Ruby in Reboot

  dark                      light
By: Setsuna-Yena

*Note: There is a mini-Dictionary at the end of the story, translating Ciermon's Spanish phrases*

It was a nice sunny day, and the weather was just the typical spring weather. Not too cold, and not too warm. Well that was of course unless you asked a specific person. On a bench in the park, in the middle of the city, was a young woman sitting. Probably around the age of twenty-two. She had long black hair, tied together in a ponytail, with an eye-catching blue braid. Her eyes just as blue as the braid, and golden brown skin. She was wearing a simple green hooded jacket, a red bandana, a black top and green gloves that matched with the jacket. Further down she were wearing a pair of sand colored pants, though with one of the legs ripped off, and a red scarf tied around it. Finishing the look with a pair of black boots.

Her name was Ruby. Or well in reality her full name was much, much longer… But if she had to say the entire thing, the day would be over. She never used her full name. So for short it’s just Ruby Castaliano. Yes, foreign name. Ruby wasn’t born in this country or this city. She had lived in so many places by now that she had stopped counting a long time ago. Though there was only one place she would call her home of those.

Rio de Janeiro. The city where her heart belonged. The city known for its great carnival every single year. The pearl of Brazil. She had really been born there. Her father was a famous Capoeira master. You might be asking what Capoeira is. It’s a sport based on both dancing and martial arts. Ruby herself got big skills in it, though she got skills for most kinds of physical activity.

Her mother was, and still is, a famous ballerina. Being on a tour around the world, and eventually came to Rio. Here she met the young Capoeira master, and sweet music started to sound between the two performers. Which later would result in Ruby’s mother getting pregnant.

It all seemed happy and lovely, though it would get a sharp and different turn. The day her mother finally were going to give birth, Ruby’s father sadly died in a terrible car accident when he were doing his best to get through the Brazilian traffic, to get to the hospital in time for his daughter’s birth. The terrible accident had a huge effect on Ruby’s mother, and she went into depression. Not even being able to look at her own child without her daughter would remind her of the man she had lost.

While her mother had to get treatment for her depression, Ruby would be left in the care of her grandmother, from her father’s side of the family. Also her being the one to name her Ruby and as well give Ruby the last name of her father.

“What are you thinking at, Ruby? You seem so thoughtful. That’s not really like you, chica..!” a voice said from down her D-Pad. Oh yes, most people sure would have freaked out if their cell phone would start speak, but Ruby didn’t seemed surprised the slightest. That probably being because that voice came from her Digimon Partner, Ciermon.

Oh yea. She wasn’t just an ordinary person like many other. She was a Digi-Destined. She received her D-Pad and the Egg of Pjelmon, Ciermon’s baby stage, already the day she came home from the hospital. His egg and D-Pad next to it lying by her crib. Everyone around had always thought he just were some kind of toy, but for Ruby, he were the best friend in the entire world. He meant more to her than anyone else. That might be except of her pet parrot, Diego. A gift from her mother that hoped Ruby actually would forget about that silly toy. Well didn’t really work, to be honest. Like that would make Ruby give up on Digimon Partner that fast?

 So now she simply had two friends. Oh yea and the 'Spanish words' part. Pjelmon got highly influenced by Ruby and her family, so he got a habit of adding in Spanish words in his vocabulary. 

“Be quiet already, Ciermon..! Have you already forgotten what I have told you?” Ruby looked around, and had already noticed some people staring at her. It was sure a bit awkward look to see a woman just sit and talk to herself like that. Ruby simply replied with a glare with her ice blue eyes, and decided to leave to a more private place. That being her apartment. On her way she silently whispered down to her pocket, where her D-Pad was. “I don’t want you to talk out in public..! It makes me look like a person with a split personality or something..! Sitting and talking with myself.”

“Well perdone for being worried about you. Is there anything wrong? You know you can tell me anything...” the voice responded from her pocket. Ruby decided not to respond to that, and did her best to get back to her apartment fast. Luckily it was close to the park, so she would be home in no time.


