyes away from the images that followed.


As the pink light circled around Ymirmon’s body, his eyes opened wide. The blue glowing cracks that littered his body, created by his frozen heart, began to spread about the rest of him, making the sound of splitting ice. The more they spread, the wider some became, until there was a horrific splintering sound, like that of an icicle shattering on the ground, and Ymirmon’s appearance became one of a man made entirely of ice. Before Eleanor had time to register the change, icicles started to explode from his limbs at all angles, causing the massive snow leopard man to roar, making the icicles shake and crash from his body, revealing an entirely new form beneath the ice.

Ymirmon’s feline mask had disappeared entirely, leaving the face of a giant-of-a-man exposed entirely, complete with glowing turquoise eyes. A thick cloak of snow leopard fur draped over his shoulders, piling around his neck and arms and trailing down to his feet. Beneath the billowing garment, Ymirmon’s muscular arms were buried under a thick layer of jagged ice, with long pointed icicle fingers, and Rimefang grasped in his hands. Thick, heavy boots covered his feet, wrapped with fur and leather straps, while fur and chain mail draped around his waist. Large, imposing icicles had sprouted from his head, like a frozen crown, and from his shoulders. Even the ends of his boots were armed with impressive ice claws, rising upwards.

The bare parts of Ymirmon’s body, his chest and face, glowed bright pink, the same pink of Eva’s D-Touch, while in the middle of his chest was a glowing blue crest in the shape of a power symbol, from which the light spread, seeping out of the cracks of Ymirmon’s cold body.


Vayumon released a throaty growl beside his brother as the wind from his back picked up around him, as if there were a centralized gale focused only on him. The orange light surrounded and engulfed him, taking its rest at the center of his chest, causing his skin to take on an orange glow. He drew both of his arms back, while his sword was snatched away by the ferocious winds picking up around him. The giant wind paws at Vayumon’s back engulfed his own arms, taking them over and changing them into concentrated wind. The air swirled around him, recreating two more arms that had taken the place of the giant paws once there.

Vayumon’s yukata had been replaced, leaving his chest bare. His loose hakama pants were replaced with tighter fitted ones. Similar to Ymirmon, Vayumon’s large white tiger feet had been replaced by more humanoid ones, and the mask that had covered his head previously had disappeared, leaving his face bare. Still, his ornate headdress remained, but had been improved, turning into shimmering gold and growing in height.

The wind tore around him, seeming to lash out at Vayumon’s shoulders and shins, leaving white and gold armor, embellished with gold crescent moons. The same type of armor plated itself around his waist with silk red rope to tie everything together and in place. When the gale finally began to die down, Vayumon’s bare skin emitted a blinding orange glow, and across his chest was the same power symbol crest that his brother had had, only Vayumon’s was red, and his eyes reflected the same bloody shade.


Gaiusmon lifted a blade made of water above himself, allowing the weapon to spill down from its formation and soak the humanoid otter thoroughly from head to foot. Gaiusmon’s chest armor disappeared from view, appearing to dissolve as the water hit it, leaving his chest exposed and glowing a bright mustard yellow color.

Shifting his hands, one way and then another, Gaiusmon’s shoulder armor was next to go, replaced by impressive, intricately decorated gold pauldrons and neck guards. On his right wrist, the water that covered him gave way to a shimmering hand shield made of gold, decorated with a battle-worn face. The armor that had covered his thighs shrank down, protecting his upper thighs and hips with hard, gold metal.

His red tabard descended down to his knees, while more water dripped down his legs, leaving plain tan trousers behind, and golden leg armor from his knees downwards. The color of Gaiusmon’s cape changed too, the blue shifting into a more regal purple.

Across the middle of Gaiusmon’s chest were whirls of blue light, contrasting to his now yellow bare skin, the decorative patterns leading to the same symbol that his comrades each now carried.


Morrigamon grasped her spear in both hands, grinding her palms against the hilt until it dissolved in front of her. From its remains, an unkindness of ravens flew up, cawing and crowing loudly as they circled for a moment over Morrigamon’s head, her hair billowing about her. Eventually the ravens descended, covering Morrigamon in their black wings from head to toe, leaving only a writhing shadow where Morrigamon had been moments before.

Then, in a blast of noise, the ravens began to melt together, forming a huge black cloak shaped like wings. The cloak rose slowly in a spinning motion from the puddle of shadow beneath, until the spinning ceased and Morrigamon revealed herself, stepping out from beneath the flowing fabric.

From the feet up, Morrigamon looked every inch the warrior. Her shoes, in the shape of raven’s claws, rose up to black shin guards, which were lined with silver and topped with a raven’s skull at her knees, with green glowing gems at the ankle of each guard. These ascended beneath a half skirt, showing thigh guards, and a belt around her waist, punctuated with another raven’s skull between her legs. The armor on her arms was the same as her legs: black, lined with silver, small green gems on each piece. Between her breasts another raven’s skull sat, keeping her chest armor connected. Her hood, resting atop her head, was decorated with a skull of a raven the size of a human head, and a thin jeweled silver chain, keeping the fabric firmly planted.

Morrigamon’s exposed flesh glowed the same shining green as that of Tom’s D-Touch. Like her God brethren, in the middle of her chest just below her clavicles, was another reboot crest, this time purple, which swirled downwards over her belly and across her shoulders. Her eyes shone with the same color.


The petals of Marquismon’s lotus flower began to shine a brilliant blue, drawing the Amazonian woman into the folds of the large petals until she was completely enveloped by them. The bloom began to rotate clockwise, while the vines beneath rotated the opposite way. Swiftly, the petals burst open, revealing Marquismon, glowing the same blue as the petals had been.

Her panda head remained, though a thick bush of hair had sprouted from it, complete with decorative lotus flowers and a lotus petal crown that adorned her brow. Large golden hoop earrings dangled from either ear. The rest of her body was entirely humanoid. A gold ring hovered and rotated around her left wrist, while two more floated around her left ankle. Flowers and vines sprouted across her body, drawing up towards her.

Ornate gold underwear was obscured by a thin chiffon-like skirt that hung loosely down her hips. The petals from her beautiful flower circled around her and came together between her waiting hands, forming a floating orb. The blue of Marquismon’s skin was broken up with a bright pink color, offsetting the dominant blue. The pink began on her chest as a power symbol, before crawling and swirling down her upper body like thorny vines, across her breasts, ending just above her navel.


In a shimmer of glittering light, Ceryneiamon’s bright, shining antlers dispersed into cascades of light orbs which attached themselves to her body, covering her head-to-toe so her form was completely obscured by the white brightness.

Slowly the light seemed to melt off her, like wax from a candle, feet first. In place of her cloven hooves, it revealed ornate silver leg armor that rose up to her knees, punctuated with a huge fuchsia gem. Rising up, a crystalline belt wrapped around Ceryneiamon’s waist, with small chains attached, and a sheer lilac half-skirt folded around her hips. The rest of her torso was exposed, except for a small piece of chest armor, silver in color and again decorated with the same fuchsia and violet stones. Both her lower arms were protected by guards which reached her elbow.

The lights that remained around Ceryneiamon exploded in a final blast of white light, leaving a pale lilac cloak with grey trim billowing in its wake. Where Ceryneiamon’s glowing antlers had been, there was now an ornate silver headdress in the shape of antlers, from which hung thin chains of silver and other embellishments, so fine it looked as if there were dewy cobwebs between each prong.

Ceryneiamon’s bare skin and hair – which was now in a low, drawn-back pony tail – were all a rich amethyst, glowing, offset by the differently-colored gems and the silver that decorated her. The part-deer woman’s eyes glowed yellow, and in the centre of her chest was another power crest of the same color, with swirls of it spreading across her chest, down her upper arms, and down one side of her waist.


Selenemon’s lithe, she-wolf body was suddenly engulfed in black ice, which looked more like black crystal, completely obscuring her from view for a moment.

