Character Q & A:

• Dear Bella, How did you get so tall!?!?!?!? - ~Kyubineo

"Since mother couldn't join us, I'll just say this. It's called genetics."

• Knaagdimon: Will we ever see you again? Did you digivolve from Chuumon? - ~Kyubineo
"Uh – Knaagdimon can’t answer right now on account of… well being dead. So. Cause he’s like… dead. He won’t be being seen again. ^^;; And I don’t know if he evolved from Chuumon. We should find that out!"

• Dear Ms. Lynn, how will I become such a cool lady as you are? - ~strangement
Ms.Lynn: "Ohhhh oh my, I'm cool? Thank you dear. Hmmm...just be yourself and don't let anyone tell you to be anything different!"

• Dear everyone, does any of you wear contacts/glasses? - ~strangement

"Not me."

"Sometimes I think Eva is as blind as a bat. She might need them."



"Nope, perfect vision."

"N-no. I hope I don't need them. I don't think they make them for Digimon."

"I like to wear them."

"...They don't even have lenses in them. *sigh* I don't need either. I only wear shades."


"No, even if I did I wouldn't wear them."

"I have a pair of glasses for when I'm working... I can see fine with out them, they're more for when I'm reading and my eyes get tired."

"Not for me~!"

"No, thankfully."

"What kind of question is this? Digimon wearing glasses, really?"

"No. The awful vision only attacked the male fetus."

"Subtle. As a nail through my foot. *sigh* Yes, I have to wear glasses and contacts. My vision is awful. I wear contacts whenever I'm out and glasses when I'm chilling at home. I'm notorious for losing them."


"No glasses for me! Though I like them! They make Hunter look smart!"

• To Bella: I noticed that in your proflie, in family, it says "Bella is a single mother of three." Where's your other son/daughter and do they look like you? - ~beam-of-dark-light
Eleanor: "Uhm, Ms. Divine is unable to answer any questions at this time but I have written it down and I'll make sure it gets to her asap! Thank you!"

• Dear humans, has any of you ever been in a same-sex relationship? - ~strangement





"Some curiosity was had, but no dating."

"I was in a relationship with a girl once."

"Being drunk and kissing a girl doesn't count as a relationship or being a lesbian."

"Not, not that night. I mean I was in an actual relationship. So yes, I have!"

• Dear Digimon, do you fall in love with each other too? I don't mean right now. More like, is it hypothetically an option despite the fact that you don't seem attracted to each other? - ~strangement
"I have no idea if it’s possible for Digimon to fall in love. I don't know if we have the capacity to feel more than one major emotion at a time. I mean... we obviously love our partners, but that’s a different kind of love, isn't it?"

"I think that kind of love is more a human thing. Like Odocomon says, we can probably feel one major emotion at a time, and normally that's hunger."

*shrug* "Maybe we should conduct an experiment and find out! :D"

"I think Digimon love for different reasons than humans… Of course, we don’t have the kind of physical attractions that relate to mating, since Digimon don’t mate… I think we could love each other, though."

"Bleh. Maybe if there was a female version of me out there, I could fall in love with her. I mean, who wouldn’t want to fall in love with me?"

"With any of these...scrubs? HA. They wish."

" None of these female ‘mons are even on my level of intelligence...I'd like to find someone that enjoys a good book with soothing jazz music and a nice mug of coffee with a lot of cream."

• To the humans, if you guys were transformed into Digimon, had to wait for 48 hours and then turn back, what would you do? - ~Darth-Drago

"Freak out. And then hide away until the 48 hours were up."

"Find out what powers I had, if I could evolve and go and kick up a fuss. Like go around blowing shit up!"

"Wonder how it happened, but then probably do the same as Hunter and go and blow some shit up, if possible. Man it'd be shit to have a lame-ass attack, wouldn't it? Like if you could only blow bubbles or something."

*huff* "MEN!"

