A Black Rose's Thoughts

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By: CourageAngel

"Rose…" Hatimon murmured, sending a worried look to her partner.  Said young woman was curled up on her bed, staring blankly out the window as the rain poured from the sky and onto the city below.

"What is it, Hatimon? I'm not in the mood for senseless banter right now," she replied, sparing the digimon a glance before looking away again.  Hatimon sighed, making her way over to the bed and jumping up so her front paws rested on the bed.

"Are you going to stay here all day?" she inquired, and Rose released a sigh, hands tugging at the dark colored blanket she had wrapped around her form to shield her from the cold.  And, at the moment, she felt like it was shielding her from the world as well.

"I might as well.  There is nothing for me now," she informed her, falling back onto her bed, staring up at the ceiling and trying to ignore the burning in her eyes as tears began to form.  She raised her arm to cover her eyes, missing the concerned look her wolf like partner sent her way as she walked out.

"It's just me against the world…isn't it?  Hatimon's there too, but…there's no more family, is there?" she mused, wiping the gathered tears away.  Sighing, she sat up and got out of the bed, shedding the blanket from her form and tossing it onto the bed before making her way over to the mirror she had nearby.  Her eyes took in her appearance.  Her hair was a mess, the clothes were wrinkled, dark circles under her eyes (a result of her lack of sleep), and her eyes slightly red from the crying she did…Rose fought back the urge to snort.

"I look like crap right now, don't I?" she wondered aloud, running a hand through her hair in an attempt to make it look somewhat decent.  Eyes narrowing, she marched over to her closet, throwing the doors open, eyes roaming over the many outfits it held within.  Finding her desired choice, she pulled it out, closing the doors before making her way to the bathroom, ignoring the surprised gaze Hatimon shot her as she walked past.

Over the sound of the running water, she could hear the phone ring.  But she ignored it, deciding to focus on the nice feeling of the warm water.  Whoever was calling could just forget it.  She wasn't going to jump out and rush to answer the thing.  Besides, whoever was calling was most likely not that important…right?

"Ugh…forget it!  I'm not going to answer the damn thing," she snapped, grabbing for the bottle of strawberry scented shampoo.  Pouring some into her hand, she set the bottle down and began working the substance into her hair.  It was at that moment she heard the answering machine beep.  And the slightly deep voice of her twin that made her body freeze, hands still in her hair.

"Rose…look, I'm not going to beg.  Just call me back, okay.  We need to talk," was all he said before he hung up.  Rose took her hands out of her hair in favor of wrapping them around herself, eyes glaring half heartedly at the door of the bathroom.

"Why are you calling me? Why are you haunting me?  And why can't you just leave me alone, like you've done before?" she asked.  Shaking her head, she decided to ignore him for now and to finish her shower.

It was later, as the rain had finally started to let up, that she finally picked up her D-Touch.  The device was cool when she picked it up, in contrast to her warm skin.  Biting her lip, she thought over her options.  She could either call him or just ignore him.  Both were…tempting, but she didn't know which one to choose.

"Rose? Are you going to call him?  It might be important," Hatimon told her, acting as her partner's voice of reason.  Rose remained silent, settling onto the couch and keeping her gaze on the device in her hand.

"Rose?" Hatimon tried again and Rose sighed, moving to dial Hunter's number.  Hatimon gave her a smile, which Rose returned with a fake annoyed look, moving it to her ear and standing, walking to her room and shutting the door behind her.  Hatimon's smile just grew, and she hopped up onto the couch, curling up and placing her head on her paws, glancing at the door occasionally.

It didn't take long for Rose to exit her room, gaining Hatimon's attention as she picked her head up to send her a curious look.  Rose just pocketed her D-Touch and walked over to the couch, sitting back down in the spot she had previously vacated.  And, surprising Hatimon, her human raised a hand and began petting her.  It was a shock, but it was a pleasant one.  And she was content to enjoy this rare event as long as it lasted.

Rose was contemplating the conversation she had just had with Hunter.  Her brother had made a proposal.  If she really wanted to defeat their mother…defeat that beast, than she would have to think of a way to work with the other chosen.  His new friends, who were the ones he had abandoned her for. That group…the ones who may just be the only ones who might just stand a chance at beating the enemy.

She had thought it over; Hunter staying silent on the other end of the line had helped her think.  In the end, she had made her decision.  And, as much as it pained her to admit it, he was right that with the help of the others, they may be able to win.  Of course, getting them to let her help was going to prove difficult.  He had informed her of the day he planned on gathering them together at his apartment, telling her to keep that day open and to think of something to say before saying his good-bye and hanging up.

This left her with a lot on her mind.  Just what could she offer them that would persuade them to let her join with them long enough to defeat that beast?  The more she thought about it, the answer appeared.  She could give them information!  After all, what could be better than someone working with you from the inside?

With a smile, albeit a small one, forming on her face, she glanced out the window.  Hatimon did the same.  And both stared up at the full moon, the light from it filtering in through the glass and cutting through the darkness in the apartment.


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