As if the ice was being chipped from the inside out, pieces began to fall off the block that encased Selenemon, leaving parts of her body – now glowing with an eerie blackness – visible, while remaining around her lower arms and legs, hips, chest, shoulders, and face. Her tail whipped back and forth irritably until Selenemon threw her head back and a deafening howl ripped from her throat, causing the rest of the ice to shatter.

The ice had formed white armor where it had been on her. It was organic and smooth to look at, with small gold embellishments made to look like canine toes on her feet and claws on her hands. Small turquoise stones were set at the ends of each armor piece. The ice across her face had formed a white wolf mask with glowing orange eyes, and a dark blue headdress which sprouted from behind the mask. Selenemon’s vaporous wings remained behind her.

Like with the others, a power symbol was situated in the middle of her chest, and though it glowed orange, it did not extend in swirls. Instead, it spread over her chest in sharp angles, the pattern of a circuit board.

Opposite her, her twin brother Heliomon burst suddenly into white hot flames, making it appear as if he had turned into white fire.

Embers began to fall away from the flames as it cooled, leaving Heliomon’s humanoid body still shining bright white but, like his sister’s ice, black ash remained in place on his legs, arms, shoulders and face. The ash began to fall from him as it cooled, and floated away before it hit the ground. Much like his sister’s in design, where her armor was white, Heliomon’s was black and embellished with silver points on his feet and hands. The stones that were embedded in the armor were a bright yellow-orange.

His tail remained exposed, and he now had orange vaporous wings that matched his sister’s blue ones. His face was covered by a black wolf face mask, from which his eyes glowed dark blue. His white chest was offset by the vivid blue circuit board markings, which climaxed in another standby crest, glowing brightly.


Eleanor’s mouth opened and closed several times. She could not comprehend or fathom what she had just witnessed, and yet she could not draw her eyes away from the new shapes and bodies of the Gods she had come to recognize. She clung onto Liviamon to stop herself falling over, her limbs still weak and fragile. Liviamon helped her stay upright with a firm but gentle grip on her waist and arm.

“Wh... what?” Eleanor managed to finally croak. “Where are they?” She turned her gaze to Liviamon, searching the wise face for an answer.

Liviamon shook her head silently.

The glorious golden light that Eleanor’s eyes had started adjusting to dispersed around them, thinning. It swirled overhead, moving almost like it was a conscious entity, as it seemed to pull all other light towards it and within the swirls. Neither Liviamon nor Eleanor had time to question what was happening, as the golden light was suddenly gone, absorbed by the glowing beings above them.

The sky was dark, the sun had finally set, and Mukademon floated with his arms crossed and his tail wrapped around his legs.

Liviamon examined him from her position; it was like he was frozen by the glow. He showed no sign of movement, not even breathing. But as the light had vanished, his muscles began to tighten once again. The mouths on his shoulders opened and soon Bella began to move and wiggle. Mukademon’s eyes opened, and he released a blood curdling yell of pain. Suddenly, he was thrashed back into the building behind him, sent skidding across the ground and debris, scratching and cutting his skin.

“The light must’ve frozen him in place... but at the same time, it was also an attack,” Liviamon remarked breathlessly, catching Eleanor’s attention.

Eleanor’s confusion increased. She had learned to take everything and anything to do with Digimon with a pinch of salt. To ask questions later, if she had any. But this, this was too much, even for her. She had dozens and dozens of questions flashing around her head. How was she alive? Where were the others? Who were these new Digimon? Where had the golden light come from? And why had it caused Mukademon to freeze? Where was Eric? Was he alive?

For every question that entered her head, another one was prompted, and there were no answers forthcoming that she could see. Everything before her was a mystery. She knew answers would be scarce and while she knew it was selfish, she simply wanted to be reassured. Told everything would be fine now... somehow.

The glowing creatures above her began to descend slowly, moving as one, each growling or humming softly. Some had tails lashing back and forth, the only indication of their being alive. And others did nothing and showed no signs of life at all.

Liviamon quickly dropped to one knee, bowing to the eight of them. Eleanor stared at her, and then the group, wildly.

“I am not worthy to be on such a battlefield as the Gods,” Liviamon stated solemnly.

“Rise.” Ymirmon’s voice was slightly mirthful as he spoke. “You are among your equals here.” Despite addressing her, neither Ymirmon nor the others so much as glanced at the kneeling woman.

Wetting her lips, Eleanor swallowed the lump in her throat and took a step forward. She had to be brave, just like the others. And she could be, if these were the Digimon she knew, the Gods, there was no reason to fear them. Still, she moved gingerly towards the newly-formed Digimon before her, taking each step slowly and deliberately, not wanting to dislodge any debris.

Her eyes were fixed on Ymirmon.

“Where–” Eleanor’s voice was a squeak, and she cleared her throat. “Where are... the others? Eva? Piper...?” She choked.

“What do you mean?” Gaiusmon raised his head, his glowing blue eyes eerie-looking as they peered out from beneath the gloom of his hood. “We’re right here.”

Eleanor stared at the humanoid otter with her mouth open. Confused was not a strong enough word to describe her feelings at that moment. Slowly she turned her gaze from Gaiusmon to the others, looking at each of them in turn, her eyebrows furrowed and her brain slowly ticking over this new information.

“What?” Eleanor’s voice fell flat in disbelief. She ran her hands through her disheveled hair. “Wait, you guys are inside of...?” she trailed slowly, glancing down at Liviamon for some kind of encouragement, only to see the other Digimon still kneeling. “I’m so confu–”

Before she could continue, a loud rumbling growl grabbed the God’s attention as Mukademon heaved himself up from the ground.

“We have no time to explain, we must finally end this.” Morrigamon took charge. The Gods turned away from Liviamon and Eleanor and made their way towards Mukademon.

The mutant creature laughed softly, shaking debris from his shoulders and body. “Ah, finally we meet once again... Gods of Old. So good to see you in these pure forms...”

“No more chatting, I’m tired of it.” Ymirmon summoned Rimefang, leading the other Gods as they marched and floated towards Mukademon, who came forward to meet them in the center of the leveled district.

Ymirmon picked up his pace, before going into a full sprint with Rimefang’s end dragging the ground, creating giant icicles in its wake. 

“No! Wait–!” Eleanor cried, beginning to run, wanting to chase the eight glowing figures and question them. How was any of this possible?! Where were the others? And Eric? What about Eric? And Rubimon? Ryudamon too? Didn’t they care?

“Eleanor.” Liviamon’s voice caught the young woman and she turned, her expression perplexed, on the verge of frustrated tears. “Do not venture towards the battle, it is not safe.”


Liviamon’s expression was soft, and she laid a long-fingered hand upon Eleanor’s cheek. “I understand your confusion... but you must trust me.”

Her eyebrows furrowed, and she blinked back the prickling feeling behind her eyes. “I do...,” she admitted, and turned her face to watch the eight Digimon do battle, “but Eric... Rubimon... Ryudamon...”

“He sacrificed himself.” A third voice, female and full of authority, came from above them, drawing the attention of Liviamon and Eleanor.

Coming in to land was a four-legged creature with four immense wings in a deep, rich purple. A Digimon, one Eleanor did not recognize but at the same time did not fear. Her voice seemed oddly familiar. Her body was black, each paw ending with red claws. Around each ankle were golden cuffs decorated with jewels of red and purple. The Digimon’s underbelly was a lighter shade of mauve that disappeared beneath a rich, poppy-colored cloak, where the creature’s animalistic body gave way to a humanoid torso that the cloak covered. The hems of the cape were decorated with gold detailing, lined with Digicode symbols. A gold breastplate covered her head, and a hood out of which the Digimon’s face could be seen, and long black horns protruded. The face was dragon-like, with a long snout, yellow eyes, and a small purple horn at the very end of its maw.

“Zirnitramon,” Liviamon murmured, pulling Eleanor away gently and allowing the huge dragon space to land.

Eleanor shielded herself from the updraft, her hair blowing back from her face as Zirnitramon’s wings flapped above her. Despite her size, the dragon landed with ease, and from her back slid another being.

“Eric!” Eleanor cried and threw her arms around him as he touched the ground, sending them both stumbling back a little. “You’re alright! I was terrified!!” she exclaimed.

