intermission: the digimon who stole christmas

  dark                      light

Caesarmon was the first to wake in the room where Frankie and Piper slept. He was curled up at the end of Piper’s bed, she was splayed out in her typical fashion, the covers half off her body. He was accustomed to her over-active sleeping, and that she tossed and turned a lot. Frankie was not, she had moved off shortly after they had started sharing the room to avoid Piper’s flailing limbs.

Siberimon was curled up too, at the end of his partner’s beds, still sleeping deeply. Caesarmon yawned and stretched, unsure why he was awake so early. No birds were singing and the house was completely silent and still; there was little light outside, and the candle that kept the room lit during the night time had burnt out completely. Still, Caesarmon got to his feet still stretching as he moved. He would get something to drink, have a roll around, preen his fur and go back to sleep shortly, he was sure.

The screen door separating the girls’ room from the landing was open a crack, allowing Caesarmon to squeeze a paw through and silently push the door open wide enough for him to walk out. He was used to doing this, moving as quietly as he could. The floor in Piper’s house was all wooden or tiles and his claws normally made noise, so he had perfected a method of being quiet while moving, it put strain on his paws but that was better than waking anyone up.

He made the short trip down the hall past the room the boys all shared. He could hear snoring through the door and shook his head as he carried on down the stairs to small kitchen. Despite being at Ryudamon’s home for so long, Caesarmon still found himself often marvelling at how well equipped it was, and how it was still something that had come from the human world, the world Caesarmon was more used to.

He was able to take a drink from the bucket of water that sat on the floor of the kitchen and quench his thirst. He had to break ice to access the water first though. The temperature had been dropping rapidly the last few days so the ice was no surprise for him. He had been expecting it sooner in fact. After drinking his fill, Caesarmon turned to leave the house, he would roll in the grass and preen for a few minutes and return to Piper’s bed. However, as he turned to go outside, Caesarmon stopped. He sat and cocked his head to one side.

The outside was no longer green. The landing, the forest, everything as far as the eye could see was coated in perfect, pristine whiteness. Caesarmon’s breath turned to vapour as he exhaled, examining the curious appearance before him. Somewhere in his mind he could almost remember what this white substance was. He knew it was cold... that was certain. He could sense that without even touching it.

“Interesting.” Caesarmon muttered. He turned quickly and raced through the house and upstairs taking no care to keep quiet this time. He careened into the girl’s room, slipping on the floor before he pounced on Piper’s stomach.


“Piper! Piper! Look outside! Outside! The ground is all white!!” Caesarmon said excitedly. Piper was flailing her arms and legs, trying to rid herself of the Digimon bouncing on her stomach.

“Mrrf...” Piper grabbed her pillow and stuffed it over her face when Caesarmon continued to pester her.

“What’s…going on...?” Siberimon asked, slurring his words with tiredness. He sat up where he had been sleeping and blinked slowly. “What’s got you so excited?” He yawned, showing his teeth.

“Look outside!!” Caesarmon barked insistently. Frankie was now stirring and waking slowly to the noise from Caesarmon.

“Leggo...” Piper complained. Caesarmon had pulled the covers off her completely now with his teeth and was now trying to drag her out of the bed, gripping her white shirt with his teeth and tugging. “Caesarmooooooon...”

“Come on!” Caesarmon grunted.

“What’s happening?” Frankie asked, sleep ridden. She stretched and ruffled her bed-head. “What’s all the noise?” Frankie scanned the room and eyed the windows, “It’s not even light yet...” Piper was finally up on her feet, grumbling about the cold and that she was having a happy dream. “Piper, what’s he talking about?”

“No idea.” Piper replied. She grabbed the blanket Caesarmon had pulled off her bed and wrapped it around her shoulders as minor protection against the cold. She followed Caesarmon downstairs.

Frankie and Siberimon exchanged looks as the blonde departed. They both lay back down in their beds, simultaneously closing their eyes to regain their sleeping stupors. Siberimon curled back up into place, warm and breathing slowly, already back to sleep. The house was still until:

“OH AWESOME!!!” Piper’s excited, high pitched cry made everyone wake up suddenly, all upright in their beds immediately. “GUYS! COME DOWN HERE! THERE’S LIKE FOUR FEET OF SNOW OUTSIDE!!” Piper yelled up the stairs.

