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Swap Episode

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By: Strontium-Chloride

“Urrr…” Evan said, as light began to infiltrate his dreams. He pushed himself out of bed and slowly opened his eyes. He ached all over, and to compensate he stretched his arms out wide. A dull throb was coming from Evan’s head, and he held it in his hands as he spotted his Digimon’s cute pink ears peeking over the bed.

“G’morning,” Irbimon said, hopping onto the bed. She seemed cheerful enough after last night’s beating.

“Not really,” Evan sighed.

"Still upset about last night?”

“More than you. And you’re the one that got hurt,” Evan said.

Irbimon shrugged. “So, I should be the one in pain, but I’m okay, so you should be too.”


They sat on the bed together, taking in the light from the half-open window.

“Where’s Tammy?” Evan finally asked.

“She said there was no food in the kitchen, and went to go get some,” Irbimon said, smiling.

“About time. There really wasn’t any food left.”

“Ha! You’re a pig.”

Evan put some pressure on Irbimon’s head. “Say that again and I’ll squash you,” he said, in a joking way.

“Oh no! Haha,” Irbimon said, wriggling out from her Tamer’s hold. “Let’s get you dressed mister.”

Right after Evan poured his coffee a knock came at the door.

“I’ve got it!” Irbimon said from the couch, but Evan opened it anyways. Tammy was at the threshold, carrying a large brown bag.

“Guess who’s got bagels?” she said.

“Me too,” a voice from behind said. Tammy walked in the door and behind her, Poemon, walked in with a smaller bag. “She doesn’t like it when the Everything bagels get the seeds on the plains,” he explained.

“Eww, me neither,” Irbimon said, sticking out her tongue.

Evan poured a cup of coffee for Tammy as well, who added some sugar to it. “Was the place crowded?” he asked.

“Not really. Early enough that people didn’t really seem to notice Poemon.”

“Hmm,” Evan said, as they took a seat at the table. He started applying some cream cheese to a sesame seed bagel.

“So,” Tammy said, “About last night.”

“Don’t even,” Evan asserted. “I don’t want to think about it.”

“We have to though, you know that.”

“Yeah…fine.” He stuck the bagel in his mouth.

Last night had been terrible. The two of them were out when a group of loose Digimon – no doubt under the employment of the Divines – ambushed them. Even though the rouges were only champion level, the sheer numbers gave them advantage. Skadimon and Valramon didn’t stand a chance, and Tammy had to call backup.

“It’s just that, everyone’s getting stronger but I feel like we’re kind of in a rut,” Tammy explained. “It’s great that we have such able friends but we need to be more independent. They’ve all gotten to Ultimate level and Poemon and Irbimon haven’t yet.”

“Yeah, and I’m kind of jealous of that,” Irbimon butted in.

“So we need to get stronger,” Evan said. “We should spar.”

“Is that such a good idea?” Tammy asked before sipping her coffee.

“We’ll go out of the city. Come on, if we want to get stronger, we need to train like we did in the Digital World.”

“What if someone gets hurt?” Poemon asked.

“Guys, it’s just a friendly spar,” Evan assured them. “We can call it off if it gets out of hand.”

“Well, I haven’t really thought of anything else. We might as well try it,” Tammy said.

“Let’s go after breakfast,” Evan said. “I’m not done with this bagel.”

“Alright!” Irbimon said. “A friendly spar… just you and me buddy!” She patted Poemon on the back, but the raven seemed less confident.


“Something isn’t right about today,” Peter said.

He was at Frank’s apartment, sitting at a table near a window. The sunny sky that greeted him this morning had disappeared behind thick grey clouds. Caesarmon sat in his lap, wagging her tail as her Tamer petted her.

“Come on,” Frank said. “Don’t get all superstition-y on me.” He handed Peter some tea.

“No, she’s right,” Siberimon, Frank’s partner, said. She closed her eyes. “There’s something about the wind today, it seems sort of off.”

“You’re not even outside,” Frank retorted.

“Maybe I can feel the wind when I’m inside,” Siberimon said, crossing her arms.