"Hahaha. For me it would depend what kind of Digimon I was… If I could fly, I’d spend the whole two days flying! Or if I could breathe underwater, I’d spend the whole time swimming. Just take advantage of whatever ability I have!"

"I’d be like, 'What the fuuuck? How can I be Poemon’s partner if I’m a Digimon?' Either way, then we’d team up and… save the world from whatever turned us in to a Digimon. Or something."

"Uhmmm....I don't even knowww...."

"...Eat, sleep and shit? I guess. Maybe fuck shit up."

• To the Digimon, if you were somehow turned into humans and only had 48 hours to stay as humans and then turn back, what would you do before you turn back into Digimon? - ~Darth-Drago
"TRY HUMAN SURFING! WOW! It looks like SO MUCH FUN! I also wanna try bungee jumping, and white water rafting and all those awesome extreme sports people do! I wouldn't waste a second of it!"

"Try on clothes... I like human clothes, but it’s not possible for me to wear them, so I'd actually like to look at clothes. Other than that, experience all the things Digimon don't really get to. Like having a shower."
"Enjoy wandering around the city without being stared at and investigate stuff. I'd also try my hand a shoplifting, cause after 48 hours they wouldn't have a suspect!" :D

"I-I’d want to try dancing. I don’t really have the figure for dancing like a human… Or m-maybe see what a date at a restaurant is like. I’ve always had to hide in places like that…"

"I’d have so many one-night stands. Whatever that means. Everyone talks about them like they’re the greatest thing, I want to know what all the fuss is about."

"I've always wanted to join the local MMA clubs that me and Reyez go to visit. I'd kick so much ass in those things."

"I'd buy a library card, and get coffee at Excellent Bean. I've been interested in going to Yoga classes as well. Maybe take a nice scroll on the beach and read poetry... I like writing haikus."

• To the Humans and Digimon, what is the best place you guys like to hang out? - ~Darth-Drago
"Well, we normally congregate at Excellent Bean... But if you mean aside from that, Caesarmon and I like the park. Or anywhere that's outside."

"My room."


"James's room is comfortable. He has his bed and I have my bean bag, it’s nice and comfortable for the two of us. Plus, if there's no one in the house, its blissfully quiet."

"Still boring."

"We don't really have a hang out."

"We're kind of nomadic. We don't have one particular hang out, we have several and work them on a rotation. One place too much gets dull after a while."

"We pretty much just hang out at the apartment. Irbimon, Poemon, Tom, and I. It’s nice there."

"No. It’s stuffy."

"...well, it was the mall...."

"I have my own special place down town. Don't normally tell people where that is."

"I'm with Reyez."

"My living room of course. No place like home."

• To the Digimon, have you seen a 'love' relationship from your human partners? If you have some 'crush' with one of your Digimon friend? - ~Darth-Drago

"I... don't really understand the question."




*sighs* "Uh... Hunter's never really 'loved' anyone. But no, I don't have a crush on anyone. There's not a lot of choice. There's Miss-Know-It-All, Miss-I'm-Going-To-Kick-Your-Ass and Miss-Too-Shy-To-Talk. The choices are amazing."

"Nice knowing you man."


*paws ground*


"I’m going to avoid Skollmon’s inevitable fate and restate that I would totally date myself if another me existed and was a girl."

*shifts uncomfortably* "I don’t have a crush on anyone…!"

"Send me a real ‘mon and I'll be satisfied."

"As I said before, not on my level."

• To Eva, Tom, Irbimon, and Poemon: is there usually a quarrel for the bathroom first thing in the morning when having to freshen up? - ~ashflura

"If I go first there isn’t a problem. I take like five minutes for everything, even a shower."

"Digimon don’t have to freshen up, so we don’t get in the way…"

"Of course not. I always look this good." ;)

"I tend to take a long time… I don’t know how people can take less than fifteen minutes in the shower! Can’t get clean enough in that time!"

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