The Weatherman

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By: SilverWerewolf09

"Looks like a storm's coming in." Tom said as his eyes lazily scanned the horizon. It had been overcast for most of the day already, but there was a noticeably darker patch in the clouds to his left. Despite deciding to walk through a vast field on the outskirts of town, he wasn't complaining at the thought; the city had been without rain for nearly a month.

"A...storm?" Poemon asked, her voice already noticeably quivering. She then flew closer to her Tamer, the feathers of her right wing nearly brushing his hair. "Don't storms...mean thunder?"

"Usually." Tom replied, trying not to forget how skittish his partner could be. If he wasn't careful, she'd soon be a koala on his back, or on his head.

Stopping his relaxed trek through the field he was in, he put one hand behind his left ear. Poemon noticed him stop and landed near his feet in response. She said nothing as her partner leaned his head towards the dark clouds, closing his eyes as well. Although she had never seen a human make that kind of gesture, she was certain he was listening for something.

That something sounded behind her not long after; a low, long rumble in the distance. The sure sign of a storm.


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