Character Q & A: Orange

Frankie, do you think Siberimon feels uncomfortable with your behavior sometimes? - *Rangertamer
"Most definitely, it's like living with an old man lecturing me about how I need to be safe and who to hang out with and what to do and what to wear and don't let him and my mother be in the same room at the same time... Christ."

"...whatever, I'm not that bad."

"K. Sure.

Siberimon, is your voice accent British? - *Rangertamer

"...No. I don't accent... Do I have an accent?.... Frankie, Do I have an accent?"

"He sounds likeeeeeee.......I don't know lemme think about it..."

"Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop without the coolness."

"Or Orochimaru from Naruto without the evilness."

"How the hell do you know who Orochimaru is? I thought anime was for 'nerds'."

". . .whatever."

Dear Frankie, how serious do you let a relationship usually get and how serious do you think will it be with James? - ~strangement
"Well I like for my relationships to last for a long time, I've never been a relationship that latest under six months, so they get pretty serious. With James? I'm not sure, his such a basket case it's hard to tell what his thinking, it may get pretty serioussss you'll never know~"

Dear Siberimon, who do you like better, James or Reyez? - ~strangement

"Hmmm....James is responsible but Reyez isn't as highly strung. James is healthy and Reyez's lungs are non-existent. Honestly, Frankie has a horrible and unflattering taste in men."


Dear Frankie, if you and James had nothing to do, would you want to go on a date? If so, what would you do on a date? - ~Darth-Drago
"It's funny because now that me and James have been dating for close to 6 months, he has really opened up... personally. So our dates aren't just pizza places anymore. Some people would be surprised about how picky he can be about where he wants to go! usually depends on him."

Dear Frankie, do you think you could deal with helping James out if he ever needed you for a family crisis? Do you think you will ever get along with Odocomon? - ~delmaredragonfly
"I've offered to help, but he's stubborn, however I still support him whichever way I can... anyways, I'm sure I can get along with Odocomon. It's Odocomon who doesn't get along with me, you would think she's in love with James or something but eh, Siberimon's the same way... Maybe those two need to go on a date."

"Wonderful, I'll take her on a date so she can nag me about how everything she does is better." *rolls eyes*

Dear Frankie, do you feel attracted to Eric in any way? - ~strangement

"...Well, duh."

Frankie, what's something or someone you miss the most from childhood?

"I had a best friend named Kendra. We had a lot of fun but then when her family moved, we lost contact. Last time I heard from her was like when I was in the 9th grade..."

How did your parents' divorce affect you? Do you think your behavior now was influenced by either parent, or by the event itself?
"My partents' divorce didn't really do anything to me. I don't believe in being together if neither of you are happy, even for my sake. I want both of my parents happy at all times... so yeah it wasn't that big of a deal for me, things like this happen all the time. My behavior... I'm not sure."

Do you have a favorite genre of film?

"Believe it or not, horror movies! No matter how cheesy or crappy they are."

Three things you love about Siberimon, and three things you dislike.

"I love his honesty, his fluffy fur and his mannerism...but I can do without his high maintenance attitude, his sarcastic remarks and his controlling personality."

", no that wasn't harsh at all."

Do you have any things about yourself that you wish you could change, be they physical/mental/emotional?

"I wish...I was stronger, mentally. I feel weak on so many levels."

Biggest regret?

There's so many, I don't even know...

Dear Siberimon, what is it like being a Ulimate digimon? Did it make you feel a lot more powerful? - ~Darth-Drago

"Well, yeah I guess. I can protect the things around me now, and I feel I'm growing into more of a wise being than I was before... like that feeling of graduating High School!"

Dear Siberimon, do you get annoyed at Frankies love life or anything else about her? - ~delmaredragonfly

"Frankie's love life isn't my business per say, but I do get annoyed by her choices...but hey, she lives in the moment and celebrates life to the fullest so I can't be too annoyed."

Three things you like about Frankie, and three things you dislike.
"Ooohhhhh! Ok, so I love that Frankie doesn't let what people think of her get to her. I love her mix of common sense and intelligence and I love her ability to put others before herself, but *ahem* I can do without the constant flirting, the parties and drinking and outfits that show off all her lady parts!"

"You are such a prude."

Have you ever liked any of Frankie's boyfriends?

"I will not confirm or deny anything regarding past or present but I will say that there's one. But who that is, is strictly for me to keep to myself!"

Where do you go/hide when Frankie has male company at the apartment?

"I like to keep myself in the living room and watch a movie to drown out the mating noises...wait that's what we're talking about right?"

"This question totally makes me seem like a slut."

"If the shoe fits..."



When you were Brisamon, what was the worst thing Frankie did to "prettify" you?

"......She put me in make up and bows. I felt so violated."

"But you were soooo cuteeee!!!!"

What's your favorite book?

"'The Three Musketeers' by Alexandre Dumas."

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