Character Q & A: Purple

• Odocomon, Are you related to Bambi? - *Rangertamer

"Oh for… no. I am not related to Bambi. How can one be related to a character who is animated and therefore not real?"

• James: What did you get last Christmas? - *Rangertamer

"Uh. Clothes. And a couple of new comic books."

• James. Dude, you talk about wanting to keep your pride when you're wearing a Green Lantern t-shirt. Are you stupid and/or insane? - ~Crapcarp
"What’s wrong with the Green Lantern? … No seriously, I’d like to know what the hell is wrong with the Green Lantern. I’m sure you have heroes you look up to in some fictional world. Like the Predator or Terminator or the zombies in every single generic zombie flick. I like the Green Lantern, I’m a fan of the comics – not so much of the movie, though Ryan Reynolds does a make an… okay Green Lantern – so what’s wrong with expressing that I’m a fan? I’m proud to be a Green Lantern fan, and I think it takes a lot of pride to actually go outside wearing something that so blatantly says that. So uh – I think my pride is in perfect condition. With or without the Green Lantern shirt, moron."

• Dear James, if money wasn't a problem, what style of clothes would you wear? - ~strangement
"If money wasn’t a problem! Wow. I never really thought about it. I guess I like the kind of stuff they advertise in places like Hollister, it’s all plaid and stylish. I like plaid. I’d also buy a couple of ‘casual-suits’. There’s something about wearing a suit, kind of makes you think you can take on the whole world."

• Dear Odocomon, do you like James' siblings for his sake or do you actually like them for who they are? - ~strangement
"Oh… they’re all right. Marie can be difficult. And was awful as a baby. When I was Doemon or Fallomon, she would tug my ears all the time. I enjoy Noah’s company, he’s quiet like James and he and I hold good conversations. They all have their good and bad points, but I do care for them all."

• Odocomon: Three things you like and three you dislike about James.
"Straight down to brass tacks? You’re a push over, you always do what people tell you to and never argue your point. You bottle things up so you end up becoming an emotional time bomb, which is exausting, not to mention very unhealthy. And you take on far too much responsibility for someone your age. That said-"

"I hope this is the positive stuff."

"I like that you’re kind, even to people who sometimes don’t deserve it. You never stay mad without a reason, and I think that’s a good trait. And you’re caring. For everyone, even people who have let you down in the past or broken your spirit. You still care."

"You are so unsubtle."


• James: Three things you like and three you dislike about Odocomon.
"I like that she speaks her mind, if she was simpering and afraid to speak her mind I think that would be kind of annoying. She sits and reads comic books with me, which is great. And she has a great memory for all things comic book related, as well as day-to-day related. She can remember to the day conversations I’ve had with people. It's great. Who needs an appointment book when you have a Digimon, huh?"

"Nice to know I have more than one use."

"However, while I like she speaks her mind, I dislike her lack of tact. It's not great to be so aggressive all the time, and she tends to wind up upsetting people so I have to settle things down. I hate her stubbornness, wow. When people said goats and donkeys were stubborn they hadn’t met Odocomon. And her inability to admit when she’s wrong, or say sorry. Unless she’s really, really forced into it."

"I shouldn’t have to say sorry – I am rarely sorry for anything I say!"


• Dear James, do you think Odocomon can be a bit troublesome when she sees you with other girls and can be a bit overprotective? - ~Darth-Drago
"She can certainly be overprotective. Very overprotective, actually. But I don't think she's troublesome. She just has to be given time to get used to women, and me giving someone else my attention."

"As long as you think that, that's the main thing."


• Dear Odocomon, in your opinion, do you think James and Frankie have a chance at love in their relationship? - ~Darth-Drago

"I'd prefer not to comment on this."

"Go on."


• Dear James, can you tell us a bit more about your past? Like what’s up with your family or your dad for instance. - ~delmaredragonfly
"Ahhh... the million dollar question. My family is a bit screwed up. There's a history of mental illness in my family and my dad, unfortunately, has bipolar disorder. So he can be super happy one minute, or super depressed the next. Most of the time it’s the latter. He's had medication his entire life, but when he takes it and he's happy, he stops taking it thinking he can be without, and then he goes back to being a manic depressive again.
My mother walked out on us after Marie was born because of her PND; and she didn't get in contact with us at all. She left Marie alone, tried to drown her and didn't respond to treatment. It was weird because she'd never had trouble with me or my brothers. Just Marie.
Marie, Noah and Elliott are just my younger siblings. So far they're normal. Which is a fucking miracle."

• Dear Odocomon, why are you always so defensive of yourself and James? He can stick up for himself and no one is attacking you, you know. - ~delmaredragonfly

"I am -not- defensive."


*GLARE* "Ahem. I am -not- defensive in the least. I protect James when he's being attacked, verbally or physically because it’s my job, its why I exist. I would be a terrible Digimon if I sat by and did nothing or said nothing if James was getting bullied."

• Dear James, did you have a girlfriend before or were you always busy with your family? - ~strangement
"There were a couple of girls. *small grin* But uhm... nothing ever very serious. I'm kind of slow on the uptake with women, and they always expected me to make the first move. I don't get how women expect men to read their minds. Plus, whenever they came round, strange things tended to happen to them." *stares at Odocomon*

"... Hahah..." >.>;;;

• To James: What is your favourite comic book collection you have? - ~Setsuna-Yena
"Now that's a toughie, I have a LOT of comic books, so my favorite is always changing. I guess the series I go back and read a lot are the New Avengers series; Green Lantern Blackest Night series and the Runaways."

• To Odocomon: What expectations to you have for your Ultimate stage? Any thoughts of what you would prefer to look like? - ~Setsuna-Yena
"I don't really know what to expect. It could be something completely different to what I want, so I don't really speculate too much because I don't want to be disappointed when I do finally evolve. I suppose some kind of ... two legged creature would be nice. I've always wondered what it’s like to walk on two legs."

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