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The D-Touch is the Digivice granted to the team when their call to arms was received. It has two states: Idle and Active.

In idle mode, the D-Touch acts as an advanced version of a cell phone, and is able to easily pass as one in the real world. Unlike a real cell phone, the D-Touch never runs out of batteries. It also has flawless reception in all areas of the world. In both modes it is able to make calls to other D-Touches between the real and digital world barrier.

The D-Touch becomes active at the first sign of danger, or any type of combat. If open, it slides shut. It flashes, the colors reverse, and the keyboard seals shut. The screen displays the health and energy of the partner Digimon, as well as a radar screen.


Whether they were given to the Tamers, or they appeared on their own, it is clear that the Lodestones serve an important purpose. However, that purpose is currently shrouded in mystery. As nothing has mentioned or called for them yet, the Tamers simply hold on to them until their purpose is revealed.

Though they look and feel like wood, their name of Lodestone, and tendency to glow, indicate otherwise. What exactly they are made of is unknown. It is possible that they take on a very plain appearance to not attract attention.


Over-clocking - Changing a system's configuration so that it runs at a faster speed than recommended by the manufacturer.

When the Digimon originally evolved into their In-Training stages, it was a natural process attained by gradual growth. A similar, faster form of evolution would be attained by wild Digimon were they to fight and absorb the data of their enemies, thus gaining them power.

When the D-Touch is used, it forces the Digimon to evolve whether it would naturally be ready to do so or not. However, because this is a forced evolution, they cannot remain in the higher level permanently like they would if it were natural.


Proxy - A device that acts on behalf of another device by taking on its identity to interact with the outside world.

When evolving to their Ultimate stages, the Digimon begin to call up visions of their old realms. The region that their god forms had ruled takes on the parameters of the real world in order to display itself.

The collected data from defeated Digimon is also copied over, though all trace of identity is wiped from it. This 'anonymous' data serves to strengthen the Digimon as it evolves.


Reboot - A computer term for taking the operating system from a running state, to a stopped state and back to a running state without a power down.

When first activating Reboot evolution, the Rookie-level Digimon were drained of all strength. This forced their systems to do a full reset in order to avoid being deleted.

The sheer amount of data they had collected through training allows them to do this. Had they tried to force a Reboot at the start, they would have simply imploded. Once their system has performed the Reboot once, it no longer requires a full power drain.

Information - Social


The most popular coffee shop in town. Excellent Bean mostly appeals to the local twenty-somethings that attend the colleges and universities in the area.

They're best known for great service, offering free wireless, and serving an insane variety of delicious (and definitely not burnt) coffee.


The Atlas Corporation is the leading company behind most of the electronics and appliances around the world. Run by the strict and beautiful Bella Divine, the company retains an iron fist in the distribution of said stock.

Twenty years ago, the former CEO Russell Lanvert Divine passed away, leaving ownership of the entire company to his wife.


Presently the most popular band in the city. Featuring Gin Park on vocals, Spencer Henslowe on guitar, and Jorel on drums. Their music has a rock feel to it, and their fans range in age from early teens to late forties.

Camden Bonnetts never announce locations for their concerts. They are known for giving out dates and clues, expecting their fans to figure them out. Needless to say, it increases peoples' excitement for their gigs. The clues are never ridiculously difficult, and word spreads fast. So their concers are generally packed.


For visualization's sake. The whole place is tiny and though very cramped, the whole team can just barely comfortably fit inside it. The bathroom is against the wall perpendicular to the bookshelves. The entrance door is facing those same shelves. Most definitely a photo from an IKEA catalogue. Probably the 2010 one. Click the thumbnail for a full view.

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