A Bright New Day

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By: SexyMegaAwesomeHot

The sun was slowly rising, dying the horizon a beautiful golden colour. A few clouds dotted the early morning sky, but it only added to the picturesque quality of the scene.

Piper loved days like this. Peaceful breaks. Just her and Caesarmon, together, like it used to be.

Caesarmon was lying lazily by her side, mesmerised by the movements of the fluffy yellow clouds. Piper's eyes were closed, she was content listening to the sound of the birds tweeting softly and the gentle rustle of the tree's in the slight morning wind. Piper sighed in delight at the calm around her. Her pale blue eyes opened so they could bask in the beauty of the scene, falling to watch the ground below the hill she and her friend were standing atop.

Tiny movements. The occasional car driving to some unknown destination. A cat leaping from one fence to another. Her sight rested on the skyscraper that was Atlas Corp.

Piper sighed again, heavily this time, subconsciously tugging at her hair. It had grown a little but still hadn't returned to its original length. The tower glowered down over the rest of the city. The castle at the heart of an empire. A castle with a dragon inside.

Piper realised her teeth had clenched and her hands balled into fists. Bella Divine. Everything had been her fault, everything terrible and life threatening. Divine certainly couldn't sound more unfitting.

"Hey Swi...Piper" a voice muttered behind her. The last word sounded forced, awkward. Piper gasped at the voice and spun to face her company. Rose Divine. The Ice Princess of the Ice Queen.

Caesarmon was up and in front of his partner in an instant, growling at Rose. Hatimon was at her side, looking nervous. Neither Piper nor her otter companion had ever seen the little blue wolf cub looking so docile, or uncomfortable.

"What do you want?" Caesarmon glowered at the pair.

Rose looked from him to Piper, her face set and unreadable. She promptly began to turn on her heel "This was a bad idea…I'll just" Piper's shoulders loosened.

"No. It's ok. What did you want to say?" she asked, picking up Caesarmon, who calmed instantly at her touch.

Rose paused. She looked from Piper to the otter, she seemed far less sure of herself now. Far from the ruthless phychopath who was wielding a shotgun at them not too long ago. The blonde girl didn't know whether to feel worried about her safety or sympathetic for the girl who had done so much wrong.

Rose's emerald gaze finally came to rest on Hatimon, who was staring up at her anxiously. Imploring her to speak. Rose's bright green eyes met with Piper's pale blue and she spoke clearly, with more honesty that Piper had ever thought her capable "I'm sorry, for…for everything" Her apology delivered, her head slumped onto her chest, her eyes shut tight. She looked as though she was about to break down in tears.

Piper raised a hand to put on the other girl's shoulder, the intensity of Rose's look had found it's way inside Piper's heart. She felt things inside Rose that she never dreamed she had the capacity for. Regret, fear, loneliness. Her palm was inches from Rose's shoulder when the girls head quickly ascended again to face her. Piper's hand dropped awkwardly back to her side.

Piper stared dumbfounded at the girl who had caused her and her friends so much misery. "Ok" she replied, unsure of what to say or do next.

There was a pause. Rose, after what seemed like an eternity, finally broke the silence. "Ok. Good…um…I'll see you around, I guess" and with that she quickly passed by the blonde girl, Hatimon at her heels.

Piper remained still, the wind suddenly feeling far colder than it had only minutes ago. For several seconds Piper stood before turning to watch over her shoulder at the lilac haired girl descend the hill and fade into the distance. Her fingers wrapped in strands of her hair.

Caesarmon looked up at her, a concerned expression on his face "Are you ok Piper?" he asked.

"Yeah" she replied, not really listening. "I'll be fine"

Neither of them said anything more, Piper's words fading away into the early morning breeze.


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