Character Q & A: Green

• Poemon, have you ever been angry? - *Rangertamer
"Um, a few times, but I don't like being angry. It makes people angry right back, usually, then I get frightened. I see people get angry at each other and it reminds me of how unpleasant it is. So... I've just learned to not get angry! Maybe I'm too quick to forgive, now..."

• Tom, have you competed with Poemon in Dance Dance Revolution? (Who won?) - *Rangertamer
"Once, when she was still Corvimon! I had just gotten some soft mats so that I could play at home without going to the arcade. It was really hard for her to hit more than one arrow at a time :p Needless to say, she didn't score very well, and has refused to play ever since."

• Dear Poemon: You're such a sweet little Raven. Though it seems that Irbimon only tolerates Tom. Would you say that your feelings towards Eva are the same? - ~Kyubineo

"Oh, well, Eva makes a point to get along with me, though we don't talk very much personally... It's not that Tom doesn't try to get along with Irbimon, Irbimon is just..."

"Just what?" >:(



"D-Difficult! >.< Eva's very non-confrontational. Though I admit I might, get a little jealous... sometimes..."

• Dear Tom: How is the Hedgehog? - ~Kyubineo

"She's good! Spiky, angry... Uh oh I hope she'll be okay while we're gone." :s

• Dear Tom, what do you like about Eva? - ~strangement

"Err, it's a bit awkward to answer that with her around!"


"Haha, well, she's got really pretty eyes, and the rest of her is pretty too! We can have comfortable silences together, and she likes watching me play games. Among other unmentionable things..."

"H-HEY! That's inappropriate!"

"Says who?" ;P

"SAYS ME." >:(

• Dear Poemon, do you enjoy spending time alone with anyone but Tom? - ~strangement

"It doesn't happen very often, but Irbimon's actually good company when Tom's not around."

"Actually? You make it sound like it's a surprising fact..."


• Tom, what's the highest score you've ever got on a DDR song?
"I got AAA on a few here and there, that’s the highest score you can get. Perfect timing on every step! It wasn’t one of the crazy ones though… Errr, I mean yes it totally was. It was the hardest song on the machine and I got a perfect score on it!" :D

"T-Tom, you’re not being honest, are you?"


• Tom, do any of the other Digimon bother you as much as Irbimon?

"Not really. None of them are that bratty. Odocomon’s kind of stuck up, though."

*paws ground*

"…buuuuut I obviously haven’t had the chance to get to know her yet!"

• Tom, what do you do when you're between jobs?

"Waste time! Play video games!"

"What you should be saying is that you take advantage of the free time and work really hard on your portfolio." >:(

"I mean, what she said!"

• Tom: You look like you should belong in a band; do you possess any musical talent?
"I can play the acoustic guitar, not amazingly, but I can. I used to be in the jazz band in high school though, I played the trombone. Badass, I know. I tried to learn the flute for a little while. I’d really like to learn the electric guitar though!"

"That would be so cool!" *q*

"But it’s really hard to learn..." >.>

"Not trying hard enough."

• Tom: Three things you like and three you dislike about Poemon.
"Hmm, well I guess the one that’s a given is how shy she is around everyone. It wasn’t usually an issue, but then again there weren’t so many people for her to be shy with before, just my family and eventually Eva and Uncimon. She just needs time to get used to everyone."

"I’m sorry! I’ll try to do better!" T___T

"Don’t sweat it! Oh, when she gets startled she has a habit of poofing away and reappearing somewhere really close to me, scares the crap out of me every time! And for a Digimon, she’s an annoyingly picky eater. Almost as bad as Eva!"


*cough* "It’s no wonder she’s so good at guarding her food from the other Digimon once she’s got it."


"Oh come on! Good things: She’s probably the nicest person or Digimon you’ll ever meet, I don’t know, maybe she’s secretly super mean under that shy exterior, but you’ll never hear a rude word out of that beak. She’s the best pillow ever :D Those feathers are so much softer than the other hairy beasts around here. Oh, and she’ll hate me for telling everyone, but she’s really good at singing! I’ll play the guitar, and if no one is home, she’ll sing along. Sure beats when Eva chimes in."