As soon as she walked into her apartment, and made sure to close the door properly behind her, a bright teal light came from her pocket, and in the next moment Ciermon were standing in front of her. Ciermon were looking similar to a deer fawn. With the exception of various teal markings around his body, the tufts of brown fur on top of his head, and of course the bright golden ring around his neck. As soon as he was out, he went over to the mirror that was placed near the door. Making some various poses, while enjoying the sight of his reflection.

Hola handsome” he said with a slight deep tone, clearly having the impression of him being irresistible.

“Shall I leave you and the mirror alone for some minutes?” Ruby asked Ciermon with a little smirk on her lips, as the deer Digimon turned to her, and didn’t seemed to like the joke very much.

“Well back to the question..! What’s up with you today? You have been rather quiet…” Ciermon forgot about his reflection, and turned his attention back on Ruby.

She didn’t seem to be in the mood for talking about the subject, and left Ciermon without an answer. Walking into the living room, where her parrot, Diego, was. Ruby was living on her own. Or with Ciermon and Diego that is. After having been forced with her mother on various ballet tours, she finally decided to settle down and get a normal life. Her mother didn’t seem to bother much the day Ruby told her, and almost seemed happy when she said she didn’t want to move anymore. Ruby could clearly imagine that she were happy to get rid of her.

At least now Ruby could do as she pleased. Being a free spirit. It as well seemed like she had landed just in the right city. Of course she watched the news, and would read the newspaper. She knew there were other Digi-Destined in the city. Not that it would surprise her. It was a big city, so clearly there sure would be others than her that would know about Digimon and the digital world. Most people didn’t have any idea about what the entire thing with the Digimons was. Normal people sure just would see the battles as being part of an upcoming movie, but Ruby knew better than that.

Ciermon had already asked if she wasn’t interested in meeting others like her, but clearly that wasn’t part of Ruby’s upcoming plans. She didn’t work well in groups. With other people in general. Her childhood and past had been very lonely when it came to getting socialized with others her own age. All the moving from city to city. From country to country, all the time. Only with some nannies to take care of her. She didn’t know how to do well around too many people, and being crowed would make her feel uncomfortable.

Ruby short shook her head, and tried not to think that much about it all. Ciermon was right. Something weren’t quite right with her today. She sure just were tired. Yea that had to be the only reason for it. Some more fresh air would do her good.

“Now you want to go out for a little walk, Diego dear? You sure need to stretch your wings for a bit!” Ruby smiled gentle to Diego that were currently sitting on the couch, turning his head in Ruby’s direction. She reached out her arm, and Diego immediately jumped over on her arm, and crawled the rest of the way up to her shoulder.

Ciermon came into the living room, and tilted his head a bit, while he was looking at Ruby. He knew something were wrong… But Ruby didn’t seem to talk about it, so he wouldn’t bother her any further about it. He knew she eventually would tell if she felt the need for it. “Si, I would also like something to eat tonight, and our fridge is completely huero! We need to do some shopping.” It came from Ciermon with a slight annoyance in his voice, because of the empty fridge.

“Hmm yea I guess it’s about time to get it filled up again… Give me a sec then.” Ruby went to her bedroom, and grabbed her wallet with her credit cards. Even though her mother was famous and had more money than she could spend, she wouldn’t give a bit of it to Ruby. If she wanted to live on her own, then she should also be able to take care of herself. Not that Ruby would want her help anyway. She could easily take care of herself.

She worked as a Capoeira and Samba teacher, and earned money by teaching kids in the city her skills. In general Ruby was good at anything that needed a sense of rhythm. As her grandmother always used to say according to her nanny, before she passed away. “You’re a Latina. It’s in your blood”. Ruby could clearly imagine her grandmother say that, and with a wide grin on her face. Ruby used a moment to dwell by the thought of that, but quick got interrupted by an impatient Ciermon that called for Ruby. Wanting to leave already, so he soon could get something to eat.


Ruby was met by many weird and surprised looks as she was walking through the city with Diego on her shoulder. That probably wasn’t the most common view in that place, to see someone walk around with a parrot on their shoulder. Unless they was on their way to a costume party as pirate. Not that she would bother. Other people’s opinion about her didn’t mean a thing to her. If people didn’t like her, they should simply just stay away from her.

