Fire and Lightning

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By: FaiOrimizu

"Katrina! Are the clothes ready?" came a female voice.

"Almost mom!" the voice of 22-year-old Katrina Lockhart, who liked to be called Rina for short, as she bagged some clothes, "Just need what Tori needs washed."

"I put them in the basket," came a young voice. It belonged to Rina's 13-year-old sister, Victoria, called Tori for short.

"I don't see anything of yours," Rina called back to her.

Soon the clothes were put in a bag and the siblings’ mom was off to the laundry mat. Rina changed from her dark pink pajama's to blue jeans, burgundy t-shirt, gray sneakers, and a black jean crop jacket. Tori glanced at her older sister. "Is he allowed out now?" she asked.

Rina looked at her sister from where she sat on the couch with her laptop on her lap opened up to the Internet in the family's living room. "I don't know Tori. He's been really hyper ever since he evolved," she said with a sigh as she glanced with her cerise colored eyes at a ruby colored device beside her. She flipped a lock of her layered shoulder length copper colored hair.

"Mom and dad aren't here and everyone else is gone for awhile. Please?" she begged.

Rina sighed in defeat. "Fine. Come on Kel. You can come out now," she called to the device and from it came a ruby colored light that materialized into a creature. This creature stood about 2'9" and looked like a black cat with dark green eyes. It's long skinny black tail that was about half as long as its body had a white tip at the end of it and its paws were white. A white diamond of fur was on its chest near its neck.

"Finally!" the creature exclaimed in a male voice before it was scooped up into the arms of Tori. "Gah!"

"You’re so cute!!" she exclaimed hugging the poor cat to death.

The cat glanced at Rina with a pleading look. "Go easy on Kellasmon, Tori. If you choke him to death then what will happen when wild Digimon come looking for a fight?" Rina questioned her younger sister, who released the cat Digimon quickly.

"Right. I forgot," she said and then left the room. Rina shook her head at her sister. Ever since Tori had accidentally walked into her room to see her talking to Kellasmon Tori was head over heels for the cat Digimon wishing she had a cute Digimon much like him. Rina prayed no Digimon had to endure what her Digimon was put through every day with her sibling, but at the same time prayed some cute Digimon to come along to distract her from her partner Digimon. Tori was into anything cute, baby animals and the like, but sometimes what she saw as cute was not to everyone else around. Rina never truly understood her sister.

"I hate it when she does that," the cat Digimon said with a hint of anger in his voice before hopping up beside his human companion on the couch eyeing the computer screen. "Looking up the walkthrough again?" he asked her.

"Yup I finally made it through chapter one and I'm onto chapter two. My first important duel is against Crow who uses the Blackwings who like to come out fast and strong for battle or for synchro summons," Rina answered. What she was referring to was the Nintendo DS game called 'Yu-gi-oh World Championship 2011 Over the Nexus'. Not many knew she liked to play the card/video game except her sibling, cousins, the adults of her family, her few chosen friends, and her partner. She wasn't a pro at it nor was she a rookie; she was in between the two.

The cat looked at his partner who grew quiet beside him. "Are you going to try to see if we can join them?" he asked her. He was talking about some other humans with Digimon who the duo had seen. Rina knew them from around town. The first she had seen was a girl named Eva and her friend Frankie along with a boy named James. The two girls each had cat Digimon called Irbimon, Eva, and Siberimon, Frankie, while James had a deer Digimon called Odocomon. Then there was Tom, Eva's boyfriend she had learned, and Poemon, a raven like Digimon, Reyez and the panda Digimon Ailurmon, and finally Piper and the otter Digimon Caesarmon. She quite surprised when the Divine twins, Hunter and Rose, appeared with Digimon, the two dog-like Digimon named Skollmon and Hatimon.

"I don't think so Kellasmon," she replied. They were the only ones she knew that had Digimon beside herself, but she feared she would just be in the way of the others since Kellasmon could only go to champion while the others could go to ultimate.