“Piper’s up.” Eva said, shoving the covers off her body, while Tom rolled over onto his other side. Irbimon had been woken up by Piper’s scream too. He was wide awake due to Piper’s excited trill.

“Snow!?” Irbimon was up and running out of the room in seconds, Siberimon behind him having run from Frankie’s bed, now also awake.

Tom groaned, stuffing his head under the blanket. Poemon ruffled her feathers and shut her eyes again. Eva was laughing. Now awake though, and used to early mornings, she shuffled out of the room and downstairs to see what all the fuss was about. She was met by James on the landing, Odocomon following him still bleary eyed. Ryudamon was also up.

Downstairs Piper had pulled on her boots and was out on the landing of the house with Caesarmon. She had discarded her blanket at the door. Her white tank top gave little protection against the cold but for now she didn’t mind. She had her jeans on, so that was enough; she wouldn’t be out for long. Irbimon and Siberimon had bounded outside immediately and had both practically disappeared into the snow, well camouflaged by their fur.

They pursued each other through the deep snow, tracking one another. The only sign of either one of them was when one pounced on the other and set them off running back through the snow, climbing up trees to hide from each other. Caesarmon remained on the outside landing, watching them.

Eva and James watched from the doorway, until the others joined them.

“She’s like a kid.” Reyez commented yawning.

Ailurmon placed her hands on her hips, “What’s all the fuss?” She stepped out onto the outside frame and shuddered immediately. “It’s just snow. It’s cold and wet. And its-AH!!” Ailurmon scowled, the snow ball that had just been thrown had been a direct hit to her head, landing in her ear and clinging to her fur. She turned in time to see Irbimon laughing wildly.

“Uh-oh!” Siberimon ran into a pile of snow. Irbimon followed him. Ailurmon growled, and gave chase after the other two Digimon.

“GET BACK HERE!!” Ailurmon yelled running and sinking into the deep snow.

“Guys, come on!” Piper called. Now downstairs, tossing a snow ball back and forth in her hands. Ailurmon ran past her, knocking into her knees. Piper fell back, her snow ball landed on her head. She laughed at herself and gathered up another snow ball.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt...” Eva murmured.

Tom smirked, “All the invitation I need.” He scooped the plum haired girl up; bolted down the stairs and deposited her on the cold ground. Eva shrieked, hit by the cold.

“That wasn’t what I meant!” Eva yelled, “I don’t even have my shoes on!!” She flailed her arms and feet in the air indignantly.

“You better not be thinkin’ of doing that.” Frankie said, sending James a swift look.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” James grinned.

“Ugh,” Reyez made a face and finished pulling on his Timberlands. “Spare me.” He went out onto the landing, scooping up a handful of snow and throwing it over the railing. It hurtled into the side of Tom’s head as he had been trying to help Eva. Tom turned quickly. He and Reyez grinned, both grabbing more handfuls of snow.

“Ooooh no! No!! No!!” Frankie yelped running further inside as Tom launched his first snowball, which came shooting through the door and landed ‘splat’ on the floor.

Ryudamon had been watching the exchanged and laughed heartily. The snowball fight was now turning into an all out war, Tom, Reyez, Piper and Eva against their Digimon. Poemon had been brought in against her will when one of Piper’s snowballs had missed Reyez and hit Poemon’s tail feathers by accident.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve heard so much laughter.” Ryudamon commented, looking out on the scene. Odocomon remained in the warm, but was smiling none-the-less. “It’s good.”


Once everyone was suitably soaked through with melted snow, and cold enough; faces and hands reddened with the cold, hair dripping wet but all happy regardless, the ‘Great Digital Snow Ball Fight’ was brought to a close with the results being considered a tie. The Digimon were quick to clean themselves off in the main room of their current home. Caesarmon preened his fur, while Poemon re-organized her feathers with some help of Irbimon. Siberimon and Irbimon groomed themselves and Ailurmon simply shook her fur until it was dry.

The humans were slightly more troublesome. Each one who had taken to playing in the snow had bathed and redressed in their full, more winter-suitable attire, warming up immensely. The normal routine started for them once everyone was settled and organized. Food was prepared by everyone while the Digimon all meditated in the small side room. This took up to an hour every day and with Ryudamon in charge of their breathing and movement while meditating; it left the humans to their normal tasks of cleaning up while food was prepared by whoever had been appointed for that day.