"What’s that supposed to mean?" :(

"You’re tone deaf."

"Sorry hun, I gotta agree with him this time."

• Poemon, did something awful happen to you to make you as timid as you are? You do kind of seem scared of everything.
"N-no, nothing happened… I guess, when we were younger Tom and I were really scared about other people finding out about me. He grew out of it and got really good at hiding me, but I guess I never lost the nervousness. It just takes me a long time to get used to new people, now."

• Poemon: I imagine you internalize a lot of angst. How do you deal with that?
"Mostly I’ve gotten used to having it… I don’t dwell on things, usually. I’ll stress over something as it’s happening, but once it’s happened it’s out of mind… I just don’t like conflict. People don’t like to be disagreed with."

"Speak your mind woman!"

"I don’t want to upset anyone!" T_T

"You’re upsetting me!" >:(

"Sorryyyyy!" T__T

• Poemon: When you're watching other people having arguments do you ever want to butt in and put in your two cents? What stops you?

"No one wants to be told they’re wrong, or have an outsider take the side that isn’t theirs. If I butt in, at least one of the arguers is going to get upset, and things are bound to escalate…"

"But then don’t you have the burning urge to say the things that both sides aren’t noticing?"

"I’m not that opinionated…"

"Ooh, nice and subtle."

"What's that supposed to mean??"

• Poemon, do you like baths?

"N-no! I don’t like getting so sopping wet that I can’t fly. I don’t mind splashing around a little in shallow water, but I’d rather preen my feathers than wash them."


"...??" T_T

• Poemon: Three things you like and three you dislike about Tom.

"I don’t want to say mean things about Tom!"

"Aw come on, I had to answer this for you. They don’t have to be mean, either."

"Well, um, I don’t like that he moves furniture around really often, I get used to it and then it gets shuffled about. Umm… I wish he’d just pick a job and stick to it, for the same reasons as the last one. Oh, this is hard!"

"Phew, well that’s good to know."

"She just doesn’t like being honest. Want me to finish this one for you, Poe?"

"N-no! Umumum! I don’t like his hair!"

"Haha, what?"

"It’s… long. Boys look funny with long hair."

"You want me to cut it short like Reyez?"

"Girl’s got good taste."

"N-not that short… Ahh anyway! I really like that he’s good at arguing his case! I usually give up pretty quick, so I admire him for sticking it out… I like the music he makes but he hasn’t had the chance to play very much with all the chaos around us now. And that he always looks like he’s smiling a little, I always look like I’m sad a little, I can’t help it."

"That’s because you always are sad a little."

"Not true!" T_T

• Tom, how did you and Eva meet? - ~delmaredragonfly

"I had a dream that I was lost in a desert, and this girl rollerbladed past me. The doorbell woke me up, and when I opened it, there was the girl from the dream, delivering a package-"

"That’s not true. You read that in a comic book."


"We just met at the mall."

"It was a DDR tournament. I won. She was attracted to my awesome skills."

• Dear Tom, which forms of Poemon do you like better? - ~Darth-Drago

"I like her Rookie stage. Because she’s cute and… awesome."

"Really?! You think I’m awesome?"

• Poemon: Do you think you’ll ever have Ailurmon’s so-called girl power? - ~delmaredragonfly

"Uhh, I hope so! I guess I’ve kind of had to keep working towards that with the way things are now… I’m getting better, aren’t I?"

"Let’s just call you a work in progress.

• Dear Poemon, do you wish sometimes that you were more brave and more confident? Also what kind of movies do you like? - ~Darth-Drago

"Those two questions seem very unrelated… Um, well, I would like to be more confident, but not too much. I don’t want to become cocky like some Digimon!"

"I think you’re inheriting Tom’s sense of subtlety."

"I’m not- I didn’t say--!!" *hides*

"I’m just messing with you."

T____T "Erm well… I like happy movies. Kid’s movies that aren’t too scary or too sad. I cry if it gets too sad. But at least Eva does too, so I don’t feel too bad about it…"


• To Poemon: Is there a Digimon among the others you like the best? - ~Setsuna-Yena

"Oh, I don’t think I should be picking! I don’t want to play favourites…!;;;"

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