On her way to the local store to buy food, she walked past one of those game halls. Always filled up with teens that would try themselves on the machines and various game consoles. Though today there were an awful big crowd of people gathering around the Dance Dance Revolution machines. A tournament maybe? Ruby wasn’t the type that simply could ignore such a thing as a good challenge, and slightly started to change her direction towards the building.

“Ruby, what are you doing? We have to go get comida for later!” it came from her pocket, and the voice of an annoyed Ciermon could be heard.

“Didn’t I tell you earlier to be quiet when we’re in public? A little game won’t hurt anybody..!” she simply answered, and went into the hall. She somehow fought herself through the crowd of people, and up front. Just as she had expected. A pair of boys was playing on the Dance Dance Revolution machine. The first one wasn’t really much of a talent, and clearly had problems. Though the other one was really on a rolled, and the score would just keep getting higher and higher. Along with the crowd of people that all were cheering for each of the players.

Ruby mostly paid attention to the guy that was in the lead. He had to be around the same age of her. He had blond hair, blue eyes and just a bit of beard on his chin. Didn’t really seemed like a type to rule at these kinds of games. At least not in her eyes. The match soon ended with the blond guy as the winner. Ruby couldn’t help it but smirk a bit. This was clearly a challenge. Before anyone else could react, she walked up on the second platform as the next player, still with the blond guy on the other platform.

“I’ll be your next opponent...!” she said short without giving him a single look.

He looked a little surprised, maybe because of the parrot on her shoulder, but then gentle smiled and reached out his hand to greet her. “Hello. My name is Tom. Let’s have a good battle!” he said with a calm and gentle tone, though Ruby didn’t seem to think the same way.

 She made the movement of going to accept his hand, but then moved it up to make Diego move over to her hand. “You better wait up there for me” she said gentle to the parrot, which surprisingly didn’t seemed to be bothered by the loud sounds of both the crowd and the machines around them.

Tom didn’t really make anything further out of the bit cold greeting, and he as well got ready for the game. The countdown started, and there they go! They both did very well to keep up with the game, and neither seemed to have any problems. The game slowly started going faster and faster, and with more complex combinations that craved their complete attention and concentration. So much concentration that Ruby didn’t notice her D-Pad fell out of her pocket, because of the wild and fast movements she was doing.

“You’re really good!” it came from Tom that were panting while trying to keep up with the game. Ruby as well were panting, but did her best to not show any signs of being exhausted.

“Well sad that I can’t tell you the same!” she quick replied, and decided to end this! Kicking it up to a higher level, and used her last energy to get through this. Tom started to lose points, and getting bad ratings for his moves. Finally ending up with a defeat from his side, and making Ruby the one cheered for by the crowd. Both players were panting, and clearly tired after the battle.

“Wow, you actually beat me! That was really good. Thanks for the battle!” Tom again reached out his hand, but Ruby again refused to accept it.

“I just came to show that I’m better than you…! And I clearly was, so forget about all that flattering stuff..!” she didn’t give him a single look, and moved her hand down in her pocket. She wanted to get out of there now, since the crowd started to annoy her. “See? I said it wouldn’t hurt any-!?” Ruby got a shock for a moment when she couldn’t feel her D-Pad in her pocket. She had lost it! But she clearly had it on her before she went into the hall. Had someone stolen it!? She desperate looked around on the platform, but signs of it.

“Are you looking for this?” she heard a male voice say from behind her, and quick turned around to face him. There in the front of the crowd stood this guy, with HER D-Pad in his hand. He had cobalt grey hair tied back in a ponytail, green eyes and a necklace with dog tags around his neck. Standing there with a slight smirk on his lips.

“Yea, give it back!” Ruby said almost in a commanding way, and tried to grab it from him, but he was faster, and moved it out of her reach.

 “You got some skills. What you say if we decide this with a battle? You win, you get your phone back, and-“he got interrupted by Ruby that didn’t seemed to want to wait for his speech to get done.

“And if you win, then what?”

