Green Sky, Pink Sun

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By: Pendramon

Tom and Eva were having a picnic out on a wide open plain; Poemon and Irbimon were playing in the field. Primarily Poemon was flying above while Irbimon tried to tag her. The Digimon were excited to be able to move freely in an open area for the first time in a long while. Tom had been looking at this area for about a week to insure that no one else ever stopped by. Even if someone did come by, the field was open enough that the Digimon could hide before they would be seen.

Tom looked over at Eva as she set up the picnic on a plain blanket that they had pulled from the closet earlier that morning. Tom could tell Eva was still stressed from all of the attacks lately, she wasn't as energetic lately. Tom was hoping a day to relax would be enough to brighten her mood. Tom grabbed the basket that held all of their sandwiches from the trunk. He had barely gotten two feet before Irbimon pounced on the basket struggling to get at the food.  Tom swatted Irbimon away and Eva laughed at them.

"Come on Irbimon at least wait for me to put the basket down first." Tom scolded him. Irbimon gave him a dirty look while muttering something rude about Tom under his breath.

"Poemon" Tom called throwing two of the sandwiches into the air. She appeared in a burst of shadow to catch both and disappear right as Irbimon tried to leap up and grab them himself.

"Irbimon behave, you don't even like the way Tom makes Poemon's sandwiches." Eva told him with a smile.

"But you people are starving me!" Irbimon complained.

"Oh you, just come here." Eva said holding up a Tuna fish sandwich for Irbimon and inviting him to sit in her lap, which he did in a manner quite like a house cat as she scratched his ear. Irbimon looked up at Poemon who was still gliding gracefully as Tom sat closer to Eva.

"Poemon, why are you mocking me with your powers of flight?" Irbimon shouted up at her.

Poemon looked ashamed a teleported right in Tom's lap.

"I am not mocking all of you am I?" Poemon asked in a small voice.

"No of course not." Tom replied while ruffling her feathers affectionately. Irbimon snuggled in Eva's lap for a few more moments before leaping at a passing butterfly. As Irbimon chased the butterfly there was a rumble in the ground. Eva jumped at it.

"You don't think that was another attack do you?"  Eva said in a slightly jumpy tone.

"No it was probably nothing, just relax. What are the chances of another Digimon attacking us here of all places?" Tom said lying back onto his back basking in the sunlight. Eva looked reluctant for a moment.

"Tom, you do realize how unlucky we are when it comes to avoiding enemy Digimon these days."  Eva said standing up and chasing after Irbimon.  The ground shook once more; Poemon clung to Tom's shoulder as if trying to hide. Giant vines came up and surrounded Irbimon in a cage, and Eva yelped as the ground turned into yet more vines beneath her. Eva D-touch flashed pink as she sank into the ground. Irbimon was surrounded in pink light and slashed at his prison expecting to transform into Skadimon. However the vines surrounding him grew flowers with mouths that sucked away the energy before he could Over-Clock Evolve. Irbimon watched helplessly as Eva began to sink.

"Frost Strike!" He shouted and tried tearing apart his cage with claws of ice. But the plants were like iron and his claws shattered after the first few attempts. Pink energy continued to flow from Irbimon and soon it was all he could do to stand.

A massive flower emerged from the ground on a mound of vines. It had villainous eyes and a sinister grin as it took a place above Irbimon's cage. Poemon saw the Digimon and remembered her duty to protect Tom. She leapt in front of him, wings spread out, but quivering.  Tom's D-touch identified the invader as Blossomon an ultimate level, but Tom paid it no heed as he was dashing towards Eva. Poemon took to the air to avoid the vines trying to ensnare her like Irbimon. Tom's feet were being grabbed by vines as he ran and it came to the point that he could no longer move. His D-touch flared with green light.

"Poemon Over-Clock Evolve to…" Poemon shouted as she was engulfed by the same green light. Her features changed and she grew as the light flowed like water around her body.

"Valramon!"  Tom grabbed onto Valramon's leg to escape the ground. He looked down to see that Eva was now up to her waist, and vines kept coming up and pulling her down further. His eyes ignited with a green fire as did his D-touch. He let go of Valramon as she was engulfed once more in light.

