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The laughter of children filled the air, running with loads of bags in their hands onto the next porch in the highly decorated neighborhood. Cars took their time driving down the street occasionally blowing their horns at the few children running across at the last minute.

“MOVE IT YOU LITTLE SHITS!” Yelled someone driving by. The children only laughed.

With a full moon out and the sky cloudy, Halloween was quite festive. More this year than it had been in a while. The whole city had gotten in on the celebration; from businesses giving out candy to some stores staying open later and having giveaways.

“HURRY UP JAMMMMESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!” Shouted the high pitch voice. “WE’RE GONNA MISS ALL THE CANNNDYYYY!!!!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming…” Groaned the reluctant big brother.

“Festive.” Odocomon chuckled, while James locked the front door to the house. Dressed in pirate costume, he was less than pleased. He wasn’t much of the Halloween type person, he’d prefer to just sit around and watch horror movies all day but one of Marie’s preschool classmate’s moms insisted that he dropped her off at her house and then Frankie insisted that he come to a party with her and the others.

To get into the festivities, Odocomon wore a pair of bunny ears on her head, given to her by Marie who was bouncing around as Princess Peach from the Super Mario series.

Once the girls had gotten into the truck, James sighed loudly in defeat.

“So much for monster movie marathon night.” He pulled out of the driveway and towards his first destination, eager to leave his younger sister to trick-or-treating with kids her own age, and get to his friends at Excellent Bean, where he hoped he wouldn’t feel quite so stupid in full costume.


Downtown was no different than the rural neighborhoods. The clubs were in full blast, everything seemed twenty four hours and even older people pranced around in their costumes.

The Excellent Bean was throwing a little Halloween fun party itself. The café was decorated with jack-o-lanterns outside, all with hand carved scary faces lit up with candles. The guy in the Excellent Bean logo had been doctored to have a cape and vampire fangs. Inside there were skeletons dangling from the light fixtures. Fake spider webs were everywhere, with tiny spiders littering them all, and a change from its usual up beat radio station, the music was scary themes from horror films.

“Retarded.” Reyez commented, crossing his arms and putting his feet on the table. Frankie pushed his legs down. He hadn’t put much thought into his costume, just wearing a mask from the movie Scream, complete with plastic knife prop. Aside from that his outfit was his normal clothing.

“Take off that mask; I know you’re hot in it.” Frankie had at least put some thought into her costume, going back to the eighties and dressing up in a hot pink wig, with matching dress and heels and a sparkly belt. So far only a few people had recognized her as Jem from Jem and the Holograms. Frankie didn’t care. She knew she looked good.

Reyez shook his head, speaking muffled through the mask. “No, if I decide to stab you in the throat, I don’t want anyone to know my identity.”

Frankie rolled her eyes. Piper chuckled, sipping her frap. “I’m getting chilly actually!” She commented as the door opened letting more patrons in.

“Hardly surprising.” Frankie smirked, surveying Piper’s attire. Like Frankie, Piper had rejected the typical ‘scary’ Halloween costume and gone for something fun. Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, complete with gauzy fairy wings and a hidden bell that tinkled when Piper moved. “Did you bring a jacket?”

Piper laughed, “I didn’t actually think about that…” Before Frankie or Reyez could comment further they were set upon by two green skinned characters in smart dress. Frankie and Piper both screamed when Eva and Tom grabbed them from behind, Reyez laughed behind his mask.

“Damnit girl!” Frankie scolded, hitting Eva on the arm for effect. “Don’t sneak up on people like that!”

Eva was laughing, “I’m sorry – I couldn’t resist!”

“Yeah, sorry Piper.” Tom also apologized, while Piper sent him a half hearted side-long glance. “But its Halloween – the point is to scare people.”

“Huh – tell that to Jem and Tink over there.” Reyez said. Frankie simply rolled her eyes, while Piper demurely sipped her drink.

“Yeah – you’re not exactly scary.” Eva said.

“Who are you guys meant to be?” Frankie asked, moving the subject on swiftly.