“Well then I’ll be able to say I’m better than you. Just to warn you. I won’t lose that easily as that blond guy”

Ruby could see her clearly were underestimating her. She didn’t like that… Especially not from a guy! “Well if you’re so good, then get up here and prove yourself instead of speaking like you’re Mr. Perfect…!” she smirked as well, and tried to intimidate him a bit by giving him the “Ice Queen Glare” as Ciermon sometimes liked to call it. If looks could kill, many would have been killed by Ruby by now.

The guy with the dog tags came up on the other platform where Tom was standing before. Putting the D-Pad down in his pocket. Ruby knew she couldn’t lose this battle. Not only because she hated to lose, but if she couldn’t get her D-Pad back, then she and Ciermon were in trouble!

“Now I hope you won’t give up too fast” he said, and looked over at Ruby, again with that annoying confident smirk.

“Oh you better worry about yourself…! I’m a Latina. It’s in my blood” she responded, and couldn’t help it but smirk herself after that comment. The countdown in the game started again, and a new battle started.

Just as in the first round, both of them very doing very well, but things changed when it all started to move faster. Ruby was still exhausted after the battle she just had with Tom and that clearly gave the other guy an advantage. She tried her best not to show any signs of weakness. There was no way she was going to lose this! Too much was at stake! She pulled out the last of her energy, but sadly… That just weren’t enough. The other guy was better, and soon the game would declare him as winner. Ruby felt like her heart had jumped all the way up to her throat. She needed her D-Pad! She needs Ciermon! She made a quick turned to the guy that were looking at her with a victorious smile on his lips. Taking the D-Pad up from his pocket, and kind of waved it in a teasing way in front of her.

 “Well too bad. Seems like I’m going to keep this after al-“he stopped his sentence when something suddenly grabbed the phone in his hand. He closed his eyes for a moment, just to open them and see the phone were gone!

 A little laugh came from Ruby. She reached out her arm, and there Diego would make a soft landing, while holding the D-Pad in his claws. “Good boy, Diego” a little giggle came from her as she gentle scratched Diego on his neck, and then grabbed her D-Pad, quick putting it back in her pocket. The guy didn’t seemed quite impressed, and got a more neutral look on his face. “Cat got your tongue? Or should I say ‘parrot’?” Ruby made a wide grin, and Diego as well added in a ‘parrot! Squak!’ Ruby wasn’t happy about losing. She hated to lose in a battle, but the most important was that she now had her D-Pad back.

“Well I guess you got me there, Braidy.”

Ruby corked her brow and looked at him. Was he making fun of her blue braid? “You sure bet I did…! But don’t feel too confident just yet. I’ll be back for a new challenge… You only won because I was exhausted after the first battle!” That clearly had to be the reason for her lose, according to Ruby.

 “Now let’s wait up and see about that! Today you’re the loser...! My name is Hunter, by the way…” he said, and didn’t really paid attention to the crowd that clearly knew who he were. Ruby though had no clue.

“Well I couldn’t really care less, but I guess that’ll just make it easier for me to find you for our next battle…! I’m Ruby” she didn’t wait for a response from him, and jumped down from the platform, through the crowd and hurried out of there. The crowd had really annoyed her by now, so she needed some space.


“Now what if that hadn’t worked, huh? What if you actually had lost me to that tonto?” it came from her pocket, with a clearly displeased voice. Ciermon wasn’t quite happy about almost being lost to someone else that easy. “You have to be more careful, and at least close your pockets properly before you jump around and bailar like that!”

 “I already said I was sorry, didn’t I? You get upset way too easily, Ciermon…!” Ruby had already heard those words many times from Ciermon before. That she had to be more careful. Like she didn’t already know that? She wasn’t a complete idiot!

“But we got some good información out of your little stunt back there…! I saw something interesting in his bolsillo! He had something I’m muy sure were like your D-Pad. He is a Digi-Destined too!”

Ruby continued walking down the street, and actually didn’t seem quite impressed by those information’s. “So? Why is that good information?” she quick asked him, like it was some kind of stupid thing he just had told her.

“What do you creer with that?? Don’t you want to know about other Digi-Destined? Hablar with them and such stuff?” Ruby sighed, and got a little annoyed that she had to go through that talk once again with Ciermon. It was a normal subject of discussion between them, but for him to keep mentioning it had to be because he cared about her social life, right?