"Your choice," he said with a shrug of his shoulders, "but I still think we should at least try."

"And if they ask how I know of them? What do I say then? Maybe, 'I've watched you guys from a far for a while'. Then they'll ask why I haven't been there to back them up when a Digimon appears. They have their own plans and stuff plus from what I've seen so far they are fine without our help," Rina told him. Suddenly the device Kellasmon came out of beeped like with a warning. Both human and Digimon looked at it. "The D-Touch," Rina murmured.

"Looks like it's time for some fun," the cat said leaping off the couch to the floor.

Rina rolled her eyes at her partner. "Tori, me and Kel have to go out," she called to her sister.

"Another rogue?" Tori questioned.

"Seems like it. Can you take care of the laptop?"

"Sure. Take them out!" Tori said with a smile.

"Will do!" Kellasmon said with a grin. Rina rolled her eyes at her partner and with that the duo was out the door.


Soon the duo arrived at the park. "You sure this is where it is?" Rina questioned her Digimon.

"Yup. My senses never lie," he said as his fur stood on edge. He stood on all fours putting his nose to work. "But something seems off," he said.

"Yeah, I would say something's off," a new female voice said, "And that would be your senses." The voice sounded slightly sassy.

Rina and Kellasmon turned sharply to a tree to see sitting on a branch a strange fox creature lounging on it. Its fur was cream colored, white on its paws and tail tip plus on its nose. It gazed down at the duo with its brown eyes. "What the?" Rina questioned then looked to her D-Touch as info appeared on it. "Kevamon, rookie level. What the? Rookie? A rookie came through after so many champions? This has got to be a joke."

"Keva, where the hell did you go?" came a male voice as a male body appeared to Rina and the two Digimon.

Rina's eyes went wide. "No way! Carter?!" she exclaimed.

The boy turned his cyan colored eyes, which widened at the sight of the girl before him. "Rina?!" he exclaimed. His rust colored hair was on the shaggy a bit with short fringe bangs over his forehead was just like she remembered it. From what she remembered about him in school he liked to wear his clothes tight to show off his muscles and this was true now because he wore a tight fitting crimson t-shirt with quarter cut sleeves. He wore what looked like black leather pants that were a snug fit on his legs and dark red sneakers. He glanced down at Kellasmon and his eyes went wider. "You got a Digimon too?" he questioned as Kevamon leapt down to stand beside him.

Kellasmon stood straight up and Rina noted that both Digimon looked about the same height. She glanced down at her partner. "So you found another partnered Digimon," she taunted. He gave a low growl as he glared at her.

"There are more?" Carter questioned making Rina start.

"Yes, but not around here," she replied. She had no idea if he was on the good side or on the side of the Divine's.

"Nice try sweet," Kevamon said sweetly. All eyes turned to the fox Digimon. "I've seen other Digimon around town with human partners."

Carter turned with narrowed eyes at Rina. "Why did you lie?" he questioned.

"She doesn't have to answer you," Kellasmon said deducing what his partner tried to do. Then his ear twitched and his gaze shot skyward. "In coming!" he called. Everyone looked skyward to see some strange creature coming straight down at them.

Both humans ducked out of the way as did the rookie Digimon while the creature landed with a heavy thud looking ready to fight. "Dinobeemon, ultimate level. Ultimate? That's going to be a challenge. Attacks are Irritant Buzz, Wild Thunder Claw, and Death Masquerade," Rina read from her D-Touch.

"There's another," Kevamon said a large human like figure who looked like some type of knight appear leaping to stand beside Dinobeemon.

Rina watched as Carter pulled out a saffron colored D-Touch. "Mistymon, also ultimate level. Attacks are Core Dart and Blast Fire. This can't be good," he said then glanced down at Kevamon who stood before him ready to fight, "You've only gone to champion and these two are ultimate level."

"I can handle them," Kevamon said with a growl.

Rina looked to Kellasmon. "You think you stand a chance?" she asked him.