“Frankenstein and his bride.” Tom said, matter-of-factly. He pointed to the prosthetic screws on either side of his neck. Aside from the screws, the green make up and the black and white wig, Tom looked comfortable, wearing a pin stripe suit. Eva slightly less so. More of her skin was exposed due to her slinky white ‘bride’ dress, so more of her skin was painted green. And she was wearing a high black and white wig, which she kept supported with one hand as she sat down.

“You know Frankenstein was actually the scientist… the monster was just Frankenstein’s monster. I don’t think it had a name.” Piper said. Tom and Eva looked at each other, then at Piper who shrunk back in her seat, “but I’m sure no one will care.” She grinned and reached under her chair, dragging out Caesarmon who had been hiding – not used to being allowed out in the open with other people around. “Isn’t he cute?” Caesarmon fidgeted as Piper turned him to face the others, showing off the gold wreath she had put around his head. “He’s a Roman emperor.”

“Begrudgingly.” Siberimon smirked from the floor. He, Irbimon and Ailurmon were all out enjoying the fact they could get away with pretending to be kids in costume like everyone else. Poemon too, though she as usual, kept close to Tom. She did glance at him from time-to-time worriedly. As if put off by the green make up. The only one of them who had dressed up was Irbimon, wearing a red lined cape and mask over his face.

“So what are we going to be doing once the last member of our motley crew gets here?” Tom asked, leaning back in his chair.

“Camden Bonnetts!” Frankie and Piper said in unison. Though Piper more squeaked it excitedly.

Reyez huffed behind the mask, “Laaaaame.”

“That’s your opinion.” Ailurmon stated. “I think they’re pretty good.”

“Ugh.” Reyez nudged her away with his shoe, and Ailurmon made a face at him.

“They’re doing a Halloween gig,” Frankie explained, “Piper’s been watching the website for weeks picking up the hints of where it’s taking place.”

Piper was nodded enthusiastically, “And if you’re in costume you get free entry and drinks -”

“Let me guess, Camden Bonnetts?” James interjected appearing behind the sofa Frankie and Piper occupied. Odocomon moved into the group of chairs, dislodging the bunny ears off of her head. She flicked her ears.

“Thank goodness, they had been annoying me for hours.”

“But they’re so cute.” Irbimon said with a grin.

“I see you’re in the spirit of things.” Odocomon returned, surveying Irbimon’s get up. Piper had shuffled up the sofa making room for James and he sat down between her and Frankie, wrapping one arm around the other girl’s shoulder, while removing the pirate hat off his head.

“What took you?” Tom asked.

James rolled the only eye visible, the other covered by his eye patch. “My sister. I had to take her to one of her friend’s houses for trick-or-treating and a sleep over. And her friend’s mom wanted photos of everyone who came to the house in costume.”

“At least you put more effort in that some people.” Frankie said, “Besides, I think it’s cute.” She was tugging at the over-sized collar on James’ coat and he grinned sheepishly.

Eva sighed, “Alright before I vomit, who wants some food?”


Lightning struck down in the middle of Downtown followed by a long rasping eerie laughter. The lightning began spreading down the street lights, buildings, cars and other electronics. Suddenly, everything started to levitate and swirl around each other becoming nothing more than a tornado of cluttered electronics.

The laughter continued as the tornado started sucking in everything in its path. People began screaming as they were being lifted off the ground and pulled in as well. The tornado traveled down the streets of Downtown, causing pandemonium amongst the thousands dressed for this special celebration.

The tornado, now turned into nothing more than electricity and dark winds, began to take a form. Electric arms, metal hands that mimicked skeleton bones. A metal spinal cord attached to the end of a pink orb and ribs that were connected by a red orb in the center. A black cap swirled around and inside the hood grew a metal skeletal head with red eyes that pierced the darkness.

The creature was huge; it floated high above the sky able to look down upon the entire city as if it could take the earth into its hands. He levitated near the highest building in the city and laughed hysterically evil.

“Underneath a setting sun.
Something wicked you’ll become.
Who am I? Just a dream.
Sent from Hell to make you SCREAM!”

His red eyes grew brighter; time seemed to stop, halting everyone in their tracks.