She examined him, his face, his ear, and the injuries he had sustained that all now seemed healed and clean, as hers were. Even the part of his ear that had been badly injured was back in one piece.

“I’m fine,” Eric soothed, gently running his hands across Eleanor’s hair and back. “You didn’t need to worry.”

“But I did! I was...” Eleanor trembled a little. Her gaze averted to Zirnitramon, who stood quietly behind Eric, her eyes focused on the fighting. “What happened? Do you know?”

Zirnitramon nodded once. The eight Gods were now mere blurs of differently-colored lights, and their attacks the same. Waves upon waves of ice and fire, wind and crystal, were raining down against Mukademon’s body, and his roars of indignation and outrage were echoing high into the air, being ripped from his lungs with every strike.

“Ryudamon... he realized he was the key to unleashing their true power,” Zirnitramon said simply, and looked back at Liviamon. “We should join them.”

“I agree.” Liviamon nodded. She laid her hands on Eleanor and Eric’s shoulders. “You stay here, out of sight and danger.”


“We will.” Eric nodded. He smiled and squeezed one of Eleanor’s hands. The two Mega Digimon sped off to join the fight with the others.

Eleanor was more puzzled. Zirnitramon’s words only caused further confusion and explained nothing to her. The only thing she had an idea of, was who Zirnitramon was. “Was that... Rubimon?”

“Yeah.” Eric nodded.

“What did she mean? Ryudamon was the key? And how did she...?”

Eric smiled lightly. “He realized he had been holding on to the last bit of energy they needed to reach their final stage... When Mukademon’s attack hit Ryudamon, it backfired because he willingly gave up his life to assist the Gods. That’s what that gold bloom of light was.”

“So... these new forms...?”

“Like with Mukademon, they were a mode change. One which allowed the Digimon and their Tamer to merge... I guess. There was enough energy to do that, and help Corneliamon and Rubimon evolve to their Mega levels too,” Eric explained.

“I see...,” Eleanor breathed. “How... do you know this?”

“It was explained to me by Zirnitramon. Words to that effect at least, she’s not very talkative,” Eric replied wryly.

Breathing deeply, Eleanor pushed her hair back and stared at the exchanging blows. “What can we do to help?”

“Nothing,” Eric told her gently, “it’s all in their hands.”


Mukademon growled furiously as he blocked both Gaiusmon and Ymirmon’s blades with his forearms. The blades were beginning to penetrate the shield of protective energy he had generated to fend them off. Each time the Gods struck with their weapons the shield weakened. With them pushing against the field, they forced Mukademon back, leaving him unable to attack. His legs and body shook at the effort required to hold off the two warriors, so that when they unexpectedly backed off, Mukademon had little time to react. Vayumon had appeared behind them in a veil of wind, speeding ahead, and blades drawn.

Mukademon roared as the tiger God’s blade pierced through his barrier and into his flesh. A blast of energy from the broken protection blew the Gods back a little, though they all remained upright and were swiftly back on the attack. Mukademon glared and quickly twisted his body around, swinging the sharp blade of his tail towards Morrigamon, who leaned back to dodge just in the nick of time.

In response Morrigamon rose up into the air. “Dark Arsenal!” she cried, summoning around her a selection of smaller weapons formed of shadow. With a wave of her hands they all fired, whooshing through the air, leaving vapor trails of blackness and impaling the skin of Mukademon’s flank and tail. He bellowed angrily and swiped for Morrigamon, who dodged back in the air.

“Holy Crystal!” Ceryneiamon’s beautiful voice pierced Mukademon’s ears, but her diamond arrow pierced his back. Mukademon’s bulk went flying into the nearby building, leveling it in the process.

Ceryneiamon floated close to the rubble, her metal heels touching the ground for the first time. Mukademon sprang from the debris, launching towards her. With a flick of her wrist and a wave of her arm, Ceryneiamon released a set of deadly arrows that struck Mukademon at a blistering speed, throwing him back through three aligned buildings that had miraculously remained standing through the battles before.

Mukademon slid across the ground, digging his huge claws into the ground to slow himself down. Quickly he picked himself back up and took to the air. “Viral Infection!”

The corroding blade of energy shot across the battlefield, dodged by or completely missing any other Gods in the line of fire. Ceryneiamon raised her hand, creating a force field of light around her to deflect the attack. As the blast made contact, she simply slid across the ground, but did not change her demeanor. Mukademon launched towards her once again, his mouth open with hunger as he released a roar.


Ceryneiamon looked up, lowering her hand as he drew closer. She smiled, suddenly engulfed in wind.

Thirteen identical swords formed around her, circling around her slender form before being released to meet Mukademon’s charge. The swords pierced Mukademon’s flesh, across his chest and arms, tearing a terrible cry from this throat and sending him shooting back further than he had initially travelled.

Vayumon appeared beside Ceryneiamon, his arms crossed and his expression indifferent. “Could you not put yourself in danger like that again, love?” He kept his glance forward, as did Ceryneiamon.

“But you are always there to protect me, husband.” She touched his shoulder affectionately. “I knew I was safe.” Ceryneiamon smiled, tossing a lock of her hair over her shoulder and walking forward. Vayumon smirked to himself, following behind her.

Mukademon stumbled to his feet.

Each of Vayumon’s swords was stuck deeply into his body. He looked down, ensuring none were anywhere near Bella in the center of his chest. She continued to groan and wriggle about. It would only be a matter of time before the Gods began attacking her, and then everything would have been for naught.

He heaved himself forward, lurching, slamming one clawed foot into the ground and leaving a large crack in the paving. He snarled, saliva dripping from his maw, staining the ground and pooling in Bella’s hair and at his feet.

He could see them, swarming around him, ten of them now. The eight Gods joined by two companions he did not recognize. New allies. His anger only grew, fuelled by his loathing and deep-set hatred for the shimmering light forms around him, and the goodness that leaked out of their every pore.

Had Ryudamon not interfered they would have been dead at his feet now. There would have been nothing and no one to stand in his way. But the old fool had to have his last hoorah, and now, Mukademon was beginning to realize, not only were the Gods stronger than they had been so many years ago, but their fear of him no longer existed. Making them a far more formidable force than they had once been.

Desperate measures were needed. He would not surrender, and never yield. If he could not win, then no one would survive his wrathfulness.

“You will each beg me for mercy...” he vowed and ripped towards them, roaring from each mouth, a deafening shout which echoed over the buildings and up to the sky. “I have the whole of the Digital World from which to draw my power! You have no hope!!”

“Nature’s Charm!” Marquismon’s crystal ball spun between her hands before splitting off into eight separate spheres, each one rotating wildly. Around her they spun as she floated upwards, out of the reach of Mukademon’s claws.

“Midnight Murder!” A horde of ravens flocked around Mukademon, cawing loudly. Swarming Mukademon, they pecked and scratched, some dove into the side of his head and body. The mouths on his arms screamed as his flesh was penetrated by the beaks of the black birds, and where some of them dive-bombed to explode on impact into a black vapor.

One of Marquismon’s crystals flew down from where it floated, smashing against Mukademon’s chest and exploding in a pillar of huge icicles, knocking the gargantuan creature back. A second followed, releasing a strong gust of wind and blades made of the same, which sliced across Mukademon’s legs.

Roaring, Mukademon ripped his arms across him, dispersing the remaining ravens in a flurry of black smog. A third crystal rained down huge turrets of water against Mukademon’s back and shoulders.

“Scream Annihilation!” he bellowed, red beams firing from each of his mouths as he shot at the smaller beings around him, each one moving to avoid the attacks.

Another of Marquismon’s balls flew at Mukademon, exploding into thorny vines that wrapped around Mukademon’s face and neck like a deadly lover’s embrace.

The burning form of Heliomon, a being of pure flame, pushed through one of Mukademon’s energy streams, flying straight for the mouth on Mukademon’s left shoulder and sending the red energy scattering, destroying rubble and debris around them where it landed.