Frank sighed and took a seat at the same table. “Last night was a killer, huh?”

“It was,” Peter said.

“I kind of feel bad for them,” Caesarmon said. “Kind of.”

“Not me. They should be stronger. We all had to face challenges, and they backed out of theirs,” Siberimon asserted.

“Yeah!” Caesarmon agreed, changing her mind. “We’re more daring then them. We’re more heroic.”

“Or maybe they were really outmatched?” Peter said honestly.

The others at the table gave him a look. “Don’t go to their defense,” Frank said. “It’s about time that they stopped spending so much time in love and got down to business.”

“Whatever,” Peter said, and he returned to looking out the window. “I’m still sticking by my feeling that something’s going to go wrong today.”

“Fine,” Frank said, unconvinced, but the two Digimon were looking out the window too.


“Ready Valramon? Think you can beat me?” Skadimon yelled from across the field.

“Oh, well, um…” Valramon faltered, “Probably not…”

“Val come on! You’re supposed to say you can!” Tammy shouted to her partner. “Now go get her!”

Valramon charged at Skadimon, as his body was enveloped in black energy. “Night Strike!” he called out. Skadimon dodged in time to avoid the full force of the blow, but Valramon’s claws nicked her on the side.

Valramon came flying around like a boomerang, and Skadimon’s claws were engulfed in an icy aura. “Frozen Grip!” she yelled, sliding under the bird Digimon and raking at his belly. Valramon shrieked in pain and tumbled through the sky, landing disgracefully on the ground.

“Valramon, get up!” Tammy yelled. She saw a fierce look in both Evan and Skadimon’s eyes.

Valramon tried to pick himself up, but Skadimon leapt at him before he could recover his position in the air. “Hungering Cold!” Her bite was especially strong and Valramon felt himself slipping.

“What’s the matter Val, can’t handle the cold?” Skadimon taunted.

“Valramon, don’t give in!” Tammy said. To Evan she cried, “Call your Digimon off! It’s getting too out of hand!”

“Are you giving up?” Evan said. “Don’t give up! We’re to reach Ultimate! I can feel it!” Above the spar the clouds, which were somewhat dark before, began to gather. Valramon’s body shook, as if he were affected by the sudden change in the clouds.

Tammy ignored the scenery, focusing only on the battle. Evan thinks I’m weak, she thought. We need to prove we aren’t pushovers.

“Get up Valramon! Prove our strength!” she yelled hastily.

But the convulsing Digimon did not heed his partner’s words. Instead, a terrible, toxic green light engulfed him. Skadimon stood back to watch the horrible transformation. Valramon’s feathers shriveled up in green flame until his wings were skeletons with only the bat-like membrane on them. The darkness that formed his tail created a mane around his face, and a horrible plague doctor like face took over the once-kind face of the raven Digimon. “Murdermon!” he shrieked.

Tammy felt her strength ebb away. With nothing to feel, she collapsed to the ground.

“Tammy!” Evan said, rushing over to her side. “Tammy, get up!” he prodded, but she only groaned.

Behind them, Murdermon let out a terrible cacophony of shrieks and caws, and then took to the skies. His path of flight was clear – downtown.

Evan helped pick Tammy up, who was feeling quite dizzy. “That was the worst feeling ever,” she said quietly. Skadimon looked on in concern. Was this my fault? she asked herself.

“What happened to Valramon?” he asked, but Tammy didn’t know. “I know one thing for sure – this isn’t his normal Ultimate evolution. When that green light engulfed him, it was a stab at my heart.” She held her head in one hand and her other hand stabilized her on the ground. “I feel sick now.”

“Me too,” Skadimon said, flicking her tail around Evan and Tammy. “This is my fault. I was too hard on Valramon.”

“So what are we going to do? Sit here and let our own Digimon destroy the city?” Evan said, getting up from the ground. “Come on, Skadimon. If this is your problem you need to fix it.”

“No,” Tammy said, waving Evan down. “This was my fault. I wanted to become stronger, but I didn’t consider Valramon’s limits. I pushed him too far. And now I’ve got to fix it.”