It was Eva’s turn.

As she was waiting for water to boil on the large fire stove, the kettle blackening as it was heated slowly; there was a scurrying sound outside which caught her attention. Steps were approaching the building, racing up the stairs and then she could hear breathing. Panting as creatures came running in through the door.

Two to be exact. Short, almost gnome-like creatures. With large ears, like an elf’s. Their bodies were small and sinewy, dressed in forest and holly green tunics and capes, complete with pointed caps. All lined with fluffy white material.

Eva examined them, they examined her.

“Who’re you meant to be, Christmas-mon?” She asked incredulously.

The two gnomes turned to each other and then back. They screamed; forcing Eva to cover her ears. It wasn’t so much a scream, more like the most disturbing noise. There was no tone to it, no tune barely even a voice. It was just a loud, high pitched noise that was almost deafening.

Ryudamon was in the kitchen in moments, swiftly followed by the Digimon. The gnome Digimon stopped screaming as soon as they saw Ryudamon, and rushed up to him babbling.

“He’s gone! Gone!!”

“Help! Your help is needed!”

“Can’t make deliveries without him!”

“Kidnapped! He must have been!”

Ryudamon looked confused. Eva stood with her hands on her hips. Ryudamon led the Digimon into the main room; the other humans came down now that the noise had stopped.
“What the hell was that?” Frankie asked as soon as she entered the kitchen.

“Those guys.” Eva pointed to the green clad Digimon now talking to Ryudamon.

Frankie stared at them and then at Eva. Then back. “You’re joking. What, did we just land in another plane? Christmas land?”

“They’re Elfmon. Right?” Reyez commented, “They gotta be.”

Eva pursed her lips, “I don’t think they like that. They were the ones making the screaming noise.”

“Them?” James repeated. “But they’re like something out of a Christmas play.” He pulled out his D-Touch and directed it at the new Digimon. It flashed immediately. “They’re called Grylamon. Apparently they’re helpers for some Digimon here called Klausmon; who hands out goodwill in the winter time.” The hologram disappeared, “Sound familiar?”

“The Digital World has Christmas?” Reyez asked, incredulous. “This place just gets freakier and freakier.”

Odocomon, who had been in conversation with Ryudamon, the Grylamon and the other rookies now walked over. “Don’t be shy, they’re quite friendly. Come over.”

“They didn’t seem friendly when they nearly deafened me.” Eva pouted.

“Oh yes. That. You scared them. They expected to see Ryudamon, not a gangly human.” Odocomon smiled then walked back to the group. James, Frankie and Tom followed, with Reyez and Piper bringing up the rear.

“Wait – you think I’m gangly?” Eva queried following them last, after taking the kettle off the fire. There was no answer from Odocomon as she settled back on her legs. The Grylamon ducked below the other side of the table, while the group of six stayed standing.
“Disturbing... most disturbing.” Ryudamon said slowly.

“What’s wrong?” Piper asked. She squatted, attaining better eye contact with Ryudamon.

Ryudamon raised his head, “Oh. Something unfortunate. Klausmon has been kidnapped.”

“We gathered.” Reyez tutted, “Why’re they here?”

“They came for help. The Grylamon are helpers of Klausmon. They help get him organized and re-organized to get around the entire Digital World in one night distributing goodwill to all nice Digimon. Without Klausmon doing this, well, it doesn’t much bare thinking about. The Digital World could become pure pandemonium.” Explained Ryudamon.

“Why’s it such a big problem?” Tom asked, “I mean is Klausmon such a big deal?”

“Big deal?!” One Grylamon repeated, leaping onto the table top. “He’s one of the most important figures in the Digital World, you sack of bones!”

Tom stepped back raising his hands defensively. “Easy there, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“If Klausmon doesn’t deliver the goodwill that is needed, the Digimon go into pure panic. They fight. He is a symbol of hope to all Digimon. Things could go dreadfully, dreadfully wrong if he is not found.”

Ryudamon nodded against, though he did not speak. Caesarmon exchanged looks with Irbimon and Siberimon. Ailurmon sighed loudly from where she was lying on the floor.

“Well – let’s go then.” She said, getting to her feet.

“Uhm... go?” Poemon asked.