Irbimon blinked as he waved his hands in front of Eva’s face. “Uhm….”

Caesarmon tried to tickle Piper. “Wow she’s really good at charades! Who knew?”  

Ailurmon snapped her paw, “Reyez? Reyezzzz?”

“Something isn’t right about this…” Siberimon rubbed his chin as he stared at Frankie.

“No shit Sherlock.” Ailurmon commented back.

Odocomon observed everyone else in Excellent Bean, making her way back to the group. “It seems it has affected everyone but us.”

“Work of a Digimon?” Irbimon looked to the others; he had taken his mask off to get a better look at Eva. Poemon was standing on Tom’s lap, waving her wings at him trying to get a response.

“Most definitely.” Siberimon quickly replied.

Ailurmon felt a movement under her, she turned back to Reyez. He had started moving again. “Hey Reyez! Wha---” Reyez stood to his feet and pulled out the knife he had been carrying as a prop for his costume as a serial killer. He swiped at Ailurmon who dodged just in time.

“WOAH!” The other Digimon reacted.

Reyez stalked towards them slowly, gripping the knife in his palm. The others began moving as well, in a jerky way, more like mindless zombies, not fluid movement as they would normally.

Everyone began whimpering in pain, sighing and twitching. Their sounds and jerky movements were closely related to the Nurses from the game series ‘Silent Hill’, making their way towards the Digimon.

Tom and Eva didn’t look like themselves as the makeup seemed to turn into their actual skin. Frankie and Piper faces were more deformed and zombie looking. James took on this appearance too, as the eye patch he wore seemed burned into his eye, his hair mangled and skin losing color. Reyez’s mask seemed to turn into his actual face as it showed expression and moved.

Poemon began trembling; she grabbed a hold of Irbimon and tried to hold back her scream.

Irbimon bumped into Siberimon who was facing another direction.

“Uhm… we’re… surrounded.”

Irbimon looked around, quickly noticing that everyone was twisted versions of what they were costumed as for Halloween, and if even they weren’t dressed up, they looked like mindless zombies.

“We have to get out of here and find the Digimon causing this…” Siberimon couldn’t step back anymore. The small group of Digimon was surrounded and close knit to each other.

The sound of Ailurmon punching someone caught the attention of the others.

The man fell down, knocking over a few people with him.

“We can’t just stand here! Let’s go!” She rushed towards the exit, knocking people out of the way with punches and kicks.

“Moon… RIPPER!” Siberimon shouted, knocking people over as well.

The others followed their leads while Irbimon had to drag Poemon away.

“Wait no! I don’t want to leave Tom! Toooommmm!!”

“Tom can’t hear you right now!” Caesarmon yelled, leaping over a pair of people who lunged at him.

“Let’s go!” Added Irbimon.

The little Digimon rushed out of the coffee shop and onto the streets, where it was proven that the zombie effect happened to everyone. The streets were littered with people, moving in jagged and uneasy ways, some bumping into each other. Everything was quiet, no more laughter; even the cars on the roads had stopped running, the drivers and passengers all struggling to open the doors, clawing at the windows.

The Digimon were able to move through the people undetected for a short while, their lurching and uneasy movement made it easy for them. However, it didn’t take long for the zombie people to notice them, and turn their full attention to them, moving slowly but with determination towards them in groups.

“Stick close together.” Siberimon said, the Digimon were all circled with their backs to each other, facing out at the humans surrounding them again, this time more than those in the shop. Though people possessed were struggling to leave shops and buildings.

“Whatarewegonnado?Whatarewegonnado?!” Poemon was trembling so violently she couldn’t flap her wings enough to fly out of danger.

“Stay calm.” Odocomon said firmly. “We can’t afford to panic-ah!” Odocomon reared onto her hind legs and crashed into the group of Digimon as a person dressed up as Freddy from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies swiped at her.

Ailurmon struggled from underneath the pile, glancing up as the humans drew closer still, almost on top of them. Over the heads of some, she saw a shape move across the sky, illuminated by the moon. She growled, “Now panic.” She leapt up from under the Digimon, which were all getting to their feet. Then pile drived into the street, sending shockwaves over the roads, knocking people clean off their feet.