“Solar Flare!” His arms extended, becoming whips made of flame, lashing and licking around the flesh of the mouth, burning and scorching it. The fifth of Marquismon’s floating balls joined in, releasing a wave of fire to join with Heliomon’s flame whips, increasing their reach and the size of the fire. Mukademon’s putrid skin blistered as soon as the heat came close to him. Both the mouth and Bella screamed in pain.

Mukademon whirled, knocking the fiery wolf-man back with one powerful swing. Heliomon crashed to the ground, but righted himself within seconds. He dodged Mukademon’s tail, which whipped back and sent Gaiusmon flying several feet where he was caught.

The remaining three balls that hovered around Marquismon shot off in different directions, each one coming from a different angle to attack Mukademon. One released a barrage of crystal arrows, which pierced Mukademon’s shoulder blades and spine. Another came from above and sent hail stones raining down on their enemy like bullets. The final ball exploded on impact with Mukademon’s face, forming a black cloud, blinding the parasite before it ignited into black fire.

Ymirmon raced towards his enemy, dragging Rimefang with him, his huge ice arms camouflaged against the blade of the sword. “Winter Razors!” he cried. Rimefang split down the middle and retracted, Ymirmon’s arms and the split blade becoming one and the same, taking the shape of scythes.

Leaping from the ground in one bound, and using fallen buildings and other crumbling structures for leverage, he drew his ice arms across him, slashing at Mukademon’s legs and belly, drawing huge gashes across him.

Mukademon reached for him, stretching one of his arms to grab the moving figure, but he was sluggish in comparison to the snow leopard God, nearly blinded by the black flames that burnt his face and eyes.

From behind came Selenemon, speeding across the ground, leaving prints of ice in her wake. She opened her arms wide and leapt. “Shattered Hail!” Drawing her arms back, a flurry of sharp, crescent-shaped blades flew from her, slashing into Mukademon’s back and piercing several of the grotesque yellow boils that were at home there.

Their great enemy screamed and rounded in one huge movement, swiping with his long arms, knocking the smaller, lithe Digimon aside, and almost crushing Ymirmon underfoot.

“You grow tiresome!!” Mukademon yelled. “Void of Suffering!!”

Throwing his arms up, high into the air, a haze of dark energy descended from the sky, coming from the Digital World. Within his hands formed a black void, growing larger and larger with each second and drawing in those around him by some unseen force.

Laughing manically, Mukademon watched as his ten enemies tried to resist the pull, but found it too strong and each succumbed, wrenched into the blackness one by one.

With a singular fluid movement, as Liviamon was the last to be drawn in, Mukademon slammed his hands together above him, in a loud clap, and sent the dark energy filtering out, spitting out each of the Digimon in different directions.

They slid across the ground, and crashed into fallen buildings or cars and for a moment, Mukademon felt an inkling of glee.

Then he heard the growling, a feral noise so close it could have been right in his ear.

Gaiusmon jumped at Mukademon from a distance, his arms extended. “CHAOS!” Cried Gaiusmon, landing his hands into Mukademon’s face and pushing hard on the softer flesh around his cheeks and scorched eyes, digging his fingers into the skin, drawing putrid blood from the wounds he had created and pushing deeper.

Mukademon shook his head wildly, clawing with his hands. On his chest, Bella was screaming and writhing. Gaiusmon remained fast, attached to his face, his boots leaving dents where he found leverage.

“Rain’s Prayer!” As Liviamon ascended, the heavens opened, and huge water spheres fell around her, soaking the ground and crashing against Mukademon’s head and body.

Mukademon stumbled back as Gaiusmon flipped away, kicking the parasite Digimon in the face with great strength. The agile otter landed on his feet on the ground, swishing back his cloak and readying himself for further attack. The liquid from Liviamon’s attack circled around him, forming into a giant ball overhead. Water continued to rush towards it from burst pipes and puddles, causing the sphere to grow and grow between Gaiusmon’s hands.

“Vortex Scream!!” Gaiusmon roared, releasing the giant ball of water straight for Mukademon’s chest.

“Allow me.” Marquismon’s blue crystal ball floated in front of the attack, absorbing it on one end but releasing the water pressure as a giant cannon on the other. Selenemon stood in the way of the oncoming attack. She back-flipped, standing on her hands and splitting her legs sideways, her tail erect. As the cannon blast passed through her tail, the size of it once again crew in magnitude, now with an ice shell that created spikes.

Mukademon held out his arms. “VIRAL INFECTION!” he shouted, releasing a ball of energy to meet the attack. The two forces pushed against each other, with Mukademon’s feet sliding across the earth, ripping up the street beneath with his claws where they dug in.

Beneath him, Vayumon rushed in. “Divine Reaper!” he bellowed, the thirteen swords summoned around him and sliced into the flesh of Mukademon’s legs, tearing them out from beneath him

“You are a fool.” Morrigamon smirked, bursting into toxic green flames.

Mukademon had no time to react. The pain in his legs was immense, and he felt as if he could barely stand now. Morrigamon set the perimeter to the flame, mystical fire growing in heat and fury as it encircled Mukademon and edged towards him with dozens of burning fingers.

More boils burst from the heat, sending rivulets of pus and ooze slowly down Mukademon’s legs and arms. Blisters formed across his skin and popped as the flames enveloped him.

“Glorious Charge!!” Surrounding the combined water-and-ice attack was a herd of deer, with Ceryneiamon directing them, lending their speed and strength to the attack.

Bella’s screams of agony were audible above those of Mukademon. His roars and animalistic screeches cut short, the oncoming attack from Gaiusmon overpowered him, piercing his stomach as he tried to fly higher and escape not only the oncoming attack, but the flames enveloping him.


The fires dispersed and Mukademon’s bulk fell to the ground, landing heavily. He withered in pain, groaning. Burns on his flesh sizzled and smoked. Bella cried out, writhing as if she was trying to escape. Mukademon’s hands covered her protectively as he growled and snarled weakly.

The attack had been enough to split him in two, his lower body and tail laid waste among the debris.

He could smell them, each God, each Digimon.

They were surrounding him.

Mukademon could feel every soul, every thought of every Digimon and human alike that he had absorbed through energy. Their thoughts, their pain. He could feel it and they were overcoming him. With one hand covering his chest, his left arm reached up, long fingers straining skywards. Mukademon’s eyes widened as one particular voice stood out from the rest.

It was screaming, crying in despair.

The one behind it all.

When Russell had died during the first battle with the Gods so long ago, Mukademon had absorbed the man’s essence into himself. That had been his survival. It had been the difference between life and death. With Russell’s essence within, Mukademon’s world had been broadened exponentially. It had been how he had so easily manipulated Bella into working for him. He could speak in Russell’s voice, soothe Bella’s suspicions. He had all of Russell’s mind and knowledge locked inside from the very start.

But now, Russell was fighting back.

He was loud, he was screaming. It felt as though there was something inside Mukademon fighting to get out. Punching, kicking, squirming and scratching. Like something beneath his skin was clawing and ripping at him. Desperate to escape and be heard. To fight, as it had not fought before.

Mukademon could not think straight. His head hammered with pain and his body ached. He could feel the tingling where his legs had been, an odd sensation to feel when they were laying yards away, detached from him. The air stung the burns littering his body, and Mukademon could pick up the scent of his own scorched flesh.

The open wounds of his boils, now gaping holes across his body lined with swiftly drying pus, throbbed steadily, the open wounds leaking cloudy yellowish fluid. His eyes searched the sky for some answer, and suddenly all the screaming stopped.

It was quiet.

The Gods stepped back, confused and wary, as Mukademon’s form rose from the ground, his arm still reaching to the sky even after he floated upright. Mukademon was now merely a torso with long extended arms and fingers. He floated higher, uncovering Bella with his hand. She was calm for the first time, quiet and still as if resting or sleeping peacefully.

Soon the palm of one hand joined the other, facing the sky. The clouds circled and the Digital World had become visible once again in the night sky, brightening the world with false sunlight.

Mukademon chuckled softly, a chuckle which soon turned to laughter, which quickly became a scream of excited and vicious glee.

