Fire and Lightning
At the Gala

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By: FaiOrimizu

Rina was going to kill her father, not literally though. He ordered her to accompany him and her mom to the charity function that Bella Divine was holding. She hated to go to things like this because all the higher up teens would look down on her because she wasn't like them and shouldn't be there. Her dress was sleeveless with beaded x-straps on her back that came around the front over her shoulders and they were strapped to the front of the dress. There were beads on the skirt half and it had what most girls knew as an empire waist. The color of the dress was garnet and the beads were black while her heels and purse with a thin strap so she could wear it over her shoulder were silver. Hidden inside her purse was her D-Touch with Kellasmon inside although he protested, but in the end he had no choice.

"This is going to be a very big waste of time," she murmured to herself as she walked into the main ballroom to see couples dancing away together. She glanced around and she spotted Eva Jarvis and Tom Lay together and as she looked around more and saw Frankie Pitel with James Parker, Piper Swift with Hunter Divine, and finally Reyez Louis with Rose Divine. 'This can't be good. If all of them are here something must be about to happen,' Rina thought.

"Something wrong dear?" Melissa Lockhart asked her daughter.

"Nope, nothing. Just figuring out how to avoid people who don't like me," Rina replied. With that she slipped in among the crowd.

Not half way into the crowd did she run into her least favorite snob Dina Harmon. "Well look who is here. The wanna-be," she sneered at her.

Rina could just guess that Kel was growling in the D-Touch because she had tested out if he could hear what was going on even if he was in the purse. "Right back at ya," she said in reply. Dina was a wanna-be in everything. Her parents were rich and she thought she was good in everything and those who said otherwise were paid off to say that she was good. Rina hated that. It would mean other talented artists would be pushed into the background just so Dina could be center stage.

Dina growled low in her throat and made to make a retort when someone gently took hold of Rina's arm slipping her away from Dina. "You sure make your presence known Rina," said a male voice. Rina swung her head to see who the voice belonged to only to see that it was Carter Millard dressed in a tuxedo with a pale yellow bowtie.

She yanked her arm free before crossing her arms across her chest glaring at him. "What do you want now?" she questioned him.

"Can't we just be friends?" he questioned her, "I mean I know we were back in school before we went our separate ways. What are you so afraid of?"

"I'm not afraid of anything," she shot back. She then sighed. "I'm just being wary, I mean you could be on the bad side for all I know."

"What makes you think I'm on the bad side?" he asked.

"Like I said I was being wary. Sometimes you can't tell friend from foe at times in this world," she answered him.

"Oh Carter sweetie! Where did you go?" came a new female voice making Carter stiffen up.

Rina glanced over Carter's right shoulder to see none other than Allie Maguire weaving through the crowd looking for the boy who stood before her. "Girlfriend?" she questioned him.

"No, she just thinks she is because she and her family were asked to accompany me and my family on an outing. I've been trying to tell her it's not true yet she doesn't believe me. Think we can disappear for a little to avoid her?" Carter asked her.

"But where? She seems determined to find you," Rina countered him.

"Let's step out for a little," he said swiftly leading her out to one of the balconies.

"That was a bit rough on my arm," she said to him.

"Sorry," he said to her as he gently released her arm. "I was wondering Rina…"

She glanced at him and saw that he was getting a tad nervous for some reason. "Something wrong?" she asked him.

"I was wondering if we could possibly be friends again," he stammered, "Or maybe more than friends…" She held her breath. He had asked her once back in high school to go out with him and she agreed only to be stood up by him. She never forgave him for that little fact. "…maybe roommates?"

She crossed her arms across her chest. "Roommates? Really?" she questioned, "Why would I want to be roommates with you?"

"Look I was just asking okay since we both have Digimon and we use to know each other."

"Key words, use to know each other," she corrected him.

"Just please think about it," he pleaded with her.

"Fine," she answered him just to quiet him. She glanced over at the other balcony to see Reyez and Frankie standing there. "We better head back inside," she said to Carter.

"You got a point there," Carter said as he held his arm out for her to take. She was surprised by this gesture, but placed her hand on his arm and allowed him to escort her back inside.

Sometime after Carter and Rina moved back to the main room Bella Divine started talking to the crowd Rina began to feel odd. She felt light headed. 'This is odd,' she thought to herself.

Carter glanced at her just in time to see her sway slightly. "Something wrong?" he asked her as he steadied her gently.

"Not sure. I just feel light headed," she murmured to him. She noted that the waiters were standing guard at the doors that had just been shut. 'Why are the doors being shut? Something's wrong here.'

Carter followed where she was looking. "That can't be good," he murmured then he caught sight of Rina swaying again this time towards him to which he caught her in his arms. He glanced down in worry at her as she tried to stand back up yet it seemed her legs wouldn't let her. Then he noticed some others swaying like Rina had done. Then he began to feel odd. His mind felt clouded and it was becoming hard to keep his eyes open. He noticed that Rina was trying to keep her eyes open as well, but like everyone else in the room except Bella and two paled skin males near her both he and Rina passed out dropping like lumps to the floor.