“Ailurmon!” Odocomon yelled.

“What?!” Ailurmon glared at the deer Digimon, “It’s them or us. We’re going to have to hurt them if we want to survive and break this stupid spell.”

“Spinning Torrent!” More people flew back from the impact of the water. “They probably won’t remember how they got hurt anyway!”

“Moon ripper!” More people fell as Irbimon and Siberimon both attacked in unison, knocking back a large group.


“If you don’t want to fight, at least keep Poemon from getting left behind.” Ailurmon yelled taking charge, and knocking back another zombie; this one with wounds on its face oozing.

“Where do you think we should go?” Irbimon asked the group, running out of the arm reach of another person.

“Downtown. Follow my lead.” Ailurmon explained. Most of the zombies surrounding them knocked down, she dashed off down the street, the other Digimon close behind her.

It took some ducking and diving, short cuts and long bouts of hiding in the shadows for the Digimon to make their way to the Downtown area without getting hurt, or hurting anyone else unless necessary. Poemon was still more concerned with Tom and the others, wanting to go back to them. And Ailurmon was keeping the group in check, getting them to move on signals and checking when it was safe for them. They came to the only abandoned street, bereft of human activity, and a hive of Digimon activity where the culprit was in full view, a giant, observing the goings on of the city.

The Digimon ran up to the giant phantom Digimon that hovered above the city.

“HEY!” Irbimon shouted.

“Hm…?” The Digimon looked down; “Hmmmmmmmm…..” in a surge of electricity the Digimon was now about regular size, still bigger than the rookies but much more closer to ground, the size of the average champion Digimon.

“Ah, so my powers seem not to affect Digimon of this world as well as they affect the humans.” He hummed in a raspy voice. He seemed surprised and more thoughtful over this point.

“This is MetalPhantomon.” Odocomon explained, “An ultimate level cyborg reaper Digimon. His attacks are extremely powerful and deadly, without us being able to Digivolve we could easily fall prey to his advances.”

“Change everything back, NOW! You skeletal creep!” Irbimon stepped ahead of the group.

“So much for the friendly approach…” Caesarmon commented, rolling his eyes.

MetalPhantomon laughed, “Your anger, it feeds me.”

Irbimon growled, his fur ruffling.

“Calm down Irbimon, he must feed off despair; you must not show such weakness.” Odocomon spoke again. Though it seemed Irbimon wasn’t paying her any attention, more focused on the Digimon hovering before them.

“What did you do to Tom?!” Poemon flapped forward, coming to Irbimon’s side. Her voice was firm and confident, almost as if Valramon was speaking for her. “What did you do to everyone?!”

“Don’t you like them anymore?” MetalPhantomon asked, laughing. “They’re much more interesting like this. So much more unpredictable!”

“What did you do?!” Poemon screamed.

MetalPhantomon swooped down, so he was almost level with Poemon and Irbimon. “So much rage… so much anger pent up inside you… its unhealthy to keep such feelings bottled.”

“Poemon, be careful…” Ailurmon said.

“Humans are such weak, petty creatures… I did nothing to them that couldn’t have been done. Take away their emotions, their hopes, fears… their anger. And they become what you see – mindless vessels. Dangerous and unpredictable. Without minds they’ll turn on themselves soon enough.”

“ENOUGH!” Siberimon yelled. “Turn them back. All of them, now!”

MetalPhantomon almost appeared to think this over, before replying. “No.”

“You can’t do this. Humans are not weak or petty creatures!” Caesarmon spoke now, all the rookies were pacing towards MetalPhantomon, slowing backing him up. “If you knew anything about them, then you’d know that! Everyone hides emotions – it’s not just a human trait. You can’t take people’s feelings away!”

“Can’t I now…” MetalPhantomon queried, “The only reason you six are still functioning is because you were immune to that particular spell. That particular one of my powers… but you’re not immune to them all…” his face contorted into a sickening, demented grin. MetalPhantomon’s scythe appeared in his hand, “Fall victim…to the darkness!”