"Valramon Proxy Evolve to!" she shouted as the digivolution began. Her legs grew longer and her wings smaller, the rings on them slipping off. A woman's body emerged from the base of the bird's neck, the silver rings moving onto her arms. As she spread her arms wide the green light moved in a sphere destroying the rising vines and forming a graveyard and church beneath her. She perched on the steeple of the church and proclaimed inside all the minds of those present, "Kinnarimon." Tom rolled on a slope through the graveyard eventually crashing into a head stone. It took him a moment to come to his senses and realize that Eva was near him. Only her face and one arm remained above the ground and terror filled her eyes. Tom rushed and grabbed her hand desperately vying to pull her out of the Earth. She was on the edge of the graveyard where the vines of Blossomon could still reach. Memories flashed before Tom's eyes as if he was about to die. Every moment he had spent with Eva came to his mind in perfect clarity.

Tom relived the moment they had first met. He had been in a DDR contest in the middle of the mall. It was the final match and he was playing on his favorite song. His competitor was keeping up with him but Tom figured that he would slip up any moment now. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Eva and Frankie casually chatting and pointing towards the match. Tom watched as Eva chuckled at something Frankie said and he accidentally missed one step. Tom quickly snapped back to the game but it gave his competitor just enough of an edge to pull out a victory. Tom congratulated him and took the 2nd place prize, a gift card to Excellent Bean, and tried to stroll over to the girls as coolly as possible, his backpack swung casually over one shoulder. He slid next to them and introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Tom, did you happen to catch my awesome skills?" He asked cockily. Frankie giggled slightly while Eva looked a little taken aback.

"Why yes, I did Mr. 2nd Place." She replied with a hint of a smile.

"Well if you're not doing anything, how about meeting me at the Excellent Bean" Tom said holding up his prize.

"Here Eva give me those." Frankie said stealing the shopping bags Eva had been holding.

"You won't want these slowing you down!" she said running away before Eva could say no. Frankie was laughing as if she was about to tell the whole world that Eva finally got a date. Eva looked awkward for a moment and then sighed as Frankie had also taken her purse leaving her with no other options.

"So, how about that coffee you mentioned?" Eva said reluctantly. Tom lead her away in a gentlemanly manner. After getting to the Excellent Bean they spent hours talking even after they had ran Tom's gift card dry and their coffee became cold.

Tom snapped back to reality and heaved harder to get Eva free, but to no avail. Above them Kinnarimon flew attacking Blossomon in every possible way she could. She used Mandora's Dance to evade all the attacking vines that she could while flinging orbs of Night Song whenever the opportunity arose.

"Tom, I cannot hold off these attacks much longer we must think of a new strategy." Kinnarimon whispered in Tom's mind but Tom could think of nothing else but saving Eva, even as more memories stirred in his head.

Tom was waiting in the park for Eva. He could not stop pacing. Tom was planning on asking Eva to move in with him, he had even found a nice new apartment that they could share. In his backpack Corvimon stirred.

"Tom are you sure she will like me, and be nice?" Corvimon asked quietly from his bag.

"Of course, you've heard her talk before. You should know by now that she is wonderful in every way, and I am sure she will love you once, you two meet." Tom comforted her, the other problem he had been facing was the fact that Eva would notice Corvimon at some point if they lived together. Corvimon was still hesitant on the matter.

"Why do we have to change anything? Why don't we keep things the way they are so everything is nice and peaceful?" Corvimon tried to talk Tom out of the move one final time. It had been bad enough trying to show her to the rest of his own family. For years everyone thought he was insane when he said that the ball of feathers could talk. Granted he was four of five at the time and claimed that there were monsters in his closet, but still Corvimon hadn't helped in making the introduction easier. Tom saw Eva coming up the path, he gathered up his nerves and greeted her as they sat down on the bench to enjoy the picturesque scene. No one else was in sight, they had the park all to themselves.

"So, Eva, I had been looking into a new apartment recently, and thought that, since, you know half your stuff is already at my place, that we could move in together. What do you say?" Tom asked with a slight stammer. Eva looked excited and hesitant for a moment but before she could open her mouth a voice from her purse answered for her.

"NO WAY PAL! And you had better leave while you can!" A ball of fur that vaguely resembled a snow leopard leapt at Tom. Uncimon began ranting at Tom while bouncing on his chest, trying to get closer to his face. "Listen here, I am tired of you stealing Eva from me and there is no way I am going to let you occupy her time 24/7, I was here first. And look! You don't want a girl who is haunted by a snow… uh…um demon!" Uncimon finished by breathing frosty air into Tom's face. The effect of the rant was slightly ruined by the fact that Eva had forcibly brushed his teeth that morning causing the gust of air to be minty fresh.

