Rose Divine and Hatimon

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By: Crapcarp

"Wherever your petals fall...

The cracks of ice breaking had filled the otherwise silent street. The successive cracking echoed throughout the cold, smooth surfaces of ice that had covered the street and everything in it, except for people. People had once traversed in this street and all the others it was connected to, but they were all gone. It had seemed like a ghost city, like one in an apocalyptic movie, and it was all covered in ice. That is, except for a few holes made in the doors of the covered buildings. This ice had been here for a while, no one was sure what had caused it. It came from near the center of the city and froze everything in its path. Freezing buildings, cars, trees, even people. A few hours afterwards, emergency services were called to thaw the frozen people and the doors of buildings so people could get out. It took days for them to do it, mostly due to the fact they had never encountered a situation such as this before. Weeks had passed since then, and while the ice was getting thinner, much of it was still there. The cracking continued, caused by the steps of Rose and Hatimon as they walked the street alone. The cracking stopped as they stood and gazed at the ominous Atlas Corp. building as it glistened in the clouded sunlight.

"When do you think it'll thaw?" Rose asked.

"I'm not quite sure, but I know it won't for a long while," Hatimon answered. Rose let out a sigh, the vapor visible as it escaped her mouth only to disappear into the still air. Rose was not proud of what she did, it was foolish of her to even think about doing something that drastic. She had not only hurt several people, but she had hurt Hatimon, abusing her trust like that. To her, it was unforgivable. Yet, Hatimon still forgave her.

Why? Why forgive me? Why still trust me? Why even help me? I don't think I could do the same for you.

As Rose thought about this, the building she gazed upon started to give her other thoughts. Thoughts about what she will do, what side she should choose. It was as if the building itself asked her questions. She gave in to these thoughts, setting aside her guilt for later, she will have to make the decision that would determine the course of her life. It came down to two choices: Leave her mother and side with the others, or still be a pawn in her game. It was not an easy decision to make. The objective part of her mind had made its decision immediately. It reasoned that it was more favorable by comparison to side with the others and fight against her mother. She had more allies, and could possibly gain new friends. Permanent friends. It would open a vast amount of opportunities for her life to go on, she could have anything, be anything. Of course, she would be cut off from her mother and she would have it fend for herself, but that was a small price to pay for such reach and potential. If she continued to obey her mother, it would just be that. Simply following her mother wherever she may go, no matter how horrifying it would be, no matter how she would long to be released. While the objective part had taken a simple, logical route through the situation, the emotional part had not yet decided. While indeed siding with the others allowed more possibilities, it would also bring about a terrible guilt within her. Her mother may not have been nurturing or even caring in the slightest about her save for how she could be used, the fact remained, Bella was her mother, and she would be that forevermore. No matter how Rose thought of her, she still owed Bella for her existence. If she sided with the others, she would in essence, reject part of her own body.

Before her was an ominous dilemma that held the fate of her future in the balance.

Rose was deep in thought for what seemed like an eternity to Hatimon. While Hatimon had always trusted her partner, even when Rose had abused her, she eventually gave in to worry and curiosity. "Rose," she said, breaking the icy silence. Rose was so deep in her thoughts, she couldn't hear her partner. Hatimon tried again. "Rose." she said with more urgency in her voice. Rose's body had jerked, as if she had been zapped by a stun gun for a split-second. "What are we doing here?" Hatimon asked as soon as she knew she had gotten through to Rose. Rose had let out another sigh.

"I'm not sure what to do next," Rose stated plainly, then slipped back into her deep thoughts. Hatimon sighed in relief, she was beginning to worry that Rose had shut down again. In this relief, she sat down with a crack of a smile.

"I know it's a hard decision for you to make, but know this," Hatimon said, Rose looked at her partner, she wasn't quite done yet. "Wherever your petals fall, I will always be there for you, forever." Feelings of guilt, joy, anger, sadness, relief, hatred, and pain had all impacted Rose at the same time like tidal waves colliding with one another. She couldn't handle this powerful force of emotion that had so suddenly burst into her heart, her legs gave way and she broke into tears. Hatimon had instinctively reacted by coming to Rose, and Rose had cradled her partner, her tears wetting Hatimon's fur.

"I am so sorry," Rose apologized. Hatimon closed her eyes and started to cry as well.

"I know, we all make mistakes Rose," Hatimon said softly "I know you will make the right choice, and I'll be there right by your side."

They had been there for several hours, feeling love that had long been overdue.

...I will always be there for you, forever."


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