Evan was about to protest, but he saw the determination in Tammy’s eyes, and beyond that, the sadness of loosing someone dear to her. “Alright. We’ll fix this together.”

Hoisting Tammy onto Skadimon’s back, Evan mounted his own bike and led the group back into the city.


“Goddammit!” Reina yelled out. She peered out from her rain jacket. Her logical conclusion, based on the thick clouds, was that it was going to rain today, but guess what? It was actually a Digimon attack. The black bird had just flown over the sky. It circled around the tallest building in the city before making it its new perch.

A blue flash of light manifested itself next to Reina and formed into Ailurmon. “What are you so excited about?” he said, crossing his hands over his chest.

“It’s another rouge Digimon. And here I thought I was going to get a break from last night…” she pouted.

“Come on crybaby,” Ailurmon said, tugging his Tamer’s sleeves. “We’ll be done with this quick.”

Reina felt her D-Touch vibrate in her jacket pocket. “¿Qué pasa?” she said causally as she answered the call.

Reina, it’s Tammy,” she said on the other end. Tammy sounded bad, winded.

“You need another backup?” Reina teased.

No, I need your help. That Digimon about to destroy the city is Poemon.”

“What?” Reina exclaimed. Ailurmon tugged on her sleeve again. “What? What is it?” he said.

“She says that flying Digimon was Poemon!”

“Poemon?” Ailurmon said. He shouted up at building where the evil version of Poemon resided. “Hey Poemon, get your fat ass down here so we can fight you! Or… get you back to normal at least,” he said, his bravado wearing off.

Will you help?” Tammy said, getting Reina’s attention back.

“Of course. We’re always up for a good fight,” she said, and then privately said to Ailurmon, “even if we’re just cleaning up your messes.” The panda Digimon giggled.

We’ll be there soon. Keep Murdermon at bay for us.”

“Whatever,” Reina said, dismissing Tammy’s concern. She and Ailurmon ran across to the foot of Murdermon’s perch.

The elevators were closed, and the building was being evacuated, which was the perfect amount of chaos to let both Tamer and Digimon in unnoticed. They sneaked over to the stairs and began to climb them vigorously. After a few flights they were both feeling the burn.

“Why did it have to be Poemon,” Ailurmon whined. “Why not someone who was terrestrial based?”

“Who’s the crybaby now?” Reina teased, but she was silently wishing that there were an easier way than climbing the stairs.

Almost immediately a thought popped into her head. “Ailurmon, I bet as Bambusmon you could shoot a vine to the top and pull us up.”

“Worth a shot,” he said, and in a flash of blue light his Champion form, Bambusmon, appeared. His shapely body was less feminine as it would be for the female members of this species, but it was just as powerful.

Grabbing Reina in a large hand, Bambusmon shot a thick vine from the other palm up towards the impossible final floor. “Bombs away!” he called as the vine yanked them up though the spaces between the staircases.

At the top of the building, Reina and Bambusmon could hear the high-pitched shrieks of Murdermon, outside on the building’s sprier. “One, two, three!” Bambusmon said, busting down the door and rushing outside, fists raised for combat.

They were late to the party. On the roofs of the adjacent and tall buildings, they could see Peter and Aureliumon, Jessie and Oisinmon and Frank and Byakkomon firing attacks at the corrupted Digimon.

“Just in time!” Frank yelled over the battle.

“Looks like I’m needed for backup again!” she shouted.

Murdermon swiveled his head around to catch the duo on the roof. “CAWWWWWWW!” he screamed, firing a blast of pure dark energy at them. Bambusmon was engulfed in a blue light, and appeared as Mistresmon, who used a flower shield to block the attack.

“He’s strong!” Reina commented. Mistresmon grunted, and then flew his Tamer over to the roof with Frank on it. He was locked in the throes of combat, as Byakkomon summoned fierce winds to fight against Murdermon’s dark attacks.

“Look at you two go!” Reina teased. Mistresmon let her down gently.