“Yup. I’m getting the jump on this one.” Explained the panda Digimon, “They’re going to ask for our help finding this Klausmon or whatever – so we might as well get to it before they feel guilty for askin’.” She shrugged her shoulders, stood with her hands on her hips and stared at the other Digimon.

Siberimon stood, “She has a point.”

“Don’t we get a s-“

“Nope.” Caesarmon cut Reyez off. “This is a Digimon matter. We’re helping them out.”
“Uh...” James frowned. The Digimon didn’t usually tell them what they were going to do.
Irbimon was tugging on Eva’s hand, “Come on. Isn’t Christmas the ‘season of goodwill’ and ‘niceness towards your fellow man’?”

“Or Digimon in this case.” Poemon added.

Eva quirked an eyebrow, “Well... yeah, but we don’t have any idea where to look for this guy.”

“That’s not a problem,” Odocomon said smiling, “The Grylamon explained that there were some very questionable characters loitering around their town the last few nights, I think that’s a good place to begin.”

“So – let’s go.” Irbimon gave Eva’s hand another tug, pulling her with him as they disappeared outside.

“Guess we don’t have a choice.” Frankie said, pursing her lips. “I stopped believing in Santa when I was like... seven.”

“Well, this might be a good chance to get in touch with your inner child again, Frankie.” Piper told her with a smile, following Caesarmon, “Grab back some of the innocence you used to feel at Christmas.”

“It’s your favourite time of year, isn’t it?” Reyez asked, making a face at Piper.

“Oh yeah! I love Christmas.” Piper was smiling broadly. “The Christmas trees, decorations. I love the holly and mistletoe... snow, carols. It’s a great time of year.”

James rolled his eyes leaving through the door. The Digimon were all setting themselves into separate spaces, apart from Ailurmon.

“We’ll cover more ground and be able to travel faster if we evolve.” Siberimon explained, noticing Frankie’s questioning look. “Valramon and Tom are going to lead the way from the sky, with one of the Grylamon. The others will be travelling with us.”

“And you’re not evolving because...?” James asked, eyeing Ailurmon.

“As Bambusmon, I have a humanoid form, I can’t really carry Reyez.” Ailurmon explained sarcastically. “So we’ll be travelling on someone else.”

James shrugged, “Fair enough.” He took his D-Touch from his pocket. As he did Odocomon began to glow; as did the other Digimon.

“Irbimon, Over-Clock Evolve...Skadimon!”

“Siberimon, Over-Clock Evolve…Hurakamon!”

“Poemon, Over-Clock Evolve…Valramon!”

“Odocomon, Over-Clock Evolve…Rusdramon!”

“Caesarmon, Over-Clock Evolve…Vespasmon!”

“Alright,” Tom was climbing onto Valramon’s back, one of the Grylamon in front of him. “Keep your eyes on the sky!”


The Grylamon were able to lead the group, via Valramon through the maze of forest, all of which was snow covered, with frozen ponds and icicles hanging from twigs and branches. Skadimon led the ground group, finding the terrain the easiest to navigate with his large paws, perfect for the cold snow and ice covered ground. Everyone else followed at different paces. Rusdramon made a point of jumping over any fallen logs, giving James a headache. Vespasmon kept at the back, carrying Piper and Reyez on his back with Ailurmon between them. He moved slower than the others, his larger size meant he had to find somewhat easier ways through, unable to get through narrow gaps or underneath low trees.

In time, they managed to all make it through the forests to another village, some kilometers from Ryudamon’s home. More Grylamon were running around, terrified of the newcomers. They waddled and bashed into each other, disorientated. The noise they made was immense. It was impossible to make out any actual coherent noise as they warbled and babbled at each other quickly, almost in a gibberish language – at least that’s what it sounded like to the group. All the Grylamon were the same, only they all had slightly larger, smaller or different shaped ears to each other. With them all moving around it was impossible to see how many there were in total – but it was over ten at least.

Eva was the first off her Digimon, stepping into the small village full of clay huts with thatched roofs. In the center was a large snow covered fir tree, decorated with sparkling gems. Piper was, naturally, enthralled the moment she saw it.

“Who do we need to talk to?” Tom asked, placing the Grylamon that had traveled with him on the floor.

Reyez whistled through his teeth, “Yeah. This place is without a doubt the trippiest place I’ve ever seen…sober anyways.”

