Character Q & A: Pink

• Irbimon, what is you favorite holiday? - *Rangertamer
"CHRISTMAS OH MAN. Wait! EASTER!!! HALLOWEEN!!! Arghhhhh I can't pick!! I guess Halloween's really nice now because Eva can let me walk around in public. It would be an even harder choice if I were still Uncimon and couldn't pass as a kid in a costume: Free presents, free chocolate, free candy. How do you decide between those???"

• Eva, is your life more organized or disorganized with Irbimon around? - *Rangertamer
It's hard to say, I've never had a life without Irbimon to compare to. :) I'd imagine it's probably more disorganized, though. It's like having a big pet that talks and fights back when you reprimand it... I mean, I love Irbimon, but sometimes it would be nice to plan things without having to take into consideration an animal you always have to hide." ;)

"HEY!!" >:(

"Well, at least you don't shed." ;D

• Dear Irbimon: Do you have any stories of when it was just you and Tom? If so how awkward was the experience? - ~Kyubineo
"Euuugh I try to avoid those situations like the plague!! There was one time when Eva was in a huge rush to catch a bus for some appointment, and FORGOT ME AT HOME. >:( I rightfully spent the afternoon grumbling on the bed, while Tom tried to start conversations with me to 'cheer me up'. He gave up after a while because I would only grace him with dirty looks. And then for some reason Eva was upset with my reactions when she got home. Not fair!!"

"You two really need to learn to get along..."

"Hey I don't grump at him like he does at me!"



• Dear Eva: Did I ask too many question? I'm sorry D: - ~Kyubineo

"Don't be sorry! We like questions!" :D

• Dear Eva, is your hair color natural or dyed (right tense, right spelling?)? Also, what happens, when you drink coffee? - ~strangement

"Oh, my hair color is natural ;) And as for coffee, I can't sleep for HOURS. O_O If I have a cup of coffee at 5pm, I won't be able to sleep the entire night. Don't even get me started on espresso..."

"Haha, that was hilarious"

"No it wasn't. >_<; It took a 20 hour solid night of sleep to get me back to normal."

• Dear Irbimon, are there things you can talk about with Tom you can't talk about with Eva, because he is a guy and she isn't? - ~strangement

"Tom's not manly enough for me to talk about guy things with!"

"What! You're still a child and you're talking to ME about manliness?"

"I have a hairier chest than you, clearly I'm manlier." >:D

• Irbimon, what's your favorite place to be in the apartment?

"The couch! It’s basically in the middle of the apartment so I have a good view of everything going on. Nothing escapes my hawk eyes!"

"You’re a cat."

"FINE. Cat eyes!" >:(

• Do you ever think the way you treat Tom is unfair?

"No. Do you?"

• What's the worst fight you've ever had with Eva?

"I… I don’t think I need to answer that one…"


• Three things you like and three you dislike about Eva.

" I like that she makes me food! *q* And that she knows the exact, perfect spot where to scratch behind my ears!"

"Those are pretty selfish things to like…"

"You stay out of this!
She’s also super nice and tends to worry more about others than herself... But I wish she would stop hiding how she feels from people. Her superstitions are kind of annoying too. And she needs to spend more time with me, and less time with Tom!"

"You’ve had twenty-one years of time with her! Share a little!"

"Boys!" ^^;

• Irbimon, Does Eva ever annoy you with how she acts? - ~delmaredragonfly
"She does when she tells me not to do this or that! >:( I don’t like being treated like a child and told what to do or not do. I might be small but I’m just as old as she is, I don’t have the mentality of an eight year old…"

"I wouldn’t know about that…"

"Thanks for the support, bro."

• Dear Ibrimon, how did it feel to be an ultimate Digimon? Also, are you a bit scared about it? Don't worry, your friends are still with you, and together, I believe that you can overcome your problem. I wish you good luck and hope you will be just fine. - ~Darth-Drago
"It’s always kind of scary to evolve the first few times. Then you get used to it. I definitely had it way scarier than everyone else, my first time… But when it happened for real, it was AWESOME. I definitely have the coolest Ultimate stage!"

"B-But Irbimon, not everyone has evolved yet… Maybe Odocomon or I are the coolest?"

"Or you’re wrong."

*huffs* >:(

• To Irbimon and Eva: Do you watch television, and if yes, what do you then prefer to watch? And do you fight with each other along Tom and Poemon about what to watch? - ~Setsuna-Yena

" I watch when I have free time, which is less and less nowadays! I really like watching food programs, and ones about interior decorating or house hunting!"

"I like it when she watches the food ones. But it makes me hungry."

"I don’t usually watch TV so we don’t really fight over it. Eva watches boring shows though."

"So boring that I can’t get a word through your head if I leave it on while you’re on the couch?" >_>

"That’s why I don’t watch it! It’s distracting!"

"I really like nature documentaries! About stealthy predators, like me." >:D

• Eva: Are any of your names from family members?
"Nah. Eva is a pretty common name where I’m from, so I have a couple of cousins that share it. But I’m not named after anyone in particular."

• Working in a bakery, are you pretty much immune to sweet things like cake. Or do you still enjoy them?

"I try not to stuff my face while I’m at work, so I still like cakes and cookies and things." ;)

"…people can become immune to sweet things? How so?"

"They just don’t taste them as much."

"What a shame." :(

• Eva, What sports do you enjoy?

"I’m not terribly sporty. I do like swimming, though. Occasionally tennis or volleyball. I never joined any school teams or anything."

• Three things you like and three you dislike about Irbimon.

"He’s kind of a brat sometimes. I think he might have the mentality of an eight year old."


" I wish he was more tolerant of Tom. And that he took better care to not have fish breath all the time."

"What!? I do not have fish breath!!"

"Yes you do."

T__T "You have to say nice things too."

"Haha, I know. Well, I like that he’s always coming to my rescue like a furry knight in shining armor :P You can actually hold a conversation with him for a long while if it’s something he’s interested in. I also like how carefree he usually is. It takes a lot to really make him worried."

• Eva: When Tom got upset that one day has something like that happened before? - ~delmaredragonfly
"Sort of… We don’t usually fight like that, we try to talk things over before they get out of control. Sometimes it just builds up though… I don’t really want to get into it. Makes me sad to remember that we had a fight!"

• Dear Eva, are you one of those people who can eat and eat and eat and never gain weight? - ~strangement

"I wish I was." T^T

"I am, I am!" :D

"You’re a Digimon… I don’t think Digimon can get fat."

• Dear Eva, how do you think your relationship with Tom is doing? Also how is your relationship with your partner with Ibrimon? - ~Darth-Drago

"I like to think my relationships are in a stable state!"

"I can make your other relationship less stable if you like. Then you can have more time for me." :D

"Erm, no thanks Irbimon."

"I’m on to you, kitty."

• To Eva : are you disappointed because Irbimon's ultimate evolution can't be ridden on his back ? :3 - ~oranglewat
"Nope! Because now he can hold me in his arms while he leaps around :D It’s even easier – I don’t have to hold on to anything!"

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