"Hey, you're not giving Tom a very good chance. Eva makes him happy and I am sure that she feels the same. And if Tom can make time for me then surely Eva leaves time for you!" Corvimon came out of Tom's own bag and defended him with what was possibly the bravest moment of her life at that point. Uncimon gave her an angry scowl and she immediately quailed. She leapt into Tom's lap burrowing into his chest for security. "Tom! Tom! Tom! Make him leave me alone!" Corvimon shouted, her momentary bravery forgotten.  Tom carefully put her down on the other side of the bench while looking at Eva, while Eva did the same with Uncimon.

"So you have-" Tom started.

"-a Digimon too?" Eva finished.

"Well then, I guess there shouldn't be any problems moving in together?" Tom asked hopefully.

"None at all," Eva said leaning forwards so the two of them could begin kissing. Uncimon looked on them in disgust before turning to Corvimon.

"This is all your fault. If you hadn't existed, then that boy would be running for the hills right now." Uncimon said while Corvimon curled up into even more of a ball to try and avoid making him angrier.

Tom awoke from the memory, chuckling slightly at how ridiculous Uncimon had been. Uncountable numbers of memories swam before his eyes, every time they had been together and several of the times that they had been apart. Together all of these memories added up to one undeniable fact, he loved Eva. And he would not allow some ugly flower take Eva away from him to use as fertilizer as long as there was breath in his body.

"Kinnarimon! Attack its head with everything you have got!" Tom shouted up to his Digimon. She formed orbs of the energy used in Night Song around her hands and feet.

"Mandora's Dance" she called as she disappeared into thin air, reappearing next to the Blossomon's face and striking it with punches and kicks boosted by the Night Song orbs. The distraction caused Blossomon to launch all of it available vines at Kinnarimon and as a result it loosened its grip on Eva. Tom pulled on her hand with all of his might and she was freed from the Earth. They tumbled backwards together crashing against the church that Kinnarimon had formed. Kinnarimon was hit several times as a result of the diversion and could barely fly.

Tom and Eva came together and shared a kiss, despite the chaos going on above them.  Both their D-touches flared with light as a result of their emotion. The green energy of Tom's D-touch immediately flowed into the now damaged Kinnarimon, while the pink energy of Eva's D-touch flowed to Irbimon, who had just degenerated back to Uncimon due to the cage that was trapping him.

Uncimon could tell that the energy would only make Blossomon stronger if it absorbed it from him, but he heard the faint whisper of Kinnarimon as her mind branched out towards everyone in the area. Uncimon saw the new possibility and transferred every ounce of the pink energy through the telepathic link that Kinnarimon used to communicate. While the cage prevented him from digivolving further physically, he could give Kinnarimon all of the power of Hyrokkimon.

The green and pink light surrounded Kinnarimon. Ribbons and rings of it formed around her body, while her tail fanned out like a peacock's with the pink and green rimming it. She became almost angelic as she floated in the sky, but she also exuded and power that made her seem more like an ancient deity of a forgotten race. She raised her hand and a Night Song orb tinged with pink and green appeared in her hand. Blossomon stopped moving and stared up at Kinnarimon in fear.

"Night!" Kinnarimon said telepathically as the orb in her hand multiplied and covered the sky with some many of the orbs that it almost seemed to have become night.

"Hail!" came the audible voice of Hyrokkimon who had formed as an avatar behind Kinnarimon mirroring her movements as she brought her hand down dramatically to point at Blossomon. The orbs of Night Song morphed into large icicles and came crashing down on Blossomon. The typical haunting notes had become the knells of a complete funeral march, that while mournful by nature, at that moment it sounded romantic to Eva and Tom.

As Kinnarimon's final attack rained down cage around Uncimon failed and he digivolved straight to Skadimon as he had tried to so long ago. Skadimon ripped apart the remains of his cage and ravaged much of Blossomon's remaining body while the hail storm continued. Blossomon dissolved into data and Kinnarimon tired from the long fight fell from the sky, layers of data quickly dissipated to reveal Poemon once more, whom Tom skillfully caught before she could touch the ground. She weakly embraced his neck from a moment. As Tom walked towards the car through the clearing green data that filled the air like dust she took to the air for a single moment to float by his shoulder and land in a pile of soft sweaters and jackets that had been left in the back seat. Skadimon reverted back to Irbimon and Eva held his hand for a moment while looking towards the pink sunset. After a brief moment she ran towards Tom and embracing him while Irbimon got into the back seat with Poemon he was muttering about probably spending the night in the bathroom again.


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