The six rookies stood side by side.

“Turn away, before you find your lives ending… My only warning. You will not defeat me.”

“Don’t underestimate us.” Siberimon snarled. He leapt forward, “Hurricane Slasher!”

“Biting Ice!” Siberimon and Irbimon attacked together, directing their attacks to MetalPhantomon’s face.

“Soul Predator…” his voice turned ghostly and there was a ‘whoosh’ sound of his scythe passing in front of him, released waves of white-purple energy. Both attacks from the rookie Digimon were disrupted, and the two Digimon thrown back onto the ground from the impact of the energy.

“Nevermore!” Poemon disappeared in a puff of smoke, and appeared again before MetalPhantomon, landing a hit before she disappeared again. MetalPhantomon recoiled.

“Aurora Light!”

“Claw Tremor!” Ailurmon dashed forwards, passed the giant scythe, her paws clenched, landing hard hitting punches and kicks to MetalPhantomon’s head. Odocomon’s ball of pink energy grew with power before she ejected it, hitting MetalPhantomon dead centre, sending him flying back.

“Water Strike!”

“Biting Ice!”

“Moon Ripper!”

“Nevermore!” The attacks hit all together, and MetalPhantomon was sent crashing into a dumpster where he lay immobile. Ailurmon stopped her attacks and leapt back to the floor.

“Impressive.” MetalPhantomon said, slowly rising out of the trash dumpster, adjusted his scythe in his hands.

“Be careful…” Odocomon said slowly. The group stood their ground, Irbimon, Siberimon and Ailurmon readying themselves to attack.

“Grave Scream!” MetalPhantomon yelled, his voice rising in pitch sending out sound waves that covered the six rookies. Cries of pain echoed from each one as the unrelenting waves brought them to their knees in agony. “Give in to your nightmares!” MetalPhantomon cried, his tone victorious. “Your weak attacks cannot harm me… you and your friends will live in an endless nightmare… your fear and anger will feed me…”

Caesarmon fell to the ground with an impact of the high pitched screaming waves. The others around him all shook on the ground, Ailurmon defiantly trying to get to her feet, though only failed when MetalPhantomon slapped her to the ground. Caesarmon could feel the ground beneath his feet and tried to stand, but his legs shook and gave way beneath him.


Behind MetalPhantomon hung the six partners of the Digimon. All tied up and unconscious with their hands behind their backs and electric ropes around their midsections. Apparently held up only by MetalPhantomon’s power, their faces contorted in pain and anguish.

Ignoring the rookies now, MetalPhantomon examined each of the humans in turn, laughing to himself as his fingers traced faces, “Your lives are slowly slipping and once I have such power within my grasp, I can plunge the entire world into darkness. I have waited countless centuries for this moment!” MetalPhantomon moved back from the six humans, adjusting his scythe. “Now, for the final phase in your elimination!” 

MetalPhantomon drew back his scythe, preparing for a final attack. Irbimon raised his head slightly and reached out to Eva’s direction.

“It can’t…end like this…” He struggled. “Eva…Eva…” He took in a deep breath before bellowing out a loud roar, “EVA!!!!!!!!!!!” 

Eva’s eyes suddenly snapped open, her eyes were completely white and her body was enveloped in pink light. Irbimon’s body was taken by that same light as he felt his power returning. He slowly stood up, grunting a bit.

As if some type of chain reaction, the others awoken as well; Frankie moaned as she was taken by orange light. Tom raised his head as green like surrounded him. Piper slightly giggled, yellow light taking her form. Reyez smirked, entranced by blue and James grunted being outlined by purple.

The Digimon stood up, their eyes fully white and enveloped by the colors that matched their partners.

MetalPhantomon stopped by this sudden turn of events; he quickly turned to look back, noticing that the humans were gone. He turned to the rookies, and before him were all six with their partners. The immense light was causing MetalPhantomon to shield his eyes and float backwards away from them. 

Frankie placed her hands on her hips and waved her arms in a commanding motion, her voice was almost more womanly than normal as it seemed she, like everyone else, was possessed by a greater power.