One of the Grylamon who had accompanied them ran off, and returned a few minutes later with a fellow Elf-Digimon, this one had larger ears, and the end of his cap was decorated with a white bobble, unlike the others which were all plain. Additionally he had a cane, red and white striped like a candy cane, and a long white beard, as white as the snow he stood on.

“This is ShinnyGrylamon – he’s the oldest and the most closest friend of Klausmon. He can help you.”

“Thanks.” Tom nodded. The Grylamon had run off to join his fellows.

ShinnyGrylamon leaned forward on his cane, staring up at Tom and the rest of the group. Tom sighed and squatted, the others followed suit minus Reyez and Ailurmon.

“So – what can you tell us?” Ailurmon asked; she didn’t intend to beat around. As far as she was concerned they were going to find the Klausmon and get some good will for themselves.

“Klausmon has been kidnapped.” ShinnyGrylamon said with a simple and small shrug of his frail shoulders. Ailurmon rolled her eyes; this was going to take some time.

It was eventually explained to them that in the rush of getting things ready for the holiday season, where Klausmon went around giving out good will and luck to deserving Digimon, everyone had been busy and pre-occupied. Normally their village was left undisturbed, but it had been a few weeks since they had been having unwelcome visitors venturing too close. At the hectic time of year it was for Klausmon and the Grylamon, they had been able to chase them off, but not for good.

Tonight was the night Klausmon was due to fly around the Digital World doing his job. That morning the Grylamon had gone to his hut to wake him and run through the final checks to find him gone, his house had been ransacked, and he had left behind his trademark red hat – something he was never without. The destroyed home, lack of Klausmon and tracks leading away from the town to the West led the Grylamon to believe that their beloved leader had been kidnapped for his powers.

Valramon had taken to the air without a moment to spare after the situation had been explained; she was the one able to travel the fastest, untroubled by trees and branches and could see from the air if there was anything that could possibly be somewhere to take a hostage. She returned after some time.

“To the west there is a river that descends into a waterfall. The fall is frozen, and it hides an entrance to a cavern. I would hide a hostage there – if anywhere.” She explained, speaking to Tom.

“There’s nowhere else you saw that could also be one?”

“No. Not here. There are trees, bushes and meadows, but nothing else that offers the cover the cavern does. He is there, I am sure of it.” Valramon confirmed. She opened her beak to add something else, but stopped short when she heard Rusdramon scuffling behind her.

“You’re an awful big reindeer – but we need to get your harness up, come come.” One Grylamon was pointing to a tiny hut, marked stable. Rusdramon blinked in confusion.

“I am no reindeer. You appear to be mistaken.”

“You look like a reindeer.” The Grylamon was looking a list, “Let’s see who hasn’t checked in. …Blitzenmon?”

“I’m not a reindeer. I pull no sleigh.” Rusdramon said, impatiently. “You have the wrong Digimon.”

Hurakamon and Skadimon snickered closely behind her, as if they were whispering to themselves but failing to do so.

“Hehe, Blitzenmon.” Skadimon tried to hold back his laughter.

“Maybe we should give her a red nose and call her Rudolphmon.” Hurakamon also commented, his cheeks blowing up from trying to hold back laughing.

Skadimon couldn’t hold back his laughter any longer, falling over on his side with a loud thump. “HAHAHHA! OH MAN, RUSDRAMON OVER-CLOCK EVOLVE TOOOO RUDOLPHMON!”

“Her special attack is LIGHT the WAY!” Vespasmon obnoxiously blurted out.

“HAA!! THAT’S SO FITTING!” All four of Skadimon’s legs kicked in the air. 

The three suddenly stopped their laughter, feeling the intense, deadly glare of Rusdramon.

After a long pause Reyez chuckled, “Ha. Rudolphmon. I get it now.”

“If you jack asses are done with your corny jokes, we have a Christmas to save.” Frankie placed her hands on her hips, eyebrow arched. Rusdramon nodded in agreement, shooting one more glare at the group of champions.

“It’s a small cavern, I’m not sure if we will all fit.” Valramon interjected.

James placed his hoodie over his head, “Maybe three should go, and three should stay here in case of another attacker of some sort.” He proposed.

“Yeah, but we don’t know what kind of Digimon we’ll be up against…as you know, we already have trouble with Digimon past the champion level.” Tom placed his hand on his chin, a bit disdained from the thought of the pervious huge battle.

