Character Q & A: Black

Dear Rose, Edward Cullen? Seriously? As a wallpaper? At your age? Seriously? - ~strangement

"I'm not even going to dignify this question with a proper response."

To Rose: Do you have a favourite brand you use for colouring your hair? And aren't you afraid of getting grey hair in a very early age because of all the dyeing? - ~Setsuna-Yena

"I only use the best and imported hair dye... and my hair is naturally lilac, I don't think grey would even matter."

To Rose and Hatimon: What do you like and dislike the most about each other? - ~Setsuna-Yena

"I like that she's not a whiny digimon that has to have my approval for everything, and is independant and refuses to be treated like a pet. Dislike, I'm not sure."

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