 “We have already talked about this before…! First of all, I’m not good in a group. I don’t know how to act in one or towards others like that…! I feel more comfortable around Digimon and animals. I don’t need to talk to other Digi-Destined…! We’ll be fine without others. Just you and I, Ciermon. You and I, that’s all I’ll need…!”

Ciermon didn’t respond right away, and were probably thinking it through what she just had told him. “….Well I just worry about you. I want you to have other amigos. You shall not feel alone…!”

“I don’t feel alone! I got you and Diego. I’m not in need of anything el-“ Ruby got interrupted in her sentence when loud sounds of screaming and explosions could be heard. Ruby had an idea of what maybe could be going on… So instead of running away from it like so many of the other people, she ran straight towards the sounds. Another huge explosion went off, and Ruby quick got behind a wall to protect herself from eventual stuff that would come flying through the air. She short peeked around the corner to see what were going on. Just as she thought. A Digimon. She grabbed her D-Pad in her pocket, and the teal light from it released Ciermon few seconds after. Now standing next to Ruby, and looking at the Digimon as well.

“Starmon. Champion level…” Ruby said after she had used her D-Pad to identify the Digimon. “We should be able to take that down before it makes anymore trouble… Are you ready, Ciermo-“ Ruby got interrupted when suddenly she heard more noises. Starmon wasn’t alone now. Three new Digimon came in, and started fighting Starmon. One of them looking like a young woman. Tall, beautiful and with long black hair. Her body covered in what to seem to be leaves. Another one looking like some kind of big fuzzy animal. Some kind of otter maybe? Fuzzy blue eyebrows and some kind of yellow orb by its tail. The last one was just as Ciermon looking like a deer. Just much bigger, with a marvelous pair of antlers, decorated with orbs. Long legs with silvery rings around the front legs. Why would they attack the other Digimon if they were working together? Now wait a minute. Ruby moved further around the corner, and there saw three people. Two boys and one girl. All around her own age. Cheering for the three Digimon that just started their attack on Starmon.

“Ruby, mirar! They must be Digi-Destined too!” Ciermon said with a slight excitement in his voice. He had actually never met other Digi-Destined, or other partner Digimon for that sake. Ruby didn’t seemed quite as excited, and actually had a rather unimpressed look at her face, while watching the champion Digimon fight.

“I guess so. It must have been some of those I have seen news about in the television…”

“Shall I go into the fight tambien?” Ciermon looked up at Ruby, and waited for her command of what to do.

 “No… Let’s first wait up and see how things will go before we’ll do anything…!” She returned back to her hiding spot, and for now would just look how things would go. The three Digimon each took turns on attacking Starmon, or made some kind of combo with their attacks, but Starmon was fast and not that easy to get. At a point the big fuzzy otter got pushed backwards from a blow, and into the woman with the long black hair. Leaving the deer one alone for some moments to attack. Starmon made a quick move, and the deer as well were blown away by the attack, forced down on the ground.

 “Rusdramon, watch out!!” one of the boys shouted, and looked like he were going to run to his partner Digimon, but got stopped by the other boy.

“Don’t be a fool, James! You can’t get into the battle, or else you’ll just get killed!”

Starmon moved towards Rusdramon that were down on the ground, and seemed like he wanted to give it another blow of attacks.

“Okay, Ciermon go!” Ruby shouted, and came out from her hiding place, pointing her D-Pad at Ciermon.

“Okay!” Ciermon made a jump in front of Ruby, and got engulfed in a strong teal light, coming from the D-Pad.

 “W-Who is that?” the girl with the boys said, looking in the direction where Ruby and Ciermon were. The boys looked just as surprised as her though, and couldn’t give her an answer to her question.

