Character Q & A: White

• Hunter, did you bring Skollmon to private school with you? And isn't there anything you admire about your sister? - *Rangertamer
"I did, though unless I was in my dorm – private y’know – he was in my D-Touch… and usually grumbling about it. Anything I admire about my sister… hmm.. *thinks* I guess I admire the way her hair isn’t brittle and straw like; considering all the dyeing she does." *smirk*

• Hunter, you do realize you REALLY over-reacted to your mother when she was telling you about the German mission thing, right? - ~Crapcarp
"Oh, I’m sorry. Next time I’ll smile and take it like a panting bitch when my already emotionally, mentally and physically abusive mother slaps me across the face for back talking. Speaking of panting bitches, there is one person I might smile for when getting slapped across the face, your mother." >:9

• Dear Hunter, are you so much against everything just for the sake of being against it or do you have actual reasons for your dislike of pretty much everything? - ~strangement
"Why does everyone think I hate everything? I like stuff. I like nachos, DDR, burgers, basket ball, baseball, women, the beach, sleeping in, ice cream, crime thriller films. See! I like a lot of stuff! If I dislike something I usually have a reason for it."

"Regardless of how stupid or convoluted that reason is."

"No one asked you, Blondie."

• Dear Skollmon, what do you think of Rose? - ~strangement
"I don't like her much. She was okay when she was a baby, but as she's grown up she's just got meaner and meaner. She's smug and always thinks she's better than everyone, 'specially Hunter. I put up with her cause she's Hunter's sister and my sister is her partner. I'd prefer not to though." ¬__¬

• Hunter: Three things you like and three you dislike about Skollmon.
"Well he’s laid back like me, which is cool. I don’t think we’d mesh as well if he was all antsy and high strung-like. We go at our own pace, and we’re good like that. He’s always warm, so if I’m freezing my backside off all I have to do is have him sit on my belly and voila! Nice and snuggly warm!"

:D *wags tail*

"And I guess the fact he doesn’t like Rose much is a plus. Heh. A common enemy, you might say! It's not all praise and glory though. I’m not a fan of the chewing stuff. My shoes, dish towels, the end of the couch, bannisters… anything that can be chewed, will usually get chewed. Uh… the fact he has a bed in my room but still insists on climbing onto my bed and pushing me out. Kind of screws things up in I’ve got a girl around, y’know? And the food stealing. He’s a bottomless pit - eats all his food and still sits at my feet whining with big doe eyes begging for food. He could just ask, but no, he whines like a real dog to make me feel worse."

"Haha! Works every time!" ;9

• Skollmon: Three things you like and three you dislike about Hunter.
"He feeds me! That’s something I like about him! I guess I like that he’s not like Rose. Or his mom. They’re mean, and nasty. Hunter at least has some nice qualities. Like how he doesn’t just jump from one person to another to use them. And uhm… he’s not just a pretty face! He’s smart. I mean, okay he’s not Rose smart, but he knows about things like theology and history. And when you get into things, it really shows."

"Keep going on like that and I’ll be labelled a nerd. And I think that titles already been taken."

"But he’s not perfect. I don’t like the way he never cleans. Sometimes the apartment is gross until the maid comes and cleans for us. That he tries to kick me off his bed when I’m sleeping. Its like: I’m sleeping, dammit! Lemme sleep! Oh! Any then there’s the music. He listens to the blaring, upbeat garbage through headphones on full volume, so I can still hear it. It sucks so hard. I’ve tried chewing his music player, no joy."

"I knew that was you! Giant rats, my ass!"

• Dear Hunter, do you think of yourself as a bad person? Why do you listen to your mother? - ~delmaredragonfly
"I don't think I'm a bad person, no. A bit misguided and a lazy ass. But not bad. It’s not like I go around locking people in small spaces and dropping cockroaches on them through a gap in the ceiling."

"Didn't you do that to your nanny, Helen, when you were six years old?"

"Haha.... moving on. Uh - I used to listen to my mother. I'm less inclined to do it now. But I guess when I -did- listen to her it was to gain her approval and also because I didn't know anything else. I'm not that fussed any more."

• To Hunter: Can I have a hug? Lol, joking. It's clear you like Piper… What do you like the most about her? And how are you doing without your dog tags? - ~Setsuna-Yena

" Of course you can have a hug sweetness. Plenty of me to go around. :P Just don't go making Blondie jealous."

"Doubtful." >:/

" And what was your actual question? Oh! What do I like about Blondie? I can't really say that while she's standing right here."

"Don't mind me. Please, do continue. I await your evaluation with bated breath."

" I like that! That sass! All other girls I've ever had an interest in have always said yes, even to my most stupid and inane suggestions. Blondie hasn't said yes to me to yet. I guess I like a challenge."

"You're a masochist. Obviously."

"I agree."

*shrug* "Makes things interesting. And I'm doing okay without my dog tags, thank you for asking. I do keep checking with Blondie that she has them, but yeah, I'm doing all right." :)

• To Skollmon: Have you ever been in conflict with any normal dogs when being outside with Hunter? - ~Setsuna-Yena
"I've had a couple of dogs start barking at me and get a little too personal. And a couple of scraps with big dogs, like this one Doberman who just would not buzz off. But I'm not allowed to attack them, cause I have the added bonus of my attacks. I'm not fond of 'real' dogs. I don't get the butt sniffing." :/

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