Rina's purse landed hard on the floor, but nothing spilled out from it, it only opened and in the next instant Kellasmon appeared at his tamer's side in a bright flash of ruby light. He was soon followed by Kevamon in saffron light and both Digimon checked their tamer trying to figure out what was going on. "What the hell is doing this?" Kellasmon asked with a low growl unable to rouse Rina.

Kevamon glanced around noticing the other Digimon that appeared looking towards Bella and the two men beside her. She narrowed her eyes as she noted something wafting off of the two men. "I have a feeling it has to do with Miss High and Mighty over there," she murmured to him jabbing a clawed thumb at Bella.

Kellasmon turned his head to see what Kevamon was talking about and both Digimon watched as all the other Digimon warped to their ultimate forms. "Something's not right here. That lady is taunting the hell out of them. Not to mention the unnerving way those two men beside her spoke in the same voice," Kellasmon said as he and Kevamon watched the ultimate Digimon attack Bella and the two men. They watched in horror as the ultimate level Digimon were repelled and reduced to their champion forms. As Bella left with her taunting laugh Kellasmon dashed forward with an angry growl. "Yeah laugh now 'cause next time you won't be!!!" he shouted at the woman.

"You idiot," Kevamon scolded him. "And what can you do that these others couldn't?" she questioned as she gestured to the champion Digimon who now looked down at the two rookies with surprise.

"More Digimon?" Remamon questioned.

"Looks that way," Valramon murmured and seemed to be uneasy by this fact.

Kellasmon cursed low. This was probably what Rina didn't want to happen. "We're on your side," he said, "Me and my partner Rina have been defeating any Digimon whose come through."

"Even me and Carter," Kevamon spoke up.

"But right now everything needs to be put on the back burner until we get our human partners out of here," Romulumon said.

"If we could find them easier," Skadimon growled.

"Me and Kevamon can help," Kellasmon said, "As long as you help to get our partners out of here too. We'll get them to meet you and your partners tomorrow."

"Sounds like a good idea for now," Rusdramon answered. The champions described their partners to the two rookies and with the help of Rina and Carter's D-Touch's found all the champion's partners and then rounded up Rina and Carter before disappearing into the night.


Rina trembled as she stood before the door that led to James' place. Carter stood at her side gazing at her with sympathy in his eyes for her. "I know you said you really didn't want to do this but in the end it's the right thing to do and we can't keep hiding," Carter told her placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

She glanced up at him and smiled slightly. She sighed slightly then knocked on the front door. A small female head belonging to Marie Parker peeked through a window and then called out from it, "Who you?" she asked.

"We're here to talk to your brother James for a little. Can you get him for us while we wait out here for him?" Carter asked her. She disappeared into the house and the duo could hear her yelling out for James.

"Not quiet is she?" Rina murmured to Carter and then snapped to attention as James appeared at the opened door. She could feel her body tremble again in nervousness.

"Can I help you two?" James questioned them with suspicious eyes.

"We were told to come here by request of Irbi and the rest of them," Carter explained as he saw Rina tense up again and when he saw James confused look he held up his D-Touch.

James' eyes went wide in shock at the sight of the saffron colored D-Touch then he looked to Rina as Carter nudged her and she lifted up her ruby colored D-Touch. James then opened the door more and beckoned them in. Slowly both entered and James led them to the rest of the group. "Guys we have another mystery on our hands," James said to the other humans in the room as he re-entered the room followed by Rina and Carter.

All eyes turned to the new duo and Rina took a step back to retreat, but she backed up into Carter. "It's okay Rina," he murmured to her.

She took a deep breath and looked at all the eyes watching her. "Well, well, if it's not Carter Millard," Rose said sarcastically.

"Nice to see you too again Rose," Carter said with a bob of his head to her.

"Whose your friend?" Hunter questioned also recognizing Carter since the Millard's were known by other high up families.

"I'm Katrina Lockhart, but you can call me Rina for short," Rina stated and then to her shock Kellasmon appeared in a beam of ruby light followed by Kevamon in saffron light before everyone's eyes. "Kel!" Rina scolded.

"It's fine Rina," Kellasmon stated, as the other Digimon appeared having hidden themselves just in case.

"So you got Digimon too?" Piper asked.

"Yes ever since I was little I had Kellasmon with me," Rina answered.

"Same with me and Kevamon," Carter replied.

"Now another question; where have you two been during the fights?" Frankie demanded.

"Mostly I've been with my family and such during times you fought even though my D-Touch told me that there was a fight taking place. By the time I got around to even possibly joining you guys in a fight all of your Digimon were ultimate and Kellasmon was still at champion level. I didn't want to be a risk although I couldn't say the same for Kel," Rina answered her calmly.

"What about your lover boy?" Reyez questioned jerking a thumb at Carter having taken note of how Carter seemed protective of her.

"W-what?! He—he's not…" Rina stammered with a light blush on her cheeks.

"You got a problem with me?" Carter questioned with a glare at Reyez.