The hairs on the back of Ymirmon’s neck stood on end. His guard was up and he saw that his companions felt the same. Each of them were poised, ready to defend or attack. Watching carefully, for Mukademon’s movements and for his intentions to become clear.

“GODS! BOW BEFORE ME!” The voice they heard was not his own; his voice was not of Bella’s or the others. The voice that escaped him now was one – it no longer spoke as four. The sound of it was terrible. A shrieking wail, full of pain, and anger.

Below, Selenemon gasped quietly and stepped forward a little. Gaiusmon reached for her wrist and took it, holding her in place with a firm shake of his head.

“That voice,” Heliomon murmured beside his sister. His eyes were upwards, fixated not on the appearance of the Digital World as the eyes of the others were, but on Mukademon’s face. There was something there now, something familiar that he had not seen before.

Selenemon pulled from Gaiusmon’s grip and stepped beside her brother.

“I know it too,” she confirmed to the glowing white figure at her side.

It was one they had not heard for the longest time. A voice that to them was only a memory, a very faint and old memory but it was there, stirring slowly. It had been locked away for such a long time that it came upon them so suddenly it was almost overwhelming for the two of them.

The voice had shocked them both. Through its shrillness and its horrific screams they knew it.

“Our father...,” breathed Selenemon. She shook her head slowly, unsure what to do with this new information. Her orange eyes turned to her taller brother, searching his face for some kind of feeling or emotion. It was stoic and stony, his eyes narrowed. “What does that mean...?”

“I don’t know,” answered Heliomon, in a voice that was more a growl. “I just know it can’t be good.”

“I draw power from the Digital World, this utopia! If I cannot win, and if I cannot have this world for myself then I shall destroy it. AND I. WILL. DESTROY. US. ALL!!!”

The earth shook tremendously. One of the buildings crumbled to rubble on the heaving ground. Above them, brilliant forks of lightning split across the sky, joined with terrible rolling thunder, louder than anything they had heard before. More lightning struck, singeing the ground and the debris it lashed down upon. It concentrated on where the Gods stood and around Mukademon, and yet none of them flinched.

As the ground continued to tremble underfoot, fissures opened wider, drawing abandoned and destroyed cars into the gaps. Letting the collapsed buildings tumble into the openings.

“He’s going to bring the worlds together...,” Zirnitramon realized.

“He intends to destroy them both!!” cried Liviamon, panic rising in her voice for the first time.

Marquismon sat at the edge of a building, her legs crossed and her posture bored; she was unimpressed by the parasite’s display of power. “Desperate move, much?”

Ceryneiamon floated into the air, regarding Marquismon with a stern look. “Now is not the time for jokes. We have not won yet,” she remarked.

Marquismon shrugged daintily, smiling. “That wasn’t a joke; it was an observation, O Lady of Light.”

Ceryneiamon rolled her eyes gently.

Morrigamon stood beside Ymirmon, poised to attack, a small murder of ravens cawing about her. Ymirmon had a choking grip on Rimefang, twisting his ice hands around the hilt with an unnerving focus in his eyes.

Vayumon floated in the air aimlessly with his arms crossed. His expression was bored to the unknowing, but he was alert and aware, his eyes examining all that was happening around them. Close to Vayumon, Gaiusmon and Liviamon stood, using the escaping water from the pipes to create a constantly moving sphere around the two of them.

 Zirnitramon had kept close to Eric and Eleanor as the fighting had become more intense, wanting to protect them in case Mukademon got the idea to cause them harm. Now though, she moved towards the parasitic Digimon, his actions confusing and worrying her at the same time.

Closest to him stood Selenemon, with Heliomon beside her. The two of them were unmoving, staring upwards at Mukademon, focused so much on his face and his voice, that the reveal of the Digital World in the sky had gone entirely unnoticed by them.

Obscured by an obnoxious green glow – a protective shield of his own making – Mukademon was nothing more than a black shadow in the light. His form and stance were unchanging as he reached skywards with his hands and drew powers from the Digital World.

There was no way to harm him in this state, for the moment he was untouchable. And as frustrating as it was, all the Gods could do was wait.

The lightning fizzled, and more flashes were raining down around Mukademon, blinking through the glowing around his body. With a terrible roll of thunder and a particularly blinding flash of lightning, the green coloration was suddenly filled with more shadows, as if creatures were falling from the sky.

Then, in a rush, Digimon of all levels and appearances came pouring out of the toxic greenery and barreled towards the ground without restraint.

“The Lightning Field!!” shouted Zirnitramon, flapping her great wings once and launching into the air.

“He’s opened a rift!” Ymirmon grasped Rimefang and launched himself at the incoming horde of Mukademon’s followers.

“Well, let us not wait for him to power up and destroy the world and all that.” Marquismon’s crystal ball glowed around her.

“You sit right there Your Majesty,” Morrigamon’s tone dripped with sarcasm as she smirked, “we’ll do all the work.”

“That was my plan, dear,” Marquismon stated. From the ground burst huge rooted vines. They engulfed debris and cars from the street in a manner of seconds, all swirling together and charging towards the building Marquismon sat upon, which was also swallowed by her vines. The roots sprouted flowers of all colors and she disappeared into them, obscured from view. They mutated and shifted, groaning underneath their own heaviness until they had transformed into a huge bear. One that matched Mukademon in size, before he had lost his legs.

“Mukademon is vulnerable. His barrier is weak as he allows his followers to escape. We should to take this chance,” Gaiusmon announced. “It may be our only one.”

“Prudent,” Morrigamon replied. “What of his swarms?”

Liviamon floated above Gaiusmon and the others. “You all deal with Mukademon. Zirnitramon and myself will deal with his... horde.”

Above them, Zirnitramon was already caught in the midst of battle, Digimon smaller than herself clinging to her legs and wings as she fought them off with ruby fire and her massive claws.

“Go then,” Vayumon told Liviamon, who ascended into the fray without another word.

A look passed between them all, a silent agreement. They would fight now, all or nothing. They would have no better chance than this to attack, and deal with Mukademon and his poison once and for all, to stop it spreading and finally put an end to this eons-old saga.

They each advanced, Marquismon’s bear golem roaring loudly. Vayumon and Ymirmon clutched blades in their hands, while Morrigamon flew overhead with Ceryneiamon. Mystical fire swirled around the raven-woman’s hands, while glittering stags followed beneath Ceryneiamon, galloping over the destroyed ground. Gaiusmon leapt from place to place just behind his companions. As they reached them, both Heliomon and Selenemon joined their comrades, ice and fire igniting from them both and staining the ground with their own individual burns.

Mukademon watched as the Gods charged towards him. “NO! You will not stop me this time!” he screamed, his eyes glowing a deep crimson color.

Shafts of lightning struck the buildings around him, igniting them in flames and uprooting them from the ground. With only subtle movements, Mukademon launched them at the Gods coming at him, sending the flaming buildings speeding through the air.

Selenemon gasped and dodged one while Ceryneiamon rose higher into the air, a skyscraper barely  skimming her legs. A second structure smacked Selenemon dead-on. Close by Ymirmon cut through one with Rimefang, and Marquismon’s golem shattered another with its huge paws. Ceryneiamon put in a boost on her speed, whooshing past the building and aiming straight for Mukademon. Selenemon crashed through the other end of the building unharmed, instantly matching Ceryneiamon’s speed.

“Shattered Hail!” Selenemon cried, twirling in flight as the crescent blade of ice sliced through debris coming towards them, aiming straight for Mukademon’s stationary form.

Vayumon dodged a building coming his way, looking back as it rammed into the bear formation that Marquismon was encased within. The bear roared, its huge paws tearing through the fire and the bricks, sending them flying in every direction as it raced towards Mukademon.

One of the buildings was caught by Gaiusmon, his watery pressurized attacks surrounding it as he threw it back over the heads of his allies. Ymirmon touched against the water and it froze, while huge jagged icicles sprouted from each side.

“Scream Annihilation!” Mukademon began to spin, shooting his beams in all directions while more lightning flashed around him, igniting the ground.