"Won't know 'til I try," he said before he leapt forward towards Dinobeemon. "Flame Dash!" he called as his whole body became engulfed in flames as he raced at the bug like Digimon who didn't even flinch from the attack. "Not even a twitch! Okay then…try this! Black Scorcher!" From Kellasmon's mouth a blast of black fire shot out at the ultimate Digimon who just swatted it away with a finger.

"Spark Punch!" Kevamon called as she lunged at Mistymon with a fist that had sparks of electricity coming from it. Mistymon just turned his sword without a word blocking the attack. When she landed she landed on all fours as her fur bristled and her tail stood straight up in the air and it seemed like electricity was gathering in her fur. "Shock Beam!" she called as the energy came off her back centered around a dark red diamond that Rina just noticed was in the center of Kevamon's back. It sent a stream of electricity at Mistymon, but just like Dinobeemon he hardly flinched. "Damn!" she cursed.

"You can't beat either as a rookie. Time to try champion," Rina called to Kellasmon.

"Got it!" Kellasmon called back as he became engulfed in digital energy, "Kellasmon…over-clock evolve to…" Kellasmon underwent a strange change in appearance where his fur went from black to sandy brown, his body appearance changed to that of a tiger, but his head looked like a male lion's head with a tiger tail swishing behind him and he could only stand on all fours. "…Ligermon!" Ligermon growled as Dinobeemon turned seeing the change of appearance.

"You two Kevamon!" Rina heard Carter call to the fox Digimon.

"Kevamon…over-clock evolve to…" Kevamon unlike Kellasmon did not change fur color she only grew in size to be about as big as Ligermon, which meant they were both 9'6" since Rina had measured her partner one time before. Another thing that changed was that she got a full fox face keeping her eye and face color, could only stand on all fours, and her tail split into four skinnier foxtails. The diamond on Kevamon's back grew along with her body. "…Tannusmon!" Mistymon stood ready to fight with his sword held in both hands.

"Hm…guess these guys don't taunt," Carter said.

"Some do and some don't," Rina said, "These guys know they have power. We just need to show them we have more. Are you with me Ligermon?"

"All the way Rina," Ligermon replied.

"We'll show them our bond, right Tannusmon?" Carter called to his partner.

"Right!" Tannusmon answered.

"Blistering Heat!" Ligermon charged towards Dinobeemon as his eyes glowed golden as fire fully surrounded his body and once close to him leapt with his claws out. The bug merely sidestepped the attack.

"The hell? This is nuts," Rina said.

"You're telling me. Blazing Nova!" A large star shape appeared before Ligermon and the center was right before his mouth, which he had opened and a large fireball shot from his mouth at Dinobeemon.

"Irritant Buzz," Dinobeemon said calmly with a slight buzz in his voice as his wings beat rapidly creating an annoying sound and a strong wind, which deflected Lingermon's attack. Rina held her hands over her ears trying to block the sound.

"Rina!" Ligermon exclaimed as he leapt back to shield his partner from the attack.

"Tannusmon, cover me. I'm going to help Rina," Carter called to his partner.

"Not sure why you want to, but you got it. Thunder Charge!" Tannusmon, much like charged right at Mistymon with electricity rolling around on her fur as her eyes glowed yellow. While she was charging at the knight Digimon Carter ran towards where Rina and Ligermon were.

To her surprise Mistymon merely raised one hand and caught her in the air as she leapt at him before she could do any damage. "Thou cannot hurt me," Mistymon said in an old English male voice.

"Then try this! Volt Strike!" Her four tails straightened up and four balls electricity formed at their tips before launching themselves at Mistymon who only flinched when they landed on him.

"Thou art testing my patience," Mistymon said and then his eyes saw Carter trying to get to Rina and Ligermon. He pointed his sword right at him. "Core Dart!" he called sending a blast from his sword right at Carter.

"Carter!" Tannusmon exclaimed as she broke free to shield her partner from the attack taking it herself in the side.

