Character Q & A: Blue

• Reyez, would you ever consider the idea of getting back with Frankie? You don't feel the slightest bit jealous of her and James' relationship? - ~JazzyJ14

"That ship has sailed so I have no reason to be jealous, he can have her."

"Totally predictable response from you."

"Truth hurts, don't it?"

• Reyez, did you take Tohuimon with you to the military? - *Rangertamer

"Yeap. Can't go no place without my first mate."


• Reyez, how the hell did you stay mad at House of the Dead when you reached the final boss. Any normal person would laugh their ass off. Also, considering that when you were in a hedge maze on fire you casually light your cig on the burning hedges with no real big reaction to what was happening around you, and somehow you're still getting mad at a game with the WORST voice acting ever in video game history (which is a HUGE statement). How do you do that? - ~Crapcarp
"One, fuck you. Two, I dare you to spend a shit load of change on something you invested it only to loose it all in the end. That's like how Tom had a hissy fit because he couldn't beat the hardest song on DDR, same concept. The game may suck but I invested some time into it. Thirdly, the difference between the hedge maze and the game was the fact I was high as shit. The mind response different especially when you're frustrated and you can't smoke in the mall not to mention smokin' weed in public."

• Dear Reyez, how close are you to your family despite living with your sister (and her husband)? - ~strangement

"Close enough to be able to stay in the house for more than an hour."

• Ailurmon, have you ever cried? - *Rangertamer

"Nope, I've never had a reason to cry."

• Dear Ailurmon, what do you think of crying? - ~strangement
"I think crying is a natural part of life and when you're a weak and timid you tend to do it a lot more than others, but you grow up from the experience. Some of us are just naturally stronger and have no reason to me!"

• Dear Reyez, what type of girls you like the most? - ~Darth-Drago

"One that can keep her mouth shut for hours on end. The women I know talk entirely to much."

• Dear Reyez, do you keep people at arm’s length for any other reason than just being you or is there some darker secret? Other than what happened between you and Frankie. - ~delmaredragonfly
"...Yes, there is a darker secret. When I was a young boy I was sexually harassed by some teenage women and it ruined my life for ever. I also had problems with drug use and when I was 17 I was in a gang. I can't trust people no more man, my life is fucked."


"Not only does he speak fluent sarcasm, he speaks fluent asshole too."

• Dear Reyez, why do you live with your sister and not on your own? - ~strangement
"Eh, I could live on my own, but let's just say my sister and her supposed fiancee aren't financially able to live on THEIR own..."

• Reyez, do you ever want to have kids?


• Three things you love about Ailurmon, and three things you dislike.
"She's not a afraid of anyone or their opinion, she knows how to survive on her own and she does what she wants. On the other hand, she has a big ass mouth, she takes shit that isn't hers, and she does what she wants."

• Dear Ailurmon, do you sometimes get a bit embarrassed when you transform into your Champion form? If not, then do you sometimes plan on using your "sexy" form to trick any guy you like to mess with him? - ~Darth-Drago
"Fuck no! It's my body and I was.....uhh..born? Yeah! I was born with it and I'm proud! I don't ever "plan" to use it, it just happens and I take advantage of the moment to kick their perverted asses!"

• Dear Ailurmon, what would you like to look like in your ultimate form? - ~delmaredragonfly
"Well, when I get there I hope I'm a stronger version of myself. I like to beat guys up with my fist. Maybe like a werewolf or something like that. Oh yea that'd be hot."

• Three things you love about Reyez, and three things you dislike.
"Hmmmmm....I love that he doesn't let his feelings get in the way, he's hard-working when he wants to be and he is caring in his own way. But... he's an asshole, he's selfish and he thinks when he says jump everyone else is suppose to say 'how high?'."

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