"Easy guys," Eva said trying to quell any fighting among them.

"Carter and I have been on our own and we didn't know about you guys even though I caught glimpses of you all every so often plus I was still like Kellasmon until recently at champion," Kevamon answered as she sized up Ailurmon who was also sizing her up.

"What were you two doing at the gala?" Tom asked.

"I was invited along with my parents," Carter answered.

"I had no choice, my dad ordered me to go along with him and my mom," Rina replied. "In any case I know you have no reason to trust me or Carter, but I can tell you for myself that I'm willing to help if you need me, but no one in my family besides my little sister knows I have a Digimon so mostly I wouldn't be able to get away from my folks unless I create some type of excuse."

"Trust is hard to come by," Odocomon stated, "I think she is all right even Carter."

"If Odocomon trust them then I'll give them the benefit of my trust for now," James said and the others nodded with Rose scowled.

"Do as you like," Rose said with a slightly snobby voice. Both Rina and Carter agreed that they would be on call should Eva or the others needed and extra hand and if they were nearby, but they would let the crew deal with mostly everything since it seemed to center on them and both Rina and Carter's Digimon were second wheel to it like Hatimon and Skollmon.

Soon the meeting was over and everyone went their separate ways with Carter driving Rina back to her home. All the while Rina remained quiet staring at her hands. He cast glances at her as he drove his dark red Chevrolet Camaro down the road. "Something wrong?" he asked her.

"N-not really," she murmured yet he could tell she was still nervous about something. "My parents were worried about me as was my sister, but mainly she was worried about Kel because she thought he was part of the fight that broke out in the ballroom. They…my parents…think…that I…and you…" She didn't finish and she didn't need to because he knew what her parents thought happened between them. The reason behind their concern was because Rina was not with them when they awoke in the damaged ballroom and found out that she was at Carter's studio apartment. Kellasmon and Kevamon explained that Skadimon and the other champions had helped get her and Carter to his apartment since it was the closet place where the two rookies thought their partners would be safe.

"I know what your parents thought and I assured them nothing happened," Carter explained to her. They both fell silent again as he drove out of the city towards the rural area where she lived with her family. He glanced at her yet again not liking the silence between them. "My offer still stands," he said as he watched her out of the corner of his eye to see her reaction.

He saw her look at him then look away. "Are you sure you’re not standing up someone else offering this to me?" she questioned.

For some reason what she said struck a chord with him. Why would she say standing up someone? Then it hit him. He had asked her out when they had been in high school, but he got caught up in something his folks set him up to do and he forgot all about it. She must still feel upset at him about so he decided to correct it. He noticed an outdoor ice cream stand at a park and pulled up to park at the curb near it. "Come on," he said to her as he climbed out of the car.

With a confused face Rina followed suit and he led her over to the ice cream stand. "What's going on?" she asked.

"Pick whatever you want and I don't care the price of it," he told her which really confused her. "Um… consider this an apology for standing you up so long ago. After I asked you out my parents toted me around to some of their meetings and I got preoccupied forgetting about our date. I really want to make it up to you Rina and I will do whatever you wish of me so I can repay for how much I hurt you."

Her eyes widened at his explanation and she could tell by the sound of his voice and the way he looked he was sorry for standing her up. She glanced at the list of available flavors before turning to the man behind the counter. "I'll have soft serve vanilla in a cup with multi-colored sprinkles and also in a cone a soft serve swirl with both chocolate and multi-colored sprinkles," she ordered.

Carter gazed at her confused. "I thought you only liked vanilla?" he questioned her. Then he saw her tap her pocket where he knew her D-Touch was and caught on. The second order was for Kellasmon.

"For you sir?" the man asked after handing Rina her ice cream.

"I'll have soft serve swirl in a cup with whip cream and cherry and also in a cone a double scoop of strawberry ice cream please," he ordered. After paying the man and getting his ice cream the duo slipped further into the park where not many seemed to go. They took a seat at a bench with a large bush behind them and after letting out Kevamon and Kellasmon and giving them their ice cream the pair began to eat their ice cream. "Is this a good start for me making everything up to you?" he questioned as he popped the cherry into his mouth.

"Hm….maybe," she teased him with a smile then giggled slightly, "Just hearing you apologize was enough for me. Yes you could've been lying to me, but I could tell in your voice and the way you looked that you were truly sorry." She took a spoonful of her ice cream before continuing. "As for your offer…I think it would be a good idea. I mean since I live way outside the city it would hard for me to get into the city quickly even with Kel at champion. Although my parents may see this as a bad idea, but I trust you to not do anything without my permission first."

"If he took a girl without consent on my watch he's going to get it from me," Kevamon said loud enough for the duo to hear as she ate up her strawberry cone. Both humans glanced back to see the Digimon enjoying their ice cream.

Rina chuckled at the remark and Carter joined her enjoying the private time he was having with her and seeing her open up again like she had done with him back in school before he stood her up. He was going to do everything in his power to make it up to her any way he could.

To be continued…?


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