“That’s what the phones are foorrr~” Frankie shook her D-Touch for effect.

“Ailurmon, Hurakamon, Rusdramon will stay here.” Piper stated, pointing at each Digimon in turn. “This Digimon is obviously adaptable to cold weather so it’d be best to send Skadimon, Vespasmon and Valramon there to combat in the element. If anything goes wrong, we’ll lead him back here and attack together!”

Once everyone had agreed on a solid plan, they set to putting the plan into motion.

Ailurmon, Hurakamon, Rusdramon, Reyez, Frankie and James began helping the Grylamon with last minute preparations, keeping their D-Touches close by incase of an emergency.

The last minute preparations including polishing Klausmon’s sleigh, feeding his reindeer, packing boxes and general tidying up the village, including the destroyed home of Klausmon.

Reyez loaded a heavy box onto the back of a maroon colored sleigh after he and several of the Grylamon had polished it until their faces shone back from its veneer. “If this jolly ol’ bastard doesn’t deliver toys, then what the hell is in these boxes?” He said, putting the box down and climbing in the sleigh and lighting his usual cigarette.

Frankie leaned on the sleigh, looking at the sky. “Power, maybe? I’m not sure.”

Reyez sat down, leaning back and placing his feet on the edge and his hands behind his head. “Whatever it is, it’s heavy.”

“Don’t be so lazy.” Frankie’s pursed her lips, watching James come towards the sleigh with a couple of smaller boxes.

“I’m not seeing you lift any boxes.” Reyez opened an eye.

“I can’t. I’m wearing heels.” Frankie retorted, “I’ve been cleaning Klausmon’s hut anyway.”

“Excuses, excuses.” Reyez waved her off. Frankie made a face and turned to James as he placed the boxes in the sleigh.

James had been quiet for most of the time, only doing what he was told without a question. Frankie ruffled his wild hair underneath the hood of his hoodie and planted a quick smooch on his lips.

“Piper’s Christmas spirit is totally not rubbing off on you I see.” Frankie commented. She had an eyebrow tilted.

“Heh, I’m just cold.” James grinned. Frankie read his face perfectly but didn’t want to pry into any personal business. She zipped up his hoodie a bit more.

“Maybe we should all go inside, hopefully the others will be back soon.” Frankie smiled.


“HEY!” Ailurmon shouted loudly.

The three humans turned to look towards the noise.

Ailurmon had cornered one Grylamon who was trembling in fear. With her hands on her hips, she leaned closer to him.

“I knew it!” She accused.

“Woah, woah, woah. Calm down.” Reyez walked over, scooping Ailurmon off her feet and tossing her over his shoulder.

“No! Put me down! I knew something was suspicious! That Grylamon helped whatever took Klausmon.” Ailurmon protested as Reyez was walking away.

“Well, we’ll let Klausmon handle that when we get him back---”

The Grylamon stopped trembling. His face quickly twisted up in an evil smile as he opened his mouth unnaturally wide. A ball of energy started forming.


“Hm?” Reyez turned as Ailurmon looked up. “…Well, shit!”

“Candy Cannon!” Grylamon released a giant attack beam, colored red and white like a candy cane. Reyez and Ailurmon barely dodged. Reyez caught his balance before he fell into the snow while Ailurmon flipped out of his arms and charged towards Grylamon.

“Claw Tremor!” She was throwing down punches and kicks at blinding speed, giving the Grylamon no opportunity to attack. It only swiped at her with its arms.

“Hey!” Reyez shouted over to Rusdramon and Hurakamon who were continuing to load things onto the sleigh, “More important!”

“OH!” Rusdramon reared onto her hind legs and bounded past the sleigh. Hurakamon was at her side, growling, his eyes already glowing as he readied an attack.

Grylamon screeched. A whole crowd of the green-clad Digimon had formed and they were observing the fight between the two rookies. Ailurmon had gathered the Grylamon’s arms behind him, twisting its joints into unnatural positions. Its face was contorted in pain, but she did not let up the pressure.

“Rusdramon, would you?” She stared at the deer Digimon from behind her prisoner.
“Amethyst Chains!” Chains of light flew at the Grylamon. Ailurmon dodged them so she was not entwined. They wrapped around the rookie’s neck and body. Rusdramon held it in place. Ailurmon came around to face it; Hurakamon was flexing his claws and growling for effect behind the smaller panda.