“Be serious!” Frank exclaimed. “Get Mistresmon to tie Murdermon down.”

Byakkomon and Mistresmon launched themselves at the dark raven. “Discipline!” the fairy Digimon shouted, as thorny vines wrapped themselves around Murdermon’s bony wings. Byakkomon raised her powerful sword and connected it with Murdermon’s skull head. “Full Moon Divide!”

Murdermon shook off the two Digimon and the vines holding him down. “Nox Gale!” he screamed, letting a flurry of dark winds loose among the area. The teams were blown back, getting closer to the edges of the roofs.

The Digimon recovered quickly, helping their partners brave the winds.

“All at once!” Peter shouted over the dark storm. “Ready, go!”

“Sudden Gale!”

“Beautiful Bouquet!”

“Lunar Barrage!”

“Ocean Massacre!”

The attacks hit Murdermon head on, causing him to shriek in pain and the winds to die down. But after the clouds dispersed, he was still standing as intimidating as ever. The Digimon returned to the roofs silently. This was no ordinary foe.

“We need more help!” Jessie said.

“Then help us with the door!” a voice said, coming from the stair door that led to the roof. Jessie turned to help Evan and Tammy exit the staircase. “We walked up the whole way,” Evan panted. Tammy was panting too, but she seemed ready for action.

“I need to get close to Murdermon. I need to apologize,” she insisted.

Skadimon materialized out of Evan’s D-Touch. “I need to help, too.”

“We all kind of caused this mess,” Evan explained. Then to Oisinmon, he asked: “Can you get Tammy close?”

“As close as I can,” the centaur Digimon said. He helped Tammy up on his back, and then bounded off across the roofs towards Murdermon. “Cover me!” he shouted to the others.

The other Ultimate level Digimon continued their assault on Murdermon, leaving Skadimon to watch, as she had no way to reach the corrupted Digimon from this distance. “I’m still the only one who hasn’t evolved further,” she complained.

“That’s okay for now,” Evan said. “I don’t want you turning out like this.”

Murdermon continued to absorb the attacks, and he caught wind of Oisinmon with Tammy on his back. A black orb of darkness flew from his beak. “Darkness Overlord!” Oisinmon reacted in time to pull out an arrow and deflect the orb away.

Tammy felt a sudden, sharp pain. He tried to attack me, his own Tamer, she realized.

They snuck behind the large raven, near where Reina and Bambusmon had entered, on the tall building. Oisinmon had an arrow knocked for safety. Tammy jumped off his back and cupped her hand around her mouth.

“Poemon!” she shouted. “I know that’s you, in there!”

Murdermon turned around then opened up his large beak. “CAAAAAAWWW!”

The force of the shriek pushed Tammy and Oisinmon back, but Tammy would not give up. “You’re my partner, Poemon! I’m sorry that I pushed you too hard! I just didn’t want everyone else to think we’re weak!”

Murdermon eyed Tammy carefully.

“The thing is that, it doesn’t matter who reaches Ultimate stage first, or who’s the strongest, it matters that we’re a team, who sticks together no matter what!” she yelled. “Our bond is strong, no matter our battling strength. We’re partners till the end.”

Something in Murdermon seemed to be affected, because he began to convulse violently as before. Oisinmon tightened his grip on the arrow. But Tammy knew what was coming next.

In a blast of green light, Murdermon disappeared and was replaced by the small Poemon. The others seemed to loosen a bit, but their Digimon remained alert. “Be careful,” Oisinmon warned Tammy as she approached Poemon. “He could still be corrupted.”

“He’s not,” she said. “I can feel it.”

Poemon began to realize where he was. He saw the destruction around him, and instinctively he knew he had caused it. A sense of intense guilt washed over Poemon. Tammy rushed up to him and gave her partner a hug.

“I’m sorry that I was weak,” he apologized.

“Don’t ever think you’re weak, Poemon,” she said.

The other teams collected their Digimon and headed back down to ground level. Poemon and Tammy stayed a bit longer, taking in the afternoon sun as it broke through the dark clouds.  



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