“Ciermon, Digivolve…” Ciermons legs grew much longer and stronger, the golden ring around his neck disappearing and got replaced by 4 new rings. 2 around his front legs, and 2 more around the root of his antlers. His small antlers grew larger and got more prongs, decorated with two blue scarves around the front prongs. His brown tufts of fur on his head grew to long bangs, and the spots on his back moved down to his thigh and side, making new markings in his fur. Finishing the touch with his tail growing more fluffy and long tufts of fur grew from his back legs, and small thorns growing out from the side of all four of his legs. “Dolamon!” he shouted with a more masculine voice than before, and came jumping out of the teal light. He rushed over to Rusdramon, and got in front of her when Starmon made an attack.

“Meteor Shower!” Starmon raised his arms up in the air, and a black haze appeared above him, soon shooting a shower of shooting starts towards Ciermon and Rusdramon.

“Holy Reflection!” The rings around Dolamons legs started to shine in a bright teal light, and as he reared up on his back legs, a wall of light appeared in front of him. The Meteor Shower hit it right spot on, but couldn’t break through the wall. “That isn’t all, Estrella!” Dolamon said and smirked in the direction of Starmon. Few seconds after, the Meteor Shower got reflected by the wall of light and thrown right back at Starmon. He started to panic, and hadn’t really seen that coming, but he couldn’t dodge it before his own attack hit him. Dolamon made a little confident chuckle, and turned his head to Rusdramon. “No need to thank me, guapa. You just stay down so you won’t break a prong” he gave her a confident smirk, but she didn’t seem to be quite impressed by his behavior, as he had hoped.

“Guppa, what? Who do you think you are? I don’t need someone to defend me…! I can fight too!”

“Well it sure didn’t seem like that, and it’s called ‘guapa’. Means ‘beautiful’, ‘because you are,” he smirked again, and raised his head in a proud position. Though Dolamon was too busy with making himself look good, he didn’t noticed that Starmon was back up on his legs, and were going to attack Dolamon from behind.

“Dolamon, watch your back instead of flirting!” Ruby yelled to him, but he was too slow. Luckily for him, the female Digimon with long black hair came to his aid, and jumped high up in the sky.

“Great Cannon!” She aimed at Starmon with her hand shaped like a big claw, and used her left arm to secure it, before shooting a beam from her palm at Starmon. He couldn’t avoid the sudden attack, and as soon as the attack hit him, his body got split into pieces of data that went over to one of the boys, holding out what seemed like a kind of D-Pad like Ruby's.

“Awesome! Well done job, Bambusmon!” he made a thumbs up to the female Digimon before she grew back to her rookie form. A little panda like looking Digimon, with a tough expression. The big fuzzy otter as well grew back to rookie form, now looking more like an ordinary otter with silvery rings around the tail. As last ones both Rusdramon and Dolamon grew back to rookie too, both looking like deer fawns, the female one just with purple markings and small horns on her head.

“Well not bad, Ciermon… But you have to stay more focused the next time…!”

 “Well how shall I be able to when such a guapa little fawn is close by?” again Ciermon turned his attention to the female deer, but just as before she wasn’t impressed by his attempts to make her notice how ‘handsome’ he was.

“Wow, thanks for the help! Your Digimon was really cool!” Ruby turned around by the sound of the female voice, and was met by a pair of blue eyes. Blue eyes that belonged to a girl with long semi-curled hair, and a big smile on her lips. “It’s great to meet another Digi-Destined! My name is Piper by the way, and this is Caesarmon!” she lifted up the little otter Digimon, and proudly showed him to Ruby, like he were some kind of stuff toy she just had won. Ruby though seem like she couldn’t care less, and were about to say something when the two boys came over to them as well.

“Hey, ehm… Thanks for helping Rusdramon out there. It could have been a real mess if you hadn’t showed up. I’m James. You have met Odocomon already.” That boy was having russet brown colored hair, and not really with a big smile on his face like Piper.

 “Oh yea I sure have met señorita Odocomon!” Ciermon made a wide grin, and tried to look completely irresistible while looking at Odocomon. Still not him any attention, and looking in another direction.

“Oh yea, and that guy there is Reyez and his partner, Ailurmon!” Piper said, and pointed towards Reyez, and the panda Digimon next to him. He looked tougher than the other guy, with many tattoos on his body. The panda Digimon looking just as tough and her hands on her hips.