“Anyone that threatens the balance must be taken care of. Destroy him.” She commanded.

The six rookie Digimon sprinted into the air, leaving waves of light energy behind them as they made their way to MetalPhantomon.

Irbimon and Siberimon both grabbed each of his hands, shooting in two different directions until MetalPhantomon screamed aloud. The electricity between his hands and joints dispersed and his scythe turned into data, which was absorbed by the light.

Odocomon’s speed increased as she leaped into the air, slamming her body into the orb connected to his metal spinal cord, she crashed through it and landed on the other side, quickly turning - “Borealis Stream!” A beam almost larger than the orb itself, shot from her mouth with no charge at all. The orb, like the hands were absorbed by the light.

Ailurmon and Caesarmon combined attacks, taking apart MetalPhantomon’s ribs and spinal cord one at a time. “Water Strike!”

“Claw Tremor!” The attacks landed together on the red orb between his ribs.

MetalPhantomon released a final scream before Poemon latched on to his skull. “Black Magic.” She whispered. With a spin, Poemon turned into a raven shaped attack, slamming dead center into the skull and coming out on the side, she repeated the action again, slicing through it more easily. The skull split into up to ten different pieces before it shattered into data.

Once the last bit of MetalPhantomon had dispersed, the light coming from everyone exploded throughout the city like some type of nuclear explosion.

The ground shook and rumbled and everything suddenly turned white.


Eva was the first to wake up, her tall wig leaning to the side of her body, and her dress askew. She sat up, holding her head and groaning. Surveying the area she was puzzled. How did they get to this alley way in Downtown? They had been in Excellent Bean only a few minutes ago. And why was everyone on the floor, sleeping? Irbimon was at her side, his fur matted in places and his face grazed.

“Irbimon…” Eva whispered, gently picking her partner up in her arms, “Irbimon?”

“Eva?” Tom sat up, a few feet away from her. His hair was disheveled, and his tie undone. Poemon whimpered by his feet and Tom immediately cradled her to his chest. “What happened?”

Poemon struggled to open one eye, “T-Tom…?”

“Hey. Don’t talk. What happened?”

“Y-you said not t-to talk…”

“Oh my God, Siberimon!” Frankie was on her knees, pulling Siberimon onto her lap. James, Reyez and Piper all were awake now too, groggy, each tending to their Digimon which were unresponsive and injured, however minutely. Reyez had discarded his mask, carefully checking over Ailurmon.

“What the hell happened?” James asked, Odocomon was curled up in his lap. He had wrapped her in his pirate coat for additional warmth.

“I have no idea.” Piper said, lightly stroking Caesarmon’s head. “I don’t remember. How did we even get here?”

Reyez shook his head, “Beats me.”

“You bastard.” Ailurmon muttered from Reyez’s arms. “You attacked us with a knife and you don’t even remember.”

“What?” Reyez asked, aghast. “I did what?”

“You were possessed.” Siberimon said, “By MetalPhantomon.”

“MetalPhantomon?” Frankie repeated, looking around at the others. The Digimon slowly seemed to be regaining consciousness, though they were only making little movements, bit by bit.

Irbimon shifted against Eva’s chest, “It’s okay though. We got ‘im.” He said weakly.

“You got him?”

“Yeah.” Irbimon smiled, “We got him good.”

James stood up, keeping Odocomon close to him, “I don’t much feel like staying out now…” He said slowly. Odocomon opened one eye slowly and then closed it. “Sorry to be a kill-joy, guys.”

“No. I don’t think any of us…” Piper didn’t finish as she got to her feet and the others followed, “I’d prefer to piece together what happened.”

“But you love the Camden Bonnetts…” argued Caesarmon.

“True.” Piper sighed, “But I love you more.”

“I’m going home.” Reyez grumbled. “Halloween can go screw itself.”

“My house isn’t far.” Piper said quickly, “We can all go there for a bit if you want. My parents and brother are away, and I think the Digimon could all do with some rest… after whatever happened.”

“We’ll tell you,” Siberimon said, “After we’ve slept.”


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