As the beams shot, several of the buildings disintegrated into gravel and fell to the ground. Ceryneiamon backed up, a shot just missing her but singeing her hair a little. Selenemon weaved and dived between them, slashing widely with an arc of ice before she landed easily on the ground.

Marquismon’s bear tumbled back as it was hit straight-on. She was thwarted only for a moment though as she regained her balance and bellowed loudly, rushing towards Mukademon with Heliomon on her back.

Leaping from the bear’s shoulders, Heliomon was in flames, and a sphere of them generated around him, engulfing himself and Mukademon as he slammed against the spinning giant. Heliomon’s fire turned black as Morrigamon’s mystical flames added their power.

As both Morrigamon and Heliomon left the fray, a crystal arrow crashed down from above, slashing at Mukademon’s skin and drawing a terrible yowl from his throat. He came to a stop, just as the ice-encased building closed in and knocked him flying back. The building shattered into pieces on impact.

Leaping from the ground, Gaiusmon reached his hands out and grabbed onto Mukademon’s flesh, digging his fingers into the softness and creating small gashes with his claws. Mukademon swung blindly for him, but Gaiusmon moved quickly, hurrying up Mukademon’s chest, aiming straight for Bella, who moaned and wriggled, as if sensing the incoming danger and trying to get away.

From behind, Morrigamon fired a selection of weapons from every angle, which dug deep into Mukademon’s injured back. Crystal arrows quickly followed the weapons, landing in the same spots and encasing Morrigamon’s blades, staves, and lances in hard iridescent crystal, keeping them in place.

Heliomon and Selenemon attacked together from either side, their ice and fire attacks impacting against Mukademon’s shoulders, filling the mouths as they screamed and cried. One of Mukademon’s clawed fingers fell to the ground, sliced clean through by Ymirmon. Following that, Marquismon’s bear golem rose up onto its hind legs and fired a bright blue beam of energy from its maw, blowing Mukademon back harshly from the blow.

Last to attack was Vayumon, the glyph he had drawn igniting in gold light. Raising his arms above him, a huge cannon beam of energy, wind, and blades shot forth, slamming into the side of Mukademon’s head as he tried to right himself. Once more the parasite was sent flying.

Through all the attacks of his comrades, Gaiusmon had remained attached to Mukademon’s belly. Now, mere inches beneath Bella, he summoned in one hand a watery blade. The muscles in his legs bunched as he leapt, blade above his head, and released a terrible battle cry.

Bella opened her eyes suddenly and they flashed crimson. Gaiusmon went flying back and landed hard on the ground, his sword becoming a puddle beneath him.

“What happened?!” Ceryneiamon demanded as she ran to him. She assisted Gaiusmon in standing and set to healing his wounds.

Gaiusmon scowled and shrugged away from the deer-woman.

“My wife asked you a question,” Vayumon growled. “You failed?”

“Bella deflected my attack,” Gaiusmon rumbled. “It seems she has powers of her own which will not allow us to get close.”

“We must attack from afar then,” Ymirmon remarked, approaching his comrades, shaking rubble and dust from his hair. “I am done with this!” He dusted off his shoulders, and saw his brother doing the same.

Mukademon was upright again, despite their attacks knocking him back. He had his arms still extended and his followers continued to stream through his gateway. Too many for Liviamon and Zirnitramon to hold off at once.

“You have a plan?” Vayumon narrowed his eyes towards the other.

“As long as he is connected to the Digital World those followers will keep pouring through. He will have endless energy for as long as they are linked,” Ymirmon reasoned.

“Ultimately we need to sever that bond. It will leave him without an endless energy source, and without an army,” agreed Morrigamon, slipping her hands onto her hips.

“If we were to detach his arms from his body it would break the connection and also leave him unable to shield Bella from our attacks,” Gaiusmon explained.

“Dismemberment may be a little...” Morrigamon left the sentence unfinished, catching a look from Gaiusmon.

“So we can bind them,” Ceryneiamon stated, looking at Morrigamon. The raven-Goddess nodded. Her companions were beginning to spread out, readying themselves to attack once more.

For their final charge.

“My swords can be beacons that will channel all attacks towards Bella once Mukademon is restrained,” Vayumon explained, beginning to rise into the air. “Strong wind will guide them towards her.”

“And we... will release the finishing blow,” Heliomon said, though hesitation was in his voice. He glanced at his sister who remained silent. “Together.”

Ymirmon nodded. “Very well. Someone tell Marquismon our intentions.”

Gaiusmon agreed to do so, and raced towards the recovering bear golem, who had been fending off smaller incoming soldiers from Mukademon’s channels to the Digital World.


With his arms above him and his eyes fixed on the moving Gods, Mukademon’s mouth opened slowly, generating a terrible red glow within his maw. Ceryneiamon and Morrigamon ascended into the air as their comrades spread out. Mukademon’s red eyes looked as though they were leaking blood as he tried to follow each smaller body with them. They moved quickly and split off, leaving the giant unable to watch them all. He focused on those he could see easiest. The glowing purple and green forms that left shimmering trails of light in their wake.

“Scream Annihilation!!” Mukademon’s jaw unhinged as all the power of the attack exploded from one mouth and not the others, jetting towards the two women before him. 

The two Goddesses swerved to opposite sides, letting the beam shoot between them and implode against a crushed van. They sped upwards in tandem and rushed towards Mukademon without hesitation, while their comrades on the ground dealt blow after blow to the ceaseless followers.

As she flew, Ceryneiamon generated a ball of energy, and from that melded it into a chain of light. Opposite her, Morrigamon copied Ceryneiamon’s actions, and with her own dark magic created a similar chain of shimmering black essence. Together the two of them flew at Mukademon with speed. The goliath Digimon blindly swung at their smaller forms, attempting to strike them. The two crossed over one another’s paths and Mukademon’s huge claws missed them.

Together they lashed out with their chains, the two of them fastening and burning into Mukademon’s wrists. Putting in further speed and strength, the two hurried, holding the chains tight and pulling Mukademon’s arms with them.

He felt a tug that he had not before, and then the surge of pain where the two chains singed and burnt his skin. Realizing what had happened, Mukademon released a terrible roar and began to writhe and yank at them, attempting to pull the two Goddesses in and release his arms.

“HURRY!” Morrigamon shouted, holding tightly to her chain and keeping Mukademon’s arm fast in place despite his thrashing.

Ymirmon and Gaiusmon raced at the same speed, covering the ground quickly with their swords dragging across the destroyed earth. Synchronized, they leapt and released their battle cries, bringing the blades above their heads and down through Mukademon’s shoulders. With immense force, their blades drove through the putrid, rotting flesh like hot knives through butter, cutting through muscle, sinew, and bone.

The noise that tore from Mukademon’s throat was not one of their world. It was a cry, a scream, and a yowl all in one. Of pain and horror ebbing up from not only Mukademon’s mouth, but Bella’s and the mouths on his shoulders which hung open. His arms fell to the side, the chains from Morrigamon and Ceryneiamon dispersing as they hit the ground.

Mukademon’s cry carried up to the sky.

Floating above the ground, Vayumon shifted his hands into precise movements and a gold glyph erupted on the ground just behind him. With a tremendous roar, the wind God threw his hand out, releasing his thirteen swords which stabbed into Mukademon’s chest. The blades surrounded Bella and formed their own glyph symbol that made a suitable target.

Before Mukademon floated Heliomon and Selenemon, level with one another as they kept a suitable distance from the dismembered Digimon, but had a clear view of Bella wriggling and moaning in the centre of his chest.

She was screaming and groaning in pain, the noise more animalistic than human. Her skin was stained with blood and pus from Mukademon’s wounds, and some of the flames had burned Bella’s skin,, leaving terrible welts in places.

As they drew closer, her movements stopped suddenly and her head drooped to her chest, her silver hair spilling around her shoulders and shrouding her head.

The wolf siblings glanced at one another uneasily. Only too aware of the eyes of their allies on them. They had been the ones to nominate themselves to kill Bella, and now they had to go through with it. There was no other choice open to them, no other option but this. And they were the most justified and vindicated to be the ones to end it all with Bella and Mukademon. They had been the ones who had suffered the most. The ones who had lost the most. Who better to end the endless war than them?