Ailurmon flexed her hands, as if warming up. She took her time, eyeing the now quivering Grylamon boredly with half lidded eyes. Reyez, Frankie and James watched, intrigued. Reyez was beginning to think he let his Digimon watch too many films.

“Now,” Ailurmon started finally, “You’re going to answer my questions… or my friend Hurakamon gets a nice, tender meal.” Hurakamon snapped his jaws together for effect. Grylamon swallowed. “Who are you working for?”

The Grylamon was hesitant at first, moving its eyes from right to left in a panic “Uh! Uh! I don--”

His sentence was cut short by a quick jab to the jaw.

Frankie and James winced, as Reyez released a little chuckle.

“Not the answer I’m looking for!” Ailurmon tightened her fist, ready for another strike.

“You have to believe me! I have no ide--” WHAM!

Hurakamon winced, “Are you suppose to actually hit him?”

“Give me the answers that I seek! NOW!!!”

The Grylamon finally broke down in a fit, “OK! OK! HE MADE ME DO IT! He told me if I didn’t help he’d eat me up and I was having a very bad day and I didn’t know it would escalate like this and--”

“WHO!?” Ailurmon shouted.

“SKU-SKU--” Suddenly the Grylamon fainted, hitting the ground with Rusdramon’s chains still latched.

“Poor thing, the pressure must’ve gotten to him.” Frankie sympathized, walking over.

“Hell no!” Ailurmon kicked the Grylamon in the side, “Wake up! You’re gonna give me the information that I nee---,” She was once again scooped up by Reyez.

“Chill Detective Woo Ling, he can’t do anything for us at this point.” Reyez walked back towards the sleigh.


“HOLY CRAP!!” Tom shouted as Valramon dove from the sky almost straight down, narrowly avoiding a shining red attack.

“Bone Blaster!” Another attack, this time aimed at Vespasmon who countered with a sphere of water from his mouth, dissipating the attack.

Piper screamed. “I think we found who we’re looking for!”

Eva rolled her eyes as she, on Skadimon, ran past the blonde, “What gave it away? The fact he’s ATTACKING US?!”

“Not now.” Skadimon growled. He wheeled around. “Hungering Cold!” He leapt at their attacker, biting into its sinewy arm. Ice began to grow up the limb from his muzzle.

Their trip to the cavern had taken little time to reach. As Valramon had said, they had found a frozen waterfall hiding it. It was barely visible. The frozen fall had been smashed by a well aimed attack from Valramon; as soon as they had broken the ice barrier, they had been attacked by whatever had kidnapped Klausmon. Their D-Touches had said it was a Digimon named SkullSatamon; and that aside from the fact his attack could obliterate Digimon, there was no other available information. This Digimon was like no other they had seen. Part machine, part skeletal – the bones exposed had been stained red. It had ripped wings sticking out of its back, and long legs, with foot armor. With it; it carried a staff with a yellow orb at one end from where its attacks fired.

“Duskbane!” Valramon called from above. A flock of ravens descended at SkullSatamon, flitting around his head. Distracted by them for a moment, SkullSatamon flailed at them with his hands and long fingers. The ravens exploded together, there was a cry of pain as the other Digimon was blinded temporarily.

“Night Strike!”

“Pain Geyser!”

Valramon smashed into SkullSatamon and then rose back up into the sky as he recoiled. He was hit again by the burning fountain of water, melting the snow around him. Another scream.

Skadimon dashed forward, steady on the snow and ice. “Frozen Grip!” He attacked with razor sharp, claw shaped blasts, aimed at the feet of SkullSatamon.

SkullSatamon spun his staff, putting off the unrelenting water from Vespasmon. The ice from Skadimon was melting against the hot water.

“Vespasmon, stop!” Valramon shouted from above.

“You’re melting the ice!” Tom added.

Piper patted Vespasmon’s head. “Stop now!”

Vespasmon did; the water stopped from his tail. Skadimon snarled and Valramon hovered above while Vespasmon came level with Skadimon, observing their adversary.

He was laughing, a low guttural laugh that was more menacing than mirthful. It was impossible to see a smile which made it all the more disturbing. “Entertaining… most… entertaining.” SkullSatamon stated, clearing his staff of water. “Had I known I would get this much fun for kidnapping that old fool… I’d have done it years ago.”

