Character Q & A: Yellow

• Caesarmon, do you like tacos? How fast can you swim? - *Rangertamer

" Uh. Not really. You can’t get sea food tacos. OH! I can swim really fast. If the current is with me, I can swim like 40 knots. If not then it slows to about 10 or so. I like swimming fast."

• Piper, does Caesarmon go and join you at the animal clinic? - *Rangertamer

" Sometimes. He likes to sit in the corner of room and watch the goings-on. But not usually. It’s not very hygienic and it’s hard to explain an otter in the room."

• Caesarmon: I was very surprised when you made the quote "Since when does a queen need an excuse to sing?" It was very funny and yet surprising cause I'm not used to that coming out of any diriment. This question is for all the digimon, just how exposed to the human culture are you? Do you find that as you got older you lost your innocence, just like your human partners did when they got older? - ~Kyubineo
"Lost our…? Oh! I understand. Well yeah, I guess. I figure most Digimon stay in the Digital World where they’re not exposed to the stuff we are, like CSI, Sex and the City, Traffic Cops and some of the more violent movies and stuff. We’ve all grown up around our human so… we see what they see. I guess it influences us and seeps into our mind set, just as much as with humans."

• Piper, who do you find the most attractive on the team? - ~JazzyJ14

"Wha… what? That’s a … well, a terribly awkward question to answer when they’re all well here."

"Go on! I’m interested to know too!"

"Well I… suppose that Tom is… cute. … I guess. Sort of. Not that he’s really my type. Uhm… uh… MOVING ON!"

• Dear Piper, did you see the movie Coraline, if so, how did you like it? - ~strangement

"Unfortunately I haven’t seen it. I don’t get very much time to go to the movies sadly. I have to wait for everything on DVD… or from a torrent." *giggles*

• Dear Caesarmon, do you like philosophy? - ~strangement
"Not that much really. Piper has books about Roman emperors that she lets me read, cause when she told me what a Caesar was I was interested. And from that I’ve read about philosophers, like Plato and Seneca. But I don’t read much actual philosophy."

• Hey Piper, you can only have one of these two things: Trust or Love. Which one?
"I don’t like this question. As far as I can see you can’t have one without the other. Or at least not a healthy version. Uhm… I guess I’d take love. If I really had to. I’d like to experience the rush at least once."

• Piper: Three things you like and three you dislike about Caesarmon.
"That’s kind of hard when he’s right there. I’ll get the three bad things out of the way first: the way he never accepts help when trying in vain to open shells drives me insane. That when he gets annoyed with me he bangs the rings on his tail on the floor when I’m trying to study, and sometimes he likes to roll in things. Like garbage."

"It's good for disguising one’s smell!"

"From what?! *sigh* Three things that I like about him, he’s loyal. He always tells me when I’m being to hard on myself when I can’t get something right and its good to have that, otherwise I probably would have had a melt down by now. Annnnnnd third…"


"That he doesn’t mind my workaholic attitude to my studies."

*wilt* "You’re so boring."

• Caesarmon: Three things you like and three you dislike about Piper.
"Oh! Her inane need for tea; I mean what is it? Some youth giving potion? Her mom’s pretty interesting. That at least six nights out of seven she ends up falling asleep on her books and not going to bed until some time in the morning. That when she does sleep in her bed she moves around so much she normally kicks me out! She doesn’t let me chew her old shoes. That she buys me tinned tuna, rather than the fresh stuff--"

"The question was for three things!"

… *sheepish grin* "BUTBUTBUT! There’s lots I like about her too! Like how she didn't let her mom make me sleep out in the porch when I evolved. Annnd that I have a basket in her room which has a really nice fleece blanket which keeps me warm. She lets me play in the bath when she’s studying. And sometimes she takes me to park so I can play in the pond and hunt. In the winter she heats up my food. She’s thoughtful; and I think she’s awesome!" :D

• Dear Piper, do you have a crush on someone? - ~Darth-Drago

"Why does everyone keep asking me this?!"

"Because you give the best reactions. *smirk* Besides, everyone knows you like Hunter."

"Pft. I don't know what you're talking about. I don't like anybody, and especially not Hunter!"

"I'm hurt Blondie. Truly."

"... I hate you all." >/

• Dear Caesarmon, where is your most favorite place (ocean, lake, pool) to swim? - ~Darth-Drago
"Oh anywhere with water is good for me to swim in. I like water wherever it is. But I guess nothing beats a flowing river with a good strong current! Its awesome trying to navigate stones and rocks and the banks of the river with split seconds to make up your mind! Its kinda a rush." :D

• Dear Piper, why are your grades so important to you? What is it you are wanting to do with your life? You seem to be at your books nonstop. - ~delmaredragonfly
"Two reasons.
First of all because I need good grades to be able to go further in my veterinary career. At the moment I'm a veterinary nurse in-training. I want to be able to be a full-fledged veterinarian and need to hit the books to do that. And secondly, so I'm not a disappointment to my parents."

"You forgot the third reason."



• Dear Caesarmon, why do you have such mood swings? Is that just you or is there a reason behind it? - ~delmaredragonfly

"...I don't have mood swings do I? I've never noticed it. I mean Piper gets mood swings every month. Like she goes from clinically depressed to super angry in a manner of seconds."


"But I'm not like that. I've never noticed it. Maybe its just you." :B

• To Piper: Are you really sure you don't like Hunter just a tiny bit? And yes, in the more romantic way. - ~Setsuna-Yena

"Do I need to get it tattooed onto my forehead?!"

"Aww... *pouts* C'mon Blondie, you must like me a teeny-tiny bit. Otherwise you wouldn't bother talking to me. Just a smidge?" :(

"... OKAY. Maybe there is a nanocentimetre of 'like' there. But that's it. Can we drop this subject now?"

"Oh Hell no! A nanocentimetre means there's room for growth."


• To Caesarmon: What do you think about Piper's clothing style? - ~Setsuna-Yena
"Eh... it suits her. I think she should wear more clothing like Frankie to show off her figure and stuff. Frankie always looks good and puts effort into her appearance. Unless Piper's going out she usually shelps around the house is jeans and a tank top. S'kinda boring."

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