They faced one another and Heliomon nodded a little at his sister. He could see her hesitating and grabbed her hands. He burst into flames, and after a few moments, Selenemon’s body was coated in a silvery, ice sheen.

They faced Mukademon and Bella together.

Then Bella moved again, lifting her head slowly. Her hair, matted with saliva and blood, fell back against her bare shoulders. She was filthy, bruised all over, and suffering as she looked at the two of them. Her eyes had no pupil or iris, making it seem as if she was blind or possessed. Her lips were cracked and bleeding, gashes across her naked body leaked blood.

Despite the damage to her vision, Bella was able to stare directly at the two figures facing her as if she recognized them. As if they had come to save her and she was suddenly in a fit of rejoice.

“You... you came...,” she breathed, her voice strained and hoarse.

Both Heliomon and Selenemon looked at one another in surprise, then back at the form of their mother, dangling in Mukademon’s chest.

Heliomon felt his sister tug her hand from his.

“...Help... me...,” Bella begged, looking between the two of them with her white eyes. “Please...”

Selenemon’s mouth opened and closed. She edged towards her. “...Mother...?” The cold aura left her.

“Stop,” Heliomon ordered and grabbed for his sister’s hand. Selenemon pulled it away before he could touch her and ignored him. Ignored the cries from below of their companions. Her focus was on Bella, her eyes confused. She had closed in on herself, her strength and majesty gone. Heliomon looked at her and saw a frightened, confused child.

“Please!” Bella pleaded again. “I can’t... he’s too strong...”

“What are you doing?!” Vayumon snapped behind them. “Attack her!”

“Quiet!” growled Heliomon, though his eyes never left Bella or his sister. Selenemon moved closer still.

“Is...,” Selenemon hesitated, “is... that really... you? Mother?”

Bella’s head lolled to one side, turning as best as she could turn it towards Selenemon’s voice. She wriggled an arm above her, trying to pull it from where she was now grafted to Mukademon’s chest. When she was unable to, a sad expression crossed her face. “I am sorry...,” she breathed.

Selenemon gasped and dashed towards Bella through the air. She lay her hands upon Bella’s face, pushing back her hair and staring into her face.

“Don’t be,” Selenemon soothed. “We’re going to save you... I’m going to save you.”

“Selenemon!” Morrigamon shouted. “Heliomon! You must attack her!”

Heliomon shook his head. His flames extinguished around him. “You don’t understand!” he argued, turning to face Morrigamon. “It really is her. There’s no Mukademon control. We can save her!”

“It’s not possible,” Ceryneiamon spoke softly, her voice full of sadness. “There’s no way to rescue her from that.”

“You don’t know that!” Selenemon remarked angrily. She clutched Bella’s head to her chest, covering it with her arms protectively. “I won’t let you harm our Mother!”

“Selenemon,” Gaiusmon added, “please!”

Vayumon rose up into the air, quickly. “Stop this nonsense. You must understand that this needs to be done!”

“No!” Heliomon snarled. He floated protectively in front of Bella’s body. “You don’t understand. You will not harm her. She’s been through enough!”

“Rose...,” Bella breathed, wheezing on her words. “Hunter...”

The twins looked at her. Bella’s blank eyes were drifting closed, and her mouth had drawn into a small, content smile as if the sound of Selenemon’s heart beat was soothing to her.

“Mother?” Selenemon asked.

“Please...,” Bella begged softly, “help me...”

Heliomon examined the skin that grafted her to Mukademon’s chest. He touched it and Bella cried out in pain.

“How can we help you?!” Heliomon asked. “Tell us! We’ll do it!”

Bella’s head fell to one side, moving in the direction of Heliomon’s voice. “Please...,” she sighed. “Kill me...”

Selenemon shook her head slowly. “No... we can’t.”

“Kill me... to save me...,” Bella pleaded. Tears filled her white eyes and spilled over her cheeks.

“You... you can’t mean that...,” Heliomon murmured. He dug his hands into the flesh above her arms and pulled. Bella screamed. “There has to be another way!”

“Stop it!” Selenemon cried, grabbed Heliomon’s arms. “Stop it! Stop it!! You’re hurting her!”

The Gods around them could do nothing but watch the desperate attempts of their comrades to save their mother. They could not attack her for fear of harming them, and there was no way any of them would do that. Mukademon was all but defeated, unable to function or attack adequately. Bella was the last piece of the puzzle. And they had not once imagined she would prove the hardest aspect of this fight.

In the distance they could hear sirens and the sound of engines fast approaching.

“I’m begging you...,” Bella sobbed, blood from the open wound Heliomon had created slipping down her arms and into her hair. Selenemon clutched Bella’s head. “Please...”

“You can’t ask us to do this,” Selenemon shook her head. “We won’t do it.”

Bella cried harder, her body trembling. “Then you bring doom upon everyone...”

Heliomon exhaled deeply. “What do you mean?”

“To be rid of Mukademon you must be rid of me... of your father,” Bella explained slowly. She lifted her head a little, her eyes widening, staring into nothingness. “He’s here... I can see him...”


Bella continued to speak, not hearing the words of her children. “He’s so close... calling me to him. To put an end to all things... we can be at peace... together... again. Finally...” She turned her head, staring at Selenemon. “That’s all I want...”

Selenemon nuzzled her face into Bella’s hair. “Mother...”


McTyre’s Jeep screeched to a halt and he peered out of the open window, removing his sunglasses from his eyes. He could not begin to comprehend what he was seeing, nor the devastation around him, and he was not entirely sure which one was harder to believe.

Mukademon, a dismembered torso and head, and around it seven glowing figures and one huge bear golem. Higher in the sky the image of another world floating and drifting over them, and below that two other figures, fighting off smaller creatures that were all masked in shadow.

“General McTyre!” He turned his head when he heard his name. Eleanor was running towards him, disheveled and a little scratched but otherwise unhurt. Beside her was Eric, who looked remarkably better than he did when McTyre had last seen him.

“Eleanor.” McTyre climbed out of the Jeep. “What happened here?!”

“It’s a long story.”

Out of the same side of the Jeep another figure climbed out and began running fast towards the figures in the sky.


The voice below the floating twins was one that cracked through their minds like glass shattering. A voice they knew and yet had not heard for years.

“Get away!” Ymirmon ordered. “This is no place for you!”

“What are you waiting for?!” shouted the man angrily. “You’re wasting time!”

“...Logan...?” Selenemon inhaled and spun quickly in place. Heliomon looked too. Beneath them was a man in his early-thirties, his dark grey hair still messy but shorter than when they had last seen him. The same intelligent and sharp cobalt eyes and well-defined cheekbones. He was as they remembered, even if he looked a little weathered and tired around the eyes.

“You have to do this!!” added Logan.

Selenemon descended to the ground, taking a few steps to place herself in front of Logan. “She’s our mother! How can you say that!?”

“Because she’s not our mother,” Logan replied fiercely to the tall, glowing she-wolf. “She hasn’t been for the last twenty years. Since Russell died.”


Logan hands tightened to fists. “Think about it! She’s practically been dead this whole time. Nothing more than a puppet for Mukademon to use.”

“That’s a lie!” Selenemon shouted back.

“No, it’s not!” snapped Logan. “You want to save a memory, one that doesn’t even exist except in your head. You would be doing her a mercy by killing her now!”

“You didn’t hear her words,” Selenemon told him, “just now. And before. She’s there, she’s not a puppet. Now go away!”

Logan grabbed Selenemon’s wrist and fell back as she whirled round and struck him in the face. Her expression was hard, unreadable.

Rising from the ground with a wry expression on his face, Logan mopped his lip where it bled. “You have to listen to me.”

“You abandoned me!” Selenemon shouted. “I don’t have to do anything you say!”

“We’re running out of time!” shouted Marquismon. “Can’t your family reunion wait?!”

Logan looked at his sister and brother. “If you kill her now, it would be merciful. She wouldn’t be in pain, or under the control of a dark influence like she has been for so long,” he explained calmly. “Rose, you know what that’s like... to be under a dark influence and to come out the other side to see the light.”