 “Yea hi” Reyez short responded, and didn’t really made a big fuss out of meeting Ruby. Ruby looked around on all of them, and already started to feel insecure on what to say or do… Mostly just wanting to run away instead of standing there like a complete idiot.

“Yea… Name is Ruby. And this is Ciermon” she made a short movement with her head in Ciermon’s direction, but then got ‘attacked’ with questions from all directions. Or to her it felt like it. Also keeping an eye on Piper that seemed to have her eyes on Diego. Yep, he had been sitting on Ruby’s shoulder through the whole thing almost like nothing had happened at all.

“Have you always been living in the city?”

“Do you know other Digi-Destined?”

“Are you a group too?”

It all became way too much for Ruby, and she had to stop it! “Okay, people, keep your pants on! What’s up with those stupid questions? I decide to let Ciermon go help you, and you think you can treat me like we actually KNOW each other…! Well sorry to spoil your dreams, but that’s really none of your business…! I don’t give a damn about you or any other Digi-Destined! Ciermon and I can take care of our own, so stop acting like a bunch of stupid kids…! Seriously, geez” she moved her hand to her head like she were getting a headache, and she got a few surprised looks because of her bit rude attitude.

“What’s up with the attitude, girl? You’re acting like some kind of prima donna!” Reyez said, showing a bit of annoyance about her rude behavior.

“Yea they were just trying to be nice! You sure seem to have high thoughts about yourself!” Ailurmon added in on his comment.

That made Ciermon go into defend mode, and stepped in between Ruby and the others. “Hey, no one talks to Ruby como that! Especially not a little white and black fluff with coffee ojos! Tss… You’re not worthy either of our attention!” he made a snobbish pose, and was just shining with confidence.

 “Oh what’re you saying to me? Like I’ll be told such crap from some foreign jerk like you? I think those antlers are sitting a little too tight on your fat skull!” Ailurmon responded back, and the atmosphere between the two Digimon got rather uncomfortable.

“What I’m saying is that I’m WAY better than you! I mean, just look at me! Everyone knows that Virus Buster Digimon are muy better than others! Boys especially!”

“Why you damn little-“ Ailurmon raised her paw, and Ciermon as well got into a fighting position, though they both got stopped by Caesarmon that stepped in between them.

 “Wait, you guys! There is no need for a fight! We should all get along together. We’re all the same. Digi-Destined and partners. We-“

“There is no ‘we’ between us!” Ruby interrupted Caesarmon with a harsh voice. “Ciermon and I are one team! There is no ‘we’ that contains anymore than the two of us! I’m not interested in being part of your little kindergarten group. You can go mess up fights on your own, but it’ll be without me. Teams, tss… Being a team with so many members only leads to fights and foolishness!  You can’t tell me you all get along all the time, and are lovey dovey good friends 24/7! Don’t make me laugh! This was a onetime thing! I don’t give a damn about either of you all! Ciermon, we’re leaving…!” Ruby didn’t bother to way for an answer, and simply started walking away from there.

“Well maybe we’ll meet again, guapa. Stay pretty!” Ciermon made a last attempt to charm Odocomon, but still without any luck. So he quick ran after Ruby, and left the group, kinda like “wow” after that speech Ruby just pulled off.

“Wow, what a bitch. Like we would want to be friends with her anyway! And that selfish bambi thing!” Ailurmon was clearly not pleased with what Ciermon said before, and sure would have tried to beat him up if they hadn’t left so fast.

“I just hope this won’t be a ‘Hunter and Rose Divine thing’ all over again, so we’ll get ourselves a new enemy…” James said, and looked around on the rest of the group that seemed a little speechless about the position. If It was because some didn’t knew what to say, or simply didn’t care were another thing.

Ciermon's Dictionary:
Chica = Girl
Perdone = Excuse me
Hola = Hello
Huero = Empty
Comida = Food
Tonto = Fool
Bailar = Dance
Información = Information
Bolsillo = Pocket
Creer = Mean
Hablar = Talk
Amigos = Friends
Mirar = Look
Tambien = Too
Guapa = Beautiful
Señorita = Miss
Como = Like
Ojos = Eyes
Muy = Much or Very



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