“Give Klausmon back.” Eva said firmly.

“I think not.” SkullSatamon replied slowly. “Tell me – is it now my turn to play?” The orb on the end of his staff was glowing brightly. Vespasmon and Skadimon both growled, “I’ll even give you a three second head start. … Oh wait – I’m not nice enough for that. Bone Blaste--!”

“FIVE GOLD RINGS!!” A deep voice from inside the cave bellowed.

“WHAT!?” SkullSatamon turned quickly, in time to see five glowing rings flying towards him. They wrapped around his body, his shoulder, chest, arms, knees and ankles. SkullSatamon’s staff flew from his hands into the snow. Skadimon moved towards it, picked it up with his teeth and then smashed the orb on the ground. It shattered.

From the cave mouth an average sized creature had appeared, disheveled and shaking with effort to stand. It looked similar to the Grylamon, except it being taller and wearing a lush red coat lined with white. It also had white hair and a large beard.

“Klausmon!” SkullSatamon shrieked from where he lay, bound on the ground. “You… how…”

“You forget how crafty I am, old friend.” Klausmon replied. He winked and then turned his attention to the other Digimon, “I am too weak to do more… I trust you can rid the Digital World of this abomination and protect Christmas?”

“You got it!” Piper saluted, she rubbed her hands through Vespasmon’s mane, “You ready?” Vespasmon grunted. “Eva? Tom?” Both nodded in return.

“All together now!” Valramon called from above. “Night Strike!”

“Frozen Grip!”

“Typhoon Circle!”

The attacks impacted together, the explosion drowned out the noise of SkullSatamon’s screams as he was engulfed by them. The attacks expanded outwards, and then imploded, crushing in on SkullSatamon’s body. There was a cracking noise and then nothing as they dispersed, sending a flurry of snow up into the air.

The ground was singed where SkullSatamon had been; but aside from that there were no remains. Klausmon flopped a little against the cave wall. Valramon swooped towards the cave mouth and allowed Tom to climb from her back into the cavern where he picked up Klausmon and sat him over Valramon’s neck, before climbing back on himself.

“We must get back,” Klausmon huffed, “It is soon time for me to depart!”

“Don’t worry,” Tom smiled, “We’ll have you back in no time.

The three champions turned away, racing back towards the small village where everything else was waiting.


Caesarmon was tossed across the room, hitting the wall with a comedic splat and sliding down. He quickly gained his composure and scurried out of the room.

Odocomon huffed, glaring at Irbimon and Siberimon with a dare for them to make one more reindeer joke. The two brothers looked at each other, eyes wide with a bit of surprise.

“The…joke was getting old anyways, yeah” Irbimon laughed nervously. Siberimon nodded and he stuffed his face with more food.

Odocomon reverted back to her sitting posture next to James with a slight “Humph.” She turned her nose away from them.

Irbimon mumbled and Siberimon snickered a little.

“THAT’S IT!!!” Odocomon jumped up.



“HEY! HEY! CHILL!” Eva shouted as Siberimon and Irbimon clung to the top of the Christmas tree located in the room like terrified cats as Odocomon stood at the bottom, knocking her hooves into the wooden floor.

“You guys come on, it’s nearly time.” Piper poked her head around the door to the main room where everyone was eating.

“Time for what?” James asked, around a mouthful.

“Time!” Piper said simply, waving her hand to beckon them all outside.

“Because that’s helpful.” James muttered. Frankie laughed and grabbed his hand pulling him to his feet.

“Humor her.” Frankie said with a grin. She led the way outside, where Piper was sitting on the outside landing with Caesarmon in her lap, her legs dangling over the edge. The others with their Digimon joined her, leaning upon the banister that went around the building.

Night had fallen and the sky was a perfectly clear blanket of navy littered with stard, and a full moon glowing almost silver, low in the sky.

There was silence as everyone looked towards the moon. Piper was barely breathing.
Ailurmon asked impatiently, “What are we waiting for?”

“Shh!!” Piper scolded. “Look!” Everyone’s attention turned back to the moon and what was crossing in front of it: a trail of six reindeer, all perfectly silhouetted, and a sleigh with a single occupant.

The new silence that fell on the group of twelve was calm, collected and somehow it seemed happy. Piper hugged Caesarmon tightly in her lap.

“Merry Christmas, guys.”



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