"Tannusmon!" Carter cried as he rushed to his partner's side.

Rina held onto one of Ligermon's legs and saw Tannusmon take the hit intended for Carter. "This is not faring well for us," she called out to Ligermon over the wind.

"You could say that again," Ligermon replied as he ducked lower to protect her.

"I'm sorry Carter," Tannusmon murmured to him.

"It's all right Tannusmon. You were watching my back," Carter told her and then tensed as Mistymon stepped towards them and Dinobeemon approached Rina and Ligermon.

"Give up now," both ultimate level Digimon said.

"There is no way I am giving up," Ligermon shot back.

"I will never give up," Tannusmon said as she stood back up.

"This world is my home!" Carter shouted at Mistymon.

"There is no way you will do any harm while I am here to protect it," Rina hollered.

"We will not lose!!" Carter, Tannusmon, Rina, and Ligermon shouted out together. Then both Carter and Rina's eyes glowed in the color of their D-Touch, Carter's saffron and Rina's ruby.

"Ligermon…proxy evolve to…" Rina watched in fascination as Ligermon took on a slightly humanoid appearance. He rose up onto his back legs, as his front paws became muscled arms with clawed hands. Around his hips was a loincloth, but overtop shorts that were colored orange. A broad sword appeared in his right hand with a golden handle and bore about five rubies in it, two on each side of the guard and the final one at the bottom of the handle. His new body was muscular and around his neck was a leather necklace with a teardrop ruby on it. "…Marozimon!"

"Tannusmon…proxy evolve to…" Much like Ligermon Tannusmon took on a humanoid appearance, but more human then animal. She rose to stand like a human female, her body covered in brown leather then on top of that dark yellow armor encased her body and she got dark yellow 4-inch heels. Her armor looked like that of a medieval female knight with a mixture of a future warrior since a small cannon appeared mounted on her left shoulder. Her helmet before a fox emblem while still having the appearance of a typical medieval helmet and around her neck was a leather choker bearing a thunderbolt mark at the front. "…Diagrimon!"

"Finally reached ultimate," Marozimon said.

"Focus, Marozimon!" Rina called to her partner as Dinobeemon lunged at him with its claws.

"Wild Thunder Claw!" the bug called.

"Not gonna happen," the cat warrior said with a growl. "Pyro Slayer!" Fire engulfed his sword and he slashed at Dinobeemon who recoiled from the attack.

"Thou believes thou can defeat me?" Mistymon questioned.

"Defiantly," Diagrimon stated.

"Then we shall see," the knight Digimon said, "Blast Fire!" Mistymon slashed at Diagrimon with his sword sending dark fire at the warrior fox who dispelled it with a sweep of her hand cutting it in half.

"Let me show you power," she said and she dashed towards him with amazing speed as he shoulder cannon became charged with electricity energy. "Spark Cannon!" She stopped directly in front of Mistymon and fired off her cannon at blank range hitting him hard making him skid a few feet closer to where Dinobeemon had fallen from where Marozimon tossed him.

"How about we end this with one final blow together?" Marozimon questioned Diagrimon.

"Sounds good to me," she agreed.

"Nova Burst!" Marozimon called as he inhaled deeply and launched a giant blast of dark red fire from his mouth at the two Digimon.

"Electro Bolt!" Diagrimon held out her right hand towards the two ultimate Digimon as a large ball of electricity sending it at them. Both attacks hit at the same time destroying both ultimate Digimon.

"And two more bite the dust!" Carter exclaimed while Rina only smiled as the two Digimon returned to their rookie forms.

"Told ya it was no problem," Kellasmon said. Suddenly sirens were heard heading in their direction.

"Sounds none too friendly," Kevamon said with a grimace.

"Time to vanish Kel," Rina called to her cat partner. He nodded and followed her as she raced away. She glanced over her shoulder to see Carter and Kevamon doing the same thing. She wondered if they would meet again, but most importantly wondered if they were on the same side. She would have to be cautious around him.


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