“Death would be the ultimate release for her. No more pain. No more suffering. No more anything.”

Selenemon shook her head. “I... I can’t...”

“You have to!” Logan shouted, his frustration growing. “If you don’t this will never, ever end for you. For her! For any of you! Mukademon must die, and to do that you have to kill Bella.”

Selenemon cried. “I love her!”

“You love what you’ve dreamt her up to be. A loving, nurturing mother that maybe she could have been if none of this had ever happened,” Logan explained harshly. “But it did and she’s not. She’s a pawn, an empty husk of nothingness and if you saved her, she would still be an empty husk, on life support.”

When Selenemon said nothing, Logan ruffled his hair with a sigh. “Rose, listen to me! She is not our mother, and hasn’t been for years. You cannot save something when there is nothing to save.”

“Rose.” Heliomon’s voice, which sounded more like Hunter’s, shattered the tension between Logan and Selenemon. She turned and saw her brother reaching a hand towards her. “We have to.”

“What if–”

He shook his head to silence her. “There’s no other choice. We can’t be selfish here.”

“I...” Selenemon’s brows furrowed and she trembled as if suddenly cold.

Sadly, Heliomon looked at his sister. “Logan is right... you can’t save something if there’s nothing to save. If we can give her peace at last, isn’t that better that trying to keep her alive?”

Silently, Selenemon took her brother’s offered hand and they both arose into the air.

Gaiusmon grabbed Logan’s shoulder and shoved him roughly. “Get out of here. Now. With Eleanor, Eric, and any others. Go.”

Logan said nothing further, turning and running towards the Jeep with McTyre and the others in tow. The Jeep took a sharp turn, quickly escaping the battlefield.

In unison they leveled with Bella, but not too close in case anything backfired. Heliomon burst into flames once more, and Selenemon was covered in the same icy mist as before.

Facing one another, they laid their palms together and generated between them a terrible ball, spinning wildly of differing elements. Flames licking sparkling icicles, hail and snow forming, so cold they burnt.

They closed their eyes, breathed deep and together turned quickly, firing the whirling sphere at Bella.


Marquismon’s crystal ball shot into the attack’s trajectory, drawing it in from one side and loosing it from the other as a cannon beam, magnifying its power.

Bella’s head lifted, staring at the cannon as it came towards her and released a scream before she was hit dead-on and engulfed in a terrible blast that exploded all around her and across Mukademon’s torso. He went flying back through the air for hundreds of feet, sending debris, dust, and rubble skywards. Mukademon roared terribly and the Gods followed quickly. The torso crashed into the ground, creating a crater in between two buildings that still remained erect.

The dust began to settle on Mukademon’s fallen form. They could see no movement of his head, nor of Bella, yet still, something did not feel quite right to them as they all uneasily approached.

“Is... that it?” Marquismon murmured, airing the question the others were all thinking.

“Anticlimactic,” Vayumon stated. “I was expecting an explosion. Or...”

“He’s regenerating!!” Ceryneiamon cried, pointing to Mukademon’s shoulders where one arm was beginning to reform.

A deep chuckling reverberated from deep within Mukademon’s chest as he arose slowly, floating in the air with a ghoulish smile. “You will never be rid of me...,” he laughed. “You cannot destroy me...”

His torso shook violently, sickeningly. He floated higher, his laugh mixed with the sound of blood gurgling in his throat.

“No! NO! NO!!” Gaiusmon shouted of frustration. 

“Attack together!” Morrigamon ordered. “Quickly, before he can fully regenerate!!” She soared into the air with Ceryneiamon above the others.

Mukademon’s laughter grew louder, becoming manic. “Do what you can... I will never be beaten! NEVER!”

“Arcing Sleet!” Ymirmon yowled, bringing Rimefang down in a wide arc. A crescent shaped blast of ice fired forth at incredible speed, aimed perfectly for Bella’s stationary form.

“Divine Reaver!” Thirteen blades formed around Vayumon and with a tiny motion went flying through the air, joining with his brother’s own attack.

“Vortex Scream!” Firing off one huge ball of deep pressured energy, Gaiusmon’s aquatic arsenal joined with that of Vayumon and Ymirmon, swirling around the two attacks.

“Midnight Murder!” From around Morrigamon’s shoulders her three ravens flew off, instead of multiplying to more, the three of them grew larger, absorbing the energy from the night above them. Eventually they joined into one, flying just beneath the already formed attack, lending its strength and speed.

“Celestine Star!” The glittering light attack from Ceryneiamon’s hands erupted into the centre of the joined attack.

Marquismon’s crystal ball flew into the way of the swirling mass, drawing the energy into it and then firing it out once more with increased power.

Heliomon and Selenemon nodded to each other and shot out their hands together. “ECLIPSE!!” Their combined attack enveloped the other six.

Setting light to the combination, flames arose above the blast in the shape of a dragon, massive and roaring, with flames dripping from its maw while the other attacks all made up other parts of its body. A glowing golden light filled in the empty spaces, drawing over the ground and the Gods below. The dragon swirled around the Gods as the six glowing figures floated close. The dragon loomed around and over them like a parent protecting its children. It faced Mukademon and released a furious growl.

“Ryudamon...?” Zirnitramon breathed, causing Liviamon to turn to her.

The dragon released an earth shaking roar and shot towards its target with furious speed, roaring once more as it finally swallowed Mukademon whole.

Suddenly, the parasite’s laughter turned to screams. The combined attacks of the dragon formation were burning him, tearing him to pieces. Bella had been hit perfectly, and her agonized screams filled the air and were more bone-chilling than those of Mukademon.

“No! NO!!” Mukademon bellowed. “I CANNOT BE KILLED! I WILL NOT BE DESTROYED!!”

From within the essence of the golden light and the attacks, the Gods could see Mukademon’s form, his skin melting from his bones and his face. The hair across his head had burnt up, leaving a blackened skull. The arms and legs that had been beginning to reform were scorched stumps and soon the parasite’s screams of anguish were echoing up into the air with the embers of the flames.

A cataclysm occurred, the attacks melding into each other. The energy so fierce and strong that it created a terrible pull.

Ceryneiamon grabbed Vayumon, who used his own wind to keep him steady as he tried to not be pulled in. Morrigamon was yanked from the air, drawn into the powerful vortex.

“MORRIGAMON!” Ymirmon followed her voluntarily into it, hoping to rescue his comrade. Zirnitramon crashed from the sky with Liviamon, and were both swallowed by the gaping hole where Mukademon had been.

Gaiusmon followed quickly with Marquismon behind. Vayumon’s wind gave way and both he and Ceryneiamon were drawn into the glowing ebb. Heliomon and Selenemon held onto one another as they were pulled in as well.

The vortex stopped suddenly, leaving nothing in its place but fallen buildings and the silver D-Touch Bella had been holding before she had fused with Mukademon.

The silver device hit the ground, shimmering and glowing dimly.

Logan raced towards it, as the Jeep had been pulled back by the vortex, but luckily saved from its pull once everyone else had been absorbed. Eric and Eleanor stood on both sides of him as he picked up the device in his hand.

“Where did they go!?” Eric demanded. Eleanor had a look of worry on her face, as if tears would escape her eyes any moment.

“I don’t know, they–” Logan was cut off by the sound of beeping. The D-Touch’s screen darkened, an error message typing itself out.

Power level depleted.

Emergency mode initiated.

Accessing reserve data…


Rebooting system.

The darkening screen was now flashing a silver power symbol. The D-Touch’s beeping sounded more like a ticking time bomb. It rapidly grew hot, causing Logan to drop it from the heat and pain it released.

“...Run. Oh shit. Run!” Logan turned quickly. Eric and Eleanor wasted no time with Eric grabbing Eleanor’s hand to help her match the pace.

The D-Touch exploded, like a giant bomb going off in the center of the city. A chorus of screams filled the air as the light took over like an atomic bomb. Logan, Eric, and Eleanor crashed into the side of the Jeep, losing consciousness immediately.

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