Fan-fiction! If you've got some written works for Reboot, we'd love to post them! It's probably easiest to either upload them to DeviantART and send them along there, or to it to us as an attachment.

It's totally fine if you have your original characters in the fan-fic! But we likely won't put it up here if any Reboot characters only make like a... three paragraph cameo, or something. Then it's not really a Reboot Fan-Fic, now is it? ;P

We'll automatically add in a comments box to each fan-fic. If you don't want one for your story, or want specific comments removed, just let us know! :) We don't beta-read these submissions aside from running them through a spell-check, so what you see is what the writer wrote.

The following fics are entries from our second contest, which ended on January 7, 2012. They haven't been edited from their original states, and have been posted as-is :3 Enjoy!

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